MOOvember Carnivore



first meal of day. 1.23 lb T bone. Was not in my sites waking up but upon full on what will my day bring…yes it is this yummy meat.

second meal still thinking shrimp alfredo but that could pivot but after hounding that beauty first who cares after that :wink:

(Karen) #283

Hahaha well that first one nearly went out the window number of time while I was making it lol … velvet on velvet and the flipping fabric kept moving as I was sewing arrrgh. Turned out not to bad though.

These were two more I made for demos we did, the plain one first and then the turquoise one and these were surprisingly easy patterns from Folklore.

these didn’t get anywhere near the window :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Everyone be warned, it’s a fruity comment. Anyone mentions fruit, I inevitably make such a one but I give my warning so it should be fine.
(I wrote about my feelings regarding my beloved pork in the end too :smiley: I am especially passionate lately. It helps A LOT being able to eat much meat. In my .5 pound meat a day times it was so much trickier to eat. It’s good I needed a bit less food and loved eggs way more back then.)

How much is one piece here?

I definitely never will try that as even with my HUGE passion and love towards fruits aren’t nearly big enough - and I am aware that fruits are unhealthy for me due to the sugar. Maybe not in tiny amounts, that’s why I always eat fruit whenever I fancy it. And actually way more often than that. I almost never desire fruit, I just have so many of them so I must try them all every year… I don’t see me stopping that in the near future.
But fruit every day? NOPE. It sounds so horribly wrong! Once per week, that sounds fine.
Or one rosehip a day, I could live with that too. Rosehips are tiny, lovely and full with furry seeds so it’s almost zero sugar (despite them being super sweet. but as I like to say, amounts matter A LOT).
It’s blackthorn season too.

By the way, today I ate 1g apple. My bad. I have no regrets but it was very unnecessary (I can’t even really taste it in that amount :D), I actually refused it when Alvaro asked but it was in front of me some minutes later… Oh well, it’s November and I am not determined to do carnivore at all. I just kinda almost do it on most days as what else would I eat than eggs and meat and some dairy?

I am sure that fruit is bad for me in bigger amounts (it’s bad for anyone in big enough amounts, of course but my such amount is often quite small. and super tiny if the fruit is very sugary and I eat it alone. I don’t do such things), quite unnecessary except when I desire them or must taste them because they are mine and lovely… And my body handles ANYTHING edible in tiny amounts so I just need to figure out if it’s a good deal or not. Just like it’s the case for everyone else, we should consider the pros and cons. Or just one if that decides things. If something makes me feel bad, I don’t care about the joy part. If something is seriously compelling, I don’t have any chance to say no.
But usually I have the chance to think about it. And if my conscious mind is blocked, I should think about the reason and solution (to avoid it in the future) afterwards. I am big on thinking even if my actual eating doesn’t always show that. Accidental eating is totally a thing in my life but it’s not too bad at this point, mostly due to my changed tastes. Though I always considered some nice fatty pork the best tasting thing ever, being a vegetarian for long had no effect on that. I just had reasons not to eat it. (I still don’t get it but I found normal supermarket pork pretty tasteless back then - as far as I can tell as I only could eat it accidentally or not but very rarely on my not vegetarian but almost always without meat times. now I find supermarket pork pretty tasty. not as good as the best farm/home raised meat but still tastier than most other food items).


Nice dresses, @Karen18! I quite like the blue one :smiley:

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Wow that looks so tempting … I saw a big T bone in Lidls today and drooled over it but couldn’t warrant the £9.99 they were priced at especially when I don’t really have a lot of confidence cooking such a big steak … mind you I have every confidence in my being able to munch one down :rofl: I picked up a medium sized pork shoulder joint for £4.98 instead. When its cooked it last a few days, bar the crackling that goes down the neck in one go hahaha. I made my daughter a pork shoulder roast on Saturday and took it over to her new house for her while they were renovating the old house so hey would have something to munch afterwards. I very nearly pinched the crackling though hahaha, well I have been kitty sitting Astrid this afternoon and some of that pork was still in her fridge all wrapped up in foil so I thought it would be rude not to test it to see whether it made the grade hahaha. It did :smiley:

I finished the 2 remaining pork burgers i made yesterday for brunch. I had got up fairly early to my alarm this morning as I thought it was my sons health review in his care home the other side of town. I read my books and knew I didn’t have time to go to the gym to workout prior to the meeting so planned that in for later. So I headed off before brunch and about 2/3rds the way there knew I was running a bit behind because of so many roadworks along the way and called ahead to the care home manager and she kindly reminded me it was on Thursday :roll_eyes: so I turned around and came home lol I didn’t stress, it was a hey ho moment that I didn’t let get to me. I got home eventually and did my workout at home, a lower body one with lots of squats n lunges and things that will make my glutes sore and I probably won’t be able to sit on down on the loo during the night but that’s good isnt it haha. So I ate those burgers afterwards and did a bit more reading before going to lidls again for a bit of Xmas goodie shopping for my son for when we have him for boxing day. I am sure you can guess the things I bought without me having to jot them all down but he will enjoy them. Also got a nice pair of cufflinks for Raymond in the charity shop next door, nicely gift boxed. So at least I have done something towards Xmas!

Not sure what I will eat later but I know that pork won’t suffice. Maybe I will just make some bacon n eggs and chuck some wings in the oven. I will find something. Need some cheese…hmmm I wonder if Sian has some in her fridge :thinking::thinking:

Got stuck in more roadworks coming over her to my daughters house so what can take 6 mins on a good day took between 30 and 40 mins this afternoon and not even the school kids chuck out time!

(Edith) #287

Those (and your pink one) are absolutely lovely!!!


Grazing hungry day with negative appetite. it was chill enough but it wasn’t ideal. My first 2 “meals” was fine, I got a tad hungry, I ate a little and all was well. It was harder to finish the day, I ate from everything I had but didn’t fancied anything else… I wanted to spare some of my fried pork but that was my best option and I realized I really can’t pull off without making another proper pork dish soon… Alvaro brought home a nice slab of pork, the 70/30 one as all the others were expensive (I gave him a limit), it’s fine but I actually need something less fatty so I will cut off the big fat pieces and roast the rest. I have more than enough lard now so the fatty parts can wait. But that won’t happen tomorrow. I have some pork skin, chicken liver and make a soup from the chuck bone too.

I seriously miss my white dairy. I have butter and cheese but they aren’t like my creamy lovelies or quark. Alvaro bought a very tiny cup of sour cream as that was on sale but even that was way more expensive than in bigger towns and cities. I ate a few bites, yum.

I really like pork chuck and ate a decent amount of it, more than usual amount of eggs and cheese too… But I really need something else. We will have rabbit stew this weekend, that will be nice and that’s why I won’t roast chicken thigh, they are the same kind of meat for me and I don’t eat them in big frequency. So liver comes to rescue but I never could eat much of it. And what can I do with liver apart from frying it and that’s it? I am not into pâté either. Alvaro mentioned liver stew as that is a thing but I want something with not very much liver as its taste is very strong and I easily get bored of it. If I had a bunch of chicken hearts (like 1 kg, that sounds nice for 500g liver), I could make chicken and heart stew, that’s so much better… And it’s possible I never ate it but Alvaro did and I know without trying that it’s great. But it’s not so easy to buy chicken heart alone.

My supplies a wee bit lacking. I have bones and skin and fatty pork and chicken liver and chicken thigh and eggs and cheese but not much more.

I can just repeat myself and say I should do OMAD… But lunchtime has its pull especially if I have something really nice like fried chuck. But if I have small meals, that’s bad. Sigh.

Sleepy day, it’s raining at the moment. I collected some leaves in the garden today, not much, it was cold and windy but it’s more than nothing. And did other garden work, it was high time.

(Michael) #289

I think I am both getting more used to ADF but also tired of it. I ate an absurd amount today at 5315 calories. 400g of protein and fat, 27 g carbs. Tomorrow should be easy fasting day. Only took one picture of my second meal. All that bone marrow was from one bone!!!

(Megan) #290

It’s hard to say. Sometimes she seems to be recovering ok, starting to get a bit interested in her surroundings and eyes more bright. Other times I’m not sure. Like this afternoon she was laying on my bed mostly asleep with a respiration rate of 43 to 54. Not laboured but shallow and very fast. Went on for about an hour. Her pupils have been very dilated at times today too. Keeping her still, either in her crate or leashed on my bed with me or Ruby sitting beside her. Sometimes when I take her outside to pee she walks and stands fine, other times she’s obviously weak and finding it hard to stand up straight. Taking it hour by hour, day by day. Lots of tears at times.

(Judy Thompson) #291

@Fangs here I am! Trying to read up, took a couple nights to do it, but I don’t like to feel like I’ve left anything out. I’ve been good. Busy with work, so much more than we ever thought we’d be doing here - or anywhere. But as they say, there are the same 24 hours in the day for everyone, and we’re finding those hours comfortably swallowed up.

@MeganNZ sad to read your posts about Grace, it does sound like she’s winding down. She’s lucky to have you in her corner giving her the complete care she needs. I know she feels safe and secure knowing you have her back whatever happens. Animals don’t have the fear of death that we have, they’re more comfortable with it - but knowing we’re there for them at this time makes all of us more comfortable. A rough time for you - bless you.

@carnivoor2 a great analysis of the COVID “industry” - I couldn’t agree more. Mom died as a result of vaccine #1. She was old, weak, and chronically ill but I don’t forgive them. We know so many people who get Covid regardless of having sustained all the vaccines. I’ve had 3. I’ve had all I’m going to get.
@FrankoBear I hope you can avoid any more mRNA vaccines too… they aren’t helping you! Did they keep you from getting Covid? No they did not.
@Karen18 Beautiful dresses! Is there no end to your talents? You’re an amazing seamstress on top of everything else!

The last 4 days have been nonstop between teaching and performing. Still the food aspect is stable and stabilizing. I’m in here reading every night but waiting til I finish reading to post. Finally! Tonight I’ve got it done. I’m posting pics of food from the past few days.

Yogurt - fermented 24 hours in Instant Pot - lactose eliminated!

pulled pork

I chose pies to make for the Thanksgiving do in San Antonio. Figured it was something I wouldn’t want to eat anyway. I used the most decadent but simple recipe I could find online, bought pre-frozen crusts, and it’s nothing but a chemical exercise. I made 3 pies for hubby to eat and three or 4 to take to San Antonio for Thanksgiving dinner. Not my circus, not my monkeys, just want to help. I will eat turkey. If there’s time I’ll also take deviled eggs so I’ll have 2 different things to eat. I don’t particularly care- There’s always food at home :slight_smile:

Tonight, coming in from the gig and a quick shopping spree at Walmart, I popped open a pkg of grassfed beef and ate about 1/3 of it raw. This is what I do when I’ve worked hard and I’m particularly famished - a little grassfed raw burger just satisfies me like nothing else can.
Later I fried 3 eggs and ate those. Now I’m ready to go to sleep!


too funny reading this. my attitude toward this holiday also. thing is with my mom passing earlier and hubby’s mom now in nursing facility, there is only us left. 3 of us and no one wants a turkey or even ‘do Thanksgiving’ here :slight_smile: I feel ya tho where a ‘food holiday’ just means squat anymore.

so sorry to hear about your mom. that is a tough issue with the covid situation/vaccine for sure! my hubby and kid got vaccine. no booster for either. both came thru fine on it. Me, nope. No vaccine. Yup, I am one of ‘them people’. Not taking that shot come hell or highwater :slight_smile:

Always great to hear from ya, even tho super comfortably busy :sunny:

so understand this. I can’t ‘do’ regimented any type of control with my food anymore. Did it too many years. I find it so uncomfortable now and so annoying LOL (just me on that one!) I just wake up, eat what I want in my day, and over. If it ain’t simple I can’t do it anymore in my little nightmare world ‘of dieting’ that irked me for so many yrs.

alot of marrow from 1 bone? some big bone :sunny:

-----------------Simple easy peasy zc’y day. defrosted 93/7 burger and have chicken breasts to eat. I think 1/2 cheeseburger for first later meal and then fry up some chick breast for second. I don’t ‘feel very hungry’ at all ya know. I am in that ‘zc zone’ of no big food is calling my name today but it could be that monster darn delish steak I ate yesterday fill me up into today too LOL

zc on guys…can’t believe MOOvember is ending sooner than later…where did Nov go?


There is no room on my plate for fruits or vegetables.


Maybe some salt.
These were lamb.


Rainiest, gloomiest, most horrible weather here. We had rain ALL NIGHT and then all day too. I don’t even remember sunshine at this point. My memory isn’t good when my sleep is disturbed and it was like that. Alvaro woke up at 3:30 and used his frog call lullaby and it was SUPER CREEPY from my room, it woke me up. I am quite bad at going to sleep nowadays.
I slept later but it’s not the same at all. And then DARK day, it’s awful… Cold too, my room was 17.5C today and I do heat just not all the time. And usually not here but I did that too. I actually do that right now, 1200W tries to burn off the skin of my left leg but I don’t mind yet :smiley: WARMTH…
The A/C is way cheaper even now that it’s cold but it heats only the downstairs and it has problems with coming up at this point. Eventually the house gets warmed but the beginning isn’t so good. And we probably don’t heat enough, we keep changing the schedule and the thermostat, it’s often set to 19C now (it means it stops when it’s ~21C as it measures the temp at the colder wall). It’s quite toasty when we have heating but it’s a well insulated house so it doesn’t drop much anyway. But for a human 1-2C matters a lot especially if it’s below 20C.

I was hungry last evening/night again :frowning: I even ate a tiny bit off in desperation, I really must stop eating too late - or do my old plan and eat only eggs or something then. Eggs and liver today, it’s my not main meal food :slight_smile: It’s nice when one is peckish but doesn’t need a full-blown meal yet. I try to do it better now.
So I fried my chicken liver (I looked at recipes again but in the end it’s just the usual - but I cut up the livers, that’s nicer) and ate a few bites and drank eggy-buttery coffees and one sponge cake. Now I am fine until my substantial dinner.

I definitely eat way more eggs and less meat this week. About one pound meat a day, that’s good with enough others. Wait, no, more as I didn’t count the sausages (but I counted the smoked pork hock skin, didn’t the meat on the bone. BUT I probably won’t eat 500g liver in 2 days… I am not sure, it’s easy to eat now)… Whatever. If I ever manage to eat simpler, I will figure out these things. At least I don’t track, that’s refreshing :slight_smile:
I don’t weigh myself either, why would I? I am obviously the same weight, I definitely don’t do anything to bring a noticeable change. Or I don’t want to know about it. I still fit my reference pants as I did at 72kg.

(Karen) #295

Oh lordy please don’t get that impression lol :rofl: I get there eventually but I struggle all the way through and find myself constantly unpicking and resewing seams ! When Raymond and i got together as dancing partners i swore blind I wasn’t going to end up making dresses and doing demos … that didn’t last long :roll_eyes: most of my dresses are from the charity shop and then I have to alter them in some way. Sometimes I have rails of dresses waiting for me to get around to altering them :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It seems it’s like getting praise for my paintings, the kind when they actually turned out okay (as it’s VERY easy to get praises for any bad drawings/paintings, it’s horrible… many people have no skill to judge) BUT I know my failings and remember the struggle and redoing things zillion times… :smiley:

But it’s still a feat to create something that actually looks impressive in the end :wink:

I even can appreciate people to TRY things. I so wouldn’t even go near creating something complicated apart a few things I manage to feel some passion for… I am a lazy one, knowing my limits. But many people do and make things without skills - and they keep doing it for years and get so much better… I always admired baby artists who did pretty bad things but there was passion, determination and effort… They usually get better. I saw a few who never did but it must be quite rare.


I was almost asleep but strangely peckish and went so quickly so off… :frowning:
I don’t know why. I lacked something and I was unsure. And things can happen quickly around me when I am in my vulnerable super sleepy peckish zombie state (usually evening+being peckish is enough).
I have no idea what I did wrong. I had various proper food items, I ate a decent amount, even a lovely dessert (the marshmallow fluff again. poor whipped egg whites lost some fluffiness so I got some liquid beneath but that’s what the gelatin is for, I got a jelly layer and a fluff layer and it was lovely) :frowning: I even had meat soup for even more variety and I ate the pork from the bone… I had no roast though. Just a little fried pork chuck but I didn’t want much from that.

I think I just go away and focus on my OMAD for a while. Even if I eat apart from my big early dinner (it’s inevitable, I may get hungry or something similarly or even more valid reason to eat), it will be very, very limited.

It may not matter much but today I ate a little fried pork, a sausage, kind of much chicken liver (no idea how much, 200g? it’s actually very little but most people don’t eat it galore), some eggs and little dairy, mostly. I can mess up my day with very little high-carb stuff in a few mins in the end, I am skilled like that.

I try to be scarce.

(Robin) #298

That would be a great hobby. Wonderful idea to repurpose thrift dresses!

(Karen) #299

A nice easy day today. 50 stair runs then coffee and books for an hour and a bit before bath and dolly up for dancing this afternoon. It was a better afternoon than the previous Wednesday afternoon tea dances recently. I didn’t get frustrated with the organiser today and the music was a lower volume which was better for my head.

Returned home and the traffic was moving throughout so no hold ups… always a plus.

I had put some braising steak in the slow cooker last night and had it on warm since this morning and it was nice and tender ad ready to eat when I got in. I finished the stock I had cooked it in too as a drink. Followed it a biy later with a bit of cheese.

Off to bed now, got my son health review tomorrow … yes got the day right, definitely tomorrow and I know to leave about 10 mins earlier than yesterday to get through the roadworks.

(Megan) #300

Thanks @JJFiddle Judy, she seems to know I am here with and for her and is taking this bleed in her stride without becoming stressed and anxious. Day 4 today of 7 days strict rest. She seems a lot better this morning, bright and alert and happy to lay on my bed resting. She’s completely happy in her crate too. So glad both my dogs accept their crates without any fuss. Lulu had 10 days strict crate rest for an injured hip when she was 5 or 6 months old and never said boo about being confined.

So, at the moment it looks like the clot/s are holding and Grace’s bleeding has stopped. What I don’t know is how much time will pass before the next one. This kind of cancer is in the epithelial cells that line the blood vessels, making them very fragile and wonky, hence the bleeding. From what I have read it looks like the most common cause of death, by far, is haemorrhaging beyond what the dog can accommodate and clot off. According to her blood tests this current bleed is significant, and Grace’s body has done/is doing an amazing job stopping or grossly lessening it.

But it will happen again. And again. And one of the agains is going to be fatal.

Her life coming to an end was theoretical prior to this bleed, in terms of what I will do when it looks like she’s about to die. But now the presence of secondaries is clear it’s become horribly real. Do I let her bleed to death in my arms when it looks like her body isn’t succeeding in clotting off the bleed and she is going really downhill, or do I have her euthanized? Also every time she seems off now I will need to start a strict 7 day crate and on the bed next to me rest, and if the gaps between bleeds are very short, at what point does that seriously impact her quality of life and it becomes unfair to keep going. Awful scenerios I’m trying to work through and make decisions about.

It seems so unfair because she’s in great physical condition, still running about, loving her off lead time at the park, loving her food, coat glossy and silky soft.


@MeganNZ, so sorry for her cause it is rough on you and her but you are taking care of her best you can making this best it can go down for her. Sending hugs to both of you :slight_smile:

----------------HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to those who are celebrating today!

Means nothing kinda to me LOL But my kid ‘wanted a turkey’ yesterday and I am like, WTH? we all don’t like turkey but she got this ‘bug’ in her so we shopped and got no turkey. All big and frozen. She is like defrost in sink in warm water and I am like heck no…a big ol’ turk is like 5 days to defrost and no fresh ones available. So we bought…the saddest little whole chicken…she named it the Tiny Tim Tday chicken.
But it is making her day of course as we joke about the sad little small chicken we could only get our hands on HAHA

so today is eating leftover chicken from the other day for me then eating that scrawny chicken for dinner with the 3 of us tonight…will give them most meat cause I got ‘1/2 lb. burger back up’ to make on my meal so I am covered.

Holiday meals almost 0 to me anymore. I ain’t ‘in that life zone’ cause family is mostly gone, brothers scattered too far away, hubby’s family now has his mom in nursing home and his brother far away too so it is like…bleck. We do a ‘weirdo little crazy whatever’ for the 3 of us and it makes us all happy.

Hey all, do any holiday any way ya want! :wink:

I will post pic of the Tiny Tim Tday Chicken later when we get ready to cook…I swear there is no meat on it at all HAHA I tell ya…lol…

ZC strong today all!!