(Karen) #142

@Fangs yes Sian is doing well due around 24th April. We have caught up with a short walk in the nature reserve this morning as the sun was shining beautifully. Fed the birds and i had a great tit and robin bravely eat from my hand :grinning: we spent about 3 hours with her chatting away. Had a cuppa in the M&S cafe… no eats as they are a deli.

Back home and made an omelette with a filling of mussels and stick of extra mature cheddar.

I was going to cook some short ribs but the label instucted 6 hours cooking and i am out early this evening to go dancing again. Seasoned them and returned them to the fridge for tomorrow. So heaven knows what i will eat before dancing later but the omelette was very filling so not overly worried.


Yes, that takes ages. I come home from my sunny walk and get rid of my glasses as I see almost nothing for minutes in them… I had this type of glasses before and I really like them in very bright sunlight but this one seems to go darker so it’s more bothersome. Sometimes it’s just a bit sunny and it makes the outside world too dark when I need sunlight… The less intense one worked very well for me though and this is tolerable but yep, sometimes annoying. Just a tad.

I saw it from others, how lucky, I can’t do that :frowning: These birds are all so shy… Not like I tried but they fly away if I am some meters away and I feed them in winter! But I do have 4 cats… :thinking:

I ate chicken and peasant’s breakfast but these are still my off days, they weren’t pure carnivore, I come back on Monday. My fried pork chuck is very good, by the way, I slowly eat it. And I drink a ton of coffee but I only had instant coffee for many days and these are good and we have milk to drink asap… Alvaro is a huge help with that but my little share is nicest in coffee… I try to behave tomorrow, with lots of water drinking! I wondered about trying to drink only when thirsty. The amount probably wouldn’t change at all but if I am actually thirsty (even though I may be always thirsty a bit… I am a very thirsty one), water is more tempting and I really had enough of drinking a ton of tea and coffee when we have perfectly drinkable tap water. Works as warm drink too. And I have carbonated water as well. Tea is for when I want to drink tea. So I start to break my not so great drinking habits.

(KM) #144

Funny, I’ve always worn transitions and liked them, but this latest pair is just what you’re saying - I walk in from outside and I’m half blind groping around in darkness for at least 3-4 minutes.

(Geoffrey) #145

Paffles, venison sausage and eggs today.

In case you’re wondering, they are paffles because I didn’t use cheese in them but pork rind panko instead.

(E P) #146

Still eating my way through the 20 lbs of chuck roll steaks. My daily formula this week is 1 steak, 1 other meat, and egg yolks and butter. They’re so good dry brined and reverse-seared using the air fryer and a cast iron skillet.

The stevia withdrawal is slowly subsiding. I read about a study that found rats addicted to cocaine choosing artificially sweetened water over cocaine. I could barely talk myself into doing a month without stevia, but it’s looking like it may need to be a forever thing - if I want any peace! Like the point @Fangs is at…

That would be nice… “do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing” - I want to get to that point.

@Shinita your tip to whip the egg yolks and not use the liquid in the bottom of the bowl made them fluffy all the way down :+1: I also used more whites than yolks, is that cheating? I like to scramble the yolks :blush:

(Karen) #147

Had a lovely dance last night and left on time for once so got home in good time. Was hungry by the time i got home so had a late night feast of a tin of tuna and 4 black puddings… finally got through those frozen B/P’s they were cheap and nasty​:roll_eyes: had a good sleep after going to bed late and was up at 9.20 this morning! I had a crazy dream before waking where one of the CrossFit coach’s was serving me cheesecake … not just one … i asked for 3 and they were huge, served up in large sundae glasses :scream: WTH! Why??? I have no desire for carbs let alone sweet carbs! I can remember that while i was eating them i was craving a juicy big steak :grinning: strange and sorry everyone i still don’t seem to be able to blur!

Just had a big omelette with a filling of a chopped up pork chop and it was qute nice. I cut the deep fatty edging off and fried it to finish my meal

Put the 2 sort beef ribs in the oven this morning to slow cook readingto eat later this afteroon.

(KM) #148

I caved from my usual grass fed steak and bought a big piece of eye of round (I think you Brits call it knuckle?) from Costco for 1/3 the price per pound ($4.69 US). And was amazed to find that slicing it about 1/2" thin and just searing it quickly, it was tender and tasty and steak-like. Not fatty enough for my taste, but I seared in lamb fat and poured the pan remains over it. My wallet is thanking me and so is my mouth!

(Robin) #149

Paffles… whaaaat? Were they as tasty as I imagine?
But did you miss the cheese?

(Geoffrey) #150

They were just as good in my opinion and maybe a little less eggy. I didn’t miss the cheese at all. I may try the next ones with both. We’ll see. I’ve just been cutting back in the cheese lately but I really like these things.


Of course not. I make very white ones myself when 1. we almost run out of eggs but I still have my usual several whites in the freezer 2. it’s for some very fatty, very rich stew…
I do prefer them with many yolks (when I still ate them sweet-ish, I used extra yolks, nice) though.

Your food pics are still superb, it’s a joy to look at them, this one is especially great, lovely yolks and nicely made meat… Even the plate works very well with them… I would gladly eat such a meal.

This is my reaction too when it happens. When I have those dreams, I really don’t want carbs.
Cheesecake isn’t carby to me though, I never had a “proper” one, just keto ones :slight_smile: I imagine carnivore ones are good too… But I am super lazy if it comes to desserts on carnivore. (I still didn’t make ice cream cake and it’s my plan since ages. Oh well, if I don’t want it, it’s fine to procrastinate. It would be fun though.)

I don’t have such an elaborated dream. I just eat carbs, don’t even taste them, stupid dream… And then feel bad. In my dream. When I wake up, I am very much aware I didn’t go off yet (for some reason, my carb dreams happen when I do carnivore or close, I am pleased and all is well. it’s very very rare though).

I made my last peasant’s breakfast for a while as I run out of smoked pork. And I don’t have lean pork :frowning: Oh well, I can handle only pork chuck as my normal meat for 2 days. But I like to mix them now. I do love green ham, just not exclusively, it’s not fatty enough for that. Pork chuck is perfection but this seems a fattier than usual one, still good but it wouldn’t be ANY worse just cheaper and leaner with some leaner meat along with it.
We eat different than usual cheeses at the moment, nothing special though just Emmental and Camembert. ALDI has a spicier Camembert for a modest price and I love it sooo much :slight_smile: So my dairy consumption is higher now but tomorrow I go as strict with everything as I comfortably can!
I stopped drinking a lot of coffee and focus on water, not even tea now!

Wonderful sunny day, we went for a nice walk and found primulas in a nearby forest. We thought they won’t bloom yet but the first ones are already out after such a warm February!

(Geoffrey) #152

Lamb steak and eggs today but that wasn’t much to eat so I’ll probably eat a little later on. Proud to say though that everything on the plate came from my farm.
Not so proud of that steak though, it was very tough.

(E P) #153

Home-raised, quite an accomplishment! Looks delicious!

We don’t have any at the moment, but meat and eggs have always been more fun to grow than cucumbers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sadly I barely have space for… Not cucumbers, that wouldn’t grow in my garden (and it’s mostly water, not very valuable even among plants) but spring onions! They go well with meat and eggs alike but they are still mostly for Alvaro…

But we saw some sheep 2 houses over, again. My fav breed, Racka. A joy to see them every time. They have babies now. And one of my missions for this year is get some mutton at some point.

(Karen) #155

Food for the remainder of today

2 small short beef ribs … instructions on packet were to cook for 6 hours …wel i checked them at almost 5 hours and they were done so i am glad i did check them else they would have been shrivled up to nothing!

Nipped to The Company Shop near the closing time … shops close on Sundays at 4pm …bought the half cooked chicken so ate the leg and cut the rest up into a couple of portions for the freezer. Also bought some beef steak mince and made up some burgers stuffed with chicken & pork patè and put those in freezer… made up 6 portions. Bought some steaks, ribeye and rump, some sausagemeat and some cooked chicken in small snack packs… all went in freezer.



I have been down in the deep forest. Ate a bad steak from a market in a country town. It was wheat and sheep country. I swam in the cold ocean that brushes Antarctica.

I could complain about work. There, I’m done.

Last two nights I’ve been eating lamb chops, and eggs, and pan-fried haloumi. Oh, and some thinly sliced biltong. I actually think I would like some fish again. The surf’n’turf quest continues.

This is my little brother and my dog (Billie) on a remote south coast beach. Autumn is beautiful.


The only not blurry pic… Oh well.
My lunch. It felt super simple but as I think about it, not sooo very much (still not bad from me).
Fried pork chuck and cheesy scrambled eggs (2 eggs and an extra yolk :wink: Alvaro will eat up 8 egg whites in the next 2 days with his legumes so I can use extra yolks. but I can use up extra whites occasionally too), sponge cakes in the pic. I had some more sponge cakes, a little butter, coffee with milk and egg milk and a bit of pâté but this was the majority:

It was a very tasty meal.
Carnivore day #1, again.

I have no lean pork :frowning: Hopefully we can buy some tomorrow. One can never know with the local supermarket. But in the worst case I cut up the 70/30 “scrap meat” and fry the leanest part. Depending on the pieces, it may be less fatty than pork chuck but it’s significantly cheaper if nothing else :smiley: The rabbit is for later and I ate enough chicken in the weekend not to want the hen for some time… And I only have a little bit of fried, lean fish.
Who could have thought that I will want some lean meat in my day at some point…? I don’t mind the fattier meat but it feels a bit wasteful, I gain nothing and need to pay more and I eat more unnecessary fat as well. And there is variety. I do want some nice juicy leaner but not too lean pork now and then. Just not as my only meat option.

Very sunny day! And a tiny backache so I did garden work that wasn’t digging.

(Karen) #158

Brunch today whole kipper and it was very tasty.
Dinner starter of 6 M&S bacon rashers… may cost a few pence more but absolutely worth it… it was their cheaper range too! Lovely! Had to eat sometging while cooking my shoulder of pork. That was very nice too and i ate all the crunchy crackling too…yum yum also had a bit of cheese and a tiny bit of pork & chicken paté. Enjoyed all my eats today…


Dinner was small and I actually felt like eating something this time, not just joining Alvaro as it’s time!
I had sponge cake buns with pâté and Camembert* (sooo flavorful, my fav anyway but this time it felt even better), kefit and coffee with milk and egg. Yum. Very nice day eating wise. Even my sponge cakes turned out super well and the creamy Camembert in it (my fav is softer than all the other brands I tried if I remember well… I only buy this one since years), oh that was awesome.

*Not at the same time. I watched a short on YT where one made some zillion ingredient super fancy sandwich. No matter how I think about it, 2-3 ingredients are perfect for me (if processed meat items count as one), 3 is mostly for sponge cake+butter+dry sausage, I will eat that tomorrow, soooo good! Though sponge cake+butter+salt is 3 ingredients too now that I think about it… Sponge cake+sour cream, sponge cake+pâté, sponge cake+cheese is common in my life too. Smoked ham is great, with or without butter, I usually eat it without. WHY I want butter with the super fatty sausage I don’t know but it’s better than way.

Tracking says… 115 fat and protein, 15g carbs, 354g meat. TMAD, IF 21/3, I am quite pleased.

I couldn’t resist so I have an opened box of cream again (I opened it in the very end when I made an Irish Cream tea, it’s just isn’t so good with milk.)
I probably make a mini carnivore tiramisu tomorrow. With whipped cream as I have so very little mascarpone left. The flat little sponge cakes were made with milk powder so they are sweetish, they will be my cake in my mascarpone and I couldn’t care less who consider it mascarpone at that point. Whatever makes a mascarpone for me, will be in it! I love creamy desserts. And coffee.

(E P) #160

Does anyone have tips for handling socializing? I need to get over myself and quit my embarrassment of popping a Tupperware of meat out of my bag. My gluten sensitivity is extreme so it’s just safer that way and I can then relax during the meal.

Today we ate supper at some dear friends’ house and, for the first time since this WOE started, it wasn’t awkward at all. Bringing plenty of meat to share helped!


Happy to hear all is well for her. Hey my kiddo was born April 15th. In fact we went ahead and put her middle name as April too, lol. Any names coming to the forefront for Sian yet?

interesting…maybe they are using a different type of darkening agent and it is not as good as some other process? Hey don’t grab a carrot and eat it instead of a big ol’ rib HA Yea my kiddo didn’t like that adjustment time, her being pretty bad on eyesight said this really annoyed her to no end.

SO understand. you know it took me a long time to really really accept that I had to abstain. No ‘in little moderation’ for me at all. To accept and find that peace beats the hell outta waivering and playing the craving/mind games that worked so against me.

YOU WILL FOR SURE!! I had 7 yrs to change mindset and come to terms with eating lifestyle and what it presents, so I had that time, you need time also. In that time I had a gazillion hardcore chats with myself to improve my overall well being so hang in there :slight_smile: It will come to ya if you put in some effort to move yourself forward and learn and grow…all any of us can do right :slight_smile:

LOL too funny K! Since you had that dream but wanted a big ol’ juicy steak, that was your mind shocking you into going out and buying a big ol’ juicy steak to eat in one of your next meals…go buy one now K!!!

AND THAT IS HOW IT IS done on the cheaper cuts! Super glad you found a new great way to eat other cuts. Same with me. Thin cut and flash fry but not overcook is one of THE best ways to enjoy meats. I thin cut alot of my cuts and eat like that.

Ahhhh it is THE best isn’t it FB!! surf n turf is like the planet smiling at us on a plate, lol. Amazing pic!! Work, I love how you complained about it in this post, haha, yea why give it so much importance? good move :wink:

I don’t know but it sounds more like you are handling it yourself and doing fine by your actions :sunny: Since you got that extreme gluten sensitivity, doing what you are doing might just be the easiest way for ya and you will become comfortable with it and be secure in it amongst others. Sometimes I wonder when I chat with me, why should I have to fit in??? Can’t ‘they’ fit in with me??? Why do I have to put the worry on me? Then I realized one day I don’t :wink: SO do you at all times, that suits you and don’t look back or feel no need to explain your life truly to anyone unless ya wanna!!

--------------got dragged out shopping yesterday with hubby. He wanted to hit a hunt store for some new hunt clothes and few other things. Checked out some new scopes for his deer rifle…my gosh the price of that stuff :frowning: ugh but anyway, I ended up eating 2 sausage egg and cheese biscuits, no biscuit of course, and wow, all I taste was like ‘chemical thick like weirdo taste’ in my mouth. I inhaled them fast to get food in my guts but he wanted to then stop in afternoon heading home at a restaurant and I said no, let me just get home and fry up some pork loin, pleasssseeee, I don’t wanna eat out again, Of course fast food in the early AM on our shop excursion I let that go down since the hunt store was up in the mountains, 1.5 hr drive from us, but hey, that was enough for this ol gal. I truly am not a fan of eating out anyway mostly now. Poor hubby I say, but hey thru all these yrs he is more on board eating at home now too so win on the trip I guess. Eating that garbage carnivore institutional food just made me realize how much more I love my own fresh meat LOL

today got Tbone steak defrosting first meal. Might pair with shrimp.
second me got another roaster chicken going into oven for hubby for dinner time tonight, so I will just attack whatever chicken I want from that bird.

rollin’ along.

HEY ANYONE drink green beer the other day on St Patrick’s Day?
not me but I sure thought about doing it HA Nah green beer is something I sure don’t need now, haha but a few shots of rum never hurt anyone :slight_smile: