Mike's Easy Peasy Overnight Fast - 12:12 IF

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When I was a child during the Precambrian Era - ie the 1950s - many/most folks ate supper between about 5-6 pm. Breakfast the following morning was generally around 7 or 8 am. Bedtime, even for most adults, was 9-10 pm. So most people did not eat after supper or if they did it was something very small just before bed. For children it might be a cookie and a small glass of milk. Adults might have a cup of tea or a shot-sized ‘nightcap’. At any rate, ‘breakfast’ really was breaking the fast most mornings.

Although everyone was eating SAD - with lots more meat and saturated fat - obesity, diabetes and other metabolically related diseases were not the monstrous epidemic they became starting in the late 70s and continuing. Although the disastrous dietary ‘guidelines’ based on the fraudulent studies of Ancel Keys are the primary culprit, I think simply eating more, more frequently and later in the day and vitually all day with no respite also contributed to some extent.

So what I propose is Mike’s Easy Peasy Overnight Fast. Sure, some folks can jump right in and go OMAD with a 16:8, 18:6 or even 20:4 daily eating window. If that’s you, great! I admire you and wish you well. For the rest of us, I propose something far simpler and easier - a return to the eating pattern that was the normal way to eat for the vast majority of poeple before Ancel Keys.

It will also almost guarantee you will be in ketosis by morning and if you eat keto consistently all day every day.


Mike’s Easy Peasy Overnight Fast: time your last meal of the day to allow 12 hours before your first meal of the following day. Eat that final daily meal at least 2-3 hours prior to going to bed. Eat 3 or 4 meals during the day and don’t snack between them. If you get hungry between regular meals, then eat more at the meals. You can define ‘meal’ however you like.

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I started my time-restricted eating this way, simply aiming for consistent 12-hour overnight fasting (“the kitchen is closed” say at 8.30 pm, then breakfast no earlier than 8.30 am the next day).

As Ramos and Fung say, your fasting “muscle” gets stronger the more regularly you do this. Soon I was easily able to go 13/14 hours, then regularly 15 hours with no hunger. Today for the first time I went 19 hours absolutely effortlessly, without even thinking about breakfast - I just did my exercise, went grocery shopping, got on with my normal day, until mid-afternoon I felt a bit peckish and decided that was enough.

I’m feeling confident that I’ll soon be ready to do the occasional OMAD when I want, and then work up to 24-36 hours. Going to bed on a day of not consuming anything at all is a still touch daunting, though that’s probably more a mental block than anything else. I do find it hard to get to sleep if I’m hungry, and I’m bad enough at sleeping anyway (thanks middle-aged hormones!), but I’m keen to experiment with it for the well-documented benefits.


And another thing - I do use a fasting app for support. I used to think such apps were kind of dumb (I mean, it’s not hard to figure out how long you’ve been fasting, I can actually count), but I had underestimated just how oddly motivating it can be to watch that little circle go around and change colour, seeing your little personal challenge in recorded form. Now, I kind of love it - it’s like a daily game to play with yourself!

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That’s great advice Michael, we should all be doing at least this.
Buxomlass I had the same feeling about fasting apps :smile: but what you say is persuasive!


Give it a go! :slight_smile: Just get a simple, free one. I use the free version of Peter Attia’s Zero, because that’s sufficient for my motivational needs - I’m not interested in tracking all the other metrics available in the paid version.

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After some doing… I now have it and am timing my first overnight fast, woohoo. Might encourage me to forgo the milk/cream in that first cup of tea!


I felt 12 hour eating window is horribly long all my life… Okay, maybe not as a baby but I surely didn’t feed at night 9-10 months after my conception… I think I am a natural intermittent faster - even if I don’t always do that because of some weird reasons… But that’s normal for me.
I did 16:8 before keto without knowing IF is a thing. Keto diminished my eating window and carnivore raised it again. Or not, carni is a bit crazy for me still, with 1-6 meals a day (I can’t do zero, I need more carbs for that).

But I am sure some people feels better when eating many tiny meals. Or a few but far away. Not everyone can (more like mildly need to) eat 1-3 hours after the previous one like me… Only in my eating window so it doesn’t happen on OMAD…
I even heard about people who can’t eat more than tiny meals. Of course it’s rare but I like exceptional cases… For normal people, 12 hour fasts truly sound pretty normal.

My SO has 11-12 hours daily fasts, each and every day. He eats HCHF with breakfast at 6am. His 3 meals seems pretty normal. He can’t be slim eating this much all the time though, not even with exercise. (And I handle number of meals as an amount but for him, it’s true. He always eats the same sized breakfast, similar sized lunch and a smallish dinner. Keto is impossible for him but carbs satiate him just as well as fatty protein.)
For me even 2 meals are too many as I like big meals compared to my needs (I never should have a truly big meal under normal circumstances, that’s too much even for OMAD). I don’t know if I was born like this or my past helped…
Some people use 2 meals for their 12 hour eating windows too. 12 hour with 3-4 meals sound a bit restricted but I can imagine it works for most people.

By the way, 12 hours… I noticed I tend to get hungry 12 hours after my last meal of the day. I never should be awake at that point, it must happen while I am sleeping as it doesn’t matter then and I wake up very satiated.

I fear I got carried away… I am basically all for this, try it, folks :slight_smile: It sounds very sensible to me. And I like experiments as they often show my body a better world poor thing had no idea about! Not everything comes automatically…