My Big Huge Walk - 48 MILES in one day


(Eric) #21

I listened to the podcast you were on and decided to start walking more. I was walking at least 10000 steps a day and upped it to 20000. I decided to just search walking on the ketogenic forums to see what was here and I found your post detailing that podcast I listened too lol.

(Brooke ) #22

Hi Eric, that’s so great to hear!! Keep it up! Thanks for posting!

(Kellyn Provance) #23

which podcast?

(Brooke ) #24

I was on the Keto Woman podcast episode 17.


Me too, I did a 231/2 mile last week, will increase 1 mile each month this year.
Soooooo easy!


If u live in santa rosa Calif, we can walk together!!!