Oh it’s fine, if one must go, it should be the pic, not the tastiness! :wink: And you bring so many nice photos even without that one! So we just imagine it for now… At least I do.

I am quite satiated at 10:30pm so I guess it’s another 2MAD day, yay! No late eating. I just need to quit coffee tomorrow…

There are multiple topics about food prices now… I think if I get momentum and will be able to do the important parts right, I may try to do a “cheap (but enjoyable) day”, I like my experiments, after all. Just 1-2 days, I don’t need extra limitations like that. I am sure I can go lower with plants but that has even bigger limitations (and even one day is very challenging).

Wait, what is the cost of a fat fast? Probably minimal… Hmmm… I wanted to try it again one day (never did it without plants) but I am never in the mood.
Okay, if I get restless, I will do some experiments for fun (and to show myself how super indulgent my basic carnivore-ish is so I appreciate it more).

(Bean) #43

Chicken skin! I’m not sure why the image cut out the baking sheet?
I did this batch as gribenes (Jewish cracklins). That gave me some rendered chicken fat, which is nice to have around since hubby is allergic to dairy and pork makes my youngest kiddo break out.

Sometimes I just spread the chicken skin out on parchment paper, salt it, and cook in the convection oven at 425. Those are fattier than the gribenes, and worked great in my backpack when we took the train into Chicago for the day.

(Geoffrey) #44

Cooked a pound of my homemade bacon today as well as a pound of venison breakfast sausage and a pound of venison chorizo. Grazed on those while I was cooking. I believe I’ve got the breakfast meats covered for the next couple of weeks.

Then it was more venison backstrap and steak sauce.


Schmalz is nice :smiley: Sometimes I have some :slight_smile:
Oh I would love being able to buy chicken skin without the whole bird… I do like to eat the meat but even a whole hen (that is the tasty cheap one. okay, chicken can be cheap too but it’s tasteless then and doesn’t make a good soup) has so very little skin (and Alvaro eats some anyway, not caring about crunch. I am ALL about crunch when it comes to chicken skin)…
Oh, good for you and your family! :slight_smile: Enjoy the … gribenes, I wonder if I can remember it. I only know schmalz. Useful word.

My crunchy chicken skin isn’t very fatty, okay it is fatty, obviously but it loses pretty much fat in the process…
How can the gribenes be less fatty? It’s chicken scratchings and scratchings are very, very fatty. My database says 83% fat, in weight, for normal pork scratchings (I mean the one I can buy)… But I am sure more fat could be rendered out. My homemade ones don’t have skin (so maybe the word is off but I don’t know a better one), I fry them until I can, they aren’t as soft and fatty as normal ones in the supermarket but they are still fatty enough :slight_smile:

This is one of my fav topics… But I just cut up some green ham, I have rabbit legs, lots of leftovers and NO very fatty meat (i can’t just go to the supermarket and find some, I want the “scrap/sausage meat”, that’s the good stuff) so I won’t eat scratchings in the near future. No problem, I had some not too long ago. And I will have crispy/crunchy chicken skin soon :wink:

(E P) #46

Beautifully put and so encouraging! Thank you very much, @FrankoBear.

@Shinita your peasants’ breakfast photo is mouthwatering!

@beannoise so inspired by your gribenes. Can almost hear the happy sizzling noises as the tray slides out of the oven. And thanks for the idea for a great portable fat source! It’s not socially acceptable to eat straight butter while out and about :crazy_face:


So good I never cared about that :smiley: Though I only ate straight butter as a snack once :wink:
But if it’s food and I can eat it, what it has to do with other people? It’s not even raw meat or something… Butter is beloved, normal.

I write about my day later, now I have a headache and am wondering. It’s 6:34pm, it’s still great if I drink my first coffee now… Hopefully my last too. I only have instant, that keeps me back a oittle as it’s more expensive. But I make smaller, quicker portions with it too… Ouch. My poor head. It’s not too bad but not fun. Tiny coffee then?
I had 2MAD day with almost zero calories outside of my ~140 minutes (didn’t look at the clock but around that) eating window. I had a quite small lunch so I got hungry soon and ate a proper meal. I even measured everything, tracking will come later (it will be super inaccurate as I really have no idea about the fattiness of my meat but I guess something as I could add fat to make it just right and that’s usually pork chuck level for me. sometimes higher). Very low energy and mood day. I so wish it would change.
Oh and I opened my last box of cream, it feels much sweeter than the last one (of the same kind. it’s lactose free). Very sweet! :slight_smile: Yay.

(Geoffrey) #48

Tender slow cooked venison in Egglife wraps with a touch of smoked salt.
Good stuff.

(Karen) #49

@beannoise loving your skins i could dig into them right now and they wouldn’t last long!
@Geezy56 i can smell the bacon!

Well i have a bit of a dry cough bothering me at night which i guessed would progress from the cacky throat
… i was doing so well! Anyway yesterdays food was a second rack of chinese pork ribs … too sweet agin even though i tried to scrape off most of the sauce so took the other 2 packs from the fridge and gave to my daughter yesterday. We enjoyed a short walk around the park at the back of her garden and then back to her house for her to show me what they have prepared for the forth coming drop in April! It was lovely to see her light up as she showed me the cute little babygro’s and how prepared they were and what hubby had done and how sweet the room looked.

I got the bus back home and had such a wait with sun beaming down on me, had to take coat off it was so warm (it was cold when i left the house) and traffic road works holding up everything that by time i got home i was really tired.

I ate the 2nd jar of mussels then had rump steak for dinner which was in fact 2 small pieces so i cooked one then straight after cooked the other and then had a tin of tuna and finished wth 4 slices of pork spread with butter again. Very tasty. Went to bed at a reasonable time, about 9.45pm and had a bit of the coughing through the night.


I call it a huge success if it’s before 1am (I am very much not a morning person, it makes no sense to wake up early as my brain won’t work anyway, I had this all my life, school wasn’t so great)… I do that lately and I don’t wake up super late anymore, yay! It actually helps with avoiding late eating a bit… I don’t get hungry earlier if I wake up earlier but if too much time passed since my last meal, I tend to lose my satiation. It will be even worse when I finally will eat in a deficit but who knows, my body has a weird logic sometimes (it surely depends on my food choices. meat? fine. much dairy? not so much).

Get better soon, @Karen18!
I only have energy and mood problems, I mean, mood for being diligent (I am lazy but sometimes it happens and that’s great), having passion to create… My base mood is fine now as there is SUNSHINE!!! It nearly never fails to cheer me up.

Oh, I got a visit from the usual woman from the local government! And she said she envies us to live in such a pretty place! (Once a courir was shocked and low-key disgusted and asked how on earth we could live HERE?! Rude guy. We never got a courir again if it was possible, thankfully those parcel things where the parcels are in little closed boxes, IDK the term for that, got everywhere. Eventually. In the first years we had to pick up our orders in the city so timing was important.) And she didn’t seem to look down on me that I didn’t mop up the WHITE ( :frowning: and super slippery when wet) terrace tiles.There was rain and it got muddy and I use up all my aroiund the house mood for gardenwork. And I do sweep the terrace but that’s it. I really should mop it enjoying that the huge linden tree right next to the terrace has one of the 2(?) months of the year when it DOESN’T pour zillions of its little parts (flowers, seeds, leaves, whatever) onto the terrace and everywhere else. That’s not fun. I sweep it - 1 hour later the effect isn’t even noticeable much. But I still like the tree, it’s just a bit too close to the house. We need to cut off branches too and that involves some tree climbing sometimes (Alvaro does it as I don’t like heights and he is the more athletic one anyway).

Ohhh but now it’s fine, no linden tree pollution, new and new flowers every day! :smiley:

Today won’t be a no coffee day either but it is not much since I only have instant and I do keep trying. I do.

IDK what I will eat today yet. Besides the rabbit legs and the rabbit/pork soup with a decent amount of meat in it. I made meatballs (the sticky pans are a huge problem now, I get one as soon as I can) and I plan a peasant’s breakfast soon as well.
My dessert will be Greek yogurt but I have a little ice cream in the freezer too. I mean it, the little part. It’s in a 125ml container but there is very much air there. it’s a cute amount especially that I whipped a ton of cream :smiley: I just need to be very very modest and forgetful :smiley: I love whipped cream if someone didn’t know it already. It’s a lovely relationship, I don’t feel totally tempted to jump it, I just like it. If I don’t eat “all day”, it doesn’t add up too horribly… And I don’t often eat it alone. It’s similar to my relationship with butter (but I always have butter and I can leave it alone for weeks, it won’t spoil). Both are very enjoyable, fatty, very low protein dairy items so they can aid Overeating* - but a little is fine and I usually put them into a dish. Lovely alone too but I only do that occasionally and in tiny amounts.

*I decided as it’s my long term (whole life this far) problem (to various extent in different times, well on different woe, carnivore with much meat and little dairy was the best against it this far, it pretty much solves the problem, at least with my usual low-key fat minimalization attitude), it deserves a big O.

(KM) #51

@Shinita This might be rude or intrusive and if so I’m sorry, no worries, but I would love to see a picture of where you live - I mean your actual house / garden. I have lived in several places that were “off grid” or out in the middle of nowhere, including a glorified garden shed, so trust me this isn’t a judgement thing, I just find other people’s homes very interesting.:grinning:


Oh no, you said nothing wrong :slight_smile: I don’t like to shot my house and terrace as it’s not ready/pretty (IDK how others do it, we can’t keep order or finish everything :frowning: ) but maybe small could work :smiley: I have old pics though… But the view, oh that’s nice…
I will see what I can do! I can’t shot the house easily now due to lens problems… What it doesn’t need to be pretty so I can use my tablet (I don’t have a phone right now, for some weeks. it’s quite nice, no one can call me! I miss my music a bit but nowadays my brain plays some songs I binge listened…).

I looked up what exactly off grid means, oh so this place can be considered that despite having electricity and Internet? There is no gas or water/sewer system.

For now, I have the rebuilding pics. What are you curious about? I won’t shot our rooms, they are super messy, we just have too many objects… And I can’t anyway, little light so I need a proper camera. I like the bathroom though, I painted the walls and side of the tube and made the floor from paper (works pretty well there, the kitchen is where it failed, too much wear and tear).
I gladly show the street and stuff, I love Nature.

The linden tree is on the right, my beautiful non-pines on the left. IDK what they are exactly, we have one word for pine, fir and whatever the others are called. Oh how small they all were compared to now :smiley:

Found no pic of our beautiful deeper red roof (with the single right red tile for fun).
We have no chimney.

(E P) #53

Fish and pork steak with flaky salt.

(Karen) #54

What a cute house :heart:

(Karen) #55

Is the fish stuffed inside the pork? Sounds good. I have had both fish and pork today though not together. I had 2 sea bass fillets and small salmon fillet pan fried in butter for brunch… lovely then sat with Raymond at the cafe while he had lunch and i had a cuppa.

Late afternoon i had 1,5 pork chops followed by a packet of cold water prawns then a small thin sirloin steak which was tasty, 4 rashers of bacon and then a 2nd packet of prawns. The prawns were reduced as they had todays date and i didn’t want to freeze them… what an excuse to munch through 2 packs of prawns! :smiley:

See what ya did @Geezy56 flaunting your bacon pics … i had to buy some today! :laughing:

(Judy Thompson) #56

Lots of posts! Took me a day to get through them. Beautiful good pics, Geezy56 your egg wraps are interesting, where did you say you got them? I saw a recipe for something like that and they used gelatin to hold the shape. I also have cheese wraps that I put egg salad (diced egg and mayo) into for a side dish or a snack.
This week I found out that a regular rub on brisket doesn’t work for me. The last 2 days hubby had eaten brisket and I’ve had hamburger and eggs. The spices and herbs make me distinctly nauseous. Good to know. It’s no longer about what’s good for me because my body will tell me - no need to look it up! Next brisket will have only salt :wink:
Here’s some food from the past couple days -

both days, grassfed burger and eggs. Liverwurst and cheese in the evenings and lastnight, a cheese omelet. This morning, L. Reuteri yogurt made with half and half, and then a hard boiled egg.
This week my Butcher Box should be here and I can get back to some rib eyes!

(Judy Thompson) #57

@Shinita love your terrace and view! Nice country house too!

(KM) #58

Thank you! I think I can see a bit of your roof in the first picture, unless that’s someone else’s house very close. Pretty! How do you stay warm?


Thanks everyone! It will be pretty when finished… One day… Well I have my inheritance but we aren’t in a headspace where we can handle making the work done. Alvaro needs a proper holiday, I need a miracle… We do things inside though.

@kib1: A/C heating and a few electric fans :slight_smile: It doesn’t cost much, we were serious about insulation. No, not my roof, that came later! Along with the upstairs walls :slight_smile:

@E_P: Beautiful photo of a beautiful food!!!
I never saw flaky salts…

Sigh. I have my notes for the last 2 days, I was lazy to track though. Oh well.

Today I had 2 proper meals and an egg not so long ago, I just wasn’t fully satiated and barely had eggs today. With this one, I had 2 soft-boiled eggs, ate soup with meat, the leftover pork hock roast, two rabbit front legs, 3 meatballs, some cheese, cream and Greek yogurt. Oh and my leftover ice cream, it was 35g :smiley: A tad small so I added whipped cream to it and it was nice and sweet that way! I wouldn’t call it sweet after sweet carbier days (if I go off, I may not eat sweetener* but you bet I have a little fruit. except when I just taste Alvaro’s meaty but non-carnivore dish like I did on Sunday so I had 1 keto and 5 carnivore-ish days this far in March) but now it was just right :wink:

*It is somewhat recent. I used to have sweetener days and carnivore-ish days. I was very attached to my sweet desserts and on off days I had them. I have been reducing my sweetener consumption since I went low-carb 13(?) years ago, this attitude was with me constantly. So before I tried out carnivore some years ago, I already had unsweetened drinks and used very little sweetener. But some still stayed with me and when I wasn’t on carnivore, I had some.
And I didn’t do anything intentionally, I just noticed it’s not the case anymore not so long ago. Not eating sweet desserts became normal enough for me. I still have such off days but I changed, I can have a non-sweet dessert or just a satiating, satisfying savory snack (like scratchings :wink: ) in the end of my bigger meals. Or not even that if I am happy with more than usual meat. It’s a milestone :smiley: I really had a big sweet tooth and I surely firmly had it 1-2 years ago even if the amounts were small. Just sweet things aren’t so interesting to me anymore, it doesn’t mean I don’t like some nice, tasty sweet things (I am a fruit fan forever, I can’t help it. of course, as time passes, I prefer less sweetness but I always was into tart ones and they come with almost any sweetness).
It is a big thing to me. I have things I don’t want to lose forever (but if I change, I change) but I am not attached to really sweet things that way (I mean, you can pry my subtly, enjoyably sweet whipped cream out of my cold dead hands but very sweet things? I don’t care about those in general. unless the item has some redeeming qualities but I am not attached to the high level sweetness part).
I am attached to my desserts, variety, I like something sour and crunchy… I always liked tasty sour and savory things better than sweet ones, no matter how big sweet tooth I had. I just wanted everything. And I wrote before, when hungry, I never wanted sweet food. Sweet is for desserts though Mom often made sweet soups or main dishes. I changed that quite a bit when I started to cook for myself. Sweet pancakes happened but normally I had savory or sour dishes except my dessert (pancake is a main dish though I totally used it as a dessert. Mom had these only 2-3 course meals, I raised the number).
Sweet is important for variety and joy (joy of sweetness and joy of variety - but mere sweetness never was tasty to me, I need the various nice flavors). Just like sour. And savory is just how things usually are but that is nice too, being savory and not the other 2.

I must change enough to have decent off days. They probably always will happen now and then. And even if I could handle some very sweet, wilder, carbier day, I just don’t want to without some very good reason. This attitude, that I use as little sweetness (above cream level, I don’t want to limit low level sweetness I get on carnivore too) and sweetener as I comfortably can (or maybe a tiny bit less if I am determined to train myself) helped me in the last several days and I keep it.

I think I keep my current mostly TMAD timing. I always had problems with lunch skipping and I don’t eat big enough carni meals nowadays anyway. Or did I write this already? My mind doesn’t work so well these days though I usually just notice that I need to search for Hungarian words. English is fine but Hungarian… I need to talk more with Alvaro as we usually use Hungarian. With some English words but I do try to use Hungarian when there is such a word in our language. If I just give up and talk fully in English to him, that’s not a good sign. Now I have will and spirit, just not proper memory functions. I explained it to him: my brain is lazy now. The memory boy who fetches the words don’t even get WHY I need it so much when there is the English one already and it lazily stays in place until I yell at it in my head… I noticed this interaction at “rabbit”. I totally forgot the Hungarian word for some seconds but I do that in better state too just not all the time. And then the memory boy is diligent just uses the wrong language. So I have the English AND the German word (in extreme cases maybe some other?) but not the Hungarian one. It’s really rare so it’s more like fun than annoying as it was today.

Oh I have found a pic of the house before the rebuilding… The upstairs was super tiny then… And we got ice IN the house in winter while we burned the fire all day… Ouch. We just escaped some super bad insulated, cold house (it got really cold during the hours I have slept and couldn’t keep the fire burning) but this one wasn’t much better at that point.

It has changed SO much… :smiley:

(KM) #60

Oh, that is lovely. So much work!

(Geoffrey) #61

The brand is Egglife Wraps.
I get them at Brookshires.

This is the nutrition label and ingredients.
I hope they are clean enough.