Movie on Amazon Prime: Is Sugar the New Fat?

(Donna ) #1

Just watched this last night. It’s very good! Large focus on colas and added sugars, but also some mentions about simple carbs.

Warning: There’s a part in the middle where they show dental surgery on a 2 yr old (whose parents were putting Cola in the baby’s bottle) to pull 6 teeth. That part was very difficult to watch. My husband closed his eyes (I closed one eye, don’t know why but that helps me! Hah) until I gave him the all clear.


I started watching this one but have not finished. We watched “My Big Fat Body” on amazon Prime about an obese comedian who decided to take control of his health. He had all sorts of physiological testing done (including dexa scan, CAC scan, VO2 max, gait analysis, stress test) to show what being > 100# overweight was doing to his body. He ended up losing 60# and then they retested. The disappointing bit was they focused on the 2 hours exercise he was doing daily with a trainer and barely mentioned how he changed his diet to lose weight. He of course ended up so injured at one point that he could not get out of bed (shocking). This documentary had nothing to do with keto, but it was interesting.

(Georgia) #3

I just started watching “Sugar Coated” last night. I’ll have to add both of these other videos to my watch list.

I live in Colorado and was surprised to see the “Sugar Coated” open in Longmont, Colorado (until I remembered there’s a sugar collective of some kind located in a business area across the street from Whole Foods).

Unlike the fat hysteria of the 70’s, I don’t think we will ever get to the point where science will go against current wisdom and announce that sugar is now good for you (at least I hope they never do).

(Trish) #4

Yup, my nephew had to have general anesthesia in hospital for dental surgery as a preschooler due to amount of dental work he needs to have done. So sad.


oh, wow, no… who would think this is a good idea?!:confounded:

(Stacy Blanchard) #6

Just added this to my “watch list”. Thanks for the info.

(Jay Patten) #7

Watching it right now, thank you!

(Mary Pohja) #8

on my watch list. sugar apparently lights up the brain on an mri 1000x more than cocaine. gotta get the word out about keto . by example mostly. people around us are great observers.

(Karen) #9

Watched. Makes me worry about my adult children. Especially my vegetarian daughter. She’s a breadetarian



The guy from “My Big Fat Body” died. His name was Frank Payne. The documentary was released in 2009 and he died in 2012.

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #11

The dental portion was tragic and really hard to watch. I wonder about the soda problem in New Zealand…

It’s a good program, but I liked Why Are We Fat? from the same folks better. Three part series, where the host, a NZ TV chef with T2DM does the full DEXA/BodPod/DocVisit/Gym Visit/DNA Testing route while doing his investigation. But the kids at the dentist in Is Sugar the New Fat were the most shocking in either.

Both were recommended by my doctor after our last visit, when I had lost 10 lbs, got my A1C into normal, and had positive results all around.


Oh no, that’s awful. I had no idea. I was planning to look him up hoping he continued his journey to improve his health. Such a shame :cry:

(Tim W) #13

Science may not call sugar “good for you” but advertising certainly did years ago, just like it tried to sell us on cigarettes and tell is they were actually healthy in some way, and, sadly, most people listen more to advertising than science.