Milestone reached - 168kg to <140kg

(The crazy German guy) #1


just wanted to share my progress so far. Also as a reminder for myself, because i do tend to get unsatisfied with myself.

Early 2018, i weighed a staggering 168,x kg at 194cm height.
Barely able to move, my face full like the michelin dummy, no stamina whatsoever and i didn’t like myself.
The path i’ve been going since then is full of ups and downs.
On and off keto, on and off calorie counting, on and off this and that.

The things that gave me the most profound results:

  • Intermittend fasting
  • Not eating in between meals (my number one mistake earlier…)
  • Denying sweets

Even though my way of eating is on and off this and that, the overall trajectory is what counts to me.

I was IF before (16-8), and since August, 2019 i’m on an OMAD plan - lost 6kg. 1 week ago i started adding KETO to this, once again.
Forgive me when i say it is not the way of eating i want to be doing for the rest of my life, at least right now i think this way.

Why was my milestone <140kg?
Simple: because this is the weight I carried when i got married 7 years ago. I still had my wedding suit in my closet, saying that by the time my son goes to elementary school, i want to fit into that suit again.

Yesterday was the big day. That suit fits with some significant air to breathe.

Happy? No, because I want to ultimately get to <105kg and it is just such a long way to go still. And it is hard.
These days, i’m taking it step by step.

My next milestones

  • Get below 135kg in next 2 weeks
  • Get below 130kg before my birthday (mid October)

I find it easier to just focus on the next small increment rather than looking at the mirror and thinking “wow, there’s some significant fat there… STILL… and i have to get to that weight, which is still 30+ kilos to go”.

(Susan) #2

Congrats on your progress so far, Stefan, and best wishes for the rest of your journey for losing the remainder weight =).

(Polly) #3

Inspirational progress there @steka - keep up the good work and keep posting your progress.

(Marianne) #4

Wow, you look great. IMO, you don’t look like you have too much farther to go.

I googled the kg to lb. conversion, and is 140kg. really 308 lbs.? You sure don’t look over 300 lbs. now.

(The crazy German guy) #5


Thanks. Yes, the conversion is correct. I’m also very tall. I do notice all that fat when I’m sitting down of course, and there’s still a significant belly. A looooong way to go still :wink:

(The crazy German guy) #6

Well, it’s January 2020 and I keep improving. Some will know that i’m following a heavy lifting routine 5 days of the week, so that slows down my weight loss progress to some degree, while my appearance changes even more dramatically.
My current weight is 123,9kg. 19kg left to reach my “ultimate goal”, which i’m not so sure about anymore. It seems i can do more. But weight is not my primary goal anymore. Fitness and Bodybuilding quickly took over. I’m 5 months into this journey and can’t imagine living without my heavy lifts anymore. It’s addicting to hit the gym and see those incredible results.

(Marianne) #7

It makes me very happy when people report their success and that they love keto. I think of it as a Godsend.

You will know where you want to be the closer you get there. The true test is how you look and feel, more than what the scale will tell you.