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On a rod.
I chase wild hogs with nothing but a knife. I hunt bear with a stick and a string. I walk through pits of full of rattlesnakes. But there is no way I’m sticking my hand in a dark hole under water feeling around for a catfish. That’s just plain crazy. :crazy_face:
I got a hankering for some catfish yesterday so I just had to fishing this morning.
They were delicious . Breaded with pork rind panko and fried in tallow.

You’re so cute.

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Hey folks, great to see some familiar faces and some new ones!

I’ve been back carni the past 4 weeks after stopping for 5 months. I regret stopping but I just couldn’t afford it. I even stopped smoking after 48 years of fairly heavy smoking - that’s how bad my money situation is now. No clue how I’m going to afford this but the arthritis and other body pain has gotten soooo bad I don’t feel I have any other choice. I’ve also regained 6 of the 19 kg I lost on carni, and carrying extra weight makes the pain worse, not to mention my mood.

Apart from constipation, I’ve transitioned back with no issues. Extra magnesium is helping but mostly I think time will fix it. My gut just needs to adjust to what I’m putting in it.

My staples are 80/20 ground beef and pork shoulder. Other than chicken, these 2 are the cheapest meats available here. I bought some chicken thighs which I have occasionally but beef, and to some degree pork, is definitely the most satiating. I also have some cheese most days, greek yoghurt some days, and cream in my coffee. It’s a nice short shopping list! :laughing:

No food pics but I’ll share some dog pics. I’m nutso about my dogs. Best friends ever!

The 1st one is Lulu, my “mini” rottie. 2 years old, and 30kg of utter wonderfulness.

This one is Sophi, my new pup. 11 months old now (where does time go?!). She’s 1/2 amstaff, 1/4 rottie and 1/4 mastiff. Very staffy in personality with a face only a mother could love :joy: due to the combo of her breeds.

She’s a bit cuter in this one but I wanted to put up a pic of her slightly jowly muzzle.

And finally one of them both together.

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I like them with my steak. It’s really to add a softer texture, but the other day I left them in the pan “too long”, frying in lamb fat and butter, and they were Amazing! Almost crunchy, these salty little flavor balls of grease, reminding me of scratchings.


Catfish is nice but I can’t have it since we stopped eating out… Maybe we should find some nice restaurant one day… But first it will be a birthday steak, we should do that already.

They couldn’t remind me of scratching but yes, they can get crunchy I suppose (need to dig into my memories here as we virtually never do that. we had mushroom stews, soups, Alvaro loves mushrooms with eggs, parasol mushroom kinda calls for being fried but it’s breaded then… good for zillion other purposes though, it’s very tasty… but if it manages to get crunchy, that’s nice. butter sounds good, never did that, probably should have. fried chicken liver became another, way better dish when I used butter last time!).
I still lost interest in them. Sometimes I eat a bite and I LOVE soups but our findings are for Alvaro, almost exclusively now. It’s so odd when something super tasty triggers no desire to eat in me but it happens.
Sometimes I do wonder about meat+mushrooms as no way I would eat a mushroom dish (except a soup but even that seems a bit lacking) and we have nice forest mushrooms… But meat is so perfect alone, mushrooms seem pointless there. I think I am super simple when it comes to pork, I usually don’t see an improvement if I add anything but salt (and lard for the leaner ones). I have little experience with ruminants but they are similarly tasty, not needing additions.

My tiny dinner wasn’t enough yesterday, I had a second one later, leftover pork, cheese, whatever I have found. Almost tried the smoked pork but nope, I wait for a proper meal together with Alvaro, sitting at the dining table… Not just “I am hungry” quick bite at 9pm.

Good luck, I hope you will manage and get quick results regarding your pain!!!

Lulu is very cute. (Nothing against the other dog, really but Lulu is cuter as far as faces go indeed. And the first photo, it’s so good :D)


Kind of but I know the basics: only animal items (and some additions like spice if needed).
I don’t need to follow other people as they aren’t me, obviously. I should do what suits my individual self. I am interested how people do things but it has little to do with my eating. You like to say carnivores do this or that specifically but I don’t care about that if I need to do something very different. Of course I do it my way. Or don’t do it, main thing it’s my way. Carnivores are very different and do different things. Surely a few things are pretty common though probably exceptions exists in most cases (like people get satiated by chicken alone while others not finding even pork substantial… I am “normal” here: red meat is substantial, fish and fowl not so much).
That’s why I write back I don’t care, I won’t be ever forced into some “right carni way”. I don’t even want to be a carnivore to begin with… Merely being close to carnivore most of the time (for now, at least though I don’t see myself to go too far longer term) as my body prefers that. And carni food is the best and I like not overeating and stuff. There are so many benefits :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t matter if I am a carnivore, I STILL would need to do things my way, I find it very very obvious. Timing wise there is NO one true way. And you talked about big first meals. It doesn’t suit everyone, surely but usually I have that too. But that’s exactly why starting with meat isn’t always the best idea for me. But I already explained it as much as I could. We are different, obviously different things work for us, there are almost no specific advice that works for everyone all the time, no matter the diet. I have plenty of experience about myself, even on carnivore as I had very many carni days until now and my body isn’t particularly random, to put it lightly. It very often reacts the same if I eat about the same. So I learned what I can and can’t and should do.

Even if I would eat carnivore all April and May (and maybe eventually from January to May and 300 days of the year), I still wouldn’t be a carnivore (just like I didn’t consider myself a vegetarian when I had meat 1-2 times a year. I never had other non-vegetarian items back then. maybe cheese, I never cared about that, honestly). I am not that committed and it’s fine. I just want to get closer to carnivore and try out fully carnivore weeks to see what happens :slight_smile: But eating whatever I want is basic, I am a hedonist and that has very high priority, only health comes before and I don’t need full carnivore for good health. I can handle a little extra so if it helps in some form, fine. Unnecessary extras, I don’t like those. Unless I have some bad state, I typically am as strict as I comfortably can. So I am at the strictest edge of my comfort zone on my proper days :slight_smile: Maybe some pushing here and there, training is like that.

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Thanks Shinita! I hope I do, too. Here’s a pic of Lulu as a very young puppy. Ridiculously cute lol


Awwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


HEY! Good to see ya! Super happy you are back on carnivore and you will get that inflammation down again and feel better as you know! Sorry to hear on your troubles, hope everything smoothes out for ya!!

Yes we know you are a doggie lover to the max Megan :slight_smile: You posted adorable pics of your pooch family! My bestie was into Rotties. She had 2 over the yrs and they were just wonderful dogs.

@Geezy56, I chase wild hogs with nothing but a knife. I hunt bear with a stick and a string. I walk through pits of full of rattlesnakes. But there is no way I’m sticking my hand in a dark hole under water feeling around for a catfish. That’s just plain crazy.-------------OMG THIS is hysterical to read, LOL You had ne cracking up on it cause I am like you, NO WAY was I gonna try noodling either. Just the thought of putting ones hand in a black hole creeps the heck outta me too :slight_smile: too funny. Hubby got into catching like trophy size catfish and strippers for a while and I gotta say some of those monster catfish are scary as hell too but the small ones are the best eating!

-----------HAPPY EASTER to those who celebrate.
I was planning on filet mignon and shrimp but I have to hit the road and drive to the mountains.

my kiddo is changing dorm rooms at Uni. So hubby and I are off with the truck to bring home some furniture she doesn’t need in new room. Yup, so Easter on the road…while I don’t care mostly about holidays I won’t be worried about being away on this day. Only thing is I wish I wouldn’t have to eat on the road today but I will…bleck…will just try to find best carnivore option out there. 2.5 hrs each way and time to pack and move her so I got a long day just moving and shaking.

Tomorrow we will start AllAnimalApril. Everyone enjoy your day!

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Alvaro still has rabbit but he always ate that stuff super slowly… Anyway, he tasted the smoked pork shoulder! It is a real fatty one. I mean, almost half of it is pure fat tissue… But at least he could cut it off and eat the lean part (with some little fat layer though). He looked alarmed to the cut off fat telling me he can’t imagine what to do with it and I assured him I will handle it. I suppose I will make some smoked lard and smoked scratchings from it, sounds good to me. Maybe I can make proper scratchings, it has skin!

I tried out the air fryer. Okay this far. Alvaro bought a sack of potatoes yesterday (it was his plan since ages) and wanted chips. It’s lucky that he is the high-carber and he is the one who can appreciate very low-fat chips (I used some oil but it ended up in the bottom).
Then I put pork into it! :smiley: Oh this will be nice… I wasn’t hopeful regarding the lean pork, only put 2 tiny slices and one was pretty fatty… But they turned out so nice! Like some very light meaty skinless scratchings if it makes any sense :wink: It is pork, it was crunchy, it really reminded me of scratchings! The meaty part. It wasn’t very juicy (tiny, thin slices in an air fryer) but it wasn’t very dry… I liked it. And it was ready so quickly! And I don’t need to be an overseer in the end part where it actually gets fried (I always cook it first in its own juice over a lid when I pan-fry it)! And it doesn’t potentially (lately, always) mess up a pan. Oh, I have my new non-stick pan! We will use it for eggs only so it should last long.
The pork chuck in the air fryer… Crunchy on the outside. I made thick slices, it took a longer time (I like very very very well-fried/baked/roasted things…). I may prefer my pan-fried, juicy ones when it’s a pork chuck but it surely will be a very nice other version.

So I am pleased and hopefully it means I won’t have problems eating enough lean pork. And there will be so much crunch I may not desire cheese whips just to get crunch. I will desire it when I specifically want cheese crunch. That doesn’t happen often.

So, I am done with this mixed March and try some carni weeks again starting tomorrow. I would be VERY displeased to fail as early as in March. But if I do, I will go back immediately and try to have at least many many carni days in the month. We will see. I had some nice days lately, April can’t be too bad…

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Happy Easter

Yesterday spent sifting through boxes in loft. I actually happened upon a suitcase full of photos and bits and found the positive pregnancy test result for Ben, my first born! Also cards received on my first wedding! Blimey what a hoarder! Tweaked my knee quite badly squatting down to reach under the eaves. It gave me a bit of jip in bed last night so have laid off the stair runs today.

Yesterdays food was brunch of 2 fried eggs, bacon and sausagemeat. It was lovely. Later for dinner i ate a tender rump steak and then some chicken tikka titbits and then some bacon.

Today i picked up Ben and we went to Sians house to go for a walk in the park behind her house and to follow that with a meal at the carvery pub within walking distance of her place. Flippin nora she has grown some since a couple of week ago! :rofl:

The chap serving the carvery did me good today and not only gave me the carved meat of the beef, turkey and belly pork but also off loaded all the (best) bits that he would have thrown away :smiley: my lucky day and it was scrumpcious… and flavoursome and the belly pork was to die for, lovely and fatty. The beef was melt in your mouth tender too! Oh and i had 2 pigs in blankets with it though he forgot to put them on the plate after scooping all the bits on lol i had to go back and remind him :rofl:

Sian and hubby were quite impressed that i got through it all bar a couple of bits of turkey that was a bit too dry! :laughing:

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He is risen, risen indeed! Had a sweet Easter with my family.

@Shinita I made your egg sponge cakes again but added some cream of tartar, a little beef gelatin powder and, when they were done cooking, just turned off the heat and left them in the oven overnight. They didn’t fall OR have soggy bottoms! They had an empty bubble in the middle (appropriate for Easter to symbolize His empty tomb) - perfect for a pat of butter :grin:🧈

Instead of coffee I whipped an egg yolk and pat of butter into hot water. Anybody else have tips for replacing coffee/tea? Just do without, I know I know…but it’s a comforting ritual.

Oh that’s splendid! Looks scrumptious from beginning to end, @Karen18 Reminds me to ask the butcher for some fat trimmings next time.

@MeganNZ I had a little half-rottie, half-spaniel dog. She had the same coloring as yours, with such a dainty way about her when she pointed at birds. Your dogs are adorable!





Why did I post that in caps? I don’t know, it was on and got stuck on for a bit HA-----see ya on the new thread

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I’ll finish up with this masterpiece of Texas bbq. Slow smoked for 19 hours a beautiful 14 pound brisket for Easter dinner.


WOW that was a great final pic for our March thread :slight_smile: WHO ISN’T DROOLING, lol

come to new april thread all!

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