Here it is carnivores! Our new thread to chat up zc and post pics of our wonderful meats. Since we are veterans mostly on this thread how about we keep it simple. Just eat the meats and reap the best benefits from this lifestyle.

Of course if anyone has a zc goal or questions etc. ask away, we carnivores can help. ZC all the way baby in AllAnimalApril


Well it is April 1 and I want to write a post that says I ate pizza, chips, and french fries and other crap but ya know what, I can’t bring myself to even write that April Fool’s joke in my thread LOL

If I even ate all that now I think I would end up in the ER! :slight_smile:

So keeping it ZC REAL and simple here I am just following my usual lifestyle still.

today I am defrosting country pork ribs for first meal
second meal I am eating some chicken that I defrosted for hubby’s meal tonight so I will just kick in and polish some of that off.

easy peasy zc’y day—keep it real zc and keep it real meats! doesn’t get any simpler :sunny:


I agree, you shouldn’t, if we can’t be safe here then where? And I am pretty sure that you had very tiny success to fool us :smiley: We know you way better than that!

I don’t write goals and stuff, it’s the same as always anyway. March had several pretty good days, I seem to be happy with my leaner pork if it’s just half of my meat (and I have off days when I only eat fatty meat, maybe fish or chicken), I successfully lowered my dairy consumption without problems (I am sure I didn’t NEED that much - well it felt little but brought fat like crazy and probably seriously interfered with satiation -, I just needed to stop myself from consuming the usual amount) and now I even have my new toy, the air fryer so I feel ready for a really good month. I didn’t even overate last week. I had a stronger day but next day was the one when we came home after 4pm and I wasn’t very hungry!

As March ended, I write some reply here!
@E_P: I may try gelatin… I did it at one point but it did nothing noticeable, IDK why, maybe I should use more? I always was very unsure about using gelatin in baking, I saw such recipes but when I tentatively tried, it did little… But one should try such things multiple times, in worst case I get more protein from my sponge cakes!
Oh so you made some nice egg milk :slight_smile: I have them since several years, nowadays not so often but I had times without cream and milk and needed something in my coffees. Sometimes I drank them without coffee. Egg milks are bad coffee replacements for me but if one just want some nice, warm liquid with calories, they are good. My number one coffee replacement is cocoa, sadly that is even less carnivore than the usually not frowned-upon coffee. So I only use it if no coffee is more important than carnivore. But I have an almost as good one: Irish Cream coffee with cream! A bit similar to a creamy coffee (it helps that my coffee is often super weak) but of course, still quite different as it lacks the coffee flavor I like… Still, if it’s just the habit of drinking some nice warm creamy tasty thing at the moment, it can replace it. If I want coffee, nothing else helps. But I only can’t resist coffee when I have a headache. I had that today so yep, coffee day. I am wilder now anyway as it’s Easter and holiday, tomorrow I will be stricter (even if I will have a headache. it’s not like it’s very effective but it still nicer to have free coffee drinking in that miserable state). We don’t have a painkiller at home since almost a month… We will replace it eventually but that’s extra work to get some and it’s a bit expensive (considering I don’t want to take pills :frowning: ), I rather spend it on coffee :upside_down_face:
I just want to reduce my coffee consumption, it’s a big enough challenge for me! And I am fine with tea but I definitely want to drink mostly water already. I got used to just drinking coffee and tea instead of water, I only drank water but I needed specifically water (I have that often but usually it doesn’t matter which liquid I get) or had no access to the others. Not a good habit.

I make deviled eggs today (different ones for us two) and something with some green ham. Cooking in a pan then making it crunchy in the air fryer…? Sounds like a plan. I am not really hungry yet, only Alvaro had lunch around 1:30pm.

WARM, sunny day. It’s warmer outside than inside! We visited an old rock mine and saw our first lizard there! Alvaro saw two. Tiny brown ones.
The wildlife park was very full with humans and dogs.

I probably will bring photos but my tablet isn’t cooperative with my computer (it is with Alvaro’s) and I won’t take out the micro SD card for some not good shots now.

3pm, I weighed myself. I forgot in the morning and I always will. 79kg. It would be nice to go back to my 2023 weight (it was the same as my 2022 weight), 75kg and then we will see.


I have tracked my day.

I had 2MAD with a 3.5 hour eating window. I ate my first dinner at 5:30pm, I was borderline hungry since some time but I could have waited if I wanted. Next time I should just not eat then I suppose but I wasn’t ready for that, it’s Easter and I had pork to eat! The thought I won’t get hungry even at dinnertime didn’t cross my mind… It was odd earlier as food wasn’t on my mind at all, except making it, I baked and made deviled eggs for Alvaro. I forgot to cook my pork first but eventually I realized I need to do it :smiley: My hunger was the super cute soft kind, there was no urge or weakness or anything. I like that.
I had a small lunch (probably a tad below 1000 kcal, I did measure everything but the fattiness of my pork chuck and smoked pork shoulder is anybody’s guess. very mysterious this time so today’s numbers are highly inaccurate, at least the fat) but got very hungry later so I ate again at 8:30pm. And then I got way too full :frowning: I ate good things though, IDK what is the problem. Oh well, it’s not too bad but uncomfortable.

I had nice food :slight_smile: Pork chuck, pork green ham, smoked pork shoulder, quark, coffees with cream and milk (not at once), little cheese, very little egg (mostly whites).
A pound of fresh meat and lots of smoked pork so it’s a meat heavy day. But I had plenty of dairy, it’s okay, I could afford the fat :wink: With my 2 hour walk today, I am sure it was a nice day with a decent energy deficit. I just wish I would feel less full and nauseous now. I can’t imagine why it is… But I expect better days. Maybe something from yesterday interfered, who knows? I very rarely have this especially on a carni day.

I am very happy with my air fryer. It was about $40 and it’s a very nice tool for me!
Today my lean pork was cooked in a pan, I just waited until the water disappeared - and then put it into the air fryer. It needed maybe 20 minutes to be a bit crispy and I really liked the result. I still prefer pork chuck, of course but it was very very nice.
My dessert was quark mixed with a little cream, perfect!

Guesstimation says 150g protein and 100g (possibly less) fat. And 15g carbs but who cares about that? It was mostly the dairy, especially the milk and quark.

I am curious how long my satiation will last, I expect I won’t get hungry easily after this meaty day! But one can never know.


I was thinking about @Shinita last week. It was because I had listened and re-listened to a podcast episode featuring a Hungarian scientist named Gabor Erdosi.

Has anyone ever heard of him? He is a molecular biologist, he has a great way of interpreting human physiology through the lens of signals and receptors, and in the podcast episode (2018) that I have saved and re-listen to, he was working in the food industry formulating high-fructose syrups to put into processed foods.

I love the way he talks, his demeanour. It must be a Hungarian way. There is a delicious pragmatism and seeking of factual information. A bit like our Shinita :grin: - that wonderful, “oh, well, I did this today, let’s see what happens…” attitude (to which I am sure she will not fully agree):heart:. To anyone new to this thread weaving carnivore group, Shinita is our Hungarian correspondent. I’m an Australian, @Karen18 is a POM, Geezy, Fangs and most of the rest are from the Untied States of America, I think. Who was our New Zealander? We are an International Conglomerate eating our way to better health. We are not Marvel superheroes.

There is an anecdote in the podcast episode about Panda bears. The gut biota we have, apparently is inherited and formulated to the way we eat. For example, healthy bears have a carnivore gut flora. That goes for all branches of bears. I am not identifying as a bear here. But there are these Chinese Panda bears. You know, Po from Kung Fu Panda, the animated film. Bears eat a lot of stuff. Panda bears are observed to live off eating bamboo - leaves and stems, pretty much grass-eaters. But when zoologists test Panda bear poo they find, like all bears, the Panda has a carnivore gut flora. Maybe we are determined in nutrition by the universe inside us?

I have been eating 2MAD. Eggs as an omelette to break fast, usually with meat. I have been unable to shake-off my coffee addiction as Taylor Swift would have it. An evening meal is usually red meat ruminant (I haven’t eaten much chicken for months). But I have been seeking out some marine protein and will enjoy some fish with the red meat on occasions. It was Easter just now and I just re-named the chicken eggs to Easter eggs, it was simpler than eating chocolate Easter eggs.

(Geoffrey) #6

No pictures yet?
Well I’ll start off this month with a smoked ham and sharp cheddar omelet.

(Robin) #7

I wonder if I’lll ever remember or bother to take photos of my meal. The answer is likely no.
Since going ZC, I am on a well worn path with no real surprises. Who knew a simple routine was the answer for me?
I buy meat on sale, usually air fry it and eat it. Nothing fancy or impressive. Just like putting gas in the car. But cheaper!

Happy April, everyone!

(Bill) #8

Is his twitter handle… great mates with Ivor Cummins the Fat Emperor.

He doesn’t mince his words either…

(KM) #9

I had a very similar thought the other day. What if we, even mentally, are not precisely “us”, but something more like a hive mind of the mitochondria inside us? Would that bother you? :thinking:


The name sounds familiar, I am sure I heard about him in the radio or something but I don’t know who he is… :thinking:


Oh poor pandas. They digest their food soooooooooooo unwell. They show we can survive on the wrong diet but it can be difficult. They poop A LOT, need to get rid of all that undigested plant matter. I don’t envy them at all.
And they prove what is very apparent anyway if you watch a ton of animal documentaries like I do that evolution doesn’t care about logic or good design or what is good for the animal. It’s pure survival, “good enough”. I don’t say examples here but some are quite horrible.
Some people seem to think that the natural diet of an animal is ideal for them. Well nope, it’s what they got and they made the most of it, they survive on it but it may be far from what would be ideal for them. Poor panda STILL didn’t adapt to its diet, apparently. But it’s enough for survival.

I know nothing about what gut flora can do, it’s interesting though that the diet did little to the one of the panda… I have always read our diet changes it and it made perfect sense…

Whatever, it doesn’t changes my decisions. My own body tells me what it likes, it doesn’t matter what exactly is inside my gut or if my unknown blood type has anything to do with my preferred diet or anything :slight_smile: I just follow my body and mind and try to do my best. I am not displeased with the result.

You need to paint them to become Easter eggs :slight_smile: That was the original thing, true eggs, just colorful ones. I have so many extremely pretty Easter eggs in my mind’s eyes, it doesn’t need to be painting, actually, some very skilled people people made lattice of it or put tiny horseshoes on it :smiley: With tiny nails, IDK how but they do it :smiley: Maybe it’s a Hungarian thing, the latter one…

I brought photos! This is a few days old one, pork chuck and rabbit:

And this is my base lunch plan for today, I have some quark with sour cream for dessert if I need it but even with that, it’s only 109g protein and 46g fat estimated (probably less due to the fat trimming. do you see the smoked pork shoulder? well it had twice as big fat later, originally. and I have no idea if the macros on the label are closer to this or the original state. as some pieces are way fattier than others and still have the same, generic label, of course. I never even bought this before so IDK if it’s unusually fatty but it has an impressive fat layer that I happened to have no need for yet. I eat pretty lean now considering what I could do before and there is zero force, I enjoy my food - and it seems to be good enough! :smiley: But we will see what happens after a week… I always, always get a higher-calorie, higher-fat, higher-protein day eventually, it’s what I do. I am curious how it will happen now).

Today was unusual, I was borderline hungry at noon and I can’t have it. I ate a tiny bit of quark. My lean meat is little and I need it for my proper meal but I still had quark and this is a nice one. I ate some and now it’s much better. But I won’t skip lunch, I feel it… It’s 1pm and I am borderline hungry again…


My air fried pork very much impresses me now. I can’t wait to use that lovely new tool of mine again, I reorganized my kitchen a bit to make place… We are like gas, use all the available space all the time so new things can be challenging and the air fryer isn’t even very small…
If my food is super tasty, it’s impressive :wink: It doesn’t matter it the same pork I eat almost all the time… I am a lucky hedonist when it comes to food now. We will see what happens after 1-2 weeks of carnivore. But if I could do it with low meat, mostly salted smoked pork and chicken liver in the past for 2 weeks, I really shouldn’t have any problem now. I lost the novelty but gained so much helpful other things…
And if I keep a tiny fragment of my current enthusiasm, it will be all right. I have a bit too much right now :smiley:

Not me, at the moment :slight_smile: But I would need to think deep to answer. But… I am me, who cares if it’s hive mind mitochondria or something else?
And what could I do with it anyway…? The hedonistic way is to embrace it.
(But I am still not fully serious or any deep, I just wrote I feel a bit too enthusiastic and cheerful… Coming down to the earth isn’t easy now.)

(KM) #12

Well maybe you just have happy mitochondria. :laughing:


I like this thought :slight_smile:
Some people have beautiful brain (my SO got that compliment at the hospital), I may have happy mitochondria. Why not?
The video @Fangs put into the ZC info thread lately talked about low-carb eating resulting in less mitochondria fragmenting. Mitochondria surely likes to be nice and big and whole :slight_smile:

And it’s very logical that if my tiny important parts are happier, I am happier too. It’s not how I actually work, I mean, my cheerfulness can change more rapidly than my metabolic health or whatever but longer term, it helps to be in better shape inside :wink:


same for me big time. I wanna eat when I cook so the thought of a pic doesn’t usually enter my brain til after it is all gone, which is why I starting contributing pics of my meat frozen as it sits and defrosts, only time I can do a pic, cause once I am ‘into eat mode’ I ain’t got a second to spare for a pic :star_struck:

@FrankoBear, darn I gotta chew apart your post a bit before I can even react on this one :wink:

ya know for me I find I don’t wanna be part of some darn big azz universe as a whole in any way. I want to support and live my actual reality and present life and do best for that group that is my life ya know. I don’t need ever to think so far outside the box that I take up my valuable time on this planet to worry about big what ifs…I feel if we do well in our smaller simple existence then we did what we are here for in a good purposeful fashion. I find a smaller world is a better world. Simple existence is a happier existence. When the world ‘went online’ everything changed right? When the world didn’t have internet the world was ok if we truly supported what we could, as we could, and would be very happy with just that life. Now with worldwide and massive opinions and thoughts and more to weed thru is a nightmare to me…ok personal chat on that one :sunny:

And I am a panda fan!!

----------------SO TODAY is as simple as I can keep my zc

first meal, gonna be bacon cheese omelet and I will take pic. rare for me before I inhale it but Geezy’s post of that omelet had me drooling so now I want it. I want it, I eat it :wink: and I need a bacon/cheese omelet pic to rival that yummy looking one HA

second meal is finish up leftover pork ribs and chicken from the other day and clean out the fridge a bit and chow down on that. I love fresh meals but at some point, yea ya gotta eat up those leftovers


THIS POST WILL SCARE MANY OF YOU :bomb: I am a time bomb on cooking any more, I truly despise it :100:

I MADE this a personal challenge day for myself, oh boy, lol

first I had to cook bacon, kill me I could not just eat it, I had to set it aside to use in more cooking :scream_cat:

9 slices thick cut, yes I love dark darn near burnt bacon :wink:

then I used 2 eggs and I had to then grate my cheddar off the block and I use only a small bit of cheddar cause I do not like cheddar on how it melts ever, it becomes a greasy mess for me with that oil/cheese separation I don’t enjoy at all…so inside omelet is a small amt of cheese while cooking it,

next is stand there again at the stove while compiling it and making sure I turn it enough cause I DO not like overcooked dark eggs at all so I gotta watch egg cook time by alot.


then on the plate:

next last plate:

started eating at 11:44 and finished 11:52
I could not finish it, too mushy and greasy type for me now.
Omelets, unless forced out to eat on the road to hold zc at a restaurant is all I will do on this one LOL I got 0 desire to eat these anymore.

I did pick at that bacon after the last pic cause my gosh I will never waste bacon come hell or highwater!

Conclusion too much work and not what I enjoy anymore.
another is I had to cook for way too long LOL and yes I have changed a ton on carnivore in that cooking never held value to me anyway, this just confirms that I can’t even handle the patience to do an omelet at the stove :crazy_face:

another conclusion for me personally, I have changed SO much in that making this omelet at home showed me just how much I have changed. I want no part of the kitchen or eggs in my daily life. Slap it in the oven or flash fry on stove for the most shortest time to plate is my entire life now…other than the crap I sling I together for carby family to eat and yes I cook that and keep it simple now at warp speed and while cooking that carby mess I also an irked and annoyed to no end :roll_eyes::skull_and_crossbones:

So this is my scary first and last omelet meal here cooked at home after a long time of never making them anymore.

and I am still hungry definitely, not satisfied is kinda the real deal on it but that makes me wanna eat something else when I am not satisfied :expressionless:

OK crazy cook story with pics from me, hope ya’ll get a laugh out of it

yes I am a cooking zc nutjob, I admit it!


I still can mess it up a bit. I am SO hungry since sooo long (for me. it was maybe 1.5-2 hours and it only got real bad in the end) but nothing to eat. Hopefully the hunger will go away, I really did everything I could there and I want peace.

I will track later but it may or may not be a good day. I have no idea if I plan a day and subtly changes it :upside_down_face: My protein is probably perfect, fat can’t be too bad either…

I had a lot of fresh pork, all lean (these slabs are below the average fattiness and green ham is quite lean to begin with). I think I had enough. And if I air fry some lean pork, I better eat most of it right away, yep, that makes sense, it got a bit dry but when I got bored of it, I just ate the juicy new one :wink: But that was still lunch, 115g protein and way less fat. Dinner was the problem.
I guess I do need fatty fresh pork available at all times, no matter what logic says. Yes, I love fatty processed meat but eventually I stop eating even that and I may not want much eggs and dairy is pretty useless at satiation… So even 130-140g protein may leave me starving… Okay, let’s try to keep some nice pork chuck at hand in the future!

I made 6 sponge cake buns and 6 maybe-not-quiche-anymore buns too. The latter stuff is almost only eggs at this point but it does have a tiny sour cream and cheese and 2 had Gorgonzola too. My Gorgonzola eating speed is quite pathetic, I can manage 10-20g a day if I really try… And Alvaro has only 3 meals a day and various dishes to eat at the moment (like deviled egg fillings, he ate the deviled eggs themselves. there is always more filling as I eat more whites as yolks) that limits his cheese eating abilities as when he eats something else, he doesn’t eat cheese. It’s very odd to me, whenever there is a few bites of something, he can’t do anything with it. He has proper sized dishes only. I never had such limits.

I am too hungry and tired to form proper thoughts so that’s about it now. I mostly ate air fried lean pork and processed pork today so it’s good I suppose :slight_smile: Tomorrow is pork chuck day, it’s possible I barely will look at the lean stuff! I pushed myself too far, I thought the (really nice!) smoked fatty pork will be a perfect ally and they were good together indeed* but not good enough. Maybe I trimmed the shoulder too much? Perfect alone but couldn’t help put the lean pork. But I will have some nice smoked scratchings one day!

*I used the dry older lean pork as bread below the smoked pork. It worked so well. I wondered about people who wouldn’t understand how it works and I still understand, meat is the tiny protein with the carbs for them even if it’s lean and I desire something rich and fatty with it. And I eat protein with protein all the time, I live on protein sources. But if they work… They are very different from each other and one can act as “bread”, not the right word as it’s usually not similar (sponge cake can get pretty close, it makes true sandwiches if you ask me) but the neutral role for something richer, they can do it. Eggs and sausage, lean pork and sausage, sponge cake and ham, sponge cake and butter, rich stew and egg dumplings (or sponge cake, maybe with more whites than yolks), they are all so good together! For me. Alvaro would miss his carbs very much. He can’t even eat meat/egg with legumes, he STILL needs a carby side despite the legumes are supposed to be the carby side, even normal people eat it like that, Mom ate like that. But many people aren’t like that. Hungarians tend to eat bread with nearly everything. Probably even with pasta with potatoes. That’s a very common dish here, surprisingly nice, super weird to me as where is the protein?! It was weird to me as a kid too and I liked it. But there is no amount of starch in a dish that could keep some people from eating bread with it. I never was that weird. But I could eat bread all alone and Alvaro, the huge bread lover - who lived without bread for 1-2 years with zero problem as loving something doesn’t need we MUST eat it… even today, he can survive 1-2 days without bread, he just eats some cooked grains - can’t eat it alone. He is big on the right ratio of things too and that sounds too tiresome to me.
I could eat anything alone except too spicy things. I couldn’t drink 10% vinegar - I mean, I could but it wasn’t nice when I tried - but I could eat a tube of nice, not too spicy, subtly sweetened mustard, that was super good - at least the first half… - and I even felt special :stuck_out_tongue: .

I feel more satiated now :slight_smile: I surely ate enough, I just have a momentum and have this huge hunger… Maybe it’s because my lunch had so much protein, how could I eat 20g protein with some fat and call it a meal when it’s dinnertime? Sometimes I wish I could do OMAD.

I can relate though sometimes I manage a shot even then :wink: But it’s best for me to take it when I assemble my planned meal, way before I get hungry. It was the case today.
I won’t bring many food photos though, they are often so very similar… I do love looking at @Karen18’s zillionth wings and whatnot but if it’s my usual food, it seems more boring to me.
And putting a day’s worth of food together is such a chore…
Maybe I will make shots of my new bunch of meat with the guesstimated macros. I always wanted to try how much food I can put on a plate. Without trying as obviously 10000 kcal is no challenge with the right items… I do have a single big plate and pork jowl is 860kcal/100g… That’s good stuff, didn’t see a sale since ages though and as it’s mostly fat, I don’t feel much desire to buy it normally. I like to buy meat with that money :stuck_out_tongue: But it is useful sometimes. And dangerous other times.

I put 900g pork into my small air fryer today. It easily fit so of course. They didn’t get fully ready, most were precooked so they are still juicy enough for the next days. But maybe it will be freezer time for them if I don’t get back my desire until tomorrow. It will be probably fine, eating a little amount every day. The rest will be pork chuck, I leave even the smoked pork alone, Alvaro don’t have a slot for it and the small slab got way smaller in April, even after only 2 days…

And now I feel too full again. WHY these things are messed up this month? I didn’t have this before! :frowning: I don’t understand. Maybe I drank too much milk lately, who knows? Maybe even too much coffee…

Okay, I am out and try not to come for a looooooong time. Like almost a day, maybe I can give a more concise report then!

(Robin) #17

Life Lesson:
Yes… always rescue the bacon.
Especially if it’s crispy bordering on burned.

(E P) #18

@FrankoBear I always thought the pandas looked miserable, interminably masticating bamboo in the cold - no wonder they barely have the will to live :joy:

March was no stevia. My RA inflammation has been acting up a little, so April is just meat and salt and ghee to see if that helps.

Chuck steak and side of chicken skins.


Sooo pretty food! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You said it! Life lesson, lol, for people like you and me it is a number 1 life lesson for sure! funny

did you buy those in a separate package or ??
just curious