More butter, please

(Dawn Michelle) #1

6 months ago
Me: Please get a pound of butter at the grocery store.
My husband: Didn’t we buy butter last month?

3 months ago
Me: Please get 2 pounds of butter at the grocery store.
My husband: Seriously?! You are killing yourself.

My husband: How many pounds of butter do you want from the grocery store? (With no judgement.)

(Alec) #2

Butter has become my condiment of choice. The trick is to not put it in the fridge, leave it in a butter dish out on a kitchen counter. It never lasts long enough to go off, and is a creamy confection with a steak or omelette. No messy mucking around making mayo (although I still do this as well), just cut off a large lump and stick it on the steak. Nomnomnom… :ok_hand:

(Running from stupidity) #3

Butter melted all over the bench is a thing of great beauty and utility.

(Jill F.) #4

I wont lie, I have been eating Land O Lakes right out of the tub lately. I sure wont judge!

(Retta Stephenson) #5

Nice handmade Butter Keepers on Etsy:

Sweet sleeping kitten on Butter Boat:

And of course, a zillion mass produced choices on Amazon:

Being an artist myself, I tend to try to “support your local starving artist”. :wink:

Anyway, I had a Butter Keeper bell for many years, and used it mainly in the warmer months to keep the butter softened just right on the kitchen counter. Works fantastic!

(Alec) #7

We have air conditioning.