Microwave Pork Rinds... Why didn't I know about this


4+ Stars on Amazon, it will be better than my stale pork rind bag I have been eating through.

Found out my kids all prefer pork rinds instead of crackers…

This also solves the dilemma of trying to find plain pork rinds at our local grocery store. They only have the hot and spicy. I should figure out how to make them one day, but seems like a lot of frying.

(Dustin Ewers) #2

Get the spicy flavor. So good…

(anneedens) #3

You can also find them at Family Dollar and Dollar General if you just want to get a bag to try. They are great, a little on the salty side.

(Carol E. ) #4

True. Too salty for me unfortunately.

(Jenn W) #5

I keep seeing them and have been tempted to try em out. I like mine flavored but not spicy/hot flavors.
Any at home additions to flavor them up? Part of me wants to try a sweet version like adding some cinnamon and powder sweetener. I may try this out over the weekend…

(Jake P) #6

I do enjoy pork rinds, but I can’t get on board with these. Are they really good?

(softail925) #7

I saw a recipe on here that included melting butter to pour on them w/ cinammon. Havent tied yet, but sounded yummy!

(@CubanBarbie) #8

Anybody check out the ingredients? This really discourages me.

The maltodextrin is a sugar. The insulin response will vary from person to person.

The MSG, however, is a big no-no IMO because of the damaging effects it is known to have on the brain. It is an excitotoxin and has an adverse effect on mood, focus, and memory.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9

Me, too. I try to avoid maltodextrin. I know others don’t want MSG.

I did find a BBQ flavor fried pork skin that doesn’t have dextrose or maltodextrin:


At least assuming there’s no sugar hidden in the “Spices” ingredient. Given that it lists 1g of carbs per serving, that might be the way to bet, but they’re definitely better than some of the other BBQ pork rinds I’ve seen. And they taste great. Pricey, though.

(Carol E. ) #10

The Epic cracklings are like crack to me :joy:

(@CubanBarbie) #11

I like EPIC stop but sometimes just want them plain.

Found these on Amazon. Haven’t tried them but a friend of mine says they are amazing.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #12

Looks promising…I put that on my list for next time I order.


Where is the MSG info from? I thought the MSG is bad for you was debunked already.


(@CubanBarbie) #14

Not finding a link is not the same as debunking, IMO. MSG is derived from all the things I’m trying to avoid: starch, corn sugar, molasses, etc. Glutamate is a non-essential amino acid - meaning I don’t need to injest it. If I can find pork rinds without it, I’d rather avoid possible harm.

My MSG info is from Dr.Mercola who quotes Blaylock’s book. Yes it’s from the 90’s. But I don’t trust the FDA “safe” rating and I don’t believe Blaylock has been definitively disproven.

(Jenn W) #15

My son has a soy allergy. Included in his list of possible soy ingredients:
Natural Flavors

I was told that not everything will have soy listed properly on labels. Even though soy is one of the major allergens that is supposed to be listed.

(anneedens) #16

You can make cinnamon crispy pork rinds with bagged plain pork rinds. Put pork rinds in a bowl. Melt some butter, drizzle over pork rinds, then sprinkle with cinnamon and granular sugar substitute. Sorry, I don’t have measurements, I tend to do things by eye/taste. They are yummy when you want a bit of a sweet treat. Sort of like the cinnamon crisps from Taco Bell.

(anneedens) #17

If you like pork rinds, you will probably love the microwave ones. I have been sharing at work and everyone who tried them loved them. So fresh!

(eljay716) #18

I love them and use them for dips a lot.

(Carol E. ) #19

They are amazing! I baked in the oven. Ready lickety split. Super crunchy. Not too salty. They are so interesting looking before cooking; letting kids observe the little flat pieces before and after would be fun!

Carolina Gold Nuggets Microwave Pork Rinds

(@CubanBarbie) #20

Just got mine yesterday. Haven’t tried them yet. How long did you bake them and at what temp?