Multi-week Egg "Fast"


(George) #1

Per the request of @Ilana_Rose, I’m starting this progress thread to jot down my meals and weigh-ins for the next 3 weeks or so. Sorry in advance if I miss some daily weigh-ins here and there, but I’ll try my best to keep it up (I’m a 1x/week weigh-in guy)

The plan is to do a modified (i.e., including half an avocado with my meals) 6 day egg “fast”, then bring back some meat and more veggies (while still eating a couple eggs) during week 2, and then back to the egg fast on week 3. I only eat 1x/day so I’ll keep up my normal OMAD routine

I didn’t weigh myself today, so going off of yesterday’s weight, lets just say my starting weight for this is 245.2 on 04/28/2019.

Will check back in tomorrow with details on what I eat tonight, the amount of exercise I do, and my weight tomorrow morning.


(Jody) #2

Good luck!

(George) #3

Thank you!

(Ilana Rose) #4

Yay! Thanks for starting this!

(Ilana Rose) #5

Are you having dairy in your egg fast too?

(George) #6

Yes, but keeping it to 1-2 standard sized slices of cheese per day.

(Ilana Rose) #7

I wonder if that half avocado will negatively affect it. Why have you chosen to include it?

(George) #8

I’m wondering that too lol. Mainly because I just enjoy them, and I usually eat an entire one with my meals, so I tried rationalizing how half of one wouldn’t hurt and how at the end of the week I would have only consumed approx. 16 ounces worth, but I regret buying them on my market trip now. You think I should omit them?

I’ve seen a few blogs where people have included them, I’m assuming for the fat it adds

(Ilana Rose) #9

Yah, I sort of do. The idea of these fasts is that the monotony of the food makes you eat less overall. The more you make your food the way you normally like it, the less it’s a ‘fast’. But no need to waste them, you can always put the fast off for a couple of days.

Or you can go ahead and include them. but then, if you don’t get great results, you won’t know if maybe the avocados influenced those results.

Anyhow, whichever way you do it, it’ll still be interesting.


Guacamole freezes well, so you could also mash them up and freeze in Ziplocs or small containers (as guacamole or plain).

(George) #11

Hmm., I think I might just use them, but stick to half per day. The original protocol for this allows diet soda, AND tells you to eat even when not hungry, so if diet soda and force feeding is OK, I’m sure half an avocado won’t throw me off too much LOL. I plugged all the data into my app and I’m still going to be at a caloric deficit, while keeping decent fat/protein macros, and cutting my usual net carbs by more than half (approx. 5 grams/day, I’m usually around 14, give or take).

So best case scenario based on other’s results (some with a lot less body fat than I have), is I lose 7+lbs by Saturday.

Absolute worst case scenario (not really bad), is I lose my usual 2-3 lbs. by Saturday.

I don’t think it’s possible to NOT lose anything, but we shall see!

(George) #12


Last night’s dinner consisted of a 6 egg omelette, cooked with 3 tbsp of butter, 1.5 tbsp of heavy cream, 1 slice of cheddar, 1 slice of provolone, and half an avocado. I added a bunch of spices just for flavor (curry powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, onion powder), light drizzle of mustard, and mixed 2 tbsp of mayo with some hot sauce for dipping or whatever.

This may not sound like a lot since I do OMAD, but I was stuffed, liked, almost to the point of nausea. My entire plate was packed to the rim

My weight is now 244.4. I was 245.2 the day prior.

It’s also important to note 2 things. I did NOT have a BM this morning, and I hurt my back yesterday, and now have some pretty noticeable inflammation. So, I’m pretty sure if I did have that BM and not have injured my back, my current weight would be lower.

(George) #13


Had a egg salad last night, made with 7 eggs, 4 tbsp of mayo, some mustard, a few spices, and half an avocado. Similarly to the day prior, I was pretty damn full by the end of the meal

Still no BM today, weight has remained at 244.4. I think this daily weigh-in thing isn’t good for me, I’m starting to feel this obsessive tendency that I had gotten a hold of before start creeping back, so I might just put the scale away later today, track my food as usual, and update the thread with my weigh-in info on Saturday along with what I eat today, tomorrow, and Friday.

Happy hump day!

(hottie turned hag) #14

I weigh only once/week or longer even as with my overattention to detail/obsessive nature when it comes to minutiae, daily fluctuations would drive me insane :anguished:

It was way fun to weigh yesterday and see I’d gone from 118 to 116 since previous weigh in two weeks prior.

I don’t own a scale and weigh at the grocer’s; they have one of those huge old school metal scales in the entryway. If I owned one I’d be on it several times per day and obsessing.

(Jody) #15

That scale can be a problem! Do you have a dark basement or cold garage or trunk you can place it? Make it tough to get to without some effort. :smile:

(George) #16

I do not, but normally the scale isn’t an issue for me (initially, it was). I prefer weighing myself 1x/week, but for the sake of the egg fast experiment I wanted to track my weight daily.

I didn’t weigh myself and I won’t tomorrow either, I’ll just wait till Saturday like usual :slight_smile:

(Ashley) #17

I only weigh once a week, out of curiosity , I quit worrying about the scale. I have on occasion had people stop me and say “how much weight have you lost. I only see my grandma every few weeks and every-time she comments I’m smaller. Even when weight hasn’t changed my clothes have, so I just let my body do it’s thing mostly.

(Ilana Rose) #18

How is the fast going?

(Ashley) #19

Am curious as well!

(George) #20

I ended it on Saturday, and surprisingly lost less weight than I usually do each week. -1.6lbs instead of my usual 2.2lbs. I’m switching back to my normal routine this week to hopefully try and correct a slip-up I had over the weekend that caused almost a 10lb gain (ouch)