Really? I always just roasted it but pork shoulder isn’t my fav. A bit too fatty too but the taste… Not as wonderful as pork chuck (okay, nothing is as wonderful but still, some other items get close!) or even the leaner pork I eat… But it has wonderful sales and sometimes I can’t get the cut I want… So some new method may do good! If not much work. As I can easily eat the meat as is.
I like spicy and sour… But I only remember it from my Chinese restaurant meals.

Maybe just some paprika would do (and chili, I NEVER will use up the huge amount I managed to buy once…). It goes well with pork (and everything else :smiley: ) and lately it gives my food a very strong stew feeling. Despite the lack of onion. It seems I don’t need onion anymore, not even in stews. Wow. I like these changes.
I don’t normally use paprika, just my fav spice mix, it may even contain a tiny onion but it’s not very noticeable. And I needed proper fried onion in my stews before. Basic. All Hungarian stews has it, it’s as important as the fat or paprika. So it’s a bit odd to lose it. I don’t mind it at all, it makes my life easier, my options more numerous but it’s still odd.

I ate a little bit of pork for dinner, went over 130g protein as I needed and I got nicely satiated. I didn’t need much fat today and I so wish to redo my macros on a fully carnivore day… I am fine with leaner pork now, it should be possible (even a fattier meat is fine if I am really strict with my dairy). And then I see if meat works just as well or not. It’s important to know as I really need to lower my fat intake a bit. I hope low dairy will do the trick but that means more meat on carnivore and I probably still can get bored of it? Or not? I can’t extrapolate on carnivore, this is a surprising woe and I am changing all the time.

(Geoffrey) #223

For your pleasure a little food art in the form of fatty, delicious smoked lamb ribs from yesterday.

Today just a four egg provolone cheese omelette with a couple of leftover lamb ribs.


I am just loving the wonderful food pics still on the thread…we carnivores just love to show off plates of delish meat and all that goodness don’t we? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Love that we do that and everyone is still posting their fine zc meals here!!!

------------busy day with stuff to handle but keeping it super simple on zc as usual.

first meal will eat a pork tenderloin I have defrosting.
2nd meal will be a Tbone steak that is defrosting right along side the pork tenderloin. Usually I eat beef first, since it is ‘my set meal’ and controls me to the best of the best on zc, but ya know what, I am flipping it up and being wild, eating pork first, steak second. Ahh I am such a carnivore rogue HA


I made a cute plate from the leftovers (I was very hungry at 1pm and ate without taking a photo) and I will make a photo already… I had rabbit and pork chuck, among other things. They were very nice.

I usually like to eat something small before my main fattier pork. I need to eat something else too, most probably and it’s hard (impossible) to top pork chuck even after I ate a bunch of it… But when I am hungry, I am fine with nearly anything… And I find some soup or at least soft-boiled egg a very nice start anyway. Easier to start with something more wet.
Today I was hungry and started with the pork and today’s special, rabbit came later. I only have the bony parts, 2-3 pieces (ribs and vertebrae) as I ate the front legs weeks ago… So I only eat a little at a time just like Alvaro does (but I have pork. I need that for satiation anyway, rabbit isn’t nearly as substantial).


Why is that?

see for us on the zc plan the key to it all is one our first meal we ‘set ourselves’ up with bigger fat and higher nutritional value meat so we can be more metabolically stable thru the rest of our day. For alot of us, and not all, but thru yrs of how us carnivores progress thru posts on zc sites, we tend to find that our bigger first meal is key to thriving vs. eating smaller and still wanting more food or ‘looking forward’ to what variety we can eat next, ya know…one of our key factors is get off the desire food merry go round…so for us the better and hardier the first meal the better our day becomes on any second foods we want and most times that second meal becomes the ‘who cares’ about it meal which is what so many of us strive for, being off the desire of food thru our day. OK that is just how I explain how alot of us think of carnivore and what we need from it, just a chat on it, also remember I am always coming from a zc lifestyle point of view in responses :slight_smile:


I explained that. I WILL get bored of my main meat, most probably, in my first meal so I need to eat something else too. And that is more logical to happen before so I don’t eat something less fun later. And I do like soup or creamy things first. Good gateway food and I am not always fully ready to eat something solid and very substantial right away… I can eat it but maybe it’s my Hungarian traditions: a proper meal starts with a soup. Or something vaguely similar.

I don’t care how carnivores eat, I am not even one, I eat the way I like best. Well I try, sometimes I make mistakes even at that.

I practially ALWAYS aim to minimize fat, I have to. And I better start with lean items. But it has little to do with this now.
I WILL eat my pork anyway, it doesn’t matter if I eat something little* first. But if I eat my pound of pork and then I find I have no appetite for anything else, maybe not even for more pork or I just don’t have that and I am STARVING… That is a very bad situation. Okay, I don’t have that lately, I always have options. And if I had zero eggs on that day, I probably can eat 1-2 after my pork but it’s not the good direction as my pork is tastier. I don’t like to go back.

*Of course, it I choose something BIG non-meat as my first course, that may reduce my meat portion, potentially causing problems. I don’t do that on carnivore, I really focus on meat now and it works well enough.

Don’t worry, my first meal is usually big :smiley: 100g protein and almost as much fat is usually the smallest I can do, there are exceptional days though. And that size is already too big for 2MAD… Even if my second meal is tiny as I probably will need a third one.

So I should do OMAD… Or else my first meal will be small… Not like an OMAD meal could be big without overeating but it’s satisfying on carnivore…

Nope, I need way more carbs for a stable enough OMAD. I stick to 2MAD for now, minimizing fat and protein as usual and we will see. Focus on meat, being careful with dairy seems to work. I need more exercise, of course as my energy need is too tiny…

I thought about smallish first meal, it makes perfect sense as a bigger meal satiates me longer and I need that from my dinner. But it’s not how I work so I don’t push it. I keep my naturally bigger first meal, I am sure it’s something I can change easily.

So, for a big enough first meal, it’s best not to start with my desired meat. Just how I feel like to do it, sweet! All is well.

OMAD again… Only OMAD lasts long for me. But I still can’t seem to be able to wait until 4-5pm with my first meal so it can’t happen yet. Maybe one day.
But if I have 2 very close, very meaty meals, I can get satiated for a very long time :slight_smile: Hard with a calorie deficit though.

And I always come from a ME point. It’s my eating so I obviously do what suits ME. Not any other person.
The problem is that there may be conflicts. Before carnivore, it was the impossible number of meals. I inevitably overate in 2 meals but inevitably undereat in 1… Okay, I went for 1 meal and some extra bites for a while then but tiny meals don’t suit me.
After carnivore I got chaos and the need for more than 3 meals sometimes… I hope I am past that now :slight_smile: It’s very annoying to eat all day even if it starts at 3pm. At least I am in peace until then. Except when not but usually I am.
And eating leaner than I can is a need I had (have?) the most problems. But I pushed myself and I would be willing to eat lean for a while if it gives me success but why would it? I stay fat anyway, I always do. And I already kept my fat desires back since 14 years, not always but almost always… Oh well, what is 6-7 more decades… It’s not that bad when I have pork chuck.

I got a bit upset, sometimes I feel annoyed by my total lack of success (except when it’s even worse and I go backwards. I do enjoy my food, the more modest overeating level and that my body doesn’t complain about too much carbs… but it’s a bit hard sometimes)… Sigh.
And this is when it seems I get the hang of it. I am hopeful. But a bit tired too.

(E P) #228

Reintroducing the curry spices may have been a mistake. Definitely some RA inflammation in my hands this morning. Maybe it’s stress? It’s been a very stressful week. Either way, back to no spices to get back to baseline of zero inflammation. How common is it to react to spices, anybody have experience with this?

Smoked pork cooked down into carnitas meat, with a side of chicken skins. Good Friday activities will make it a full afternoon/evening so might OMAD.

Very interesting - hadn’t thought about it before, but I do tend to eat a big meaty lunch and a bowl of eggs for supper. Not the reverse. Thanks for explaining, @Fangs!

@Geezy56 that cheesy omelet looks amazing!

(Karen) #229

Stair runs first thing today, did my daily read and then upstairs to get ready to go dancing this afternoon at Lichfield. Fabulous afternoon and danced my tootsies off!

Took some frozen cooked chicken with me to eat on way home but it was still a bit frozen so i had to leave some till i got back and ate it while the 2nd pack of pork ribs from The Company Shop were in the oven. So my fmotd was started at 4.30pm and just finished the ribs and it is 8.30pm. Ribs were so meaty and tender and i will definately look out for them again… they are all the tastier when the are a bargain half price! :grin:

2nd pic for just you @Fangs :rofl::rofl:

(Judy Thompson) #230

@E_P I do find at spices cause digestive problems, not sure about inflammation but they seem to be some of the most toxic of toxic plants, otherwise why would they be so aromatic? And curry is a mixture of things which vary… maybe by region or just by maker.
And the benefit of no body odor that comes with the woe has to have a lot to do with eliminating garlic and herbs, and it is a benefit that makes me very happy! I am however adding that jalapeño juice and have used horseradish on and off to get the spicy flavor I miss. I bought some unsweetened ketchup by Primal Kitchen, if course it’s tomato based and has some kind of fig paste or something but no sweeteners, sugar, corn syrup etc. I mixed it with horseradish for a fantastic shrimp cocktail sauce.

Speaking of inflammation etc, I got a splinter in my left index finger from an unfinished countertop in our laundry room on Monday but couldn’t get it out, and worried that if/when it got infected it would affect my playing. But it never did, I tried digging it out lastnight and only a tiny amount of pus came out, and it hasn’t caused any pain. I take this as a carnivore victory, WHAT? no inflammation from a splinter?? I figure it will eventually come out, and till then I guess I’ll just watch it.

@Karen18 lol@your rib bones!

More shoulder butt and and shrimp for lunch today, and ice cream. I think I’m ready to tackle this weekend of performing!

(Robin) #231

Good looking plate of goodness, right there!


ok but I thought you were trying to walk into this lifestyle still but I guess not? cool.

ok I get ya, since you are not carnivore at all I won’t be chatting about how your progress or forward eating style etc. might change or get better for ya cause I only dole out carnivore advice LOL all good, I just thought you wanted forward movement toward carnivore but if you are eating different and what suits you of course that is the way to go, We got carnivores here and I just include you all the time in that chat since you been with us so long :slight_smile: I keep forgetting, ha

actually it is more common than ya think, I also had to dump alot of spice cause I die from it now. I get tummy issues, the burn hits fast and I have to suck down some Tums for survival LOL You will find your personal intake and how ya do on spices/herbs will change with time on plan. I could do buffalo sauce for a long time, yum, loved the taste til that one day it creep up and my stomach could not handle the hot anymore and I had to dump it ASAP. I also had to dump any other peppery/hotter spice like my cajun spice I would put on pork. While I still miss that flavor a bit, I don’t miss the misery from it!

yea if one tends to make the first meal, which I call a ‘set meal’ as the biggie, how the rest of your day goes becomes way more controllable and thoughts of food for me, personally, are so much lower and it falls like that for alot of us, Cool you have a tendency to do that already!
Most of us naturally fall into that way of eating pattern.

Ohhhh K ya had me laughing hard on that bone plate ya posted :slight_smile: Too funny, and girl, you pulverized those ribs! Love it!

and I couldn’t agree with ya more, when ya score a great price on our meats, darn right they taste better HA

------------------holding zc as usual, all going carnivore fine in my neighborhood :sunny:

Today I got sirloin steak defrosting.
second meal hubby wants chicken so I am defrosting chicken breasts so I will jump in and eat some of that. might, might, IF NOT feeling like too much work, will make homemade alfredo sauce for my chicken. we shall see

OK tomorrow a new thread will appear------AllAnimalApril for our next month, look for it :slight_smile:

(KM) #233

I just can’t quite let go of the idea that blueberries, mushrooms … a generally varied whole food diet focused on animals that also includes some plants is better for me than concentrating on purely animals. I understand intellectually that pure carnivore could be better. I’m apparently seeing lots of evidence of it right here. Part of me wants to jump in and just do it, or at least just try it!

Not to say I can let go of my bias toward including plants, but you’re welcome to encourage me in the walk of the lion! :lion:


read this and see if you see veg a tad different in any way.

Now key being, IF YOU do well on a few things like blueberries and mushrooms then you can be a ketovore easily, but for many of us we can’t be that. I add back in blueberries or any ‘sugar taste’ and my effect is extremely insane negative. I backslide like a motherf into carb land again being super sensitive and a mindset of carb crazy person that I am so it has to be an individual walk on this for personal movement forward.

One of the things this thread does for us who abstain and are all in with carnivore is give us chat with like-minded people who have to roll on our lifestyle holding it tight ya know. We get each other. We need that support of all in and all carnivore chat.

Key to it all is where one fits best personally ya know, so while I can easily do carnivore and eat mushrooms (cause they give me 0 effect to backslide into crap) I chose to dump them because they literally have no nutritional value to me. Body requies no fiber for best functioning so I think I would rather have 6 jumbo shrimp on top of my steak which provides bigger vits/mineral nutrition to my food vs. dumping a bunch of mushrooms that will actually rob my body or give it spore toxins to handle that I don’t need. SO THAT IS MY personal type thinking on it, you have to find how you fit it all in.

also remember, when one obsesses with even a few things, like fruit and veg back into their menu, it could be the subconscious trying to let you allow backsliding eating, sneaky way it comes at us. ohhh just this little bit, ya do ok, all is good, so hey, I can add this back in and real fast, in that sneaky way you are eating a bag of chips and drinking soda in front of the tv LOL ask me how I know this HAHA

so chat with yourself on how it can go down for ya if you add back, or if you hold strong on a certain plan like carnivore. Believe me longer on plan there is a flip where that want of a blueberry or mushroom will not exist :slight_smile:

(Judy Thompson) #235

So it’s the TV that does it :rofl:


YUP :skull_and_crossbones: it is just that :100: lol
gotta blame something other than me :scream_cat:


I will read back later. Or check the photos on my tablet, maybe some is usable…? I took some today. Not food, we had a longish walk in Nature! :smiley: Not some easy terrain in the first half, we climbed so, so many fallen trees… It was the longest walk I took since my right foot got problems (felt like inflammation). My foot didn’t feel superb but I didn’t limp even at the end and the tiny pain here and there didn’t even registered due to my constant splitting headache… Sigh. It was a pity, it was a very pretty valley. We saw HUGE wild garlic fields everywhere (no flowers yet) and zillions of flowers also everywhere - maybe not where the wild garlic was the densest. Successful little plant.

We did some shopping too. We got meat (including lots of fish, Alvaro will make fish curry tomorrow! we got enough so I have my own package. even on off days, I am not fond of some fish/meat drowned in a sea of vegs. Alvaro’s meaty dishes tend to be quite veg heavy. stew is the most notable exception), dairy, a new pan (I needed this!) - and an air fryer! Prices steadily go down since years when I first noticed it is a thing as supermarket chains started to keep it occasionally and now it’s really cheap. I have read about it a bit and reached the point and conclusion that the only way to get some useful additional knowledge is to try one out :wink: So we will do it in the near future! Sounds exciting!

We got home late. I had my first (and probably last) meal around 5pm but I wasn’t very hungry so I ate very little. I think I am done with the rabbit at this point.
We got some properly smoked pork for Easter. I don’t think I ever had smoked pork shoulder… We will see. That was the one properly cured and smoked. Usually they use some quick method, not a proper one. It’s best to visit the farmer’s market but we had business elsewhere today… I hope the supermarket item will be nice enough! We got the usual very very nice though maybe a tad too smokey (still great) sliced ham too :wink: But I want to slice smoked pork slabs so I will!
We got horseradish too, it’s Easter! I won’t eat much of it, too sweet but it’s a tiny jar anyway. But it feels more complete with that.
AND we got some okay eggs (so not the usual keeping but at least one step above that… we never can know the details if we can’t see the hens… but the code isn’t the totally bad one) for a good price! We bought 40, we already had what, 50 eggs left? And we will make boiled eggs again. Not very many as I had so much lately… Only 20, Alvaro is looking forward to eat boiled eggs and smoked pork at Easter. And boiled eggs last long. I don’t need them to paint Easter eggs, I have plenty of empty eggshells, nice light colored ones. There are no white eggs here, at least not the good ones I buy but the browns have all the shades, some are off white, some are darkish brown, most of them are in-between. I love the rare very spotted ones :wink:

So I feel ready for Easter and my hopefully mostly carnivore(-ish) April. I will try to make it fully carnivore but looking at my track record, it’s not likely. But I am able to do things I ever did so who knows? I feel pretty determined at the moment, it just not easy to keep for long.

It is individual. It definitely is better for some and not for others. But we usually can’t know until we try! That’s why I aim for a carnivore(-ish) month eventually (I try it for April and if I fail, for May, it I fail, for… January? can I do a carni month in September I wonder…) despite I am pretty sure I don’t need to be that strict. I can’t just extrapolate from my experiences and trust what I get. Anyway, it’s good training.
I know my body won’t complain about the lack of carbs, it never does. (And I eat a lot of carbs on carnivore anyway. On some days, at least. And my “a lot”, not of a normal person, obviously.)
It’s always my chaotic mind with my various inner selves taking control :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t want to eat just meat though. Of course not. I even cling to my tiny dairy let alone my eggs. But animal items with some spices, coffee, mustard (I could give up mustard but it goes so well with eggs and sausage and I don’t see the point. mine doesn’t even have added sugar in it)… That seems realistic for some weeks at this point. (Even if I tend to mess it up for reasons.)

Mushrooms are tasty, pointless little things to me, just like most vegs. Fruits are my forever loves I don’t need, per se but our relationship is still quite loving and sometimes complicate things… But I can’t eat a lot of them anymore. And I can forget about them for a while unlike on mere keto.

Oh that is sooo in the past… Wait, I never did that even in the past. I never even owned a tv… And if I watch things, I don’t eat anything but peanuts… And even that was rare. Is. My off days are still a bit peanutty sometimes. They are CRUNCHY! I am lucky there are carni crunchy items or else I would be in deep trouble.

(Geoffrey) #238

Dinner this evening.
Love living off the land.


great! did ya go noodling or did ya do a rod for them?
hubby catfishes like a maniac here :slight_smile: he loves them but I don’t do fish, but his best part is fried tail, he says it is the best potatoe chip he ever eats in his life, omgosh right?

(E P) #240

That paper you linked, @Fangs, got me thinking/reading about lectins. My RA is extremely sensitive to gluten and peanuts which are super high in lectins. But other foods like coffee and spices have them too so I might have a low-level sort of inflammatory response still going on all the time. I reckon it’s worth another elimination phase to see!
RA linked to lectins

Sooo…first day of salt only :slight_smile:

(Robin) #241

Land fish?! Exotic!