Today was a pretty normal 130 day macro wise. About 130g protein and 130g fat. Two main meals but I had some bites before. I wondered if lean meat makes the necessity of a smaller eating window less severe but nope. I got bored of it quickly so had to eat fatty items.
So I had green ham (it was very nice while my interest lasted…), a few eggs in various forms, mostly boiled/poached but there was 2 pancakes filled with pâté (only 2 as I got bored of these too and that’s rare, I love both items), some cheese as I started to run out of options… And then I was hungry but couldn’t stomach anything else so I stopped but as I went over the magic 130g protein, satiation arrived soon and I am very satiated since. It’s past 11pm now. No photos, I was always hungry and the sun disappeared when the pancakes emerged… They were cute though but I have enough “dough” left for 3-4 more! I have a pancake and too-lazy-even-to-whip-eggs phase. They suit each other just fine. It was so long ago I had pancakes anyway as I couldn’t resist making the last ones sweet. I am better now. And I have pâté. I always loved savory pancakes but never had carnivore options, now I have some but just a few.

Tomorrow I fry some pork chuck and expect a better day. I don’t have “cheesy” regrets as I had to eat all that cheese (30g Gouda and 32g smoked Parenica, they were quite nice :slight_smile: ) due to the sorely lacking presence of some proper fatty meat. My scratchings were nice too. I ate well. As I wrote, I loved everything until I didn’t.

(Geoffrey) #203

Glad you were pleased. As far as the PB&J…well there’s no accounting for taste. Just more left for you.


I never ate PBJ (once I ate PB though. nope. meanwhile I am somewhat addicted to peanuts themselves…) but I always had taste I think, pickles over sweets, some nice meat over everything else (but cucumbers and potatoes over chicken… I am just not a chicken person. still okay sometimes and the crispy/crunchy skin is one of the best things in existence)… It doesn’t mean I always acted accordingly in my life. Oh well.

I am not well today at all. I don’t mean it physically, that part is fine with some reassuring soreness reminding me I skipped too many workouts in March (but resumed, that’s the reassuring part). And I have a project that may be a factor too, we will have tiles - or whatever those chunky stone things are - around our outside fireplace now! The bench needs fixing too, it’s somewhat rotten but I made it ages ago using whatever wood I had and I can’t protect it well from the elements.

I realized, not for the fist time that I don’t have comfort food. Food has zero chance to comfort me. It’s just like chocolate never made me ANY happier. The closest thing to comfort food is tea and coffee for me. Whatever, I ate (mostly pork and eggs as always) . Probably some messed-up attempt to do something good (or bad, I do have a tiny part that likes to sabotage. I have read about such things once, eating against doing something creative. as if I do anything creative lately…) from my chaotic mind. I am full now and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I will try to eat one more today and that’s it. Not like it usually works.

Sunshine and shopping today. I need my next slabs of lean pork and there is quark on sale. Alvaro used the car so finally we can buy some pretty pansies!!!

(Karen) #205

So another easy day yesterday as Raymond still not really recovered from his groin pain. Food was duck, bacon turkey breast some pigs in blankets and steak so a really picky munchy day again!

oops the last pick of pigs in blankets are todays brunch as they needed finishing off. Bought some pork sausagemeat this afternoon and sliced some for freezer and some for a snack while my dinner… spatch cock chicken is in oven. Got to say it was delish i wish I had cooked more but its all in feezer now.

Went to CrossFit this morning again after some stair running. It was a tough session this morning but i got through it… it got the last of the tightness out of my shoulders chest and lats from the recent sessions yay!


We have bought milk, quark, kefir and a big piece of green ham (pretty lean on the outside, very little visible fat but I am experienced and trained now. and can add some fat anyway)! And 3 cutie-pie pansies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 3 is such a good number for them, it suits the pansy flowerbox and the car has 3 pansy holders. At least we call them like that. They are perfect sized for the tiny plastic flowerpots we buy the pansies in… I have (bad) photos too, I try to get them from the tablet later.

So due to not-comfort-food it was more like a keto day.
Looking at my macros, yeah, that’s one reason I need carnivore, my non-carni keto items are way too fatty for their meager protein content… (Except gluten but I didn’t eat that.) So I overate fat again* but my protein is fine.

*Despite all the lean pork I ate :frowning: I ate all I had :slight_smile: With some sausage as I needed a bit more fat with it… I had Parenica with it too, it accidentally but luckily melted on it. It was nice.

My average protein intake for the last 9 days was 152g according to my tracking. My fat was obviously higher…? Nope, that was 152 too, thanks to my best days. My carni days were a bit better but if I stuck to carni on Saturday when I really wanted a higher-cal day, my number wouldn’t have been so great either. Probably a bit better. It depends. I had no pork shoulder, after all…
I am still me, looking at my numbers, I had 110-220g fat, my protein never doubled compared to another day though… For a longer time, it usually happens. I had 110 and 220g for protein too, even on carnivore.

I like my numbers sometimes, they are moderately interesting. And upsetting to see that there is almost no chance to avoid too high fat, no matter how hungry or “controlled” days I have, I still need my protein and protein brings fat and fat can join the party without a protein chaperone too. They are sneaky lil things and my guards have a soft spot for them.

HOW on earth could I eat only 2000 kcal on vegetarian keto I wonder. That means I didn’t eat way more fat than protein! But I can’t easily do that with lean pork! Possible but I need to focus.

Oh well, tomorrow… Okay, I can promise moderate dairy, no added fat and very tiny processed meat (it will be probably the leftover piece of sausage) and full carni too - but I will cook pork chuck so it won’t be lean :smiley: We will see, it can work and I have quark, the only dairy where I don’t have limits! (Not like that helps much, it’s very lean. That’s why it’s unlimited in the first place.)

I will just focus on my eating window. I shouldn’t eat before 3pm, IDK why I can’t do this very easy, natural thing that suits me. I often can just not lately. And I can’t afford extra bites. I barely can afford anything. Alvaro says I should exercise more and he is totally right. I am trying…

(Judy Thompson) #207

@Fangs platinum lavender hair, how beautiful! I love that hair color is a fashion statement and as you say can be changed anytime! My kiddo swings from purple and pink and turquoise to plain platinum, back and forth, cute as a button. I love the lavender platinum on Asian girls - long long thick straight hair and so gorgeous. When I was a kid, mom said only bad girls colored their hair lol. How times have changed, and for the better!
This is a pic of her, last summer -

About kids, do you have Maria Emmerich’s book Carnivore, or have you read her website? Her 2 kids are carnivore and loving it from the looks of it.
As for our parents and our poor dietary upbringing, they didn’t know! I had so many many issues that I now know were just diet related issues - sores on my tongue, TMJ, constipation, fainting spells, the list goes on and on. How could they not at least guess that all that corn and potatoes and cake had something to do with it? Doctors were mystified. It’s not brain science, people! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sous vided that chicken at the lower temp of 140 and I don’t believe I will do that again, the white meat was tender and very moist though. Dark meat (mine) wasn’t done. The 2nd half of the chicken became Crack chicken Monday and baked in the oven which fixed the problem and we ate most of it the first day! So yesterday I added burgers to the plates to flesh it out, so to speak … And of course hubby ate his burger but turned down the chicken so poor me, I had to finish it. Just picked at it till it was gone :wink:
Today I have a 72 hour pork shoulder in the sous vide which will spend the morning in the smoker before lunch. Should be awesome and tender and take us through the weekend meals.

Crack chicken

(Robin) #208

Yum, what is the last photo?
So I pressed you are back to cross fit!


I keep forgetting dying my hair to aubergine (well, a very very subtle aubergine hint on the stubborn brown, mostly visible when light shines through my hair… but that’s quite fine)… I have the dye since many months… I should do it soon. I may feel better, newer, more ready for positive changes!

I had a wonderful lunch. I planned a carni day but wasn’t very committed for reasons (I collect my determination for April, I take it a bit easy now but I wanted carni food today) and Alvaro needed some new food. So it was a pizza day for both of us (I stop referring to anything pizza-like I make not-pizza. I don’t consider it proper pizza, not even the wheat flour one but it’s easier just to call it pizza and I just don’t care anymore). Mine turned out pretty good, the crust was a cheesy omelet with a little sour cream, what can go possibly go wrong with that? :smiley: Of course it wasn’t crunchy but we can’t have everything, I didn’t care about that anyway. I used our fav herring filet in sauce (apart from tuna, I can’t get any tinned fish in brine and this sauce is super tasty. but far from carnivore) and it was so, so good. And only a tiny bit carby, my pizza used a smallish part of the tin (just like space in the oven pen. Alvaro is the main pizza target, after all and I only used one egg for my crust) and the tin is very much packed with fish.
I wondered if I should make my own fish with sauce but it’s extra work, wouldn’t be cheaper and this kind of tinned herring is really, really tasty. A bit sweet alone but in the end when everything else is added it’s not too much. So I won’t worry about it but still won’t make it often for myself. Alvaro loves this pizza so I still will make it regularly.

So today I had cheese but not much. If I am careful with my other dairy items, it will be fine.

And I made some wonderful fried pork chuck slices. It happened again. It became a tad too fatty for me. Still great but it’s noticeable I have been training with lean pork and my ideal went lower, it’s not a negative too fatty, it’s still on the edge of perfection but I could go significantly lower without any loss. I like to eat the two kinds of pork at the same time so I can get the lowest still very enjoyable fattiness… But today I had only pork chuck.

So lunch was easy: a pickled egg (because it was so weird just to jump the pork chuck… almost a waste when I am a bit hungry and can eat almost anything :smiley: I almost missed my lean pork), a nice (but not big) amount of pork chuck and half of my small fish pizza. And coffees with milk, I made my first coffee after 2pm…! I am good. The coffee is meh so I expect to get better at not drinking it in the near future.

I am quite full and satisfied now.

(Karen) #210

Just sausagemeat…i sliced it and flattened it and dry fried it in the burnt bacon and steak crumbs left in the pan hence the black bits… i do like the crunchy bits…i’m terrible for using a used pan for a few days before cleaning it! Never pick up any problems so i will continue to so until i get a tummy issue :wink:

Dinner yesterday late afternoon was peri peri spatchcock chicken… as you can tell it was a nice chicken 'cos i ate every morsal :slight_smile:

I had a dreadful night last night … awake about 3 hours but had to be up early-ish for a phone call and then off to a U3A ‘Segway’ day out. It was freezing cold and a bit rainy but had a great time…felt like a kid again…had my woolley hat on under my helmet and certainly glad of it…it kept the hair out of my eyes so i could see without looking through streaming eyes! It’s funny the looks you get when the dog walkers see a group of OAP’s coming towards them on segways :rofl: i am in the middle of the group.20240327_170756 as you can see it’s not my best look :blush:

Got home at 4pm for first meal of the day buffalo chicken wings and they were tasty… was just ready to eat!


Satiation wasn’t easy at dinner (I ate leftovers) but it turned out I was slightly below 130g protein even with a pound of pork, eggs and fish. In the end it was 1.5 eggs and a white, yeah, it’s way lower than normal… But I had more cheese, waited and stopped being so hungry quite soon. Still not properly satiated but it will do. I just had enough of boiled egg at some point so I will make other egg dishes again :slight_smile:
Okay macros, minimal protein and less fat than protein, yay for me! Tiny deficit, most probably. I had no walks, the weather wasn’t so nice and I was tired - so dug and I put more rocky tiles in front of the fireplace (I dug out insane amounts of big roots from that place… It’s not just putting down those tiles)… Sometimes I feel my English so very lacking but this is the case with certain areas, I don’t even know the proper words. Oh well. I don’t know why I consider it easier than just walking but I definitely have momentum regarding this work and I like that things go into the right direction.

I am getting better at simple! Yay.

And I am so cold sometimes lately. Maybe some tiredness? Physical and mental? I don’t know but I love my heater and avoid cold showers since days.

I ate all my beautiful pork chuck slices, next time I will make photos. Only some tiny pieces are left, they are less decorative. I used some old, still working “american bbq” rub on one slice. I already had the pizza thing and have no momentum or control so I used it up despite this is the only version that has sugar. The other rubs in that series are okay. I didn’t know when bought, should have I know. It has very little but STILL. And I use it in minuscule amounts. A packet is for 500-600g meat, it says. 6-800? Definitely not more. Well I use it as spice and for a TON of meat :D. While I usually don’t use spice on my pork and I use tandoori masala for fowl so a packet lasts for very long. I like the Mexican one. The Mediterranean one was nice too in its garlicy way (I don’t use that for meat, I had nice cheese whisps with it). But I only have some chance to use up the Mexican one, my fav, it’s spicy and nice.
The chuck was okay with the American one but it was so very needless, the meat already has so much flavor…


Thanks, can’t wait to try them!


Ahhh, cute as a button cause I honestly love colored hair styles. Your DD looks great!! I find it just cheerful actually, when so many gasp at it, I just love it on the younger set :slight_smile: Great photo and I see your kiddo has a nose piercing :slight_smile: I feel like my kiddo is right in line with the other young’ins out there!!

I love your picture and you guys having a blast on your segways!! I blew up the pic and checked all you guys out…happy group for sure!!
thanks for sharing that!

I thought your chicken progression meal pics were funny…first one ya ate some skin, second one ya are starting to shred meat and go on the attack and third pic…bones! Great pics for us to see K!

--------------------so since kiddo’s nose ring thing is kinda small one can’t really see it in a reg. pic so I took a close up of it…omg…weirdo pic coming at ya but it shows the style of the accessory she chose.
crazy angle shot but it shows how small this thing really is but she loves it LOL

(Judy Thompson) #214

Yup they love them! This is the time of life to have fun and enjoy that “youthful exuberance!” Fun for us too and another reason I free my teaching, staying in touch with as many generations as possible :blush:

The little pork shoulder came out great, sous vided at a low temp of 135 for a few days, then about 3½ hours on the smoker. It looked a little dry so I popped open a can of Lone Star and basted it once and it was very fine, just a salt rub on it. Hubby loved it and we ate half of it, the rest will go down Friday. Oh and I used the juice to make a gravy, I’ve been using jalapeño juice as my new BBQ sauce. Seems the least harmful (and throwing out the pickles) . Primal Kitchen unsweetened BBQ sauce hangs in the background but the Jjuice is cleaner I think.


April and Animal go together.

Mrs Bear and I are heading off deeper into the forest to escape the public holiday visitors at our homestead region. They mess up the place.

I’m packed; eggs, bacon and steak. :rofl:


Yeah closeups distort one’s proportions, making funny pics :smiley:
Oh this is but a tiny thing :smiley: It’s good she loves it, that’s the main thing but it’s not a seriously look altering one anyway. I don’t like those much when one overuses them and you don’t really see the person itself, just the accessories… The person becomes the base for the objects, not the piercing(s) decorate the person… That feels off to me. Of course, people have right to do many things to themselves, it’s just my personal opinion I don’t normally tell people. Not like I remember seeing anyone with a piercing irl (except earrings. very traditional popular piercing. odd thing, I am glad I never had those. I like my body without extra holes). Surely happened but forgot…? I often read certain things online and see how different our countries are… It doesn’t help that I live in rural Hungary and normally barely see humans…

I am pretty sure at this point that my current pork chuck is fattier than normal. It’s SUPER fatty. The level where I decide I will need to trim it in the future (I still have 2 nice raw smaller pieces. I mean, 400g ones, not really tiny ones)… I used some sponge cake today, to soak up some of the fat! But it was very good :slight_smile:

Today is very low-carb day, not a carni one. I take it easy and not wild but somewhat free until April. But carni food is the best and I dislike overeating and I track too so I don’t go far.

Almost nothing before lunch. I did ate my 10g scratchings, a tiny bit of butter (I mean it. about 2g) and milky coffees and wasn’t particularly hungry at lunchtime (just tired. so much garden work on top of all the cooking and baking. I made bread and sponge cakes, among others).
And then I ate a lot… Run out of food and stopped, I probably will need to fry some more meat if I get hungry again. I probably learned my lesson… I may not have ready to eat meat all the time but at least I have some defrosted one…

Nice but super windy day. The cute little tulip below the outer part of the A/C (it gets watering from it :smiley: it needs it as rain can’t reach it normally) had an accident :frowning: Not completely torn out so maybe it will live.
Oh time flies regarding the garden, things are so quick now! We have our first tulip! And all the plums and pears are blooming. Even the tiny strawberries. Still no lily of the valley (I see the tiny dots but they take their sweet time…). And I see the future flowers of the apple trees.


WOW, best time ever! ENJOY this fab time you guys and of course Billie is going too right :slight_smile:

You nailed it! AllAnimalApril…the 3 As

I so understand your view here.
Her friend has eyebrow piercing, nose stud, nose ring, lip pierce ring and tonuge stud and belly button pierced, nipples pierced and UmmHumm, private lower area ‘pierced’ in some fashion when kiddo was about to say it I said NEVERmind I don’t need to know, for heaven’s sake stop right there!! LOL

------------------we got our new name for April. FB hit on all animal so we will be AllAnimalApril and we all just keep it simple and hold tight onto our lifestyle as we all do now!

today I got hungry fast and flash fried a lb. of thick cut bacon and ate them all as they came out of the fry pan HAHA

next up us a lb. of ribeye steak.

dinner, hmm, not worried. I got ‘zc meat’ at all times but might just throw in some fatty country pork ribs into oven later tonight and eat uo on those. KISS, keep it simple stupid :slight_smile:

(Karen) #218

I saw this young woman/teen… maybe older …btoday on the bus com8ng home from hospital (Raymonds appt) and she was sitting in he drop down seats for people with prams bags etc so she was sideways on from me and i honestly thought she had nasty hanging from her nose until i realised it was a nose attachment :scream::laughing: i don’t usually see such people sideways on but from the front and so the nose rings or whatever don’t look so bad. I have to say 8 jave never liked them and this just convinced me it wasn’t a good look!

(Karen) #219

Stair runs first thing and reading then off by bus to the hospital to meet Raymond for his appt for the diverticulitis he had. No cure for him, they wont operate because he can’t go under the big A for at least another year…if then! So he just has to manage it but the consultant was fab and explained everything so clearly. That was the best consultancy visit yet. The consultant was clear and concise and was lovely and patient. We went back to Beeston on the tram and to the Cafe for some brunch/lunch. I had 2 fried eggs easy over on 2 black pudding and 1 small sausage and 8t was really tasty.

I am home now and have a rack of pork ribs in the oven…just had a couple of slices of bacon while waiting and ate bacon just prior to bed last night. I have to say M&S bacon is the best…no going back to any other. It is salted but not overly salty like a lot but i could easily eat tons of it :grimacing:

@JJFiddle your pork looks great and juicy tender :drooling_face:

Porky ribs were so tender and loads of meat on them purchased half price at The Company Shop …£2.60 well worth every penny. Just had a small tin of tuna just cos i fancied it cos i wasn’t that hungry as the pork was quite filling.


Easter is coming and forget ham, I don’t have ANY smoked pork now! :scream:

I am fine without that… For some time… But I do like smoked stuff. The supermarket had something on sale but Alvaro didn’t want it and honestly, I didn’t either as I know that apart from a few special items, only the farmer’s market has the good stuff. Maybe we can visit it on Saturday. Just because it’s Easter, they will be there on Saturday, right? Most probably, that’s NOT Easter. Only Friday, Sunday and Monday is :slight_smile: I think Friday is a new thing, it wasn’t a holiday before… The greengrocery’s had a sign that it will be closed on Friday but open on Saturday. Good, we can get our smoked ham then. I do love good ham but I only bought something there lately once and well, if there is smoked pork chuck, I choose that… :upside_down_face:

I tracked, only 110g protein in my lunch and way less fat, that’s why I am hungry and want meat now… Pork chuck slices are frying! I trimmed my pork chuck this time :slight_smile: It vaguely feels wrong but nope, it was too fatty.

I didn’t mention my sponge cakes last time. I baked a bunch and ate half of it. I have some very nice creamy quark now, no need for sour cream so I make some leaner than usual ones without making them too egg white-y :wink:

Maybe one day I will make photos, I didn’t even do any of my fruits, I had enough proper work to do and making a photo IS work to me, something I can skip if not in the mood…

(E P) #221

Another OMAD class day. Came home to butter curry chicken and steak with egg yolks…not pictured, the chicken skins from the curry that got air fried and devoured first! Decadent. I definitely need a lot of fat to feel full.

Yum!! Pork shoulder sure loves spicy and sour dipping sauce :heart_eyes: Probably my favorite food…yours looks so lovely!

My stevia free carnivore month is wrapping up. It definitely tamed the cravings. Some rules about planning all food the night before and no grazing have produced a lot of peace too. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and answering so many questions!