Most powerful anticarcinogens and antioxidants in the world

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And from this you get to anti-cancer via what pathway…lower inflammation, less oxidative stress, reduced cell division, or something else? I’d really like to explore this but I don’t know where to begin.

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Some cancers can even live on glucagon!

Question: Cancer cells can orchestrate metabolic reprogramming by altering the uptake and catabolism of nutrients, enabling them to maintain proliferative capacity, conferring resistance to oxidative stress, and promoting the evasion of immune-mediated destruction, however, glucose only supplies a carbon source for biosynthesis; it cannot supply the amino acids and glutathione that rapidly proliferating cancer cells require for the synthesis of nucleic acids?

So if cancer cells require a carbon base for biosynthesis then what? It still requires the carbon from sugar and take away the sugar and you get pro-apoptotic activity?

There is a difference between what cancer cells can metabolize and catabolise as nutrients and what makes cancer cells proliferate?


  1. A Nine-Year Collaboration Has Just Shown How Sugar Influences Cancer Cell Growth
  1. In health news… Cancer cells get their energy to multiply through fermentation. In an attempt to prevent them doing that, a team of Korean researchers are developing new cancer treatment methods that restrain the fermentation process. Park Se young has the story. Beer is made of wheat or barley, and yeast converts the glucose in the wort to alcohol. This fermentation process is carried out in the absence of oxygen. Cancer cells use the same process to produce energy. Without using oxygen, cancer cells convert sugar into lactic acid. Healthy human cells produce energy using oxygen through respiration. Oxygen based metabolism produces more energy but the cost to produce molecules for respiration are twice those needed to ferment glucose. Also, the byproducts from the fermentation process can be used to form cancer cells during research …making the method even more cost effective. This study could even have implications in identifying potential targets in treating cancer. ″If we block the metabolism of cancer cells in collaboration with existing anti-cancer drugs, it will boost their effectiveness. Fermentation does not only occur in foods and drinks such as Kimchi and beer, it may even provide a new strategy to treat cancer. Park Se young - Arirang News.
  1. “… Research indicates that as the length of time between the application of sulfur in the vineyard and harvest increases, the impact on fermentation declines. …” …More Hmmmmmm?
  1. “…The specific mechanisms by which MSM does its work on cancer are still being studied. However, many health experts point to its ability to rid the body of lactic acid in the bloodstream (thus changing the environment where cancer cells thrive). They also note its presence as an anti-microbial. These are thought to be two possible reasons why MSM alone can sometimes be effective against cancer. …” …More Hmmmmm?
  1. “… When something seems stupid, but happens anyways, it’s usually us who are stupid for not understanding. So we need to try to understand it rather than dismissing it as a freak of nature. …” - Dr. Jason Fung The Paradox of Cancer’s Warburg Effect

The Science of Carbohydrate Restriction and Nutritional Ketosis - 22 expert talks
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Less suppression of the immune system. Considering the carb based diet leads to immunosuppression and cancer, or many of the types, that thrive on the carb based diet. I was obviously speaking in very broad terms, equating glucagon secretion with fat based nutrition.

Much of Cancer is directly related to immunosuppression.