My Circadian Clock -(cool IF study) IRB approved 14 week study at the Salk Institute

(Karen Parrott) #1

I was enrolled in this very cool , 14 week, free if you qualify, IRB approved study from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA. From July 4, 2016 to Oct 2, 2016 and have great fat loss and better sleep results.

The upshot is you use your own food template, baseline for 2 weeks, then move your feeding time window shorter every two weeks. You are in control of your food choices and what your window will be each day. You do have to photograph and log all foods and log your sleep and exercise. You can also log your weight, glucose, and heart rate, too.

Once accepted to the study, you get an app to record your photos, food, sleep and exercise in the database and access to your data and the app after the study is over. I’ll be going back to base line my current routine in early Jan 2017 for my own learning now that my study time is over.

Basically , I had unintended weight gain in year 3-4 of long term weight maintenance. I also had less optimal sleep due to menopause/stress? I lost about 5 pounds in 14 weeks and I’ve continued to lose 3 more with a lot of it being subcutaneous. My sleep and bonus! glucose control is better.

I heard about the study from Rhonda Patrick’s Found My Fitness and the two youtube videos she posted with researchers from the group- Dr. Panda and Dr. Patterson, both PhD’s.

I had tried to IF 2X meals per day (didn’t work for me), put my carbs at the end of my day (my subcutaneous fat increased) and finally arrived at a 3X meals with my carbs early to mid day. I eat 6am to 1 or 2 pm now each day.

Time restricted eating (AKA- Intermittent Fasting- IF) has been a valuable tool for me in long term weight maintenance. Just wanted to share my best tools. Karen P.

16-8 IF to Circadian Fast?
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@gardengirlkp. Thanks for sharing. Interesting stuff. I’ve read about TRF (time restricted feeding) in some of the other fb keto groups and it seems to help a lot of folks, especially if the window starts early morning and ends by early, mid-afternoon.

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I heard about that last month, and started using the app. But as the study period is over, I guess there is no follow up for new users? I notice that my eating is spread over 12-13 hours mostly. Need to work on that :slight_smile:


I’m going to try this! Thanks for sharing!

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Once the 14 weeks are over, then that’s it, but you can use the app. I had asked a few questions to the researcher and they said many people will go back into the app and use it once a week every so often to gather self data

I baselined at 12 hrs , then pushed the window to 7-8 hrs. Keeping it there has increased my sleeping time, quality, and I’ve continued to lose unintentional weight gain and am within 1-2 pounds of my original goal where I stayed the first 3 years of maintenance. Feels good and I can get my insurance discount!!!

I tried everything else and my weight did not budge.

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See my reply below. Not sure I hit the right reply button


Thanks for the information! My IF is pretty random based on my schedule that day - it’d be interesting to see how making it more regular would affect my goals.

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thanks! saw both replies. I like the tracking of eating times, but now that I know the study is over, I won’t feel so obliged to track so strictly.

(Karen Parrott) #9

My 14 weeks are over. Not sure if they are still enrolling or not @camtosh