Is that a thing? I just listened to music on YT and there were green beers on the pic :smiley: I thought it’s just aesthetics :slight_smile: But I saw beers in so many colors, of course they made green, makes sense.

By the way, I never drink beer anymore. It stopped some years ago. Exceptions may happen but considering that my beer drinking times had 10 beers per year and half of them was on an annual computer party I wasn’t since years… It’s more like 1dl a year now (Alvaro drinks the rest of the bottle).

I wrote into the sweetener thread and realized that the not very long time since I avoid sweeteners even in my off times, probably changed me again. It is the norm for me now. Sweeteners lasted really long. I went low-carb maybe 14 years ago…? Kept eating sweets all the time even after years on/off keto… Carnivore obviously changed it but I still ate some sweetener on my off days. But lately I had enough and tried not to, it was easy so why not to try… Some dishes aren’t good enough unsweetened but I super rarely make those (and I will train myself out of it anyway, eventually. I mean, the sweetener part. I totally keep tiramisu, for example, it’s too good and I so, so rarely buy mascarpone… but that should be good in carni version. ice cream already works well). I could just sweeten my occasional thing but I don’t want to :slight_smile: It’s fun to change things and if I never use sweetener, I feel my cream REAL sweet and that’s nice.
By the way, my green tea with jasmine is really sweet at this point.
My little egg yolk microwave cake isn’t. It is quite salty :frowning: WHY am I this sensitive to sodium? This is my super quick cake, the normal one needs whipping yolks and whites :frowning: And that is fluffy while this thing has its own wonderful texture and it breaks :smiley: Not exactly crunchy but not soft!
I suppose I should make it savory, why didn’t I think about it? Or salted caramel flavor, it’s the only case when I like when my sweetish things are salty. But I need to make caramel then… I had mixed results with it in the past.

But enough of this, sorry if I got carried away too much.
Unsurprisingly, I got hungry at night, very stubbornly. I really don’t eat due to some whim now, it was bothersome hunger :frowning: I went for protein as that was too low for me (115g, of course it couldn’t work, it’s below 130 and not even at once… why my body is like this…), ate up the little fried fish from the freezer. Not a very wonderful food but put piri-piri sauce on it and put it into sponge cake buns with some great Camembert… It was good that way :slight_smile:

And today I woke up and got hungry shortly :frowning: So I had cheese whisps and a bit of pork (I barely have any, I really need to buy some today!) and sponge cake with pâté… Not much, my main meal must be later, I should only have one but we will see.

Not very sunny but okay day, I hope cycling won’t be too much on me, I barely did ANY since many months, the forest is still a bit muddy and there will be uphills. Not very bad ones though, I know it shouldn’t be any challenge but if I skipped something for very long, I am a bit reluctant to restart. Unfortunate thing. It doesn’t help that I prefer walking. But cycling has its own charm and uses. Running is worse, I really don’t like it, get winded, get bored and everything. But my foot is almost healed, it still gets tired and aching if I walk for hours but I couldn’t even run for months (not like I ever did much running in some months but still. I do little but I want to do that little at least).


yea it is a massive thing out there in the world! St Patty’s day being all about Ireland and ‘the wearing of the green’ they put out green beer for having a good ol’ party time! I drank many a green beer back in my younger days! Now I can’t go near beer like you, I loved that beer til the day I did not love the taste anymore. I am glad I dropped it for sure.

It is a real physical thing when one dumps and goes very low carb and truly into a zc lifestyle. If you google why some become salt senitive on low carb diet then you will see it can effect some physical changes in blood pressure and our bodies, if you are one to be a ‘sensitive’ person to this etc…it can actually really effect you without you understanding why because it is not some glaringly in your face real understanding you can take away from the change when sodium effects one like this.
So yea, there are real physical reasons…you feel it but ya ain’t sure why but there is truth behind it :slight_smile:

for advice from what us zc people understand and follow…if one wakes up this way to ‘‘try’’ to satisfy on less than stellar hard core meat intake kinda works against us. Our body’s want yet we give little and varied. So the best ‘carnivore advice’ I can ever give to this statement is eat very big fatty meat meal…this controls all the issues point blank and starts that path to zc healing of the metabolism etc.
OK THAT is zc advice lol

(Edith) #164

I’ve also done “baffles” for which I blend up the eggs and raw bacon, a little bit of maple extract, and cook those up in the waffle iron.


Yeah but I STILL manage to have almost no meat sometimes :frowning: I really wanted some leaner and I did buy a nice cute green ham slab (I have and had so much fatty meat that I chose a leaner bicolor one this time. Half light, half darker meat, I like when there is variety like this :smiley: I don’t think I feel much difference in taste, there is some in texture when cutting it raw though. and now I didn’t cut, I just put the whole thing into the oven. I only fry fattier meat or fish. and I do like some nice juicy pork roast, it was long ago I ate the last one!) - but that took hours to cook and I got hungry even before shopping… I do have food to eat any time but it’s not stellar sometimes. I can’t help it, I either forget or this time I couldn’t buy the meat I wanted in the city as it run out :frowning: So I agree, best to have some decent amount of meat all the time but I just can’t realize it, apparently.
It’s not so bad, it’s easy for me to get satiated when it’s early and I even could eat lunch. Eggs, cheese and pâté as I still had no cooked meat… But after a small early meal, even a small lunch is fine. And I am into eggs and cheese now so it was nice.
But I really need some meat at this point. I don’t feel it but I have experiences. I keep eating too little meat and I will jump the fridge at night. 1100g pork is roasting, I do what I can, really… I didn’t want more fatty meat.

By the way, I wondered if I should just go for eggs for my “outside of my normal eating window” small meals. I am pretty sure it’s right for my late eating, I often just eat a boiled egg with half of the yolk and it works… But I am unsure about my rare morning meals. I don’t want it to be substantial. I just need some tiny bites. I usually end up with cheese whisps (if a mini meal is enough but if it is, it’s probably not proper physical hunger), they go well with my tea… Oh I don’t want to think about it too much, these meals are rare.
One other problem with meat too many times especially for a small meal is that I want variety. I often have meat for lunch - and I don’t want meat for dinner or just a tiny bit. It can work for TMAD as my lunch tends to be my main meal. But eating a little meat for a smallish meal, risking I don’t want meat for the rest of the day… I probably need to figure out if I am in a meaty mood and decide accordingly…:thinking:

Too bad I can’t eat OMAD often. It’s soooo good I don’t need to worry about what to eat when. And how much…

I made my tiramisu and I hope I will be fine with it. It’s not exactly sweet… My current cream is not the sweeter lactose free one as that is big and I didn’t want to ensure I will eat a ton of cream in a few days. We stopped buying milk too, we had so much lately… Time for a little break.
I made new sponge cakes, some for the tiramisu and they were baked for long above the pork! It’s a big mini grill, so much fits into it! (Even some sweet potato as the pork is so little. That’s for Alvaro, obviously. It was quite cheap - IDK about the prices in other countries, it was a tad above $1/kg, that’s an unusually great price - and it’s a lovely, tasty thing so we bought some.)

And my thin sponge cakes got very very crispy!!! And then I went and soaked them into coffee for the tiramisu… I didn’t want coffee at all, only used a little bit for the dessert. Wow. I still can change in surprising ways. (I am still waiting for a more concise style.)

Wow. I may try that one day. I never liked chaffles as I don’t like cheese in baking so much. Sometimes it works if I use a really small amount but my cheese usually is melted on top of things or I just eat it alone.
And my sponge cakes are good just not crispy unless I use a lot of time… I will continue my carni biscuit experiments, I have recovered from the slightly disappointing results last time! It’s always edible but I want something good. And crunchy, at least crispy. Even my thin sponge cakes are crispier…

I had my small dinner. The roast took its sweet time so I had a meatball, found a little very lean pork, so lean I really needed some sausage with it. And ate my tiramisu. It was creamy but not that great. Even my tiny ice cream (I used up some leftover yolk) isn’t really good, both badly need the sweeter cream. But I didn’t even want dessert, just food, maybe that mattered a lot too.

Alvaro has everything for tomorrow, I have my pork roast and 4 sponge cakes and some sausage… No need to cook! It will be good to have mostly meat and not whatever dairy I need to use up.

My rusty body feels the cycling, just my legs, I didn’t train those lately, walking doesn’t cut it… I need to exercise way, way more, it’s spring and my foot mostly healed!
The forest is sooo full with various flowers now and the first trees got greener! The river is bigger than usual and very vocal, I love listening to its sounds.

(Karen) #166

Sian hasn’t said anything about names i think they just want to mae sure baby arives safely before going as far as naming… i think they may feel it all becomes to close in case they lose it. Same reason she didn’t want to know gender.

… i always have steaks in the fridge or freezer … if i am getting low on them, i go and grab some more from The Company Shop to re stock! :grinning:

(Karen) #167

Had a bit of a blank moment… a bit brain dead this morning …i checked my bank app and could see the last council tax payment (not cheap) came out of account in Jan and thought blimey they’ve not taken feb and march payments so i went to the council office and on way i think my brain started coming back to life and thought i am sure i get 2 months rest before they start taking payments again in Apr… i was right but in between times my head was burning from stressing… doesn’t take much to set them off ! We have been paying over 10 months for years! :laughing:
Went to the cafe for brunch ( obviously needed sustinance!) Had a cheese and bacon omelette.

Got home later and i had some cheddar, another omelette filled with the left over shoulder of pork and followed that with some bacon and more cheese.


In the end I had a second dinner, only my freshly made pork. I am content now :slight_smile:

One of my fav (I have 2) history food channels talked about the time when people poured butter on waffles, not syrup. And there were various savory ones too.

I never ever put syrup on waffles (barely ever made one). Or pancake (I fill them and roll them up and that’s about it). By the way, I hadn’t have pancakes since so long! I should make a cheesy one soon. We have lots of nice cheeses now, not just the boring Emmental, Edam and Gouda. (We run out of my fav Camembert. It didn’t last long.)


Don’t mind me, I am just venting and thinking and getting a bit more determined. I just struggle and fail all the time and I occasionally feel bad about it. Like now.

Yep, I need to try harder. IDK my energy need today so IDK if I overate but I surely stay at my near heaviest ever if I eat this much fat.
4MAD (though my 4th one only was a little meat as I was below 130g protein and low meat again). About a pound of meat but lots of processed items, out of necessity (and joy, I LOVE pâté. I need to learn how to make it properly - but I forgot buying liver).

My tracking may be somewhat off, not like it matters… I really will put effort into eating my pound of fresh meat virtually every day. I don’t need a huge flexibility there, it suits me well.

I kind of start to take my fat-loss seriously now, after 10-something years… I did put effort into it but far from enough and now I even have knowledge. Like I can gain fat very rapidly. Even if my weight shows what it did weeks ago, I gained 3kg in some month! It’s SUPER fast, I got 1kg per year with constant overeating (on high carb and very high fat) but I was younger then :sob:

Even if I stay fat forever, I want to go back to my 75 and 69kg at least :frowning: It was SO EASY and almost effortless to be 69kg before keto… I started keto with 69kg (67 without water weight). And now I am 78? More? I eat in a way more disciplined way than before keto, not all the time but usually (and I had my off days back then too). I am glad my diet changed but still :frowning: I was so okay for so many years but I really had enough and I don’t want to gain even more :sob: And it’s not just that, I HATE overeating, it’s wrong, no matter what my body does. Costlier too.

I am very displeased with myself (and I have very much reason for that). I am only very content with my satiation now, it. Is. Perfect. But I ate ~140g protein and way more fat so no wonder…

Tomorrow should be a good day, I have fine, satiating, low-fat pork! :smiley: And no more mascarpone :stuck_out_tongue: Still much cream but I can handle that. And pâté but only in the freezer.

Oh and I decided that my occasional morning meal (if I really can’t just not eating. I will try) should be lean pork. A few bites can’t take away my desire for fattier meat so there is no danger, it’s good for hungry me but I hardly will overeat it (and if I eat more than needed, I just will be more easier to satiate for the next meal anyway).

So I keep trying in March and if I can’t lose fat, I go slightly off as my top satiating, lean item is plant (gluten, specifically). I really don’t want to eat it often but a little can help (I can make a soup of it) and I am on a mission now. But properly fatty meat should work too and as I like that, even better.
Apropos soup. I can’t eat hen soup because I had too much chicken and need a looooooong time to regenerate. Alvaro’s Mom always makes chicken (often a little bit of pork too, only in the soup), it’s the easiest for her and normally I am fine but I reached a limit, apparently. Maybe I should bring my pork next time. Or just don’t eat the chicken she packed when I am already at home.
Chicken just messes up my days :frowning: It very easily triggers overeating (as if I wouldn’t be prone to that already :frowning: ) but causes other problems too. Like this, losing the chicken option for a while.

I should have bought some turkey. I saw drumsticks on sale… BUT it’s fowl, not something substantial and it’s not like I am bored of pork at this point.

I try to get my stuff together already. But it’s very, very, very hard. Even having a good idea about how I should eat. It’s super hard to do it. I need to be really careful. Maybe some experiments to break whatever unfortunate state I am in eating wise. No dairy? Nope, NO WAY I could do that. No dairy as my default, I fail but it still won’t be too bad…? I need new habits…
(Why I don’t need to eat twice my energy need, that would be sooooo much easier…)


Girl you go get you one soon :slight_smile:
and yes if you want yours eggs outside your normal eating window, then eat them for sure!! Nothing ever wrong with satisfying the body with some good ol’ protein!

Super glad you are on the mend now!!

yes I can sure understand that thinking, which is scary thinking about it all and our future family to be but I will send them tons of prayers and hugs for all this to come about smoothly…so close and all is ok so I think there is a bright future here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

OMGosh your council tax issue stuff, enough to drive on bonkers right? LOL

bacon and cheese omelet, my definite eat out option when dragged out somewhere, definite zc safety zone right :slight_smile:

vent and rant all ya want. You know when you do that in threads like this you also can talk out and think about your issues too and I know when I vented out in threads I had ‘good ol’ talks’ with myself and found ways to work around my issues, so yea, chat away, it is a good thing.

I know for me (and talking me here and some of this might register with you maybe) is that when I bounced around on my eating and didn’t know where to land, what plan to follow, I didn’t do my best ya know. I was too wishy washy on plans and how to find me in what carbs I could handle on Keto plan and should I go off all carbs and how to work that all into my life, I mean I gotta cook for carby eating family, so it all became jumbled a bit for me. But I said one day, pick a plan and follow that plan 1000% and don’t look back…so that decision is what led me to my weight loss I achieved (less the darn last 10 lbs now I would love to see gone, lol–but they will leave eventually I think) and it also put me into a good mind state on how I eat without truly having to think about food all the time and how to truly fit it into my daily life. I don’t know, you will work thru your best way, you are doing ok but chatting it out and how you wanna truly roll forward and how much control and benefits you desire from your eating plan and how hard your effort is on that chosen plan, will all come about for ya. More ya chat about things the more one can also find the best way forward that suits themselves too…ok just chat on it all :slight_smile: I had to do tons of chatting with me over the yrs to change to my best way forward! All of us have to go thru processes for a better future that works for us.

--------------------today first meal will be pork.
second meal will be cheeseburge patties. haven’t had burger in a while, hubby is wanting to buy a fish combo dinner from his beloved fish restaurant on his way home, so I am going simple with just burgers for me.

I love when he orders out and I don’t gotta cook for him LOL

Today is mow the world. I gotta hit the acre next to me between my house and the neighbors, then it my front and backyard, then hit along my road pasture fence line and then mow around the goat barn and hit around the waterers and horse barn entrances. OMG everything is growing so fast here now, gonna lose control soon UGH Older I get more I can’t keep up HA ugh

wish me luck. my seasonal allergies are full force. chop off my head and I would be a perfect human LOL Teary eyes, stuffed up nose and sinus and clogged up ears too along with truly almost losing my voice thru the sludge I got going on in my head, ugh… Just a head mess as usual, taking my usual OTC allergy stuff and try to survive thru it all as usual HA oh well whatever.

zc on strong all

(E P) #171

@Fangs thank you SO much for the encouragement! Your explanations are so helpful.

We hosted a dinner last night. I cooked so much great meat and served a pot of decaf coffee with dessert so I could easily linger and chat after the meal with everyone else. Perfect solution!

(Karen) #172

I actually went back to CrossFit today… first time in 5 months and really enjoyed it. Was quite anxious but once i had walked in the anxiety soon departed. Did much better than i expected and seem to have got my lungs and balance back in order. Not going to overdo things though. I started the day with stair running and usual exercises with my dumb bells.

Brunch was a chicken & cheese omelette which was very nice. Mid afternoon i had 2 short beef ribs (small) only cooked them for 3.5 hours this time and they came out so perfectly tender. Also had a tin of tuna.


Oh if I want eggs, I eat eggs! And if I am hungry, I eat protein, I just wondered about WHAT kind of protein I should choose when I happen to hungry too early or late so it’s not one of my 2 main meals. Eggs work pretty well for the late one (I probably don’t desire meat at that point anyway if I ate much of it previously as I should. well sometimes I do, meat is nice but that’s mostly for something fatty and I typically need protein then, not fat) and I rarely have the early problem but leanish meat sounds a better idea. So I go with it.

Today I had no early meal, yay! But after 2pm I started to get hungry so I am looking forward to my pork! It isn’t particularly juicy this time (I try to do things the same but they don’t turn out the same. maybe it’s the pork. I know how different my ingredients can be) but will do, I hope. It got some pan time with some lard and it’s all pretty now. Made scrambled eggs and sandwiches too:

It seems a very good day for me even with some inevitable additions (like cream…) and if I don’t lose fat eating like this, I probably never will.

I didn’t eat half of it :slight_smile: I probably will have a nice big dinner (for a dinner of mine).

Oh the weather is just PERFECT! :sunny: I feel unusually good spirited today, I need to use this rare chance to make big positive changes!

Thankfully mowing is in the future for me, I don’t ever look forward to it, it’s complicated with my bumpy, slope-y, there is something everywhere garden and the tiny tool that makes my lower arms aching.
Now I dig! My backache went away so I can do 1-2 rows at a time (never was good at it). Works for my tiny veggie-flower patch. I sow dill today, just a little bit. Very needed when I want to eat quark in a savory way but I use it in quiches too sometimes. Rarely and in really tiny amounts so I only need a few.

Oh, good luck with the allergies, those things are so unfair. Alvaro has a tiny bit and I have nothing, lucky me! They sound horrible. And we love Nature. (Not like there aren’t ZILLIONS of common ragweeds around here every year… You go out of the property and bam, they are there, 1 meter from our most outer trees (not technically on our property but almost everyone has trees there and I mow there too).

I looked at the piri-piri sauce. Wow, very low-carb for a condiment that is based on plants. 0.9% carbs. Even with all the water, that’s nice. No added sugar whatsoever.

I got hungry in no time so I ate again. I managed to eat my lean pork!

And I had dinner. Ate the leftovers, a meatball, a rabbit kidney and half of a rabbit liver. I remembered it being very mild. It tasted quite sweet today. But still okay to eat. Not my fav but okay. No photo about it as I was hungry and it wasn’t spectacular anyway. It’s a bit troublesome to make a shot since we don’t have a normal lens for the camera so I must use the 100mm one.

I didn’t eat very much today but my energy need is low too… Probably a maintenance day. I will try not to drink creamy coffees all day but this was such a day. It happens sometimes. After I use up the bags of cream with a near expiration date, I will try to diminish my cream consumption. Or even before that but I have very few ideas to feed cream to Alvaro, he just doesn’t use it for anything. I have an old idea now… And I can make a huge amount of ice cream so I don’t need to eat it quickly. But 500ml for 10 days isn’t THAT much. I just tend to eat a lot when I have whipped cream. I don’t even notice, it just adds up. 123g today, ouch, it’s around my personal record. Too many very creamy coffees and an ice cream where I overdid the flavoring and needed more cream. Oh yes I had that too. It wasn’t sweet but it seems it works for ice cream (it very much doesn’t for tiramisu as I found out).

I ate about 650g meat today and only 20g of it was processed! ~130g fat and ~140g protein. I ate so much lean pork and even rabbit organs, I won’t be able to do that often but I had lots of cream and even added fat (my pork needed some so that is fine) so the fat catched up a bit too well. I want some leaner experiments, I can do better than this :wink:
But tomorrow I will have scratchings. Not very much. But I need my fatty treat if my main meat is so lean! Fatty meat is usually fine, I just need to avoid eating too much dairy.
I stopped eating cheese, hopefully it will last for a while. Occasional cheese eating is so much more enjoyable! :wink:

(Robin) #174

Oh, Karen! Great news. back at cross fit.
Good for you!


I am sooo satiated after my lunch, I just put this here. {Yeah because that’s how I work… But I didn’t write super much this time.} I ate the bigger half of it.

NOT a small plate :wink: 500g pork and eggs, tiny dry sausage (in the scrambled egg) and a flat meatball or what. Fasírt, it’s such a good word and say very little as even vegetarian versions exists… It’s a flat or flattish fried thing, with eggs if you ask me, surely some people skip even that… The basic version has meat (almost always pork, at least I only met such ones) and breadcrumbs, of course paprika and probably onion and garlic too (why is garlic in nearly every recipes here IDK, Mom never did that), I made zillion different vegetarian versions, even a raw vegan one (so I actually made one without egg but it was more like a plant ball to me, not a proper kind)… The last one is probably not a fasírt, per se… Stupid cats liked it though and it was pretty if I looked at the colorful tiny particles. And it was horrible at satiating me, obviously. Raw vegans probably don’t have a proper hunger/satiation signal system… I never will get over the raw vegan blogs I saw. Raw vegans and vegan ketoers are the two groups (regarding diet) I find fascinating. Carnivores were oddballs too but 1. that was due to reddit, folks there were truly insane sometimes 2. it obviously changed. Now it seems a pretty normal diet to me. I understand most people are far from it but I still don’t get why people on YT (the non-carnivore ones, I do see carnivores, they are normal to me) consider carnivores dumbasses who are shockingly weird and ruin their health and deny all dietary joys. Maybe it’s like with vegans, the weird ones are louder.

(Karen) #176

Just stair running this morning and db exercises and i felt a bit tight in the lats and upper arm area from yesterdays overhead press and pullups but the stair running seemed to ease it off. Dancing tomorrow so won’t be CF-ing but have booked on saturdays session. I do um and ahh a bit about booking but that’s just my anxiety issues… i’ll get over them.

Sat in the garden to read my books and watched the birds investigationg the nesting boxes. I thought i had seen a sparrow going in and out one of them but this morning there was a tit checking it out going in and out so i may have been mistaken when i was watching from the bedroom window. The boxes have been up under the eaves of the shed since i had the garden overhauled in Oct 21 so i will be delighted if a wee bird has taken up residence :grinning:

Brunch of one of the stuffed burgersi made and put in freezer…it was lovely, i stuffed it with 0 carb chicken and pork patè. Got another one out for tomorrow fried 2 eggs with it.

While waiting to have brunch i dyed one of Raymonds shirts that had faded a bit… messy job but needed to get done.

Took Raymond to the Heritage coffee shop along the canal and we chatted and put the world to right.

Home and fried some smoked streaky bacon to a crisp, followed that with 2 fried eggs because i just fancied them and just eaten my dinner of ribeye steak done very rare.


Not much energy/mood today, no walking but I did garden work :slight_smile: The weather stayed nice. I looked at my trees, most of them has, had or will have flowers real soon.(IDK if that was right as the real soon is only for the latter.) I just noticed today that my magnolia is about to bloom! Poor thing, it has (at this point mostly dead) thujas on the sunny side so it only could grow and bloom in the shady northern one. But it does it quite prettily every year! And the thujas will be gone soon, Alvaro diligently cuts them but they are tall and quite a few and we need to burn the dry branches as we go too and we only cook outside once a week at most.
We still have one beautiful tall green thuja , IDK why it is so resistent, nearly all the thujas I see wherever I go are dead or dying. It happened in just some years, very quickly.

IDK if the dinner will be enough but I didn’t want to eat much meat, just some dessert-like things so I make a bunch of thin sponge cakes, not pure egg ones. Accidentally baked them on max power (that is 230W on my mini oven) but they turned out okay. I used sour cream this time, nice but even the 1 pure egg ones were good and a bit crispy! Some had milk powder, well, it can’t make them sweet but it still elevates them a bit…
Oh I think I didn’t write I made scratchings (and lard, I have a little cupful again) and forgot about them for a while and they are a bit on the darker side… So one step before charcoal. Still good but not as perfect as usual. At least I won’t eat them up in 2 days…

I will track tomorrow. I suppose this was a good day. But without tracking I am very much lost.
Tomorrow’s main food is fried fattier pork, yay! And eggs in some form, obviously. And just a bit dairy, I hope. That is the most crucial point of my diet, I mess with my macros and maybe satiation due to too much dairy. Even if it seems very little to me. Not too little as I miss them badly, I am fine with little, dairy items are just so very nice and tempting and I eat too much if I don’t keep myself back. I came a long way. I can eat little to no sour cream. Little to no cheese. Cream varies. I never ate much butter. I don’t have milk now but that isn’t serious either. I have improved. But keeping the TOTAL of them real low? That takes effort. And I need to focus on meat. That goes automatically sometimes but not always. But I am quite hopeful now.

I really should do my workout tomorrow but I just couldn’t bring myself to it today.
I watch ADHD videos lately and I can relate to SO MUCH. Not everything though, some things are super bad. No way I ever could forget about eating or had no mood for even a quick cooking when hungry… :slight_smile: I don’t cook when it’s late but I always have other options, I make sure of it. Heavens forbid I would ever go hungry :scream:

But I do want to do an EF as soon as comfortably possible. I am still in my wishful phase, waiting for my body to cooperate but lately 3 pm is late enough, I can’t even skip lunch let alone dinner too! It shouldn’t be this hard though… I did it before, occasionally but still. I never will stop wanting this so if I don’t do it, I will be a bit stressed? Upset? Anxious? Displeased, maybe that is a good word. Non-negotiable, I want it. But I can wait :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #178

Busy day today. Had to get up early so I could slam down my bulletproof tea and then run out to my SIL’s restaurant 99 miles away to cut ribeyes and sharpen all the kitchen knives. Then I had to leave there early to go to my appointment with my cardiologist at 3:00 pm.
I got home with enough time to wolf down some smoked venison backstrap drenched in butter.

Then after the doctors appointment I had to run over to Ft. Worth for a get together with my old crew that I used to manage. I was really glad they invited me. It was great seeing them again. The food where we met up was all fried and breaded so I just drank water and visited.
Great news at my cardiologist appointment my doctor was so pleased with my progress that he cut my medication in half and my BP was at 112/62

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Aww, man that’s wonderful! Congrats on that. I bet soon he’ll take you off all your meds!
Also - we’re both enjoying Egglife Wraps, thank you!

@FrankoBear beautiful pic of your brother and Billie on the beach!

@Karen18 hard to believe Sian is due so soon! My kids’ birthdays are April 16th and May 2nd, so it was my season too. Good luck to her in this last month. You pretty much just want to get that sucker out by about this time!

This week we kept working on that brisket, to where hubby said he was getting tired of it. It’s so fatty that I end up scraping half of it into the garbage but still quite delicious! Nothing satiates like beef.

This last is hubby’s partially completed Titanic Lego model. He is so fast with these now!
And I noticed my little pet shop model got in there, woops.
His progress on relaxed keto is great, he’s wearing the best that never fit him before. Says he really misses his beer - I said after March he should go back to it knowing he can drop it again any time he needs to do this again. He’s never been a person who had to watch his weight and hasn’t been to a doctor in over 20 years! But I guess I’m his doctor, hopefully he will stay healthy enough that he won’t need a real Dr!
I’m getting a 2nd scan for a varicose vein treatment next week. This treatment isn’t surgery but just injections that will dry out the offending veins and shunt the blood flow to healthier, interior veins. I’m excited. I’ve had this problem since my first pregnancy 44 years ago.

I hear y’all on eating out. I’m sick of restaurant food unless I can get just eggs. The less I order the better, and then I can eat at home. Yesterday I had a rib eye in a restaurant, somewhat tough and spicy; today a double cheeseburger I liberated from it’s bun, which although ordered rare, was overcooked and dry and hard to gag down. And perfectly good brisket sits waiting!


YAY!!! :slight_smile: Grats!

IDK what backstrap is but the other words hint at a very nice meal! :wink: To put it lightly. No way I wouldn’t like it!

I should do experiments about it :slight_smile: I did experience beef (probably all ruminants) being more satiating than pork… I think… I only ate a nearly exclusively meat meal using beef… But 600g lasted for a DAY… It wasn’t even very fatty, of course it wasn’t lean…
It would be fun and useful. I would eat only one protein source and compare them. Not day after day, I need similar eating the day before to minimize the other factors…
I can’t do it with eggs as I get bored after the 12th at most… I don’t even try dairy, fowl or fish, I know they don’t satiate me for long. I only could test how much turkey satiates me at lunch but I would need multiple times as sometimes I am fine with a smaller lunch, sometimes I inhale 150g protein with a similar amount of fat (rare but tracked such a day). So I want to look at the whole day, my body has some firm ideas about how high my macros should do during one day, at the minimum as I could add a ton of food on top of it. Maybe not using meat though… But if I ate late at night and turned off my fat and protein minimalization attitude, I probably could do it.
(And I have a plant competitor too… Always wanted to do experiments with it. But never actually wanted to eat it in big amounts again. And my more or less carnivore attitude is mostly in effect even when I am off… But I can do it for a test. One day. I do much worse things, not planned ones, though.)

Is it THAT hard to do it right? For an allegedly professional? Such things madden me :frowning:

I try to plan today. Well I totally will, I can plan now and then just fine. I just don’t follow my plan. It’s easier on carnivore because I have less options and reasons to stray real far from it… I just need to avoid “the creams” (sour and whipping cream. I am careful so the latter isn’t whipped yet).
Nice fatty fried meat for today, I am looking forward to it.

I got hungry so ate my tiny leftover lean pork and half a boiled egg before noon. Not a bad choice if I couldn’t fast…

{No more food talk from now on.}

Nice day, my tree with big round plums (not like it had any in the last decade) is in bloom, it’s pretty. It is a decorative tree at this point due to no fruit but we will cut it out when it bothers the young tree underneath. We need to cut and burn actual dead trees first. And the old sick plums next to our young plum trees. The garden had 10 plum trees when we bought the property and none was useful. Well the blooming one is pretty when blooming… The others look sick and one already died, we cut off most of the branches at this point. It was the bird feeder tree but the position wasn’t good and SnugglePie could catch the less careful birds lately… Sorry, birds. I had no ill intentions and didn’t know the average chickadee flying ability and the height of the feeder isn’t enough. Maybe it is and that was one with subpar flying ability or something. Still, the feeder is at a better place now. And I better stop the feeding at this point (I just put walnuts there after breaking some, some stays in the shell or seems still very much okay for a bird but it has a wormie so not for us), nuts are bad for the chicks, they need insects! Time to look at the bird nest watcher site…

Low energy and mood again, I just dug a bit, made it smooth and I will sow some dill soon :slight_smile: it’s nice to work a bit in the garden. I will need more digging, I just can’t say it in English, I put… tiling rocks… in front of the fireplace outside. The soil isn’t too soft even when it’s a bit muddy but it is uneven so the low benches can’t stay put… And I have all those rock tiles, whatever is their name. Finally I can use up some more! (The car is standing on some and the veggie patch has a row of them too. Oh and we have a slope as we had to reach the cellar (and bicycle/motorcycle storage) somehow and the door is on the back of the house and we have those trees absolute everywhere, there was only a tiny path but the elevation was serious. It still is but a hard surface is better than soil. I still don’t know how on earth I pushed my motorbike up, it was tricky enough to go down… it is but 2 meters but still. I pushed my bike uphill, not fun and very, very slow. I had to do it once in this “street”. Every tiny grass patch was my enemy :smiley: It took about 2 hours (the distance is what, 500meters? 300?) but when it was most steep, I got help. And then the slope wasn’t bad. It would have been no problem even tired but the uneven (SUPER bumpy) road and the grass patches? But now I have such a memory :slight_smile: I like to experience things as long as they aren’t too bad. It was just tiring and time-consuming. Like my 17 hour riding at once (we stopped to pee 2 times because 1 wasn’t enough for Alvaro. and we had to stop for a few mins here and there to do the tasks. we possibly ate for longer at least once, like for 5 minutes :D). And we had to wake up a few hours later and continue :smiley: At least there wasn’t rain all day on that one… That was unpleasant and we spent all the money for that? Oh well, challenges have some charms. It was visiting castles or natural ponds etc. in the whole country, we had to go everywhere listed in 48 hours. We attended two. We were slow, my bike lamp wasn’t very useful so we tried not to ride in the dark too much but with our speed, it couldn’t be helped… Especially on that long day when we wanted to come home as we could… That was when our top speed happened in villages (and not because we went fast there…) as they had lighting while the roads had forests with forest animals, we never go fast there even during the day… Our speed was miserable in the end…
But we have memories. Maybe it wasn’t worth it, we could have done several nicely paced, lovely, sunny bike riding for that money it costed us but we couldn’t resist and the places was really pretty. I like castles and ponds. It’s funny that we visited the natural pond in the nearby small town, it looks like a very artificial pool, it’s tiny and has tiles. And not the very big and nice natural looking pond around here because that is artificial, only the river that gives it the water is natural :slight_smile:
We always had a secondary mission, to have as a good mileage as we comfortably can. If it’s Alvaro, forget the comfortable part THOUGH he loved going slow. I had problems with that when the road was straight and boring. But we were compatible enough as I was a bit too careful and less experienced so I didn’t go fast on normal smaller curvier roads. And why to ride the other kind? Sometimes we did but not often. And motorways are the absolutely worst. Boring, I am prone to do micro sleeps when even the weather is hot (energy drinks were potential life savers there. my will to live just wasn’t enough) - and Alvaro was prone to go below the legal speed. The lower one… Okay, he only did it once when I was a passenger but it wasn’t a nice ride for me. I disliked being there anyway, the other seat is way better. But sometimes it was the better idea. At least I could sleep all the time in the back if the view wasn’t nice enough and I had problems (but I couldn’t when it was the worst, like when we rode in near freezing rain for hours to do inheritance things in the other part of the country. I almost froze off and that is the situation when an overpriced hot coffee at a gas station is worth it).

Oh, memory lane… I don’t feel utterly miserable when thinking about my bike anymore.

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Super good news from your cardiologist!
What med did he reduce?
Where did he see the most improvement?

If I remember right (from your video), you are not in AFib all the time but have big events occasionally?