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This video just published…

Dr. Tro Kalayjian took apart this diet study paper from September 2022 in April 2023.

This is the paper:

This is the clear discussion of how the study design ended in poor conclusions and created poor publicity for the ketogenic diet.

I think the podcast has better information than the video. But, both together gives people thinking space.

A key aspect is that the Mediterranean diet group stayed on blood glucose regulating medication, where the Ketogenic diet group were taken off blood glucose regulating medication.

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(Bob M) #2

Can anyone at all tell me what the “Mediterranean Diet” is, considering this is the Med:

To me, the “Med Diet” is completely a myth, and what makes it up depends on what people think is “good”. Nuts, sure the Med diet contains nuts. Why? What countries eat nuts and what kind?

Have you ever gone to Italy and seen the amount of processed meat in all the store windows, yet processed meat isn’t part of the Med diet? Why?


If you want to say you’re eating a “Med diet”, just say what you eat. That’s a lot more specific than putting it into a rubric that has no real meaning.

(David Cooke) #3 the longer version if you want to be more outraged. “good carbs and bad carbs”…
I have listened to anti-Keto stuff before but I found this thoroughly outrageous, sentence after sentence. He can’t possibly be saying stuff like this without knowingly lying or at least purposely or ignorantly leaving facts out. “We don’t know what low carb means”… what an insult.
The main argument seems to be that WHO tells you to do something else, so this must be wrong.

(Alec) #4

I am not gonna waste my time. I have come across this Chris Gardner character before and he is an apologist for the vegan community. What he says is totally misleading with continuous misrepresentation and misinterpretation of the research. Deliberate. He has his dogma and he is trying to preach…

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Also, just try googling ZOE. You will immediately be hard sold a diet / nutrition program. It’s a sales opportunity. And not in any way subtle.

(Geoffrey) #6

From my experience working in both Greece and Turkey, I saw nothing that resembles the “Mediterranean Diet”. Every meal had meat as the main course. Sausages were abundant. The only thing that resembled anything in the “Mediterranean Diet “ that I saw was the use and sale of olive oils.
One the best meals I ever ate and quite possibly number one was a lamb shank at a restaurant in Athens. I can’t begin to describe how good it was.


Having spent much time in Italy in my youth, I ate a ton of Lasagna, Spaghetti, sweet deserts, processed meats, crusty white bread, and whatnot. And Pizza of course.

(Edith) #8

The Mediterranean Diet is an American construct to try to simply a way of eating that cannot be simplified.

(Edith) #9

I was in Rome four years ago and was very surprised at how much bread and pasties there were in the shops lining the streets. I thought maybe they were for the benefit of the tourists. Maybe not, it seems.


Super sugary deserts were pretty much included in restaurant meals when I was there.


The video thumbnail picture appears low carb.

I think it was the experimental design by a Stanford professor that houses my concern.

The reanalysis of the study by the second group, after adjusting for the manipulations that skewed the results and creating a level field, demonstrated the ketogenic diet to be better for health.

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

Nina Teicholz has a chapter on this in “The Big Fat Surprise.” IIRC, the olive oil producers of Italy were getting alarmed about the declining sales so they did a big promotion on this diet they claimed to be Mediterranean. We’ve probably all heard about the cruises and other things companies get doctors to attend where they get inundated with junk science about new drugs or whatever, but mostly get a nice, free or low cost vacation. The olive oil companies invited people over to a beautiful place and fed them delicious foods.

Le voilà! The idea was a success.

(Bacon enough and time) #13

According to Nina Teicholz, it was devised by Walter Willet in conjunction with Old Ways, a lobbying firm that is a front for Barilla Pasta and the olive oil industry.

(Geoffrey) #14

Don’t spoil to much of the book for me, I haven’t got to that chapter yet. :smirk: