My Big Huge Walk - 48 MILES in one day


(Brooke ) #1

For my 48th Birthday, I walked 48 miles in 12 hours. Here is my blog detailing how I did it. I hope it inspires you to try and walk more. I will add that I have lost 20lbs in 6 months on Keto and I don’t believe any of that was from my walking, Keto enabled me to accomplish this goal with ease!

(Doug) #2

Not messing around, Brooke. :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations!

(Brooke ) #3

Keto has made me a machine :wink:

(VLC.MD) #4

That’s 100,000 steps !

(Felix) #5

This is wonderful! Thanks for posting, and congratulations on the walk and the bday. I do a lot of walking every day too, and did the camino de Santiago this year. Going keto was a big part of that – the extra weight was affecting my ability to walk without pain. Much better now, as 50+lbs down. What the physio said is probably arthritis in the knees is being held at bay.

Do you find certain foods affect joint pain? Mine is mostly gone, but comes back every so often. Trying to figure that out, keep a food diary and notes.

(Brooke ) #6

Good for you to do so much waking! I don’t find that foods really affect my joint pain but I also gave up gluten a while ago. I really don’t have much pain anymore.

(Felix) #7

Walking is daily meditation, fresh air, calmness, action and… heaven. Even in our winter rains out here in BC. So nice not to be in a vehicle, I’ll just walk instead.

I gave up gluten too, mostly because bread just made me feel like I had rocks in my stomach. Much better without.

Adding your blog to my list of read often for inspiration!

(Brooke ) #8

Thanks for reading my blog :slight_smile: I like providing inspiration :slight_smile:
I agree, I like walking much better than being in boxes like cars.

(Brooke ) #9

interestingly, I did 93,295 steps that day. I think my stride is a decent length because it’s something I work on with my movement practice. Pretty cool to see the stats though. That week I did 208,636 steps. Gotta love a fitbit!

(VLC.MD) #10

I think my calculation was 96,000 but I put it up to 100,000 to make you sound even cooler !

(Brian) #11

Thanks for mentioning Altra shoes. I’ve not tried them as I’ve been pretty faithful to the New Balance line. I wouldn’t mind trying some Altra shoes. The shoes are so important when you spend a lot of time on your feet. I know, as I spent several peak seasons working in an Amazon fulfillment warehouse.

(Felix) #12

48 miles in 12 hours is a fast pace, 4 miles an hour, 6.4km/hr. I feel brisk at 5km/hr. How did you get your pace up there? I never seem to go much faster, only much slower with a full pack!

(Brooke ) #13

Ha! thanks for that!

(Brooke ) #14

I only wear zero drop shoes as I subscribe to the idea that wearing any kind of heel rise is not good long term, but you do have to transition if you currently have a heel rise. Altras are great ones you find your fit. Not all of them fit me well. Most are way too narrow.

(Brooke ) #15

I think I’m lucky with being pretty physically capable and a former competitive runner, BUT it was also a spring like day in November so that sunshine really got me going. So rare in Seattle!!


That is moving quickly. Congratulations on an amazing milestone.

(Brian) #17

Being narrow would be a problem for me. I’ve worn the wide sizes for a very long time.

To be honest, though, I tend towards cross trainer type shoes rather than running or walking shoes. It seems like they give me better support over a wider range of activities.

That said, I’m still interested in seeing how other shoes outside of my usual fit and feel on my feet.

Thanks for the comment!


That’s amazing! I walked 12.3 miles in 3.5 hours last weekend. Walking/hiking can be so enjoyable. Take in nature, listen to podcasts, etc.

(Brooke ) #19

Thanks so much!

(Brooke ) #20

Nice job! It is definitely enjoyable. My favorite activity. I like hiking too but that takes a lot more planning than just stepping out the door. And with 2 keto dudes podcasts, the time flies.