heck ya, you are finding your best way forward that suits you best, do this all the time and life falls into just a darn good place and easy too right? :slight_smile:

wow has it been that long? ya know you did so well and enjoyed that class, I am happy to hear you are back and doing well! go for it K!

yea your body will direct you also. you know that ‘how hungry am I really?’ phase kicks in and eggs will satisfy you easily ‘if ya feel it’ and there are times you know you need that more heavy hitting meat when ya need it too…sounds to me like you are working out your personal eating pattern here and doing ok by it!!

You are slopey type mow land, I am flat thankfully. I never liked slopes on a mower, I darn near flipped over my rider a few times on slopes, not a fan, give me easier mowing please HA I just got alot of land to handle and always that darn ‘tight spots’ as in barn entrances, around my automatic waterers and fence line mow issues…pain in the azz HAHA older I get now I don’t wanna do it.

RIGHT!!! I mean if any of the ‘dumbazz guessers’ out there ever came to a real forum and learned from actual people how darn wonderful life is off plant carbs they couldn’t handle the truth HAHA ahhh, the useless judement without any knowledge or experience is so rampant out there, oh well, I am thriving, let the other’s figure it out for themselves in constant eating lifestyle misery. I ain’t looking back or at others now.

LOVE THIS!! :sunny:

WOW great post and happy about your appt and results! More carnivore power to you!

Hey after that work of cutting and sharpening did ya get a reward, like a few great ribeyes to bring home? You know I would be one to snatch a few before heading out LOL

that is interesting, hoping all goes well and good results.
never actually went or heard about this stuff on v veins so post up some info on it as you go thru it if you can. wanna follow how the process goes for you.

Yea that is very fatty brisket ya got there. I also love love love that fat but at some point, too many fatty days in a row to that level of fat intake nails me and bores me and my body doesn’t want it…so get ur hubby wanting to change it up,

----------------world mowed. Now to mow it again in a few more days to keep control. omg shoot me here HA

pool gonna get out of control soon. did not cover it up this yr on closing so I got tons of white pedals from the blooming Bradford Pear trees floating on top and tons of oak leaves sunk to the bottom and the darn thing is turning green fast in the warmer temps and more sun. What gets me is I will have to treat with chems as usual and start filter up early in order to control this issue but too darn cold to still swim and enjoy but run the darn power for the filter to handle it. some days ya know…

I say that cause I got nailed on power bill. My power company went up A TON IT seems on kilowatts per hour on cost and then 'threw in some extra fee charges and a ‘power rider charge’ that hiked my bill horribly…WTH? My friend I chatted with went up $80 per month and I went up about $90 and at $295 per month on power…you crapping me here, my bill was like $170 last yr for this month and this year damn near 300? I am going into power control frugal zone. But heck I am super frugal on power use anyway----------I tell ya guys service charges and more are becoming out of control. I truly don’t know how many are gonna survive these cost changes to this level.

OK I HAVE TO STOP my rant now…lost my mind…me always wanting off grid, solar power, screw the man on service costs I can do alone ya know and survive on a dime, I just didn’t get there on my time line in life I wanted darn it. BUT MY min for my coastal beach house I am gonna get thru full on retirement, I decided it will be in my control to set it up as I want. Solar, screw a power company now. No mow. Yard will be rock/gravel/shell setting and natural landscape art point blank. I am so gonna take me off society and out of it to suit me on my retirement home move. Now I gotta get kiddo more establlished in Uni and then go do my own thing, I will drag hubby along by hook or by crook HA

again rant done :wink:

ahhhh the crazy of it all

ZC strong. I got ribeye steak first meal. Second got chick legs for hubby with some sides, I am not sure on me. Some reason I got a few lbs of shrimp on my mind, might do a few crab legs too. 2nd meal open to ? for me. will be zc all the way baby, no doibt there.


It’s wonderful when I feel “I want meat” or “some eggs will do”, the problem is when my body just tells me it wants FOOD. That’s it. No guidance about the type or amount or anything. So I like to have some default item to use when I just have no idea. Today was easy as I had a little leftover lean meat and a boiled egg (actually two, I forgot about the pickled one)… Of course I can make some quick egg dish any time but not meat. But as I wrote, my first choice will be meat, it was that even today, I just run out of the 3 bites I had. It will work just fine. I will keep some nice ready to eat green ham at hand all the time if I can! Today I fried up some fattier meat (but probably below pork chuck fattiness as I really cut off the fat yesterday and made lard and “scratchings”) but the next leaner slab is already defrosting! The fattier meat is so tiny anyway, I need something else for tomorrow.
I don’t have much variety, I am fine for now but I wonder how long it will last. I still dislike fowl after eating chicken for 2-3 days (not much in total but it was often…) and I don’t know if I can get chicken liver soon. I would like that.
I have 4 slabs of pork chuck and one hen in my freezer :smiley: And almost a rabbit but that’s for later. Anyway, the hen and rabbit is out, too chicken-like.
I rarely have this much pork chuck but there were sales… It’s my fav… I realized I can’t force too much leaner pork on me… So I bought enough :slight_smile: It feels good to have it.

Lunch was moderate sized so I will need a dinner as usual. I eat very meat-based now! It will be good :slight_smile:

Oh my. Ours is about… $30? [EDIT: Nope, that was before A/C! It’s about $20 now.] I am pleased with that considering we use electricity for everything… And we don’t even have $300 per month for non-food costs… (Or maybe we have, just barely, our income is a bit complex and varying.) Sometimes I hear about electricity prices elsewhere, I was aware we have it pretty cheap here. Of course, people STILL are complaining about it… Hungarians are good at that, complaining and feeling miserable. I understand when they have good reasons but they do it even when they don’t. It’s a weird thing to me just like bragging about bad health.

Solar wouldn’t worth it for us, with our tiny electricity bill but with much higher costs, it would be different. (Even if our roof isn’t good enough for it. We have though about it but it’s not like we could afford being choosy with our very limited money for the base house. We spent a lot on very good insulation, serious rebuilding, new windows and doors fitting a passive house even if ours isn’t THAT good as that would be little win for much bigger cost.)

I keep enjoying a hell out of having a house with tiny monthly costs. It was pricy to make it like it and then we couldn’t finish it… Or have money for floor… But I made it from paper and it works well almost everywhere (even the old stairs are covered with paper and it works!). Only the kitchen requires something very, very hardy.

I like your ideas :slight_smile:

(E P) #184

Omad for the long class day worked beautifully again! It’s so much better than an unsatisfying packed lunch.

Leftover pork shoulder for lunch today with hot sauce and vinegar dipping sauce. The no-sweet streak continues; the idea of sweetening the hot and sour sauce, like I used to, seems actually kind of gross right now. Planning steak, pork jowel, and egg yolks for supper.

(Geoffrey) #185

Backstrap is the portion of muscle on a deer that runs along both sides of the spine. On the pig it’s called the tenderloin.
On beef it is cut into thick slices for the filet.
Very tender and very coveted.

Flecanide was the medication.
The improvements were the weight loss of course but also how the reduction in inflammation has reduced the pressure on my heart. All of which he believes is a contributor to AFib.
My type of AFib is paroxysmal. So it is intermittent but it hits, it hits hard.
Whereas I was having five to seven heart fluctuations a day I only have I very minor one about once a week now and they are so mild I barely feel them.

My reward is I get a ribeye to eat and I get all of the fat trimmings. I use those to make my tallow.


I hear and find and throw out shield bugs all the time… Sigh. They leave their hidey-holes now (they LOVE the rarely opened window… Whatever the openable things are called, couldn’t find it) and some gets stinky and they are loud when hits the wall and I start to lose my patience at this point.

Oh but it was a day with nice weather! There may be some rain tomorrow.

I ate 500g pork today, no processed meat (it’s very unusual from me but I almost run out and didn’t need it anyway), 2.75 eggs and surprisingly little dairy, I am so impressed! And lazy to track. 6.5-7 hour eating window, 2.5 meals.

We have almost 100 eggs, Easter won’t be a problem especially with me eating so few eggs a day! It was only today this far but I can do it again.

I can do this. If I learn how to eat a very modest amount of eggs and dairy, I can eat as much pork chuck as I want and it still be a fine day.

(Karen) #187

@Fangs time flies doesn’t it but yes 5 months! I just wasn’t right and didn’t want to be knocked down again.

Our energy prices have increased too … crazy money but after just being informed of a large increase i get an email saying they are reducing prices… but of course not by the same amount they have increased it… maybe they think that will soften the blow!

Yesterday was Tea Dancing day at Lichfield… had a really super afternoon. Before going over there i had another of the stuffed beefburgers and some cooked chicken sauted in butter. It was the organisers Mum’s birthday so everyone brought some foodie bits… and for 9nce there was something i could eat… so when everyone was returning for 2nd and 2rd helpings I grabbed some cheese and 4 tiny cocktail sausages to nibble on on the way home.

When i got home i had a very rare ribeye steak for dinner plus a little bit of cheese.

Bedtime was early at 8.30 or there abouts so by 1.30 i was wide awake … I was awake till 2.30 so went downstairs for some mindless tv then back to bed at 3 after a little bit of cheddar.

I had booked CrossFit for this morning and eas so close to cancelling. I think the anxiety for doing it’s thing but after praying for sleep it came, prayers answered.

So this morning started early with stair runs and then drove to CF and paired up with a lovely young lad. We did great … i kept my barbell fairly light weight as there was a lot of complex moves over head. Enjoyed the session very much plus the catching up and hugs with the saturday CrossFitters.

Today i am about to have fried eggs and another stuffed burger (pork and chicken patè) and i have a rump steak put for later this afternoon before we go dancing in Northants this evening. Have to leave house at 5.45!

(KM) #188

We have those too! I don’t know why they bother me so much, I mean they don’t sting or make a mess, but I really don’t like them at all.

At least they’re not the cone-nosed beetles, I’m extremely allergic to their bites and we had an infestation of them once in our old house, it was a nightmare.


I feel ya on this but I think with time and how you are changing if you keep a more carnivore mindset and don’t think ‘general food’ then you might be more inclined to want that meat/fat for your meals when ya want something. See I think carnivore all the time so when I want anything, my natural default is instantly thing zc food. In that I can have anything I want from bacon and eggs, to turkey legs, to all seafood like crab and shrimp or mussels or sardines etc and then I got tons of beef, lamb, chicken options ya know so my line up while carnivore is always loaded with options.

GIRL HOW can you have that cheap of a power cost truly? :slight_smile: our countries must be so darn diff. in many ways with cost of things just one of the biggest. wow

WOWZA beauty meal pic. So agree with what you said. Pack your tummy with a big azz great meal like that and be satisfied a long time vs. trying to pack smaller ‘snack out’ meals is the way to go for sure. Good move and happy ya found a good sweet spot that works well for you!

Ya dog, I am jelly, you made out well :slight_smile:

oh yea, marketing strategy to baffle the population with BS to cover how they are nailing us to the wall…so get ya on that thinking K. ugh ugh

--------------I got some farm issues to handle. got a small sinkhole opening up near my backyard fenceline and I sure gotta deal with that and make sure the water run off goes to the back branch down in that other acreage instead of how it is flowing now…problems problems problems. so over it. ugh oh well

gonna hit up lil’ smokehouse store up the road to get some snacks/soda in house for kiddo who comes home Tues for a week from Uni but will check out briskets also. fatty big ol’ brisket, oh yea I can handle that all day today :slight_smile: will see if I get one, if not I got meat, never a zc issue for me.

EDITED CAUSE I DID RUN UP to the lil’ smokehouse store near me for a few things and here is my brisket I bought and OMG the FAT CAP is perfect ratio to juicy red meat…yes this is zc porn pic, not a doubt LOL


it is a smaller one which I am inhaling 1/2 right now and will eat other 1/2 tonight. done day. omg I live so darn good :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #190

Bison ribeyes and trimmings.

Saving the ribeyes for tomorrow so it was the trimmings and eggs today.

(Karen) #191

Got to the dance last night and had a super nice evening. I took some chicken with me to munch on way home and had a bit of cheddar when i got home … past midnight. Raymond got some pains in his groin near end of evening and had a bad night so we won’t be dancing as planned this afternoon. That’s how it goes but I don’t mind so long as he rests and feels better tomorrow. Plenty more sunday afternoon dances and anyway i am tight after yesterday and Wednesdays CrossFit!

So yesterday i had the stuffed burger with eggs and the rump before going out and it was really tasty. Ate that at 4.30pm hence i took the cooked chicken with me.

Just had brunch … buffalo chicken wings… nice, i wasn’t going to eat them today but as i am not dancing and getting up close and personal i decided that was what i fancied.

I have another rump steak out for tonight.:grinning:


But these are VERY stinky. And I see them since long, they don’t bother me much in tiny doses… But they have an autumn and a spring time when they are everywhere and now we have the spring one. And I cleaned the window thoroughly too… But even before that, I threw out a few a day and hear them around in the evening. They are pretty bad at flying in a room, apparently.
So the tiny annoyances just added up and they got more active too. This is a bit much.
At least didn’t have Harlekin ladybugs in droves this winter… They are especially cute lil things but when they are everywhere, pouring down from the window, it’s less fun after some weeks.

Okay weather today, not sunny but not rainy, we did a tiresome cycling+walking+wild garlic hunting trip (I was a bit disappointed not to find flowers. Alvaro saw buds 2 weeks ago and now we saw buds but mostly leaves. we go in 2 weeks again! :wink: ), Alvaro took a nap but for some reason I have a very energetic phase now! It’s probably more like my spirit, I still can’t cycle uphill for long or anything… So I fixed the bench at the fireplace outside and did this and that. I can’t sit and slow my mind now and my mind want to do things.

Of course, it’s carnivore food for me too. But which one? :smiley: But I start to go towards meat as default, I eat plenty of eggs if I just eat the bare minimum I can’t avoid anyway. (Still nice late snack if I get hungry.)

Options make decision making WAY harder sometimes. I am glad sometimes I barely have options, it’s easy then :smiley: As long as I like the stuff, I do need some variety.

I got the data from Alvaro. We used 380-500 KWh per month before the A/C, it dropped to 290Kwh.
The other part is the price, obviously. Not very high and we often use the cheaper one that one gets only half of the day like at night but on weekends and holidays too and there are a few hours during the day on workdays. It is somewhat controlled too as the normal sockets give you the higher priced ones all the time. The lower priced one is usually for heating (heaters, A/C, boilers). A/C is pretty effective too so we don’t even need to pay for 1 KWh cheaper electricity to get that amount of heat. Before A/C, heating the house with electricity was way more expensive than using gas (but there is no gas here), that’s why we needed good insulation and even better windows and door and now… We just don’t have enough data to tell if A/C if better or worse or what. I just guess it may be not too different…? It was so long ago I was thinking about this stuff, we were very much into it when we moved here :slight_smile: We like being efficient and not using a ton of energy, not only for financial reasons. It’s rude and wrong and feels bad to waste energy when we could just not to do it to the same extent.

We barely use any energy to shower/bath while it is very energy demanding for some families. We use little water for it to begin with (we take quick showers, usually one per day, sometimes 2 in summer) and it’s at least partially cold and rarely warm :wink:

I went off for the weekend again, Alvaro made some pretty good non-carni food (that I eat with a ton of extra protein…) and I already knew that being very close to carni for 5 days a week is challenging enough for me in March. I will try harder (not the right word, it’s important that it should be easy and almost automatic) in April and in May. Unless I change my thinking, one can never know. But I won’t go far, no matter what. I couldn’t actually, what else could I base my diet than meat and eggs? Seriously.

But what I really did differently today is the food amount. Finally I didn’t help myself back sooo much, I can’t say I ate almost as much food as I wanted but not so very far (I am full now :frowning: when I finished my last meal, I wasn’t)… And probably more than what I needed macro wise… I was careful but not as much as usual. I didn’t track yet, just vaguely after my smallish lunch and my protein already wasn’t low back then… I probably have some record braking numbers. But not for fat I hope.
I felt very restricted last evening and I mean the amount of food. I needed a wilder day. Next time I will make it carnivore but I already proved I can eat a ton on carnivore. Once I will figure out what happens when I just eat as much as I feel like for several days. Because for one day after modest days, I obviously break free and eat a ton. But no way it would stay that serious for long.

Maybe I need some carni times with plenty of food? I surely could do it longer but I want to lose fat now and definitely not to gain and anyway, I would waste my training and I need my results. Even if part of me feel restricted without serious overeating after a while. That still isn’t right.

Sunday here, sunny, I am sooo tired, it’s so bad I need to rest so much after every shopping and bigger trip (this was small but there was uphill cycling) :frowning:
I got hungry before 11am. After my yesterday. Quite illogical, even carbs don’t do that to me ever. I am virtually always very very satiated after a carby day, it makes perfect sense. Oh well.
At least I didn’t need a huge meal.

For some reason, I love my lean pork now. Not as much as pork chuck, obviously but it’s quite nice and easy to eat if I just add something interesting to it. A little paprika or piri-piri sauce, eggs on the side, some sausage… I can eat pretty much that way. So no meat boredom in sight yet. But I still don’t want chicken. Maybe soon. And I don’t get a more than insignificant amount of protein from dairy now, the little dairy I eat are more like just fatty, butter or cream and even that is very very little, I am pleased with my minimal dairy training.
I love my eggs too but avoid eating them if it’s comfortably possible or else I would eat so many… Even boiled eggs are fine for me now but I don’t eat them simply. They are pickled or have piri-piri sauce on them but I put some into Alvaro’s dish too, along with some pork (and his dish already had lots of boiled eggs. but not enough).

Tomorrow I go back to carnivore and hopefully will eat simply. I definitely find simple way easier now, I love my simple food too. I hope it will last long.

I still couldn’t bring myself to track yesterday. I am kind of curious though so I will do it soon.


@shinita, I want to try your sponge cake recipe. What temp do you cook them at and for how long?


Usually at 180 Celsius for 30 minutes. I have a mini grill oven, maybe that matters too? I don’t know. Nowadays I use preheating, I suspect that helps with making them fluffy even on the bottom. After I mix the whipped white with the whipped yolk, I may work quickly (I make 12 little buns in my muffin mold), some liquid still pools on the bottom. I don’t use that as that will cause scrambled eggs bottoms, yuck!
The time is somewhat flexible though. If I bake my buns for longer (I usually lower the heat then), they become crispier.
And as there is no dry matter, they will deflate but they are still good. They are glorious big fluffballs while baking…

(Karen) #195

Well i have had a lazy day. Popped out to The Company Shop as the fridge n freezer were looking a bit bare. Picked up some Steaks, some pigs in blankets, some duck strips for stir frying, couple of packs of pork ribs, cooked meats, spatch cock chicken and some other bits then went to M&S to get their back bacon.

Dinner was rump steak some cheese and pigs in blankets. Also had a few slices of cooked turkey breast spread with a little butter. Always pick pick pick when i am tired :roll_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #196

End of another long weekend, but I don’t get as sore and tired as I used to from these gigs. We’re cranking in more tunes now and trying to mix it up more. It’s fun to talk to people from all over the country and sometimes the world, and it’s just us 2. The restaurant pretty much leaves us alone. In the winery we use a big amp to blast the violin and bass sound all over, lots of fun!
@Fangs in my past marriage we had a pool and hot tub, so much to do to clean and open it, and you’re right, unless it’s heated there’s no early swimming - though the hot tub was great in the winter with piles of snow all around and stream coming up!

We finished most of that brisket on Friday and I sous vided a chicken for yesterday. They last a couple days, hubby eats one little slice of meat. I don’t know how he survives on so little meat! I did the chicken at 140, usually do it at 150, and the white meat is so moist and good but the dark parts will need a little more cooking, probably will make a cream chicken tomorrow with cream cheese and bacon and bake that for awhile to finish cooking the dark meat. Then with added courses of shrimp, eggs, salmon etc it will last a few days.

But we have lots of rib eyes in the freezer! So I won’t need to buy meat for a month or so.

This week I see the vein guy. I will keep you posted!

Last of the brisket

I ran the chicken quarters under the Otto grill to crisp the skin

This is the white quarter. He just ate 1 slice!
So this afternoon we got home from playing at a benefit for a bandleader who had heart bypass surgery and I made a chicken salad with a boiled egg from some of that white meat and rolled it into 2 Egglife wraps.

Edit: the chicken pics got reversed, oops


Only if one can’t handle cold…
I am curious how far I will go, probably not very much… Having a bath filled with ice still is as tempting as ever, i.e. not at all. I stick to my cold showers, too bad I can’t have them in winter as our winter cold water gets near freezing… :frowning: My summer cold water is so nice, I could use that in winter, possibly… It’s very easy in summer as it has a perfect temperature when I am hot. I started my cold showers at that time as I am too much of a hedonist, I only take pleasant showers :slight_smile: Of course I go to the lower edge of my comfort zone, maybe one tiny step further (rarely I must say), challenging myself but I never take a shower I find truly unpleasant to some extent.

I am back. Time flies, I start to make myself ready some serious April and May, only 2 months are left until red fruits emerge in my garden, in droves I hope! Last year was a bad year. We don’t want very very much as Alvaro has his limits but a nice amount would be nice. So I need to think and prepare myself very well. The last months weren’t as good as I planned. I still trained myself somewhat, I eat less dairy than ever except my lactose-free times, I can do simpler days now and then and I mostly figure out how to eat lean pork. Getting bored of meat in general got super hard for me - but I can’t really tell how significant it is without actually doing carnivore for some decent length :frowning: I am trying. I fail but I am trying!

It’s very easy to survive on zero meat :slight_smile:
Eating little is still odd to me as if I ever ate meat (and I had a choice so it wasn’t some tiny restaurant food), that wasn’t little :smiley: (Some deli meat doesn’t count.)
Alvaro eats a decent amount of meat lately, when he eats meat, I mean. He is very fine with a plant-based main food with some eggs and desserts. He didn’t eat any kind of meat last weekend.
I couldn’t do that anymore (maybe with very much gluten), eggs and dairy isn’t enough and almost all plants are too carby. I still don’t think I would ever need or particularly miss meat if I had an alternative but I don’t. And my mind just makes things “worse”, I can’t even entertain the idea of trying to have a whole vegetarian day… I probably could do it without feeling utterly miserable but it would have no point… No, I want fat fast and low-fat days :slight_smile: That sounds fun. Now that I think I have a lot of lean pork and boiled eggs… And I had carbs in my immediate past. If I ever can do a low-fat day, it’s probably now. We will see, I made no plans for today but wish to be very modest. Lean pork, boiled eggs, little else.
(This far I had some cream and a cheese whisp because I am incorrigible. I did think about it before succumbing to temptation. Not so bad from me :upside_down_face:)

So pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I mean it. If it was in front of me, I would eat it and it’s only 12:25…

(E P) #198

Yesterday we had a BBQ picnic with friends. I warmed up some bricks in the oven, wrapped in a towel, and put those in the cooler with the smoked pulled pork to keep it warm during church - and it worked great! (@Geezy56 I did get a decent bark without the rub, just like you said!) My kids ate up, but most of the others turned down the meat for PBJ in Hawaiian rolls…

Reflecting back, I grew up on PBJ and mostly carbs too. Cereal for breakfast; PBJ, fruit, and crackers for lunch. Supper was large amount of rice or potato, small amount of frozen veg, and a very small portion of meat, usually stretched with breadcrumbs or oats to make it feed more people - and often garlic bread and always dessert. It was a big family on a small budget; starch is cheap. As a teen, I was always hungry and tired and plumper than I wanted to be, no matter how much I exercised, and could not control myself around sweets once I left the house.

Not sure how many of you have kids at home, but how do you feed them healthily, or how would you feed them in an ideal world? They can’t eat what we don’t have in the house, but how might one prepare them to avoid sugar later?


@Shinita, that was an interesting read about your electric usage and all.
I still find ways to cut back usage but little things are hard in that in spring I used to open windows and power went so low but in the end, the yellow pollen would just blanket my leather couch and furniture and I got more of ‘outside life’ in my home than I could handle actually. Here I have to keep windows shut and rely on AC for survival LOL

@JJFiddle, yea the work involved. I SO want a hot tub :slight_smile: I am thinking of getting rid of the pool and putting in a hot tub with the new back porch I have to construct since the darn 30 yr old porch has to go. ugh…forced maintenance and upgrade. I feel like I am falling apart like alot of my home right now HAHA can’t win can we

-----------quickie post
so busy, kiddo is just making me do alot of things.
bleached her hair last night…hmmm, alot of the color didn’t come out, that last red/burgundy/orangey color really is holding…and her new color…Lavender Ice…yea plantiunum blond…oh boy. She wants to bleach again a second time today, hmm, hey she is calling the shots…but the platinum Lavender Ice over the residue color, NO clue what color she is gonna be in the bitter end HA eh she dont care, color can be changed later anyway

she dragged me shopping for ‘stuff’ so my wallet is $200 lighter but we hit sales and she got alot of stuff, heck one nice shirt on clearance rack was $40 marked down to $3.60. I love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

stopped at Japan place to eat. hubby wanted that back for himself so kiddo ordered too and I got me plain beef with shrimp naked. no sides etc. It was ok. Mine at home is superior literally, but least I didn’t have to cook.

second meal tonight, not sure. maybe a cheeseburger cause I ate late at 2 and that means I ain’t gonna be wanting much later.

HEY GUYS how about…since so many of us are truly doing so well on carnivore, (we are like a veterans thread here :)) why don’t we keep the month of April simple…call it AllMeatApril and go simple.

or any other suggestions? April is coming quick now.

(Robin) #200

That would be perfect. Keep is simple as ZC


Oh my. My childhood was NOTHING like that! We ate plenty of vegs and normal lunches, soup, main dish (some vegetarian stuff, typically, just like the soup. chicken on Sundays), dessert. Traditional Hungarian lunches must have soups and Mom cooked them. I learned to cook quickly but I stopped the daily soup eventually, I wanted to work for more substantial soup and at least my vegetarian low-carb didn’t have those…
My diet wasn’t so great but at least it was very nutritious (not per energy, in total… I ate a lot) and there was huge variety… It could have been much, much worse. I saw many examples how certain families eat. Our sweets and treats were mostly homemade and it doesn’t make them much better but still, a bit?

Sorry to write a bit without having kids… I don’t think it’s possible to ensure they won’t eat sugar, one just tries to educate, give a good example and make them used to good food (feedback! I would want those! Alvaro gives me almost nothing :frowning: but if I had a kid, they probably would talk and have opinions if they would be anything like I… :wink: and kids are expressive when little, right?)… And hope for the best. And it isn’t just some very dietary things, we can resist known bad things better if we have the right attitude, mental fortitude and whatnot…

I don’t trust myself with words now, I don’t feel well (I went and read to much about “AI art” again, it never does good).

I will write about my day maybe tomorrow. It was okay.

Alvaro’s Mom has found me a pretty nice pair of black jeans (except it’s big but she will help with that)… It was $0.19… Sometimes prices baffle me but look at it, of course they do. Even for a few red radishes, it’s so low but this is some pretty okay pants this time! There was a thrift shop super sale right before new stuff but still :D. Well I am just glad I can postpone buying pants (I so hate that and have been avoiding it since many years) - though I noticed a pair of rigid jeans isn’t so great with cycling.

As I am the least creative when it comes to names, I don’t mind :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s my current direction, mostly meat. I can’t avoid adding plenty of eggs at the moment but with some nice meat variety, I could do better :wink: At least sometimes. So it works for me now.