(Geoffrey) #22

It was a carnivorelicious day today.
Smoked up some venison backstrap and tenderloin to a nice medium rare today.

Then sliced and covered in my steak sauce comprised of brown butter, cream cheese, bone broth, salt and a little bit of truffle.
Mighty fine.

(Karen) #23

Shouldn’t have bothered driving all the way to Leamington Spa last night… dreadful dance! So Raymond and i just spent the night laughing about the situation, comparing it to other dreadful dances we had attended and got some funny looks as if to say “share the joke”. Well most of the dancers had very long faces… not surprising :smile: got home about 11.15 … yes it was an earlier than expected finish and felt a bit peckish so opened a can of corned beef and finished opened packet of cheese.

Yesterdays food pic

I also ate a rump steak that has to be worst chewy-ist steak i have eaten in a very long time. Hoping todays rump from same pack is much better.

Feeling a bit weary from last night’s drive so no doubt i will be picking at food all day! :roll_eyes:


@Geezy56: There is a saying here, mirror translation is about “you do can live” and it’s usually said appreciatively :smiley:

I can’t stop admire @Karen18’s wings either, it’s always to see those colors!

I had a nice walk with Alvaro, wonderful sunshine, we saw coots, ducks and a slow toad, I hold it in my hand for a while and studied its anatomy.
We have 3 daffodils now! And the first pretty big purple/white crocus came out!!! Photo will come later. Not as many as last time, just the one, probably.
We saw new wildflowers like lungwort (our name is similar, lung grass. we use “grass” a lot even for plants not similar to grass at all), a very very beautiful blooming apricot tree (prettier than ours where some branches are bare and the shape of the tree is asymmetric too as it’s on the slope… some branches go lower than the ground level at the base of the tree…) and planned some nice hiking in the near future. We postponed the wild garlic visit, I didn’t feel energetic enough to climb the slope (even if I won’t be able anyway and need to walk with the bicycle a lot) and I am very rusty on bike now. 2 tiny trips in the last quite a few months? I need practice first, without too steep slopes. Like the wildlife park forest, that’s nice for cycling. One part is still underwater though, Alvaro says. And he talked about a rock mine (?) near! And I didn’t know about that, WHY? I love rocks. And caves and mines and everything like that. And new things to see.

My food is in the oven, I managed to continue fasting while Alvaro had his lunch (easy after a walk when I am not really hungry yet. otherwise it makes it way worse). I start to get hungry though so I won’t wait long. I probably will eat at 3pm. Try to make photos too.


So we all agree, K’s wing pics are to die for, lol, in that I make wings every now and then and for whatever reason they pale in comparison to her wings on the plate. :slight_smile: I always want K’s wings :slight_smile:
@Karen18 I would love to see you guys dance a ‘dreadful’ dance, bet it ain’t that bad truly in that you guys are pros, even the dreadful has to be good lol

------------since kiddo came home from Uni on spring break, she hit me up with a major change again. dump all biology, go full on chemistry. Dumping all education courses for being Chemistry Professor and going straight into full on chemistry scientist with ‘she is gonna cure cancer’. Seriously tho my kid is very smart in chemistry to a level that makes me just jaw drop. OMG she brought home first yr. chem. book as in class 101 and I tell ya I couldn’t even get past the first page! She said she now doesn’t wanna teach Chemistry, she wants to live it and change the world…ok baby chemistry scientist, you rock it out :heart_eyes::partying_face: I told her I support any way she wants to roll on her brillance but I expect a cut of her future pay :crazy_face: and she said keep being nice to me ya might get some, if you crap on me I ain’t giving you a penny :roll_eyes::rofl: Not bragging my kiddo, but honestly, yes I am braggin’ on my kiddo :heart_eyes:

simple zc day
hubby and kiddo might do movie. I don’t do movies so off they go maybe but I got for me fatty country pork ribs going in oven in just a bit so they are done for me as first meal…second meal, yea pork LOL I gotta hit on that smoked pork butt that is in fridge. Might have to end up freezing some of that for hubby to have bbq pork sandwiches later, so I might shred up alot and put it up for him. I find if I keep my ‘bought’ pork around too long it annoys me, I can freeze some and use up kinda fast in that way but when frozen from cooked like that, I won’t touch it again but hubby will since he is gonna flood it with bbq sauce anyway.

omg taking care of meats in my home, it is a friggin’ job some days LOL

(Karen) #26

@Fangs the wings are buffalo wings and so have spice coating hence colour. If i do plain wings then they are paler however i make sure they are coated in butter so the skins still go a little bit brown.
No the dance was definitely awful! Terrible music, popular ( which really means simple/boring) sequence to which he played ancient sequence music to. Ballroom and latin he played (what he called “the latest music”) to which i said “latest but not the greatest” small floor on the hard side and when we arrived 7.20 for 7.30 start he said we were early and that people didn’t start 'ambling in till after 7.30! So didnt start dancing till almost 8pm then he kicked everyone out at 10pm cos he had a train to catch (finish time should have been 1030pm. Most people who turned up used it as a practise session rather than a nice social as advertised! So no it was flippin awful! :rofl: if a dance is advertised for a certain time it should start at that time! Oh and nearly forgot …room was freezing and loo’s like going to the arctic and i had to do a bit of Shakin Stevens when i went as no toilet roll!

Rant over :rofl: we did dance fairly well …what little dancing we did and got applauded after our jive and complimented on our dancing. Also met a nice couple who we said we would meet up with at another dance in a different venue.

Brunch today chinese ribs. They usually come with sauce in a seperate satchet that i will chuck but these were already coated in the vacuum pack so i scraped off most of the coating but still a bit sweet. The pork was very tender though.

(E P) #27

@Geezy56 it must be a regional thing. In Alabama, we do have plenty of venison though! A bobcat killed one in our backyard 2 days ago. That steak sauce looks velvety smooth…

@Karen18 those wings! Best part of the chicken…

@Shinita thank you so much for the sponge cake recipe! Can’t wait to try.

(Robin) #28

Brag away! You go girl


Thank you Robin. I have noted your advice!

JJF: I was carnivore for 3 years, then during 2020 learned to bake sourdough. Big mistake. I was also sober from 2016. Sourdough led to ice cream, crackers, sweets, more cheese and an extra 8 kg. Late last year, I quit alcohol, sweets and bread - and wine! I am on an elimination diet of beef and water (salt seems to irritate the roof of my mouth). Feeling well after quitting coffee and tea and bowels seem to be settling down.

(Robin) #30

Always happy to hear another successful battle with our addictions.
I almost said our demons. Lolol

(Geoffrey) #31

We just call it a Texas thang. :sunglasses:

Ate twice today. I went over to my wife’s cousins place to held them with some renovations they are doing on a extreme fixer upper the bought.
They went and got hamburgers for lunch so I ate four bare patties. They were tasty but thin and not very satiating so when I got home I fried up a small bison ribeye and some bison ribeye trimmings.


@Fangs: There’s no problem with a little bragging now and there, I doubt anyone here minds!

Okay so today was simpler. 2MAD, 2 hour 20 minutes eating window (if we don’t count the milk and cream in coffees and teas… I have found the non-fancy instant coffee and I had milk and tried them out and yep, not so fun anymore. I plan to stop now…).
I had lunch at 3pm, no appetite, just hunger so my peasant’s breakfast was almost wasted on me but I did feel the taste and variety… :wink: It’s a carnivore version but then I added some tiny onion leaves. They didn’t add much flavor, I wonder if I changed or these things barely have any taste unless I eat them alone but I only do that to try if they are okay as they are my decorative onions…
I had dinner at 5pm, just some pork hock (smoked and especially the roast) and I wondered but finally tried Alvaro’s dishes a bit, nope, not in the mood for them, it probably won’t stay like this forever but now I am fine with carnivore, apparently. So I warmed up in these 3 days and tomorrow I will start my pure carni - until I open the package of my “fancy pâté” (it’s a simple thing but it has various organs). Good when I want something that isn’t one of my staples.
My roasted pork hock wasn’t a hit. I will eat it just fine but the skin obviously needs another round (no way I ever make it crispy attached to the meat, be it fowl or pork… I couldn’t give it more time, it would ruin the meat, it’s already crunchy at some points, I don’t mind but it’s enough) but I don’t seem the like cuts with skin, last time I had a similar reaction. Oh well. it’s not bad and had a good price but cooking and roasting and bone and too much skin, nope, doesn’t worth it to me. Smoked pork hock is another matter, one of my biggest favs!

For the ones who didn’t read about peasant’s breakfast from me yet: it’s a very traditional, very good food. Originally it has onions and potatoes but the rest, the biggest part is smoked meats and eggs. It’s a meaty scrambled eggs, with vegs. I cut out the vegs, still good. And I like my richer scrambled eggs with a little grated cheese and sour cream on top :slight_smile: I use sausages and smoked pork. It’s so rich that it really needs something bland in the mix (it can be flavorful but something less dense is needed), that is the role of the potato I suppose, I just replace the vegs with fried leanish pork that is often boring alone anyway.
I used the fattiest parts of my smoked pork ribs, that provided the lard.
Nice food. I won’t use it so much as it’s even better if it’s a somewhat rare occurence and I made it a few times lately…

I made sponge cakes and quark quiche buns, again. I probably didn’t whip the yolks long enough and the bottom wasn’t fluffy. I took them off and ate some with cheese. I had a cheese whisp too at some point, right before lunch I think. Yum. But I didn’t have much dairy. I think. I can’t guess these things if my life depended on it. I need tracking for that. I know I didn’t eat much cheese or milk or cream or sour cream but they tend to add up, fat is like that.

I detailed this too much, sorry.

I lost my satiation later but it wasn’t hunger, per se and I fancied an early bedtime anyway. I got up real early today and there is sunshine! I did some digging (a problematic big root came out near the fireplace outside, just needed a little nudge with the shovel and tearing it out enthusiastically, I am good at that but I am just a human with not epic strength… I am glad it was way more breakable than some thin branches) and postponed my workout as I dug until I got a backache and a bit more and it’s not compatible with my workout. The workout itself never bothers my back, good.

I make sourdough bread lately, experimental, second try in my life. But I bake bread every week. It was SO easier in our breadless years (right after I went low-carb)… Bread is my most troublesome temptation now. Not like I don’t have my own versions, for me I mean as I only use my own recipes when I bake… But I talk about my troubles again. Which are non-existent on carnivore (most eating problems, I mean, not ALL… even carni isn’t THAT perfect and it’s probably good, it would be some witchcraft where one would expect some hidden evil price… not actually, some problems must be had and solved by other means), oh, that is a positive note I can end this paragraph :slight_smile:

That’s easy on carnivore… (Or almost. When I am off carni, I may use a little sweetener.) Yolk, cream, maybe some flavorings (I totally use them, my taste isn’t simple enough), what not to like? I never desire ice cream but sometimes it’s good for dessert. I use it to use up cream and leftover yolks. Not like there wouldn’t be savory ways to use up yolks, I just don’t prefer them for some reason. Except the meatballs but I rarely make those. When one’s SO loves cheesy fluffs (they use 8 egg whites and no yolks unless I make some for myself), it’s easy to end up with some leftover yolks now and then.
{Oh my, when I replied in my head, these were one short sentence reactions…}

I love crunchy. Skin is problematic for multiple reasons, I can’t make scratchings every time I want crunchy (I always am ready for some crunchy when I am ready for food) and I still can’t make really good carnivore biscuits :frowning:
So it’s usually cheesy whisps for me. (And my old oily seed wafers on mere keto.)
They are good if I don’t overuse them. If I do, I get bored.

They became not really sweet desserts on carnivore. I try to balance out the ratio of my ice cream as yolks are salty, cream is sweet a bit but I always preferred very yolky things. It’s quite good when I use about 20g whipped cream per yolk. But my quick dessert is some dairy from the fridge (not cheese). It works, I don’t desire carbs or much sweetness while on carnivore. But as I never do it for long, it doesn’t mean much.

Many of us need to be careful there… I like cheese but I am fine with a little and I enjoy it WAY more that way and it’s more useful when I want something not among my heavily used staples.

It is serious if one has a relationship with alcohol that wine doesn’t even count… :upside_down_face:
I am on the level where I sometimes forget my flavorings (like the one in my ice cream) is alcohol too… It’s just such a tiny amount that it doesn’t register.

That is the only major food/drink problem/addiction where carnivore couldn’t help me out :frowning:
Maybe tomorrow I will be able to quit. (I had a tiny headache this morning and no momentum regarding quitting coffee, okay? But yep, I have no self control regarding food and drinks. Or just in trace amounts. I do try sometimes…)

I lost the plot here. I can’t imagine what this part means. I can understand the words separately but can’t put it together. And I am a curious one so I ask for clarification if it’s not much bother.

You others are so good at waiting until getting home when the meals aren’t satiating enough.
We aren’t. Alvaro simply doesn’t eat if the available food is too little, it is what I should do myself but I usually bring my food if I am unsure (and have problems sometimes as even if I am not prepared, I am not always disciplined and conscious(?) enough to wait). But fasting hunger is way more tolerable for both of us than “too small meal” hunger. The latter is serious, very annoying starvation if you ask our feelings (as we clearly don’t starve yet but we feel so… nope. when I was starving, I wasn’t really hungry).

And IDK where I put the CF card with the food photos. Whatever, they will be fine later too.

Next time I write about my weekday goals and try harder to write little! For real now. This week is my “try harder at everything important” week.


Autumn skies are on us. A late eucalypt tree bloom hints at a long, dry, autumn ahead. The light has changed. Winter carnivore season is only 8 weeks away, woo hoo! Easier to carnivore in winter, I think.

Lamb chops last night and a slice of haloumi. White fish tonight pan-fried in butter. If needed, I’ll fry some eggs. Breakfasts have been dialled in = 3 chicken eggs omelette with bacon, 20g Jarlsberg, usually cooked and floomfed in butter, but sometimes in last night’s left over drippings.


Hi E_P, and a big, friendly welcome!


It’s interesting. Cravings do go.

But sweetness does not leave y/our life. It is not lost. As you/we flourish in a better eating place (in ourselves) sweetness surprises us. It appears in our carnivore foods. It’s too easy to find in dairy. It will be hiding in unsalted beef bone broth. In the ‘meat’ there are a mix of amino~acids that includes glycine. Glycine is the ‘sweet’ amino acid.


Was the door to the loo a green colour?


quickie post, with kiddo home and stuff to handle I am moving faster with crap to do right now LOL

first meal, leftover beautiful fatty smoked bbq boston pork butt. big yum
second meal, not 100% in that hubby and kiddo eating out without me, thank heavens, miss the company and social but have 0 desire to even wanna eat out, so my brain is thinking crab. I gotta eat up that darn snow crab in the freezer HA again will see, cause that is work to eat, but I do have steaks to fry up if required. I now easily fry up a frozen steak and eat it. Not much now in cooking a steak for me anymore, I just wanna hound it down damn near raw so even from frozen I have no issues actually…oh yea, hitting a full on carnivore stride here for me, lol.


@FrankoBear: Pretty photos again but what is in the left bottom corner? I don’t recognize it. Looks interesting.

I have found my food pics!

The carnivore peasant’s breakfast (I hope I never forgot the delete the h I still tend to put there… we do have many pheasants here, I heard one yesterday):

I like this photo. It wasn’t as cheesy as it looks… There was plenty of meat, not so much eggs this time…

Part of my lunch today:

Pork hock, smoked pork hock, quiche and sponge cake. I had some cottage cheese for dessert and I had egg pudding as well (it was my first course), forgot to shot but it’s not particularly pretty.

I must go and enhance my soup with 2 rabbit front legs and some green ham. It must get meatier.

(Geoffrey) #38

It’s a term we use in the States to mean that it’s a run down house that needs a lot of renovation to make it livable again.


@Geezy56: Thanks!

I had to open my fav, meatier pâté (one can slice this, it’s not as soft as the normal one), oh yes this brand is fine, the last one was subpar. Yum. So I needed it with some sponge cake because I really don’t like non-smoked pork hock (or any fresh meat with skin on. except high quality piglets, they are great). I mean, I can eat it fine when hungry but it’s even below pork shoulders for me. But at least i can overeat pork shoulders while I couldn’t touch it for dinner so that was a bit small. I am not satiated but maybe I will, I ate probably enough today. Planned to track but forgot. Oh well it wasn’t simple enough anyway, I had 5-6 diary items… But not in big amounts, at least.

Oh already more satiated now. I had an okay day eating wise but tomorrow will be better.

I want to weigh myself already but keep forgetting it in the morn. Oh well. One day it probably will happen.

(Karen) #40

Very good @FrankoBear :rofl:

(Karen) #41

Before bed last night 4 thin slices cooked pork spread with butter, then bed about 9pm.

Bad wakeful night. Up at 7.30/8am with a cacky throaty thingy and it’s been there all day. I had all good intentions to get back to CrossFit this morning after feeling great in myself yesterday evening but i was short on breath doing stair runs so thought better of it. I have felt tired all day. Did some sewing this morning then took Raymond to Tommy Tuckers in Stapleford for breakfast. I had a cheese omelette which was really tasty but forgot pic! :roll_eyes: dropped Raymond home and then back to my house and dropped car off to catch bus to Beeston for an appt at Bank.

Picked up a couple of jars of mussels and some tinned tuna. So this evening i had one of the jars of mussels, 2 small pork loin chops, a rump steak … far better than previous pack of 2 … this one was flavoursome and tender then followed that with another pack of cooked pork… 4 thin slices as above pic.