Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

(Karen) #142

Yes we are exceptionally fortunate … i am not a towny person though i do like to be local to the main roads and motorways in order to have accessability to dancing venues and on the other hand we have the beautiful peak district within reach and also the nature reserve and canal within walking distace. I can run or walk to the CrossFit Box or to the shops. I think i have the best of both worlds as i couldn’t live anywhere remote… i would hate to have to drive the car everytime i wanted to get anywhere . I have buses pass my house in both directions every 5 minutes if the car is off the road… and of course now i have my bus pass i will make the most of that pass as i won’t have to pay anything to travel :grinning: i am a happy bunny​:laughing:

(Karen) #143

I had a better sleep last night after i couldn’t drop off🙄 i went downstairs, took a couple of herbal sleepers watched a bit of tv then went back upstairs and managed to drop off. I was up for a wee trip a few times but got back off to sleep… i think i dreamt all night though and they were strange crazy dreams!

I was ready to ge up when my alarm went off at 7.30am and i got on with 50 stair runs and i think 50 before CrossFit is a fair amount now as my breath and legs are feeling it since Covid. It still gets me sweaty but gets my body warmed up and mobile and un-stiff ready for the evil workouts :laughing:

I had to sit in the lounge to read today as the rain was set in for the morning. I did consider running in it then thought nope there are a lot of people who love to soak you as they drive past you through the deep wide puddles! Didn’t fancy working out drenched so i drove today.

The workouts were very hard today. Drove home via The Company Shop where i picked up 4 small sirloin steaks 4 = £10, a couple of small packs of cooked chicken, a pack of diced shin beef and one of diced beef steak and some fish pie mix … that consisted of a portion of cod, smoked haddock and salmon fillet which i sautèd in butter for brunch and it was absolutely delish. The lot came to £23 and a few pence! I have put both packs of beef in the slow cooker and may have some before bed or may just save it for tomorrows brunch. 20230620_191540
Ate one of the small sirloins for dinner.

Sitting out in garden early evening and the bees just kept coming round the plants that are awaiting potting. I love watching them disappearing inside the flowers.


I can’t even imagine to live in a village at this point :smiley: So many people! Sometimes I try to imagine but nope. I don’t even have neighbours now… The closest person (except Alvaro, of course) lives in the next “street”.
I like this :slight_smile: I wouldn’t be too far from a city, it comes handy but it’s just 20km away, even possible with a bicycle. We never use a bicycle but we usually buy a ton of stuff there.

But I have lived in the capital city. 2 millions of people… Wasn’t my kind of place but it had some benefits (mostly ones I didn’t use) and it wasn’t bad when I lived at a nice place and Nature was very close… Even when I walked to my workplace (as no buses came up to the hilltop :smiley: anyway, I had a desk job, needed the walk), there was a cemetery with ancient trees, it was nice.

And when I was in worse places, there still were walks to the hills and longer hiking tours in the weekends… At least looking at the Danube during a short break… Can’t imagine my life without that. Just in some dusty city where I can’t go up to a hilltop with a small forest. Small parks aren’t enough. Not even bigger ones.

My number one problem regarding sleep (or gardenwork or walking) is mosquitoes. I SOOOOO hate them. Blood, who cares but the itching :frowning: So I will keep my window closed and risk that Alvaro will wake me when he opens it at 4-5am. I am sure I can go back to sleep if I chill, use some nice music or star formation/supernova wikipedia page. I love the topics but trying to understand and memorize the details is tiring and I go to sleep super quickly :smiley:
But I should do some meditation and expect dreams. Lucid if I can ask, thank you. Still no luck but my dream recall is better. I don’t remember anything for a while then 3 at once!

Oh, snapdragon! I liked them and now I have none :frowning: It’s “Lion’s mouth” in Hungarian. Bees are funny in its flowers indeed :slight_smile:

Our “imperialist” tree (staghorn sumac? :smiley: what a name. it’s “vinegar tree” in Hungarian but I always called it imperialist tree because its kids are absolutely everywhere despite all our efforts) is full with bees lately who apparently adore its flowers. I like its flowers too, very decorative and super long lasting :wink: That’s why we keep 2 of those problematic trees with their zillions of babies popping up everywhere we don’t want them to be. But I have a pretty unruly garden anyway… The plants love to multiply and I am indulgent to some extent. So I have yellow flowers in many places now. I don’t know the name of the plant but it’s high.


Considering it’s 2am, I suppose I won’t eat more… It was a highly unusual day. OMAD, 1 hour eating window around 6pm… About 80g protein and fat. So I barely ate. I can’t say I am completely satiated now but almost. I had no appetite today (except for the whipped cream) but that never kept me from being hungry… Odd.

I had a little pork chuck (a bit above half a pound), a boiled egg with a bit runny yolk, sausage and lots of whipped cream. With coffee. That is the hardest thing to give up for some reason, oh well, still not my top priority.

I am curious when I get hungry tomorrow. OMAD should last for almost a day but an 1000 kcal meal is super tiny. But I ate much last week, it still may have an effect. We will see. I just can’t predict these things.
I would like to get back my appetite soon. I had one of my favs and while I could eat some easily due to the fat, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Such a waste of nice pork chuck, not totally as it gave me precious nutrients but still.


Sleep is a good choice.

I know it’s like I am a vampyre with my posts appearing in the middle of the night but I live in the future in UpsyDowny World (a nicer term than the Underworld, or as the weather reporters here say, southern parts). @JulesyMcJulesface and @Alecmcq are down here somewhere, just a bit further in the future.

Just finished a bacon and cheese omelette cooked in butter for lunch.

(JJ) #147

I am so far into the future I read your post before you even wrote it, @FrankoBear

Went for a drive up into the mountains today and there was snow, had a lovely gentle hike, saw some feral horses and the worlds biggest, most muscled kangaroo I have ever seen in my life- he was a bit scary really!

Ate eggs and bacon from a cafe on our way up there early this morning, made some enchilada meatballs for the family for dinner which are pretty ok for me to eat, sans sauce, but I have 500g of pork belly bites that expired yesterday that I should probably cook up.


Yes, I do my best to go to bed as early as possible. And definitely before 3am. The latter sometimes happens. I am trying since decades, I can’t imagine much improvement but I keep trying!
When my work officially started at 9am, I still was like this.
But sleep doesn’t come so easily nowadays.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #149

It’s funny, my London street market (diverse population) has more stuff at a better price than my home village where the produce is actually grown!
Plus they’ve never actually heard of Ghee, in London it’s available in several sizes. I could order online but carbon footprint etc


I wonder if it (lack of sleep) is a main reason for your variable results on the way of eating? Dietary approach is just one pillar of getting healthier, then there is physical activity, and you seem to be out walking a lot. Then there is community and social cohesion, and low work/life stress. Maybe the major wonky pillar is the pillow one, sleep?

(My wonky pillar is work/life stress)

@Fangs will go rabid, and @Karen18 won’t want to hear this, but having some carbohydrates at night, along with a sleep ritual (yellow light after sunset, no screens, hot bath, relaxing etc) might improve the low sleep quantity and quality, and then fire up the benefits of the carnivore WoE.

Carnivore carbs can be found in cheeses, dairy, especially milk… (with honey?)

References: Drs: Naiman, Panda, Saladino… general low carb episodes on sleep, as well as the STEM Talk podcast.



Ok, I am not all carnivore, and I don’t have a pic. But I had a chuck roast yesterday that was out of this world.
I popped 4+ pounds of chuck roast, wrapped in foil, in the oven at 180 degrees for some 7 hours or thereabouts.
It was heavily streaked with fat, and it was heavenly. There was a lot of juice, and I ate from a glass pie plate so I could accommodate a lot of juice. It was so good, it needed no spice or condiments, nice and tender and quite fatty.
I recommend slow roasting in the oven a lot - no muss, no mess, no fuss. Just pop in, leave in several hours and take out when you are ready. You can pop it in before you go to work and eat upon your return.


I very nearly never have lack of sleep. I can’t have it as I don’t function there so I just fall asleep when I have it… I may have my sleep not at the right time sometimes though and yes, it makes my few hours of morning zombieness longer.
I never saw any correlation between my sleep and eating anyway. And what variable results? They seem mostly the same to me except the big impact of the size of my eating window and my carby days are different too but they aren’t very common nowadays so I don’t worry about them.

I think I walk very little :smiley: Even my 70km a week seemed the bare minimum but it dropped. And being summer, it will be minimal. I have strength straining but that’s not much, I don’t cycle and don’t run… My activity is quite low in my eyes but compared to the average person, it’s modest…? Still way too little, no matter how I look at it.

Eating carbs at night is about the 2nd worst I can do in my diet. The first one is eating carbs in the morning. Eating anything, actually. It’s mandatory I only eat in the afternoon and I won’t mess it up.

Yeah, that’s just irrealistic… But yeah, I try to read real books instead… I still haven’t finished my Black Hole one I got for Christmas…
I don’t take hot baths, a bath is complicated, we need to think about it hours before to set the boiler, we do it once a year. We take cold showers. Well I use the warm tap so it starts cold and in the end it’s lukewarm but now that it’s hotter, I go for colder :slight_smile: But my shower is about 7 hours before bed. And they calm me down physically, very good for rest I think.

The main problem is that I want to get out more of the day, it’s a mental thing and I can’t even use reason there - but it’s true that it’s hard for me to fall asleep early even when I super rarely try. If I did it often, it probably would get better, I can use music or meditation or both…


Yes, good roasts are like that. I never spice my roasts or fried meats (except chicken) as it is pointless, it’s already as good as it should be :slight_smile:

I use 2-2.5 hours for my pork (and almost as much for chicken thighs), it’s enough for my small pieces (like a pound, sometimes more, sometimes less), I use a bit higher temp, I like when it has lots of colorful outside.


So, today’s eating was… Well, high calorie (nothing extreme but high) but it balanced out my very low-calorie yesterday :slight_smile:
I was hungry at lunchtime so I ate at 3. A pound of pork, an egg, some quark, creamy coffees, just the usual. But it was meat heavy as it should have. Guesstimation says 154g protein and 123g fat for lunch. It was a bit lengthy as I just couldn’t get satiated, I just stopped eating at some point and it was fine but I got hungry so had a weird dinner where I tried to focus on fat (as my protein was high enough) but I it didn’t work and I had not many options anyway, no pork jowl or pork belly so ate some more meat and cheese in the end. 170g fat, 180g protein.

Not bad, per se but I prefer a nice satiating bigger meal. But I almost never have tiny OMAD meals so they can’t interfere much in the future.

I had massive brain fog today, that level is extremely rare and totally crippling, I need a functioning brain for almost everything. I forgot even making photos of my new flowers but one of them is recuperating as I got 2 in one tiny pot, super close and I took them apart. One is pretty, the other needs a bit time. The pink periwinkle had 2 new flowers.
And I have 2 different blue and a pink cornflower now.

It’s still poppy season but the wheat is golden so it won’t last long I suppose… There is a Hungarian poem about poppy fields with almost hidden, green wheat among them and when the poppies are gone, it’s time for the golden wheat to shine. Such things are helpful for me who have a weak connection to time and I just don’t know when happens what. I only remember a few fruit seasons because I know what I ate at some birthdays of mine.

The weather is hot and my biggest problem where I have not much control is mosquitoes, I suppose it won’t change any time soon. I just stop mentioning them.

(Karen) #155

I am a mile from one town and 3 miles from the other so i don’t live actually in a town … just on the road between the 2 :slight_smile:


Chuck is the worst cut of beef there is. If you leave it pink in the middle, you won’t be able to chew it. They may not even sell it where you live. Maybe they sell it as ground beef…

It is a cheap cut of beef, and I like it either in the crock as stew or slow roasted, it comes out nice and tender both ways.

You can slow roast things to be pink in the middle too, just at an even lower temp.

(Karen) #157

Think i might have missed a day but caught up on the posts… just about lol
Yesterday i decided to cancel my CrossFit class as i felt i needed a rest day. No stair runs either. Instead i sat in the garden, did my reading , drank my black coffee and then started pot weeding and got 3/4 way round the garden before i had brunch, then a bath and then off to Eakring (45mins drive) to my osteomyologist. Neck and back cracked and massaged, accupuncture and ultra sound then home. I felt tired when i returned and had myself an early night. Took a couple of herbal sleep tabs which did the trick … still up a lot for my wee trips though :roll_eyes:

And that felt like a good nights sleep :roll_eyes:

So up his morning in good time for stair running, reading in garden and then ran the 1.2miles to CrossFit. An evil wod today but i did enjoy it lol

Ran back home and peeled off my clothes to get a cool bath! Went to the cafe in Beeston with Raymond and had 3 fried eggs 2 sausages and 2 rashers of bacon… i was feeling hungry lol and it was really nice because of that… sorry so hungry i forgot to take a pic.

Returned home after dropping Raymond at his bungalow and walked into Long Eaton, around the shops and home again. It got very hot again today and getting even hotter for the weekend!

Took steak out of fridge to sit and get to room temp and nearly forgot it was there so dinner a bit later than usual. Surf n turf absolutely delish. The steak was from Morrisons, a bravette steak and i did it rare and the fillet of salmon from Lidl again beautiful pan fried in butter and i added a knob of the lovely french salted butter, my fav on top of both.
So my foody pics for yesterday and today…

And some more flower pics… every day they flourish more and more…

Hopefully i will have some time this weekend to plant into the bigger pots and get some seeds sown!

Todays exercise totals… left the fitbit watch in the bathroom duh so a little gap in the graph … never mind it was only walking a bit in Beeston to the cafe lol


There is no cheap cut of beef here, only the organs :slight_smile:
I am partial to the cheap perfect pork chuck :wink:
I don’t remember which beef parts I ate when we bought some from the beef farm, only that there was ribs once and it was super awful, full with sinew or membrane, so not proper meat. That’s the thigh, that’s lovely and red and soft… But too expensive for me when I am in love in pork :wink:

If a cut is hard to handle, I just choose something else because I can do it.
It’s still nice to pick up knowledge about how to do things…

I usually like things somewhere between well-done and charcoal BUT beef is odd, be it liver or meat, I use the shortest time for that meat, somehow it works for it (except when it’s stew or the like, that takes a lot of time). Meanwhile I roast a chicken thigh for 1.5-2 hours…

By the way, the beef farm has veal now but we don’t want to travel there at the moment. But the prices are great. Cheaper than supermarkets and they have organs and “scrap meat” for very little. I am sure that we could use that, between us and the cats… :wink: Meat and the like always find an owner here, no matter how chewy it is. I still admire the cats, eating up the least tempting, chewy, hard pieces with glee. But they swallow rodents as it is so yep, they are nothing like me… (I did dream about eating a rat when I was younger but I wanted a clean and superbly done rat roast with cherry in its mouth. I didn’t like fruit with meat even then but if a piglet gets an apple, a small rat gets a cherry ;))


@Karen18: Quite obvious but I enjoyed your flower shots a lot!!! Beautiful! I like that pink fuzzy one!!! Reminds me of a wildflower here, not alike but that has lots of “fuzz” too, it’s purple (rarely white) with very different leaves :slight_smile: Alvaro calls it firework flower, good name.

My flower shots didn’t come out so nicely but here are 2 of them:

The yellow ones in the background went everywhere. My “veggie patch” has them in multiple places too, it’s pretty close to the origin…

The meat part of my lunch… And dinner… And some are left for tomorrow… IDK why, I just got satiated super quickly but I didn’t get hungry for the 3rd time (yet). It’s 9:30pm and I am merely thirsty and hot.

I had some eggs and quark too and milky coffees… I should stop already…
I had a lot of milk but it’s Thursday (when Alvaro brings eggs and raw milk). Actually, I just tasted it but it’s still almost half a liter. Milk is easy to consume. I didn’t experience any problem with it yet. It adds many calories but with my leaner, meatier eating style, I need that.
I had somewhere around 100g protein and fat today (and I wasn’t very shy with butter. i.e. I ate 10 grams of it :slight_smile: when I am in my serious added fat minimalization mode, I don’t do such thing).
Some of my meatballs had bacon in them as I had to start using it already. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to wait so long, no matter what the expiration date written on the package is, it smells a bit funny but doesn’t seem spoiled, per se… Not really BAD but I don’t like it but can eat it…?
I won’t buy bacon anymore (except if I specifically want some crunchy slices for some reason), I prefer the pork belly slabs, I have found some without skin, great. I can eat skin, normally I put it into my meatballs (I need soft skin for that but a round in my soup and hard pork skin gets soft), it’s great there… But it’s work and I just don’t want to bother with it so often. While I gladly eat smoked pork belly a lot*, the meatiest pieces are worth their (really not high) price.
*I never want to eat much processed meat, the lot means that not just 200g per month…? With my new style I can afford fatty items more often without problems, yay! And it helps with OMAD. Today was 2MAD, I got hungry at noon (almost ate so it was somewhat serious), it passed, I wondered about it 3pm but ate in the end. My lunch was small and my dinner was tiny. I never ever know what my day will be like. It was chill today.

I went to bed SUPER early, around midnight? It doesn’t happen every month! (Or every season I suppose.) Too bad I have read past 2am, maybe next time I will do better.

Today was extremely hot outside (I was so thankful my shopping trip was on the cooler Tuesday. and that was hot! but not this hot) so my outdoor activity is non-existent. I did about 10 minutes garden work, lawnmoving is pretty much needed at some parts but nope. Alvaro should bring the stationary bike downstairs (I can’t as I need my hands, at least one), I am overheated without moving. 25C in my room and I am barely here and do everything I can. So I sleep downstairs. It’s way more comfy upstairs except when this hot. But if I manage to fall asleep, it’s okay.


Apologies- nearly posted a reply to Shanita in the wrong thread there. (I meant John Dory)

(JJ) #162

Was feeling very settled in my Carnivore Carnival this month, but having a bit of a confidence crisis now, that I know is illogical.

When I went Keto at the start of 2019, I dumped a tonne of weight, quickly. I was tracking macros and calories and tended to stay at 2000 or so.

Carnivore within a few days got rid of the GI distress, painful bloat I had as a result of messing with carbs again, but other than an initial 1.8kg, the scales are not shifting.

I am being silly, as
a) I only started on June 4th
b) I only have about 10kg of my regained weight to lose
c) I have not had a decent :poop: for about 4 days.

Just had to vent my irrational concerns. Thank you for reading, eat some meat and have a great day :grinning: