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Your work in progress is my dream. Good for you!


love it! oh boy I am so there with stripping out those stain colors. She wants teal, then wants hot pink, then wants green and purple and orange and truly, each time we strip it again it never comes out enough and the next color put on becomes a bit muddled and wonky…too darn funny but I had tons of fun coloring her hair and seeing what that end result would be LOL

Here she is younger with that purple orange combo and of course, poor little Bolt who is now gone to doggie heaven!!

Wild, so cool. My kiddo got a purple and orange combo and I thought she would look like Bozo the Clown but honestly, it was one of THE best color combos she ever got. I love colored hair on people, I bet Alvaro was cool in that orange :slight_smile: What color is he now? Kiddo is now ‘Mermaid Metallic Green’ interesting color but kinda too dark in a way for her.

funny as heck talking wild hair colors!

AMEN!! over time we find who we are and what works best!!

Ohhhh your homestead, I am SO IN LOVE with it!
Everything you posted on that is SO interesting to me cause truly that is me :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!!
I so planned my tiny home and off grid type lifestyle but never got there with the farm biz and life going down but what I subbed was my RV. My RV puts me in a very compact space where I thrive and I also am mobile to wander. So it is a good sub for me thru the yrs since I can’t get my tiny homestead I would love to live, but wow you are living your dream and I get to share it too since I am so that person too :slight_smile: cool

-----------------simple zc day
first meal leftover country pork ribs.
second meal big azz honkin’ Tbone steak. they are on sale and I grabbed alot and I am gonna hound those babies down :slight_smile:

all good…just MeatMarch cruise eating for me.


Thanks! I googled it and now I feel I am in the world of Snugglepod and Cuddlepie… Maybe there is a reason for it (oh and I still haven’t finished the book)…

I was hungry today so ate a little this and that… In the end a one egg scrambled eggs with pork belly too as proper food :smiley: But I had leftover biscuits, cheese whisps and golden milk! I have a golden milk phase now, it’s always lovely but I still don’t know the recipe, I just make adjustments until it gets right. And then I drink it and find turmeric on the bottom (it’s an odd one, turmeric in English, kurkuma in Hungarian… I wonder how it is come from… apparently it’s the German word for it too. is it like pineapple where nearly everyone calls it ananas except English speaking countries? :smiley: or maybe soccer when it’s something derived from football for others but I only know the German and Hungarian words for it… oh languages, I so love the topic). I ate my tiny light icecream too.

For lunch, I wasn’t hungry but ate a bit, soup with a little pork in it (the leanest pieces so it wasn’t perfect but I need the fattier ones for my fried pork and if I get bored of the lean stuff, I can just put it into my peasant’s breakfast or something) and fried pork (yum. I added lard and my lard tastes like my scratchings a bit as they were made together… mmmm). I always had a hard time to wait when I made fried pork and even Alvaro came home. And I can eat at the moment… It was very nice despite not being fried fully. Stupid sticky pans, I mostly cook them, not like it isn’t great that way, some frying still happens and it gets a tiny brown sauce that way :slight_smile:

Alvaro ate leftovers so not much cooking for me today :slight_smile: Frying up some meat is soooo easy, carnivore makes me lazier and lazier when it comes to cooking and I always liked not to overcomplicate things when a simple method yields 10/10 food…

I managed to avoid coffee (or its replacements… it has a near perfect one, cocoa and a pretty good other one, some spicy tea with milk/cream, Irish Cream is the best but chai works as well) until lunch but had some then. I did have a tiny headache and I know I wrote I should stop using that excuse :smiley: Not like it would change much, I still would drink a tiny little coffee now and then. But not until 3pm, I am actually impressed a bit.

Rainy day. I miss my walks :frowning: My little energy. Mood to do something… I can’t handle this many days without my vital sunshine. Emotionally I am quite fine now but the lack of sunshine still affect me in many various ways.

Oh that’s nice, I still like those and I didn’t have any in March… :slight_smile: I can wait for months, thankfully. At this point I probably could go for months without any vegs… I couldn’t do that with fruits or even bread (I mean I could if I wasn’t surrounded with them nearly ALL the time… while the fermented vegs are hidden and I rarely care about the raw ones and virtually never the cooked ones) but vegs? :smiley: It’s so weird I can skip them the easiest now. Even my new ones (spring onions, I planted hundreds and I will replace the eaten ones so finally I will be able to give Alvaro more than the occasional tiny addition)!

Financial situations too. And availability. But surely we differ regarding what our body accept as healthy food too… Mine seems to work well with my diet, lucky me.

Wow that requires some quite sunny place or little energy usage! :slight_smile: We don’t even have solar panels as they aren’t worth it here (we tried to buy a house where the direction is right but couldn’t. I don’t mind the roofs, there are ways around that anyway as far as I know but it’s a bit sad only my room gets more than minimal sunlight. but mine gets a lot :smiley: it’s quite significant in winter, my room is the warmest of all - except when heating is on downstairs).
It would be nice to have some solar+wind combination but technology probably should improve and get available and cheap enough first. This is a windy place (not very windy but that wouldn’t be good anyway) and while we have much sun in winter, still not so much compared to summer and we need much more electricity in winter. But wind works in winter and at night.

Oh! Pretty place considering I am more into natural colors and wood and stone when it comes to houses… But it really looks neat! Lovely sky too, IDK when I saw such clouds last time (I keep forgetting the name of the various types so I just don’t try anymore. I probably know the name in Hungarian though…)

I think I remember the photo, you talked about her going away and that she and Bolt are like siblings… No photo about her with her nose ring? :wink:

Alvaro stopped dying his hair ages ago (I do it now, like every 3-5 years?) so he is just his normal mousy brown. The part where the sun could change it the most is almost golden :slight_smile: Mine get lightened too but good luck with my stubborn dark brown hair. By the way, I have a little shorter lock on the top now and it is sooo happy the weight can keep it down and it is up. Annoying :frowning: So I have a stupid little curl on top of my head :frowning: Gel could keep it down I suppose. Mom’s normal hair spray never could do anything to my hair, I learned that early… And once I got a… IDK, curling and not a long term one, whatever it is called. It was made for a party but that was 1.5 hours away and my hair was quicker to go back to being straight… Troublesome hair BUT I am happy I have it. Alvaro has it a tad sparse (mine is dense, too bad I can’t share) and a tiny bit receding but his little brother is balding very much so he appreciates what he has.

Why do I talk this much about our hair? Sigh.

Oh my, metallic hair, I never saw such an option! Just normal hair dyes.

Oh weird hair colors, Alvaro once had striped brows as there were some hairdresser students and they offered to dye his brows and something happened :smiley: It was before me so I didn’t see it. I think it was orange/brown striped :smiley: He called it tiger brows.

(Howard) #105

@MeganNZ Thank you! My best guess would be that the missing electrolytes is the culprit. Now on Day 8, and really since Day 7 the back pains have stopped, almost completely. Baking soda helped out on Day 5 and 6, with 1 and 1/2 teaspon of soda respectively.
I had some suspicion to the pork as the timing was somewhat corresponding to me eating sidefat/bacon, but seeing as it is a common effect for people fasting I guess it shouldn’t be that.

My main motivation going into this was the autoimmmune issues I’ve had with eczema and psoriasis, in addition to a lot of allergies. Can’t eat apples, broccoli (raw), some nuts, some roots, kiwi, sugarbeans and many more without having allergic reactions, varying from mild annoyance to hospital visit with certain roots. Also doesn’t hurt that energy levels will become better, and I’m quite into the idea of a healthier living while my body rewards me for taking care of it :smiley:

@FrankoBear I haven’t had the worst side effects I gotta say, but my body is quite used to an Intermittent fasting routine, 1-2 meals a day, interrupted by excessive carb-overload in the 3-4 hour window I eat. What you’re writing is certainly something I’ll keep in mind, though thankfully the pain is as close to gone as it can be for now I guess. Hoping that my focus on water, as well as checking my minerals for any deficiencies now after 8 days can keep those stones away! Thank you for the 3 cents, and I gotta say I can feel something great is happening with my body this week - so very excited to dive deeper into this.

Can add that I found my first proper “off-the-grid” meat source today, as I was tipped about a small storefront on the property of a sausagefactory in town. Great, fresh meat to almost half the cost of storebought steak. Pretty happy about that, started with getting a bag with 2kg of veal ribeye.


Simple enough dinner (wasn’t hungry but ate anyway, just like at lunch. hunger arrived later though). Fried pork, cream cheese (so creamy and lovely!), little leftover desserts and I tasted the Mangalica sausage. Not bad but could be more flavorful. The farmer’s market and the pig farm shop is MUCH better. But this one is a supermarket stuff and it was on sale so it was worth it and I am not disappointed.

I don’t need to cook tomorrow but I do need to bake. Alvaro ate up his bread pretty quickly and I need a new batch of sponge cake too. Maybe some biscuits, the… What was it? Crispy Fluff! That one. A lot of time for making 12 lightweight thingies but it is nice. I will make photos this time.

(Megan) #107

Hi @pase Howard, good to hear the pain has subsided. Quite a few people with autoimmune issues have found only eating animal foods has helped considerably so here’s hoping it helps you. It will definitely deal with your allergies given the allergy related foods you listed.

There’s some variance in what we call carnivore. From beef and water only, to all meats and seafood, to all meats, seafood and some dairy, for those who don’t have any issues with dairy. Some people still drink coffee, some drop it. Some people use a few spices for added flavour, some don’t. And what folks start off doing/eating often changes over time as our tastes, needs and goals change.

Some advice I often came across when I 1st started in May 2022 was to support all the healing my body was needing to do by making sure I ate enough, and not to see carnivore as a “diet” (with all the often-incorrect baggage that comes with that idea) or a quick fix.

The 2 main benefits I get from eating this way is markedly less inflammation, and therefore pain, and weight loss. I stopped carni for 5 months recently due to financial constraints and temporary insanity aka stupidity but have pretty much had to restart it because the pain became unbearable - arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was also putting on weight which (a) is a real downer and (b) makes the pain worse.

My shopping list is simple. I eat 80/20 ground beef, pork shoulder, a bit of rump steak if it’s on sale, some cheese and a brand of plain, unsweetened greek yogurt which is very low carb (lactose). I’ll occasionally have eggs and chicken. That’s pretty much it. Not a fan of seafood or I’d eat that too. I drink water and coffee with cream. I don’t eat in any particular time window and I don’t fast. If I’m hungry I eat.

What about you?

For some people, yes. For others, nope. Ditto for most things on the list of possible benefits from eating this way.

(KM) #108

You ordered that popcorn sky just to show off, didn’t you.


love it! yea kiddo does her brows to match now older, when we dyed her hair younger she didn’t bother, The metallic coloring is cool actually, in the sunlight it has a very shiny tint like metal kinda. interesting what they come up with on color nowadays.

I have yet to get a nose ring pic HAHA I will tho :slight_smile:

AMEN to that!!!

----------another simple zc day. nothing unusual gonna happen on food. Another Tbone steak first meal, second, might be chicken, (or pork chops) cause I gotta feed hubby and might just throw in a giant roaster chicken tonight, but again, usual for me.


And eggs! :egg::egg::egg: Don’t forget about eggs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I kept my 7-8 eggs a day in my first on/off carni years! (Sometimes it went much higher as my meat intake was low and eggs are still more useful than dairy.) Now the amount is diminished but still very significant and I can’t imagine it any other way. Mine is the most relaxed carnivore - plus some non-carni items, that’s what I can do on my good days… At least one toe is nearly always out of the line… But it’s good enough for me. And I am still evolving. Not necessarily in the same direction I did in the beginning but vaguely yes, I desire and eat less plant matter as time passes.

Yep, benefits vary a lot. My body fat, energy and noticeable health and physical well-being didn’t get affected (compared to low-carb as if I start to eat high-carb, I definitely feel worse after a while…), there were other benefits regarding temptation and “control” (not the right word but I lack the significant mess only plant carbs do to me). I still think about food a lot, that’s not so easy to change. But it’s a bit healthier especially in the evenings. Plant carbs, evenings and lack of satiation was a quite bad combo for me.

Of course, it’s not only just me but I go off all the time as I can’t do it otherwise. I do have wonderful macros on carni sometimes - and I seriously overeat on other times… Fattier meat and all the other super tempting fatty carni items make it pretty hard not to. But sometimes it’s easy, I just don’t have the majority of my days like that. I need to try harder and very long term. But as it’s a nice woe and I go off when it suddenly gets hard, it’s enjoyable, not some white-knuckled determination, I am fine with waiting and slowly getting better at things. Like my eating window, it’s a mess lately. And evenings still can be dangerous in some circumstances. Yesterday I got tempted, after a pretty good day and made my day keto again and I don’t even know why, carni food is so much better (I ate that too). I suspect my inner rebel, I need to figure out something to please it. Difficult when one is already a tad over the most relaxed carnivore on normal days. Maybe I should make things stricter for a little while. Less dairy would do me good anyway, I do try, it wasn’t very much lately… Or maybe I should eat a big meal and trigger OMAD, that tends to make me pretty uninterested in eating food in my fasting window… (I still write and read and think about food a lot though less and it feels nicer then, not so… Desperate? Obsessed? Along those lines, in the worst moments. No, I am satiated and peaceful after a big nice meal, for a long, long time.)

(Howard) #111

Thats great to hear you’ve found it helps you a lot, @MeganNZ. And I appreciate the encouragement!

As I wrote I’ve currently put a hold on pork, but I bet I’ll be reintroducing some next week as I’ll be staying at a hotel eating the breakfast there. Currently I’m 100% water when it comes to drink, during my life one of my vices has been too high soda-consumption, first original Coke and afterwards diet Pepsi up until last week. My shopping list currently is eggs and ribeye. I believe ribeye steak-cuts are actually is cheaper in Norway compared to atleast USA from what I’ve seen, so thats all right. I’m also gonna be experimenting with buying big slabs of meat and process it myself if I keep this up.

My plan originally was for 30 days, to see how the benefits are helping, but I’m already pretty convinced I’ll do this for 3 months and then take stock to see how this is. Seeing how so many others are having great results with this I’m not that concerned about the health-scares, but I’ve already taken some blood samples and I will be checking up regularly just to somewhat keep track.

I believe my energy levels will improve either way, as my irregular eating of the worst kinds of sugars and carbs surely was putting me down. I already feel pretty good, and my body seems happy with the changes I’ve now done, even if it’s now just 9 days in. The only inkling of discomfort that I have is some mild fatigue at times, but that passes over quickly. So all in all I’m very happy to carry this on.

My plan over the next month is to also introduce pork (again), lamb, dairy and salmon. I haven’t really had and lactose-issues before, but I guess I’ll quickly discover whether that’s something I should be careful with or no.


this had me laughing, you and your eggs, lol
we won’t forget them ever about you HA

omgosh this was an addiction for me. I lived on diet pepsi til my heart pvc issue and I went caffeine free diet pepsi but only improved it once I dumped soda point blank…but ya know what, giving it up was a huge smart move, it will be for you too. soda, along with cereal is like THE most usual items out there on the planet LOL

go longer, 30 days can show many alot of good, but many of us need longer to find better benefits so a commitment of say, 90 days is a good way to go. 3 mos out of a lifetime is a short amt actually :slight_smile: go for it


Yep I love my eggs :slight_smile: But they are truly so useful and versatile :slight_smile: And people often just omit them, even when they give a list or make a carni food pyramid. Or put them into the dairy group, it’s like mixing they’re and their, it makes NO sense, how anyone can do that?
It’s different in a normal comment, of course we all have our preferences, I forget about things not important for me sometimes when commenting too, there I merely just HAD TO mention my darling eggs :upside_down_face:

I cooked and had some bites, again… I should stop, I keep trying. But I haven’t drink a coffee until 13:45, it’s something. Headache, again. I need to go outside but the weather isn’t cooperative. I still should go out…

Diet soda never was part of my life :smiley: I didn’t drink the sugary ones not very often either but when I went low-carb, it was obvious to me that I just skip the overprocessed and non-food items. Well I kept my sweeteners but diet soda has those nastly horrible tasting cheap too strong things I dislike so that helped extra but I wasn’t interested anyway. Paying a lot of money for something that is worse than water (or carbonated water if I want it to be fun… tea or coffee if I want flavors… though a few drops of lemon in a jar of water works too, oh I haven’t had that since ages :slight_smile: that is a summer drink, it’s warm drink season still)? Nope. I always liked natural things when possible and I could actually behave properly with drinks the easiest. Regarding this, I mean, I can’t behave right with coffee, that is a stange type of addiction. I mean, I am fine without it. But if any is near me, I probably drink it. Not just 1 cups. Or 2. It’s on par with my other triggering, can’t get enough of it items. They are bad, they don’t satisfy me and should be avoided but when temptation comes, I can’t do that. I still try to avoid temptation and mitigate the problems.

Cereal is even more weird to me. Some kind of soda was fun once a year. But I tried cereal when it got popular in my country to the point that even I noticed (IDK, around 20) and it didn’t look or feel like food. The crunchy filled pillows were nice though. I ate them a few times in my life, they usually came in little packets, I still wouldn’t have wanted a whole big box! (As I knew I will eat them up right away. without liquid, of course, that would ruin the crunch.)

But I consider the fancy donuts very off-putting too. Normal ones are traditional food, still not my favs but those supermarket things with potential sprinkles (ew. I dislike sprinkles. the exception was “mouse sh*t” (everyone called it like that), the tiny chocolate-y thingies. I still didn’t put it on anything, I just had my juvenile fun with the name… But it had cocoa so it was high above pure sugar anyway. I just liked to use cocoa normally.

I don’t think I had very much overprocessed stuff beyond sweets (and I suspect my consumption,
while being high, was nothing compared to many millions of people. Mom made pretty good treats. baking well and doing it a lot is very common in my country) considering when I was born, I mean… And in a country where such things were somewhat common… The we got free from the Soviet Union (just because we weren’t part of it, there was a military presence, learning Russian was mandatory… even having a Russian girl as my penpal was mandatory) and it broke apart anyway and suddenly many things entered Hungary including “all” (surely not all but you get it) the popular overprocessed food items you others had already.
But we had pretty tasty sweets before too and many of them stayed (changed, though). I remember those the most. And the very green bananas Mom could buy after waiting in a row for 2 hours, once a year :smiley: I disliked them. But then I ate yellow ones and it probably was love for the first bite. Probably for life, it doesn’t mean I need to eat it often, I never miss it :smiley: I just find the taste lovely. The tastiest food I ever knew was pork and I stopped eating it for very many years and I didn’t miss that either. Maybe that’s why I don’t have the “OMG I can’t give up x” problem. Well I have but it’s limited and it’s not a problem if it’s not very long term. I have the “I am bored of carni food” problem (not so serious anymore I think) or “it is THERE, how could I not eat it” one. I don’t just suddenly feel I desire something non-carni let alone carby. I don’t think it happens to me*. It’s hard enough without that sometimes.

*Possibly would if I wouldn’t go off too frequently. But it’s not what makes me go off.

(Karen) #114

Blimey only missed a day and 19 posts to read…

Food since my last post on Sunday plus a tin of tuna and pkt of 4 slices thin cooked pork last night and a cheese and bacon omelette for brunch today at cafe. Ate the 2 steaks for dinner late afternoon, they were thin steaks and now 6.50pm just had a pkt cold water prawns…

Not had any coffee since before xmas and having 1 weak tea ( through a straw lol) once a day but not necessarily every day. Quite a mean feat for me… still drinking boiling water, sometimes plain sometimes from a caffetier with small amount of chilli flakes to taste. Determined to look after my nice pearly whites don’t ever want to let them get stained again!

Feeling much better now, the cough and throaty thingy never amounted to much and the constant sneezing stopped after 3 days. Just a bit of nose blowing left and not like all the time… got through it with just lots of praying for healing and kitchen paper towels… better than medicine​:pray::pray::pray::smiley:

Beautiful roses from my daughter for mothers day

(Karen) #115

Pretty clouds … you take some beautiful sky pics x

(Geoffrey) #116

Bacon and egg chaffwiches today.


No sunshine. My world is very tragic now and my energy is non-existent. I am partially to blame too but I can’t bring myself to exercise… Dark days. As it rained so it wasn’t just a normal light not-sunny day, no… Sigh.

I have my notes, I will track now. NO IDEA about my macros but I was satiated and had leanish pork for my fresh meat so probably high protein and low maintenance level calories…? I ate much cheese though and processed fatty meat. And just a few eggs. 2 days in one, let’s see what my average can be…

Oh. Of course I ate much more, yeah, I did use some lard and there was the cream cheese and the others… 180g protein and fortunately less fat for my last 2 days. Not very surprising, really. My eating window was bigger than 3 hours even if I didn’t eat much outside of that. And too much dairy. Even a few bites is so packed with protein and fat, how people can’t eat enough? Strange. (I actually understand from my rare undereating days but those were strange too and I still had a few times as much protein as some people do while trying to eat as much as they can.)

Today was moderately simple! After my few bites before lunch (like a fresh soft-boiled egg, that was great), I had a lunch of pork (boiled in soup and fried, both green ham just with different fat content) and a dinner of pork (the same as for lunch but mostly fried) and a tiny peasant’s breakfast. I did have some milky coffees but tiny ones. If it’s not obvious from this, I start to run out of extra items. I do have fish in various forms but the thought didn’t even cross my mind when I finally got bored of pork and needed a few extra morsels (truly, it was really tiny!) so it’s keto again. Sometimes things just start to fall apart and I can’t fix it easily. I need some focus, like not making leaner pork my my food tomorrow… It was fine while my interest lasted, it’s good food, I never notice I will get bored, it just suddenly happens and today my mind was especially bad to think about my few options.

So. Tomorrow… Fish and rabbit liver, maybe? And another peasant’s breakfast, I shouldn’t forget to add the leftover leaner pork like I did today… (I ate it with it but it’s not the same.) I have 3 meatballs in the freezer too, now that I think about… It will be fine. I can’t do a day without red meat, the non-red ones just aren’t substantial enough. By the way, I should get some ruminant meat already, we go to the city on Thursday! special short workday for reasons and Friday is national holiday!

I just want SUNSHINE. It’s night so not now but when I wake up in 10 hours? Forecast says maybe a little bit. And rain in Saturday but it’s sooo far away, no one can predict that.

(Megan) #118

Oh My Goodness, how could I forget eggs?! Thanks Shinita :laughing:


Easter is coming, I probably will paint some eggs too :smiley: A celebration of eggs! Almost every day is Halloween to me but there are some exceptions.
I should paint spiders and cute ghosts on eggs though… :thinking: Everything is better with eggs and Halloween motifs if you ask me (but I tell you anyway).


(KM) #120

Sometimes … Keto + Costco = bliss. I just literally ate a pound of salmon sashimi. As in, bought 1 pound of skinless salmon for $12, spent perhaps 45 seconds cutting it in cubes, dropped a little pickled ginger on top (ok, my non carni 5 carb treat), made a tamari + wasabi sauce and scarfed down my delicate little “finger food” in about 6 minutes. I am nobody’s sushi chef.
It’s lovely to have beautiful artistry in my food, but then again it took me 3 minutes and it tastes just as good. Sometimes I simply can’t believe how great carnivore is! Second verse, same as the first. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Robin) #121