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I’m all for supporting local butchers, where possible but I’d like to recommend Fordhall Farm in Shropshire. I recently had an overnight delivery from them and highly recommend their beef box, plus they also do a Paleo box, as well as individual items you can choose. There are other farms that are good and do this, for sure, but this is the one that I know. All the animals are outside including, I believe, through the winter.

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What I can’t see about these online providers is why they are so much more expensive than my butcher.
I can get t-bone steaks for £17 per kilo yet these guys charge £30 per kilo. At the butcher I can get them cut to the thickness I want.
Why do they always charge so much more when their overheads are presumably a lot less than maintaining a shop… not having a go at you but I simply can’t understand their rationale…

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Fordhall Farm does maintain a shop, as you’ll have read from the link to the website. They also maintain a farm, which is the point, and it’s grassfed all year. That matters to me but if not to you, then just ignore. I like to know where my meat has come from, how it lived, what it ate and, preferably, how it died.

Their ox heart and other offal is good. I don’t ask that you buy from them. For anyone who’s interested this is a useful source. There are several other farms from where you can buy direct and the prices seem to me to be roughly similar. Obviously if you don’t approve then don’t do it.

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Thanks, this looks really good. I’m currently using which is superb quality but very expensive. My local grass-fed butcher is OK, but quite expensive and the quality is way lower than farmison.

I’ll give these people a try next week. :+1: