Most powerful anticarcinogens and antioxidants in the world

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  2. BROCCOLI SPROUTS Sulforafane (a type of Isothiocyanate Heat and cool (if you like) to 60 degrees celsius before eating… Youtube video
  3. BACKYARD DANDELION LEAVES (put in a salad; very bitter)
  4. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT or PINE BARK EXTRACT (Proanthocyanidins)
  5. GREEN TEA (polyphenols, which include flavanols, flavandiols, bioflavonoids)
  6. ALLYL ISOCYANATE (highest concentrations; mustard seeds, horse radish, cabbage sauerkraut [probiotic].)
  8. LAETRILE VITAMIN B-17 (Apricot Pits) Kill Cancer.
  9. MISTLETOE (iscador)

Anti-Cancer Mushrooms (immune system booster):
Chaga: large mass of black fungi that grows on the sides of Birch trees in Siberia shown to have extraordinary powerful cancer killing properties equivalent to (chemo therapy) source:
-Coriolus Versicolor
-Agaricus Blazei
-Turkey Tail

Fermented foods
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Yes, if you die you are unlikely to develop cancer. From the wikipedia page on amygdalin:

Since the early 1950s, both amygdalin and a modified form named laetrile have been promoted as alternative cancer treatments, often using the misnomer vitamin B17.[2] But studies have found them to be clinically ineffective in the treatment of cancer, as well as potentially toxic or lethal when taken by mouth, due to cyanide poisoning.[3] The promotion of laetrile to treat cancer has been described in the medical literature as a canonical example of quackery,[4][5] and as “the slickest, most sophisticated, and certainly the most remunerative cancer quack promotion in medical history”.

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Not quite, the science surrounding the controversy is little bit more involved, that said, it is not something you just pop in your body and expect to work instantaneously, a prep in diet must be considered? It is worth taking a second look at the research and the circumstances of the conflicting information e.g. when not using glucose for fuel “You Are What You Eat…Hunza Diet Provides Longevity and Happiness…” The consumption of apricot {with the seed wrapped in dried apricot and left for a period of time to saturate the dehydrated apricot} and diet (clearly they were creating a ketogenic state) are possible key factors here:

The Theory


“…The reason laetrile therapy takes so long to work, in spite of the marvelous design of the laetrile molecule, is because if the laetrile molecule happens to chemically react with the enzyme of a non-cancerous cell (i.e. rhodanese), before it reacts with the enzyme of a cancerous cell (beta-glucosidase), the rhodanese will break apart the laetrile molecule in such a way that it can no longer kill a cancer cell. Thus you have to take enough laetrile molecules, over a long enough time, that enough laetrile molecules coincidentally (as far as we know) hits all of the cancer cells first.

The second way that laetrile therapy works is because of the laetrile diet. Like the metabolic diet, it is designed to build up the trypsin and chymotrypsin in the body, and let them work on the cancer cells. What they do is break down the enzymes surrounding the cancer cell so the white blood cells can identify and kill the cancer cell. More will be said about the cancer diet below. …”

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What is the source of this information? Are there studies quoted to back up any of these claims?

Chaga is a nice tea, but not sure if I would trust it to kill cancer. It grows in Alaska too and is used by the natives there. I brought some home with me in August.

Mistletoe contains Phoratoxin and Viscotoxin and isn’t something I would be serving to anyone I cared about. There are a lot of them, @1500. Some more poisonous than others, I wouldn’t be taking that chance. Pets really have a hard time when they ingest it, and it is not common for cats and dogs to die from ingesting mistletoe.

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There is plenty of information on each!


A supposedly powerful antioxidant/anti-imflammatory that I supplement with is Astaxanthin, a carotenoid found in algae/seafood.

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What would an Eskimo eat? What would a Maasai Warrior eat?

Dietary corollaries of “What would Jesus do?”.

I ordered all kinds of “super” foods to put in my green smoothies, lots of science, and for a couple of weeks I chocked them down every day. Now, I think I would rather spend my food money on bacon, steak, eggs, coconut oil, … a variety of simple high fat foods. Somehow many indigenous peoples managed to eat a largely disease free diet without having any idea at all about double blind clinical studies.

Keto for Life,

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Well put.

Of course it won’t help if you still get cancer, but we have some partially effective treatments that can help.

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interestingly, I began taking a red krill oil supplement a couple of months ago because I had a bit of a sticky knee - middle age + sudden interest in exercise = some unintended creaking.
It worked a treat and I’ve stuck with it - but, even more interestingly, I noticed an improvement in my eyesight.
I’ve been astigmatic for about 25 years and that’s relatively stable for years now but I’d started to also find it difficult to read in low light and had acquired some attractive magnifiers.
Well, that’s reversed itself somewhat and I’m also now able to read and use a screen in my contact lenses - which was an issue before.
As nothing else had changed in my diet, I wondered if the krill might be responsible and discovered that the Astaxanthin in it has been shown to help with vision.
I wasn’t expecting it - I wasn’t taking it for that, but I’m so impressed with the improvement, I’ve decided to try taking a little more and so I’m adding a pure astaxanathin gel to my morning lipid breakfast.

I’m not one for vitamin pills usually - but this has been remarkable.

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I’d argue the most powerfull effect is achieved by glucagon secretion. It’s much better than a list of semi mythical “Super foods”.

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I’ve been keto for two and half years and I wasn’t diabetic. So I don’t think it’s related to the spontaneous improvement in my vision of the last few weeks. That tracks to about 3 weeks after starting on the krill oil.

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This is just from memory but here is an interesting story:

During WW II (English or U.S.) fighter pilots would eat Bilberries off of Bilberry Bushes that grew on the the sides of the tarmac or runway because they claimed it gave them night vision or the ability to see in the dark which helped them excute missions with more accuracy such as spotting enemy targets!

Bilberry Extract helps with micro circulation (the little teeny tiny blood vessels that go to your eyes, skin and internal organs; especially the brain) much like Grape Seed Extract which must effect the eyes some how!

Some research on Bilberries:

University of Maryland Medical Center. “Bilberry” URL:

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The only thing you have to watch with WW2 pilot eyesight stories, is that a lot of them were a tad embellished to stop the Germans from finding out we had RADAR. :wink:


I do not know about krill oil but I know my cod liver oil pills (which I never take but mean to!) have Vitamin A which is supposed to help you see better, maybe that is the reason

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No - it’s very specifically the Astaxanthin that’s meant to be the benefit.

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May have been WWI before radar was used, just not sure which WW?


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there were a lot of tall tales about carrots etc, I know that. :wink:

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And it could very well be that they were just deficient in Vitamin A or whatever a bilberry my contribute. Perhaps just getting a little more of something that should have been in their diet, of fish, French fries, and peas, was enough to have near miraculous effects. I for one loved fish and chips when I lived in England. The rest of the food not so much. Very bland for the most part.

Something I noticed when getting groceries at a grocery store there. There were aisles lined both sides with each fish, chips (French fries) and peas. That’s three entire aisles both sides dedicated to a staple of diet.

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I know this is an ancient post, but I’d be grateful if you could expound on this. How are glucagon secretions anti cancer?

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Glucagon secretions means you"re following fat based nutrition, rather than eating carbs.