(Megan) #122

They look awesome :drooling_face:


You said it! we carnivores can chat up a thread fast LOL

glad you are feeling better. Those roses you got are so pretty. Bet they smell great!

@Shinita, ohh dark gray days. I so understand that feeling. I also need big sunshine for best survival :slight_smile:

-------------Tbones on kinda decent sale price so grabbed 10 steaks.
They had pork tenderloin for a good sale price, but only got 5…only 5 cause that was all that was left and none in the back meat room but I wiped those out LOL and got 1 big roaster chicken. good haul.


so my beef and pork life is set again.

sale paper came, they got ribeyes on a kinda decent sale price but I am not hankerin’ for ribeye cuts as much but will hit store and grab like at least 6 steaks for freezer. Gotta buy beef when that sale hits.

I honestly go thru a hell of alot of beef and pork :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Indeed :smiley: And taste and nutrition is what matters most anyway :slight_smile: Quick and easy is welcome too :wink:

Well it’s not a very sunny day but not dark and we did have some sunshine and went for a walk! Saw 2 swans 10 meters away :slight_smile: Not a huge thing but still nice…

Pre-lunch bites: a cheese whisp and a tiny pork. A boiled egg too (with half yolk as almost always).

Lunch: Leftover soup with pork, leftover fried pork, fish and eggy things. I made my cheesy Crunchy Fluff biscuits again. The leftover “dough” is the fried lump behind the fish.
I had to use my pancake pan as all the others are super sticky at this point. I will get a new pan soon!
I had a sponge cake too and a light ice cream? I knew sour cream isn’t as good as whipped cream, it wasn’t sweet enough but edible.
The fish was fatty but otherwise not so great (it has a flavor above the normal, okay one that is negative and should be masked), oh well, it was cheap for a fish, I give it to Alvaro to put it into some very flavorful curry. It still was easy to eat and it’s protein. And not pork, I needed a little break.

Those 2 round things are my Crunchy Fluffs. They were made in the oven and then in the microwave, I just put them into the pan for the photo. I ate 7 of them, by the way. That’s 1 egg white and about 20g cream cheese and 10g Gouda. More would be better.

I am satiated now, avoid fatty processed meats and as much as I can, dairy too, the fluffs needed some cheese, that’s fine but when I add various dairy everywhere AND eat fatty smoked pork, that’s where things go wrong overeating wise. I got my sunshine, I am more alert now!
(And it’s easy to eat modestly after 2 overeating, quite high protein days so I aim for that. By the way, I ate more protein last night. Boiled eggs are my allies when I need a little extra when it’s late.)

(E P) #125

@kib1 that sashimi looks great!

I’m definitely trying this strategy again for class day next week. A room full of enthusiastic middle schoolers diagramming compound-complex sentences sure seemed a lot less overwhelming than usual!

Air fried then pressure cooked chicken feet and gizzards. Almost as decadent as pig trotters. No stevia, but plenty of ginger, lime, chili flakes, Szechuan pepper, anise. The kids wanted normal chicken soup for some bizarre reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Karen) #126

Been a pottering kind of day. As like @Shinita we have had no sun today either and a bit of rain again. Dusted the lounge to start my day off and then sorted the earring studs into new containers… i had bought a long mirror jewellery cabinet a little while back and put all the big dangly ones in that but just had the studs to sort. I had lent a small writing bureau of my Dads to Raymond after Dad passed away and he didn’t need the use of it anymore so i took it back… nice little piece of furniture with some small drawers and the new contaners i used for the studs fit in very well. So it is now another jewellery box :smiley: also cleaned some rings. I have far too much jewellery but that doesn’t stop me browsing the cabinets in the charity shops . :wink: Anything that sparkles or glitters catches my eye!

Brunch was 2 fillets sea bass cooked in bacon fat with a good dollop of butter very nice! Late afternoon i had hot n spicy chick wings and followed that just now with a small thin sirloin steak. @Fangs i am so glad i don’t go off steaks… whatever cut lol i eat them virtually daily.

Will no doubt open a can of tuna later for a snack before bed!

(KM) #127

Well, thanks … really, it looks like someone hacked it up with a butcher knife. Which is literally what happened to it! But it was soooo tasty.


I agree. I wouldn’t touch either until a very very late stage of starvation…
(It’s for the chicken feet and pig trotters, gizzards aren’t bad. I can eat zillion better stuff so I never buy it but it’s not bad at all :slight_smile: )

It’s amazing how tastes differ, MANY Hungarians LOVE chicken feet. I can’t imagine why. It’s literally skin and bones. I suppose they like skin. I am fine with skin - if enough fatty meat is included :slight_smile: I am still better than Alvaro who doesn’t eat aspic if it has skin in it, not only meat. I eat the mixed stuff and his Mom (who makes the aspic using what one uses for it here, pig trotters, maybe extra skin and possibly some meat too) likes the one with skin only as well. I can eat that too - but miss the meat.

Though I must admit your version isn’t the usual boiled stuff, some people just take the feet out of the soup and eat it… Some makes it into a stew. Stew makes stuff better but can’t mask the lack of meat for me so no thanks.

I have no problem with different tastes, it’s just so strange sometimes when it’s super far from mine. Alvaro and I sometimes playfully mock each other’s tastes, enthusiastically claim our version the superior or only sane one :smiley: (We both totally respect each other’s diets and we know tastes differ and it’s stupid to have problems with it when it doesn’t harm others. Except maybe animals and plants, sorry we can’t live on sunshine or sulfur or whatever.) So it comes to me easily and without any ill intent. Oh I think he had to stop it when it comes to vinegar into many things especially soups as I don’t do that with meat dishes…

My dinner was late as Alvaro had the “2 hour between lunch and dinner” gap and I am not compatible with that. I had 3 sponge cake buns with cream cheese, smoked pork, butter and egg milk (partially golden milk style, partially with coffee). Small but enough!
Guesstimation says 143g protein and 95g fat. Yep I was sure I didn’t eat very much today. It was an eggy day though but that’s fine. I could be more satiated (it’s past 10pm, hours after dinner) but I am okay.

I felt WAY more energetic today, I knew I need sunshine! Even if it wasn’t very much. But the day was still much lighter!
Today is small shopping, getting my SIM card unlocked (I have no phone since many days, it was pleasant… I still would need a phone itself but I have something that borderline works… :smiley: Not good for music - and that is the number one job of my phone - but my tablet is, it just doesn’t fit my pockets so I need to keep it in my backpack) and hopefully museum! It was so long ago, we have those cute exhibitions, they don’t take too much time but are pleasant. We usually need to do so much shopping, it is so great when the main thing is a museum visit or Nature. The city has an interesting structure, the inner city is very close to one edge with ponds and whatnots. We saw very pretty frogs there once while we mostly just see toads here. We hear other kinds but seeing…? The village castle garden has visible frogs in summer. And we really like frogs.

Such things don’t necessarily make things ugly in the eye of a carnivore… :wink:
Salmon has that wonderful color and pattern(?), it can look very tempting chewed by a bear too. I always envy them in documents :smiley: At least the fresh salmon eating part, I am aware I am quite privileged as a human… Whenever I feel cold and have a nice bath (even if it goes from cold to lukewarm nowadays), I feel sorry for the animals in the real cold all day. Some must be okay with it but not always and surely some can feel really cold, they just survive.


Here, Shinita. I have some extra. I reckon getting outside, getting outdoors and letting whatever light there is into your eyes is helpful. Not through windows, or glasses, or sunglasses.

(KM) #130

The poor little birds, when it’s cold and raining all day.

(KM) #131

Oh, you know, I want it to look a bit more like this and a bit less like roadkill.

(Geoffrey) #132

A very lambalicious day today.
Lamb steak, lamb chop and a lamb burger with a twist.
I tried something new and gave the lamb burger a Cajun flare. I mixed 6 oz of crawfish tails in with the burger and then seasoned the patties with a clean Cajun seasoning. Fantastic! That will now go into the rotation. I need to try my new invention over an open fire and maybe try smoking some.

(Judy Thompson) #133

You built a straw bale home! That was always my dream.

(KM) #134

I bought it half built, credit should go to John Titan. It was actually featured in Mother Earth News … Wow, 30+ years ago. Scorpions kept falling out of the ceiling, a bit disconcerting. It’s gone through some changes, but much is the same. When I owned it, self sufficient on solar and rain water.

(Karen) #135

Plus a tin of tuna…todays food

(Judy Thompson) #136

Lol! Well we are in Texas so those little scorpions are no big deal anymore. We have rainwater collection but on the grid for electricity… We were just discussing your post! And agreed we’re as far off the grid as we’d want to be.

(E P) #137

Carnivore can’t solve EVERY malady…I have been exhausted this week, but that makes sense since the baby is 5 months old now and that’s a long time of poor sleep!

@Shinita your eggy sponge cake recipe came to the rescue today! Cravings are strong when I’m tired, and these hit the spot.


easy peasy zc post

had the best darn Tbone steak yesterday, melt in your mouth.
gosh I inhale good steaks fast LOL

today is, again, repeat. Tbone and pork loin and I have gotten over any boredom of mono eating and all that jazz. so many yrs you would think I would go bonkers but in full reality, I just don’t have no draw to much else. I LOVE IT!

ok nothing much changing in my carnivore world, just cruising along


I have glasses and they get dark even in moderate light, yeah, sometimes I take them off :slight_smile:
I had a nice sunny day today so I won’t complain for a while :smiley: Probably. I don’t want a rainy Saturday, it’s such a great day to go places!

:smiley: :+1:

(One day I will find some mutton I am sure.)

Ooooh I am so happy it helped you!!! :smiley: Finally someone appreciating it. I never saw anyone who did before, expect me and I appreciated it hundreds of times so all is well. Was it fluffy all the way, even on the bottom? It seems so… I messed that up so many times, I really shouldn’t be lazy when I whip the yolks, it seems to be the key :wink:
Sigh. Your look nicer in the pic. I mean, the pic is way prettier than mine. Oh those colors! But the sponge cake buns look less smooth (couldn’t find a right word) than mine too, fun! :slight_smile:They make super good sandwiches if you ask me, I love them with butter, butter and dry sausage, cream cheese and ham and so on.

Let’s not talk about my day, I didn’t even think when it came to food, I slept little (no problem, I slept too much last night but) I was afraid I will oversleep (alarms can’t keep me from it), it was an odd day, Alvaro came home super early but I had to be up and ready to go at that point. It doesn’t matter it wasn’t early morning, I totally can sleep late. So my brain was anxious and I kept waking for 3 hours and it made me a strange zombie. I had no lack of sleep, per se but I still felt unwell. It’s not an excuse, of course but surely didn’t help. My March plans were already crumbling and hopefully my rebellious inner self is satiated now and stop having stupid ideas. No regrets but I am not proud of my day. Oh well. It was only one and it was 2MAD and I ate chicken at Alvaro’s Mom (as I ate there, it was a given it won’t be a carnivore day but there are levels).

It’s the next day now. Sunny day, it’s so wonderful, Alvaro cooked food and I decided I will taste it despite it’s a curry so has vegs. It contains all the fish we have, I want some.
We did our city shopping, earlier than usual, still costed so much, oh well… And we didn’t even buy meat. As it was run out in the supermarket where I wanted to buy it. And everything else was way too expensive. I still have a ton of pork chuck in my freezer, I just wanted green ham. Good thing the local supermarket has it for the normal price (the supermarket I wanted to buy it in has a lower price, the meat is as fatty as realistic from this cut and they don’t even put that liquid soaking stuff inside. I want the liquid, the cats like it and I have a smaller mess and less garbage that way. I don’t want to take out the garbage every month! It’s a 1 km walk with the garbage bag - and 1 km back but that is fine, walking is okay, I just don’t like to bring a garbage bag so much).
Oh by the way, garbage… I probably have less now that we eat less eggs. Half of our garbage was eggshells despite putting them together and crushing them at some point. Just a guesstimation but it’s a huge percentage.

I forgot about my plan to buy chicken liver (when I remembered, the price was too high and I wasn’t in a hurry to get some) but I bought some pâté again. With less than stellar ingredients lists but not THAT bad… I so love smooth pâté and I still can’t do it. Not like I often try… I should.

We managed to buy some super cheap milk that expires tomorrow… So Alvaro uses it to his heart’s content. I like to go slow with milk. I may be fine with much sugar on carnivore but it’s a very very good habit to use as little dairy as comfortably possible and I have some results but I still easily go overboard when not careful and I always feel if I just let myself get carried away regularly, that slows my development. I came a long way with my attitude of almost always trying to train myself regarding a few things. It’s very hard for me to switch gears unless some very serious temptation/compulsion/I-don’t-care-and-I-need-it feeling hits. So I keep my milk consumption low and Alvaro probably can make another dessert tomorrow. He eats up to 3 desserts a day (minimum 2. well 1 happens too extremely rarely), after all (probably 3 at home and he is at home now as today is a holiday). I know him since decades and I still am amazed how much desserts he manageds to eat any (and nearly every) day… I can’t compare. I do eat 3 desserts for lunch sometimes but it’s very rare and they are tiny. Like, oh I have left 20g ice cream but here is my jellied fluff that contemplates suicide, better eat it quick… (It was once that my jellied fluff seemed to lose its spunk. The non-sexual meaning. But I hope it was obvious. Sometimes I don’t fully feel how a word with multiple meanings behaves in other people’s head if I don’t use it in very normal ways. I mean, I nearly anthropomorphize the food here.)

And I still write way too much.
So I have supplies except lean meat. Very limited processed meat, dairy wise I am fine but I keep not using all kinds on the same day.
I fried some pork chuck for today. Yum. It was a handsome slab with super soft meat, I expect a very enjoyable meal. I skipped lunch (Alvaro’s lunch, not mine necessarily…) as Alvaro eats around noon when he is home all day and I am better than that today.

Did I wrote I bought a wonderful coffee and now I have coffee-y days? Just now that it is so new… I go to be strict and try harder on Monday. Or Sunday. We will see.

(Karen) #140

Brunch 2 pork loin chops, went to Lichfield Tea dance and had super afternoon no issues driving home as i returned a different route… timings… six of one half a dozen of t’other.
Dinner ribeye steak very tender followed by smoked streaky bacon and just had scrambly eggs with tuna.


is that those transition sunglasses? My kiddo wears glasses and bought prescription transition glasses and in the end she did not like them cause they did not adjust back fast enough for her when going from light to darker areas for her to see well. She dumped those…but went ahead and we bought a pair of just ‘sunglasses’ in her prescrip. Even tho she has to change up glasses she said it beats the transition prescrip glasses by a mile. Oh just wondering, lol.

@Karen18, food looking yummy K!
How is Sian doing? Any good updates :slight_smile:

------------again simple easy peasy zc’y day here.
first meal going for pork tenderloin fried in butter on stovetop. yum, will inhale that whole thing easily.
second meal I want…get this…chicken. yea right? never eat it unless forced in a way thru family meals but I got a hankerin’ for 1/2 of that roaster chicken I bought. Gonna make it for hubby for dinner tonight and will tuck into my 1/2 of that chick and of course slather it in chicken greasey fat and bits from the bottom of the baking dish, lol…ohhhh I got food thoughts in mind, can’t wait HAHA I tell ya meat still excites me to no end when I got a true hankerin’ for something, I can’t wait, even to smell that thing cook HAHA

I live great :slight_smile: