Mental health worsening after 8 day on carnivore diet?



funny but for me I got guts of steel but alot of foods/combo could give me D for sure but on zc, I go daily. every morn like clockwork, small and done in a flash and to me this is just the best new normal I ever got from any eating plan for heatlh :slight_smile: I find if I eat a tad, I crap out a tad LOL and feel fine doing just that…but I also think I have good gut health now ya know…time on plan makes us change and we flip around and keep on learning and getting so much from this WOE if we keep the faith and the meal plan.

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Oh wonderful! I’m glad I could help. It does my heart good.

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I share your pain. Exactly the reason I turned to Carnivore at the beginning of this year!

Like you, I am also still waiting for some improvement. Stick with it, and let us know when that joyous day people talk about - when one day you wake up and feel great, happens to you. I would be interested to know how long it takes.

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@carnipaws How are things going for you over there? Any recent improvements or just shame **** different day?


in full truth we are so different in our bodies that there will never ever be a set time for each person. from biological truths to actual life and living proofs so we can’t pretend ever there is some schedule to adhere, there never will.

this is a personal journey one walks alone. but one that if given alot of time can be a game changer in our lives!

for me it was…about year 3 I experienced ‘real zc zen’ as in I felt such a different sense of ‘being on this planet’ and that comes with healing and it was amazing in that amazing is too small of a word for me to describe it, one has to live it, again on their own time on plan, but there are many many changes we zc people experience that shows us others have walked and felt thru their journey, so that means the people on that journey are experiencing good changes, with more better to come.

one must be in the zc community and read results of others and personal changes as they hit them and that gives us a true path to what /zc zen’ is all about. won’t ever be the same for each of us, but thru experiences shared and feeling shared, many who got much improvement can see the walk others are taking thru their experiences also…so…just a chat on what it takes for each of us dedicated to this WOE.

can’t wait to hear an update from Carnipaws

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Me too. And I hope it doesn’t take me 3 years!! The last 10 have been bad enough, so I hope that it doesn’t take so long.


I wish you nothing but the best of course :sunny:

but we are ALL so different truly in body and more that it takes what it takes for each of us!


I’m still in the same place I was when I posted my last update, better but not anywhere near my target yet. I have faith and will be continuing this diet for the foreseeable future. I expect my progress may be slow which is why I have to be patient and not get ahead of myself. For the moment though, my active suffering and pain which I was experiencing is greatly diminished which is great. What I need now is to start being able to experience the joys of life again!

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Are you making sure that you are eating enough?
I know how easy it is to not be bothered when you are feeling kak.


Certainly! I’m eating about 3/4 pounds of meat a day. It’s burning a huge hole in my wallet!


yea your target is not on your body’s timeline to change :slight_smile: I so get that. We all want NOW but your body is gonna do its own thing, regardless of what we think and desire and what ‘schedule’ we so try to put on it. I know, I been there.

you want XYZ now but your body will have to heal and do the work all thru you holding plan and at that same point, if some issues in your life are a factor for you personally, start looking at ways to address those specific life instances.

as we gain mental clarity thru healthy eating, which takes time but it comes more and more…we also know that our eating plan is NOT all we are ya know :slight_smile: and if specific issues to you, look more also into finding ways for help to address those. There is so much knowledge and info out there we all can benefit from…so if that is a case with you, then take small steps to explore new ways that work all with you and address some situations for you. I had to do just that!

when the body feels better with the joint aches gone and more, we sometimes continue to wish our eating can change all…it can’t so keep on helping yourself move forward any way that suits you best thru all this big ol’ wonderful world can offer!

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I can’t remember if you’ve shared your height/weight etc. But 3/4 pounds of meat to many of us would be called an appetizer. Honestly. I don’t usually advise this, but figure out your caloric intake. You really could be too low. And if eating 3/4 pound in one meal is making you full, try adding more small meals. We are not all just eating one meal a day or even two. Especially in the beginning.

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Many long-term carnivores, in fact, say they eat three meals a day. Just because they do, doesn’t mean anyone else has to, but it does kind of signal that if someone needs to eat more frequently, it is an option. The long-term carnivores also say that they don’t fast. I’m not sure why fasting doesn’t work for them, but there it is, for what it’s worth.

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Well, that’s a whole lot more than I can manage, and I am 6’2 and xxx stone!!

If I remember, you are in the UK? If so, no wonder your diet is causing you to be brassic!! I certainly couldn’t afford steak everyday in the UK.:scream:


Another update:

I’m doing much better now. I used to consistently suffer with an overwhelming amount of anxiety and depression which made my life absolute hell. Now, I haven’t had a bad day in over a month. I’m still more anxious than I’d like to be and don’t experience pleasure as I used to but I’m no longer suffering. I’m hoping the improvements will continue and my anxiety and depression will fully lift.

Diet consists of dairy, eggs, beef and pork.

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Today is day 15 of my carnivore journey. First few days were flipping great and I’ve been going downhill ever since. I’ve learned I am oxalate dumping (just started reading Toxic Superfoods by Sally Norton). Headaches, body aches, queasiness, but the worst is this cloak of dread I have hanging over me. I’ve never moved through depression but I’m thinking this is a light dose of what depression may feel like. I’m sticking with it but yesterday and today felt pretty hard. Deep breaths and staying strong over here. Best of luck to you on this journey. It’s not easy but I do feel it will be worth the temporary discomfort.

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Welcome to the forums!

This too shall pass. Starting keto requires an adjustment period, the intensity of which varies from individual to individual. There is a further adjustment when a ketonian goes carnivore. It’s an even greater adjustment to go straight from the standard American diet to carnivore.

So whatever your circumstances, hang in there. It does get better.

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There is a Facebook group called Trying Low Oxalates. It is moderated by an oxalate researcher and nutritionists. They even have a carnivore subgroup if you find you need more support with the oxalate dumping.