Mental health worsening after 8 day on carnivore diet?



I had done low-carb (“keto”) for years, since the 1970’s - yoyo-ing and ultimately (after cancer treatments) going up to 250 - 100lb over my seldom-held goal weight. I believe that repeated experience of going in and out of ketosis that probably made it easier to implement carnivore last June (at 61yo). I encourage you to keep at it. For me, switching to carnivore and zero carb has made a huge difference in terms of lowering cravings and killing my appetite, changing my relationship toward food completely. Regarding the mental health aspect, consider how “crazy” we can be around food. Our “fat head” (fat person ego) is also fearing death (!!). Check out the videos of Carb Addiction Doc Robert Cywes. He is a bariatric surgeon and uses an addiction model when talking about those of us who are carb-addicted. How many glasses of wine should an alcoholic drink? Stay strong and enjoy learning about your body’s ability to adapt and change composition!

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I would also ask the question of what are you eating? That can have a big impact on how you’re feeling. For many people, it’s not quite as simple as “eat anything from the animal kingdom”. For some, WHAT specifically you are eating can make a massive difference.


Rib eye and lamb. I’ve come up with the theory that I have been dealing with a candida infection which has been causing my ill health in the first place and the reason for the worsening is a die off reaction.


ewww yea that can tax ya for sure

I didn’t have that but on the ZC forums many have to deal with it…so hold strong!!! Once toxins etc are released AND this can take alot of time for some, your improvement will be very noticeable for you :slight_smile: Go to bed wondering one day and then boom, wake up feeling SO much better! Sending you good healing vibes!!

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Is there a way to confirm that? Hope you’re right. An answer is always better than not knowing. Fingers crossed.


I can’t really afford the £300 test to confirm if but I’ve always suspected it for about 5 years now (because of constant thrush, brain fog, fatigue, plus many more symptoms that were a perfect match) but whenever I went to the doctors they instantly shut me down. Turns out this is extremely common for people with candida, it just isn’t accepted in western medicine unless you’re on deaths door with it.

There’s a test you can do at home called the spit test which isn’t very reliable but I did pass with flying colours at first and now (after some die off) the result has decreased. My intuition has always been telling me I’ve been dealing with this disease and it explains why I’ve gotten worse on the carnivore diet (herx/die off reaction). Not much else does!

I’ve introduced some antifungals which can hopefully cure the infection but from what I hear it is a long complex battle with candida.

I am really hoping that day comes where I can wake up feeling so much better, it’s been a long time coming.


You will cause you are tackling what it is going to take for you!!

and that yeasty smell. I know that smell a few times in my life. It is a biggie in the body but even without that in your face smell we can be candidia loaded easily. Thrives on sugar: from the net: But, it LOVES to feed on simple sugars , and when consumed in excess this causes microbial populations to become imbalanced, known as a state of dysbiosis.

You eliminate that sugar and eat that animal kingdom is healing, but your personal time for die off and more is just that, personal to your living body!

HOLD strong and move forward cause when that day hits, and it will!, your life changes so much to the better with even more great to come!


Thanks for the contagious positive mindset!

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Interesting you should mention that. It was much more commonly discussed, four years ago when I first joined the forums. Not having experienced it myself, I kind of forgot about it. It’s something we need to bear in mind, however, because the die-off can be quite uncomfortable, from the posts I remember. If you search the forums for the term “candida,” you might find something helpful.


you put in the time and action required for change, ya earned every darn bit of that great health you will receive!! It is ALL you, rock on!!

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Please read up on magnesium deficiency. Anxiety can be a symptom of Mg deficiency along with a whole host of other health problems. Online is a good place to start. There is also a book called “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean. She is a little annoying promoting her own magnesium supplement in the book, but it is a WEALTH of information. It is really amazing how many different processes in our bodies need magnesium.