Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023


1kg rib eye in the cast iron oven on top of the wood fire stove.

I’m cooking it, and dagnam eating it while having an atrial fibrillation (heart) episode.

(JJ) #123

@FrankoBear heck yes! That looks awesome!!! I have never thought of cooking that way. It is winter though, so I should. Not in my current work digs though.

I didn’t mention, but after a few days ZC my BGLs got very steady. In the 4.0’s (mmol/l) consistently. Back there within 2hrs of eating. They were 8.5- 9.5’s - eeeep- 2hrs post meals a month back when I was really eating like a fool.


Not finding ribeye special :smiley: Okay, I know it’s not special for many of you but still :smiley: I never could justify it for me yet. Maybe on my birthday but I need a steakhouse where they know what they are doing… I surely wouldn’t. Oh my, only 5 weeks are left until then…

Not special meals can be quite delicious too. I am a lucky hedonist to be able to enjoy my simplest meals (like roasted pork but scrambled eggs can be really enjoyable too) and wondering why others uses sauces and marinades and vegs and super complicated things with them when their perfection just can’t be raised - or if it’s possible, that would be a really dangerous dish! :wink:

The brisket looks good… Being after my usual lunchtime doesn’t help but I will eat soon. And I am a bit envious of all the folks on this forum being able to smoke meat… Not like it’s a big problem, I can buy smoked pig farm stuff and I am quite happy with my non-smoked normal meat…


Tracking is done. Yeah, 3MAD brought overeating fat and protein, what did I expect? I didn’t eat simple either, IDK why it is that very hard still.
I made a cute plan for tomorrow and I will do my best (for real!) not eating until 4-5pm from now on. And SIMPLE. Maybe I shouldn’t have all this variety? Nope, I do need it. But maybe I shouldn’t use it without a real need.

We will see but now the photos I forgot to put here before! Nothing special… These were my lunch plans.


Thursday, oh my beloved fried pork! :smiley: It’s always easy to eat it all (but it probably wouldn’t work every day), I usually fry 450-500g… That’s a cute amount but sometimes lacking so maybe I should make more…

Friday. Roast with some sponge cake containing various amount of quark and sour cream (with a tiny bit of dried dill)…

These were good and usually there was leftover for dinner but I got hungry for the 3rd time, messing up things especially simplicity and my macros… Looking at my whole week, it’s not just my 3 meals though that surely didn’t help. I probably get a too small part of my energy intake from meat… My days either had a ton of dairy fat (not way too much this or that but they added up easily) or unusually much egg and added fat. If I focus on leaner meat, it’s no wonder I have some other fat but I think I overdid it… The day when I got a lot of energy from meat, I jumped my lovely pork belly at my second dinner.
I tried to keep my dairy and eggs low, at least it was my vague plan but reality and hunger came into the way. I need to do it better. It’s quite possible, I can make wonderful plans. Sometimes I think I like too fatty food so it’s impossible to get decent macros but it’s not true, I even had good days in the past… But when I start to add my zillion dairy, egg, added fat and maybe very fatty processed meat items when it’s not an OMAD day, things may get out of hand.

So. Focus and simplicity, from now on! (It’s WAY easier to do it when I only eat once.)

I have enough pork chuck roast for 3 days but I plan to store some in the freezer as I don’t have anything ready to eat there. Just sausage* and I start to get bored of them. Useful, tasty, easy to eat, very much welcomed here and there but not too often and only in small amounts. I prefer proper meat, fried or roasted. And chuck is my fav, great when I am still hungry. Some lean thing is way less welcomed.

  • I forgot I have pork liver stew too but it didn’t turn out good last time so I can’t eat much of it even when hungry. I mean, I managed 37g with great effort last time I tried. Not particularly useful.

And now I read back a tiny bit because there is a comment here above…

Oh I need to worry about it WAY, WAY more (okay, worry isn’t the right word, that’s not hedonistic. I should try harder though without wearing myself out and triggering my inner rebel who loves freedom but sometimes acts against my hedonistic core self and it’s just sad).
If I don’t try to behave (I still fail, it’s me)… I don’t even want to imagine that. But it wouldn’t be pretty. It already isn’t pretty. I need to keep myself back as much as I can. Despite my pretty good tastes nowadays. Lots of meat? Easy. I just add a ton of everything else (as it feels little but it isn’t and adds up) and mess it up. And it’s NOT nice to me at all. I have no other option anyway, I don’t have control. I only can live like this, apparently. I don’t have the willpower to do carnivore and I don’t have the willpower (and masochism) to eat much carbier either, both are impossibly hard. So I keep low-key struggling while eating whatever. I really don’t see any other way.

But if you mean I should think and write about this problem of mine less, I totally agree. I wish I could do that but I will keep trying.

I can understand this thought… But I really don’t. I am just stubborn and hedonistic. I can’t ignore the very very clear sign regarding the right direction. I can’t properly do it yet - but I must aim for it, I know it’s my way… So it’s the easiest way I can take.

Today we cut out several elderberries. Those things grows like bamboo, I didn’t know that! Our single one that has the right to be where it is looks like a tree and barely grows. But the new ones… I wasn’t looking, a year passed and bam, sudden elderberries. Up to ~3.5 meter high… But they are gone now and I want some very pretty flowering bushes (or big flowers) there. We used to have one kind of nice but it died for some reason, quite suddenly. It was too high anyway and interfered with our silver birches and they have priority. And its position was wrong too.

The garden is good at surprises. It’s amazing. It’s small, I walk in it a lot and still, sometimes I just find a 3m high tree I knew nothing about. I have so many trees, it’s not so hard to hide among them…

Okay, I heard about eating flowers but it’s still new to me…
I don’t really like elderberry in general. I used to put the flowers into lemonade and it gives variety but this year, I tried it once and had enough of it. (Lemon probably never will leave my diet but I use extremely little and very occasionally.) I prefer my mint leaves. But maybe I will try out the omelet, out of curiosity :wink: I have better ideas to spice my eggs up but it’s still worth it to try something somewhat inferior to the best options.

Well said! It’s not as perfect for everyone, apparently but I had this when I first tried out carnivore too (I just couldn’t eat much meat yet so I had my hardships but I suddenly lost the need and interest for the carbier items on my original keto, it was SURREAL. I actually used this word a lot in the beginning).
I can’t handle restrictions. Many can be “strong”, not me. I get tempted, I eat the stuff. I just wasn’t tempted. Hence my early times when I actually had several carnivore days in row (2 weeks was my longest. I have my limits for reasons but never felt the need to give up my tiny extras, only did it out of curiosity and because the novelty helped to behave) and it wasn’t hard at all.

Done, I have read back. And got super obsessed with food and tracking again now that I got Internet again, I hope I can CHILL now. Just a bit more focus, another push and maybe things will go well? I see I am improving in some areas… One day everything will come together nicely.

So… It’s not a new month but a new week… I seriously attempt to get my things together, again! (I am good at not losing heart, it’s something.) I think I am ready for something stricter. Especially close to no dairy, that sounds good.

(Judy Thompson) #126

Howdy! Late Sunday night here, having survived a long hot weekend of performong in the local restaurants. After church today I made bacon-egg-cheeseburgers. Better than the restaurant ones because theirs never have a runny yolk.

Hubby of course eats what I eat plus all the starchy sides, then complains that he’s too full.
He also complains constantly of bug bites. After a year and a half on this woe I really don’t get many bites. Just occasionally.
Yesterday was miserable, playing our violin bass duo in 100 degree heat at the winery. The sweat makes the fiddle slippery and hard to hang on to. It was hot in the evening at the steak house too. But despite all the complaining, we have never played so well. This week we memorized 5 new tunes!

I was thinking today about some of the benefits from this woe over the past 17 months. At 69 when I started, I’d been keto/lc for 10 years and couldn’t lose and keep weight off. Since starting this I’m 50 lbs lighter. I need more gone but I’m not worried, it will go when it’s ready.
My hair isn’t coming in white anymore, and I don’t need root concealer on it. My blood sugar was inching up to about 130 and is never above 100 now. Blood pressure likewise is now 100/60, a 40 point difference. My arthritis is still with me and occasional sciatica but it hasn’t gotten worse except a little in my left hand since we perform so much. Anthony Chaffee said, you can’t regrow cartilage… But I’m confident in doing the best thing for it.
Customers actually argue with me about my age! Lol

@Geoffrey awesome, another Texan! I trim my brisket too but I don’t know how to make tallow. I sous vide so even a market cut brisket comes out very fatty, none lost during the cook. I’ve smoked brisket but hate cleaning the smoker so just use smoked salt and lava salt to get the smoky flavor.

Good to read back and revisit. @FrankoBear I hope you feel better and are having fewer of the heart events :cry:

(JJ) #127

Do tell- what are those wee muffin looking creations, Shinita? I have seen similar in other pics and have wondered.


Judy, do you find your mental acumen has improved? Memorising and mesmerizing 5 new tunes is amazing!

I’ve recovered from the latest ‘heart attack’. It was a painful one. But am feeling fine today. Getting a few after shocks (palpitations), but keeping a lid on it with intensified electrolytes.


Ain’t that the truth!! I didn’t come on for a few days and I have SO many posts to read I can’t even pretend to catch up on it all LOL
Luckily all things are falling into place and I don’t feel as overwhelmed on everything going down around me so I should be able to come back daily and chat it up again as usual. Loved your post!

I got one actually. bought it when in Key West FL cause it was so hot Bolt was one step from heat stroke on his adventures that I bought a doggie stroller for him and yes I will bring it on the beach trip we have cause he can ‘walk out’ for a walk but we usually go far and then can’t get back…so yea, stroller to the rescue :slight_smile: Your posts are meaty pic packed as usual.

----------------nice meat pics on the board.

College orientation went SO WELL. I finally got a real handle on what I need to do for college and dates to move her into dorm and more. Worked out wonderful. I felt so lost on it all but this info from the college got me back to normal and not feeling so lost on it all. Kiddo is the only science/biology major in this tour group and she met for a very long time with the science/biology head of dept professor and they hit it off, she likes him alot, he is apparantly younger and hip and cool. She said she got a good prof. to help her along since they clicked in chatting. OK I like that. Plus she clicked with a girl who is med school, going for Dr and she said they liked each other so they opted to room together, she is thrilled she at least chatted with her roomie instead of being assigned just a random person to meet on the first days of college. So that worked well.

Bolt the dog hurt is back leg somehow. I think I had put him down too rough when lifting him up the RV stairs somehow. Right now his leg limp is improving but I am carrying him out the back porch cause he can’t get up and down the stairs. I tell ya guys LOL thank heavens he is under 20 lbs but hoping for more leg improvement soon, seems he is walking better now but still can’t do stairs so I am still on carry the dog to the yard duty, HA

Eating has been ZC stellar. More stress I wanna eat off plan but this is when I buckle down tight as hell to ZC. It gives me personal structure, it is my reliable when everything else can be super unrealiable in my days.

But food has been tough. Alot of cheeseburger patties on the road, diner joints, bacon/cheese omelet eating out. Did hit a nice seafood joint and had crab legs and shrimp. I loved that meal! Hit a BBQ place, got ribs with dry rub which wasn’t a diaster in taste but could only eat like 1/2 the rack and had to give rest to hubby. I just couldn’t take that dry rub too much. I am thinking, omgosh on this one, IF BBQ joints with the rubs on the meat is becoming an issue, damn if a crap ton of restaurants will be off my survival zc eating list ya know…ugh…no biggie tho in the end. I rely on me to handle my zc, I don’t have to rely on restaurants to do it for me.

still tackling the darn pool. worst is I got a better handle on it but in like 8 days I leave for a 2 wk beach trip. will lose control again but when I get back I will go ‘all in’ and get that pool sparkling and use it rest of summer. I booked no other trips cause I am all geared at college and kiddo’s needs right now so I got time to just let that happen which I am happy about.

OK ZC on strong all! Hold the zc fort no matter what cause this plan gives up healhty strength and vitality to make it thru our busy days, and we are all busy busy busy :slight_smile:


Hi people, a new week, I am hoping for the best! :smiley:
After my weekend I am so satiated, it stopped at 3pm but I only got a teeny-tiny, not bothersome hunger some time later. But still zero appetite and my belly feels very pleased. I don’t know when I will eat yet but I will eat up my leftovers with some pork chuck.

We are so different. I probably would be hungry… Or full if I truly ate a lot but that’s useful.

[quote]After a year and a half on this woe I really don’t get many bites. Just occasionally.

Lucky! Mosquitoes still love me and I get about as many ticks as Alvaro. And 1/100th as much as Ginger… That kitten is a baby tick magnet (she always has baby ones but several of them). If she stays like that, maybe we should buy some smelly tick repellent for her… The others aren’t like that!


Great! :slight_smile:

Oh those are my sponge cakes :smiley: And I have quiche too sometimes. But nowadays I make light, sponge cake based ones even then.
The base is the barebone of sponge cake: whipped eggs! Whites and yolks are whipped and combined. If I bake that, it’s my normal, one ingredient sponge cake. 100% egg! :smiley: I use it as bread. I lived without any kind of bread or bread replacement for years but now I need it sometimes, for example, when I eat pâté but it’s useful when my meat dish is very fatty and rich. Or a tad oversalted but I am very careful with salt nowadays.

Last time I put quark and sour cream into it. My quiche usually has cheese and sour cream, it’s nicer with cream but sour cream works too and I always have the latter.
Sometimes it only has cheese, just a bit.
It’s always very very soft and tends to deflate (it’s huge in the oven but usually loses that) but useful. It’s drier and more neutral than eggs in most other forms.

(Karen) #131

Well i did what i could reading thruogh multiple posts… had to skim over them.

Busy weekend… talked about Saturday (just had a quick recap on my last post lol)
Sunday and Ben’s bus rally trip. Sian picked me up at 9.30am and we had a super lovely day. Ben was made up that he was going to a rally and we were straight on the bus rides as soon as we arrived at Rowsley. He had 4 rides all in all with a quick lunch break in between. I just had 2 fried eggs and 2 bacon rashers… i had taken some chipolatas i had cooked the night before but i didn’t fancy them. They were for emergency only really :wink:

We got him back home just in time for his walk out to the shop … he likes to get his can of energy drink but we had given him his pressies and both Sian and I had bought him some fruity ciders so we were hoping he would be sensible and not drink all of them plus an energy drink… all i can say is if he did then i pity the night staff haha

The event venue also has a running steam train on the Peak rail line, Ben isnt bothered about the steam trains and doesn’t hanker after a ride on one. The original Bakewell Pudding Shop is in Bakewell (no surprises) which i thought you may be interested in, Bakewell was one of the bus ride destinations. The sun was partly out and there were part clouds which kept the temp bearable. Ben wore his thick jacket, comfort thing, and how he didn’t completely flake on the bus i will never know. Sian and I were in appropriate clothing of course … strappy top and shorts for me.

Darly Dale is a beautiful area and Bakewell and Buxton are quaint oldy worldy towns so I thought they may interest those of you in the USA and Ausieland

I was very weary by the time we got home but could i get to sleep last night. Arghhhh!. I took a couple of herbal sleepers and sat back downstairs again for a while. The weather turned when we arrived home and the thunder/lightning storm began and the heavens absolutely emptied upon us! It continued raining through the night till the morning. The Lilly blooms had doubled with that storm!

The omelette was brunch and the stew steak was dinner. It looks very dark but that was the oxo cube i had crumbled over it and it was very tasty.

50 stair runs this morning, a run into Long Eaton to the CrossFit Box, backs squats for the strength part and the wod was sweaty and puffy. Then i ran back home and ate brunch then walked to Lidl with my trolley to get an indoor plant for Raymond for his birthday pressie (first week in July) picked up the stewing steak x2 reduced and some eggs and walked back home and dropped them off and then walked to Long Eaton to a few shops and picked up another indoor plant and eventually, a few charity shops later i walked back home … my fitbit records 8.66miles ! Not made use of my bus pass yet … just kept telling myself while the sun is shining and i have 2 working feet …:slight_smile:

I am bushed now and need a quick bath as i feel a bit sticky. The sun was scorching as i was walking home from LE. I should have taken a bottle of water with me as i got very dehydrated but refuse to buy a bottle of water, i can’t say i really enjoy bottled water… and i din’t want to wnd up needing a wee really… taking water tabs has it’s draw backs lol


I had my meal around/after 6pm. The first half or the first one. It felt one meal with a break though. Doesn’t matter, IF 22/2.

I had leftovers and little pork chuck pieces, quite lean ones. I am looking forward to the biggest, fatty looking slab tomorrow! :wink:

Little chicken thigh, pork roast, crunchy chicken skin, scrambled egg with smoked pork belly pieces in it and a very ugly sponge cake :upside_down_face: But poor thing had some days in the freezer, waiting for its time to be useful!

I had another sponge cake with sour cream and quark when I got bored of my meat (it was easy as I had no appetite, normal chicken is tasteless - the spice was on the skin - and my pork was lean) and had some milky and some creamy coffees. The coffee is still hidden except a tiny bit, I am incorrigible… I am getting ready to stop…

I got hungry a bit later so ate my leftover bites and a little sausage as well. And a creamy coffee.

About 500g meat, most of my calories came from that! :smiley: I am not displeased but I can do better.
I am over my minimum protein now so I hope my slightly lowish calories will be fine after all the food in the last days.

Tomorrow I will make sure to eat very properly.

I had a nice workout today! A tad more repetition than last time, for almost every muscle group! It turned out I don’t need eating in the next few hours if I am well-fed from the previous day.

I had no walk as it was too hot outside, tomorrow will be worse but I have a mission (buying meat, sour cream and milk. carbonated water too, I barely use it lately but sometimes it’s neat) so I will have a 2 hour one (plus shopping) in the hottest time of the day! :upside_down_face: I so appreciate all the big trees in the wildlife park forest… And bring cool water in a thermos. I need to get used to the warm weather at least. I never could get used to the hot one. But I was melting in the house in 21.5C today! (That’s 70.7F. I suppose I had my “sleep heat”. My thing, I wake up and I am warm for hours. Alvaro doesn’t understand. It’s almost as good as “movement heat” but the latter is super powerful, hence not needing a winter coat when it’s slightly freezing, walking is more than enough. Never could use gloves after the first minutes, even used to grab snow or cold painted metal things or whatever I could in winter to cool down. It’s NOT convenient when the temperature is over 15-20. And it’s just mere walking, not running. If I ever will run a marathon or a half or just 5km, I am afraid I will need frost! Or not caring about my heat death/suffering but I am a health conscious hedonist so that won’t happen.)

The only time I could enjoy being outside would be in the evening (as I don’t wake up early enough). But nope, mosquitoes take me apart with their bites, especially mentally, I so hate itching!
:frowning: Stupid summer.
But pretty. My first cornflowers are blooming!!! :heart_eyes: Blue ones, just like the wild ones but more dense! I will have light pink ones tomorrow I think!


Those lilies are over the top! Not just super pretty but so many flowers!!!

If I won’t forget, I will shot my own flowers. They are more modest but still nice.

(Judy Thompson) #134

Yes I think it has! Our business (strolling strings) depends entirely on memorization. Over the past 48 years in this type of work I’ve probably memorized several thousand tunes! It helps me a lot to have the lyrics.

@Karen18 oh my! What wonderful pics! Last time I was in England on an Air Force performing tour was 1992. 31 years ago! But the train, the countryside, even the bus, so reminiscent for me. And those flowers are spectacular and so your color!

@Shinita you do live in the woods! I think ticks just love everybody :dizzy_face:

We had our coffee this morning and then went to town for our shopping. My brother is coming in on Wednesday, I told him, I don’t have keto ingredients anymore. I have carnivore and standard American diet food, which would you like? He said, either is fine. Ha! Big help. I got rib eyes and burger and chicken thighs. My sous vide machine had to be returned - I’m lost without it! Chicken thighs in the air fryer will work though. I roasted a chicken last week in the oven and it was dry and overcooked compared to what I’m used to making.

So after grocery shopping this morning we stopped at a breakfast place and I asked for 3 eggs and sausage, no sides. They get local sausage - this is a big German area and it’s very good. So the eggs came on one little bit plate and the sausage on another, and the check listed them as 2 sides $5 less than I usually pay when they just leave off the sides and charge for the listed meal. Very nice!

(Karen) #135

We have been having a heatwave for the last 2 weeks here. I too will be glad when we have a few cooker nights… our houses are built to keep the warmth in and by golly they do just that phew😰

Talking about other types of lilies, lidl are selling some more oriental ones like mine but in white which look lovely and some calla lilies which look lovely too …may just have to have a wander by next thursday when they get them in store.


Our house has good insulation, it’s great winter and summer alike! :slight_smile:
My room is under the roof, having two big windows, southeast and southwest… I would be doomed without good insulation and keeping the sunlight out in summer. Even so, I will need to move out for some time and sleep elsewhere. We could have A/C upstairs but we didn’t consider that extra cost worthy. My room only get a bit too hot in summer and I don’t need to be in it so much.

If our LIDL would have such pretty lilies, I probably would buy some…
But now I just want a few tiny flowers for my poor empty flower box. Or what it is called. It’s crumbling but so heavy, I keep it for some more time and then I break it apart to be able to move it. It had the pansies but they died and as there was so much rain and then hotness, I never went to buy new flowers. Wait, once I went to the small town but we were tired and hungry, we had 6 km to walk and the flower shop was a bit further so I just postponed it… But I had enough of seeing the nothingness in one flower box of the 4. Not like the wilted onion flowers are pretty in 2 of them and the tiny hot pink flowers are gone I think. So I need my… Periwinkle. I keep forgetting the English name but I didn’t know the Hungarian one until lately either… I managed to memorize that now.
Maybe I will buy another African daisy, it’s my new favorite flower and I only have a red-orange one and the striped one is neat too!

(Robin) #137

Jealous. Such beauty around you nd r the energy to get out in it. And your garden would be my happy place.


I feel hot in the house (21.7C)… Outside it’s at least 10C more… (I was sitting on the shadowed terrace for a few minutes, horrible.) 2.5 hour of walking… :scream:
What I don’t do for food :smiley: And a tiny bit of getting used to summer. I need it, I don’t remember feeling melting below 22C, seriously, it’s not a high temperature, I remember wearing warm clothes in it or a tad below some days ago… Maybe my cheerfulness these days. IDK why, I don’t have much reason for it but my spirit definitely lifted. And now I have determination to do my woe really right and I have hopes and dreams for many good things.


@Karen18, wonderful post! Enjoyed pics and reading what a great bus rally trip day you guys had!!!

@JJFiddle, so interesting and great to read you see your mental capacity for holding more songs for your playlist so easily, with the help of zc of course :slight_smile: I also got alot of mental clarity from this lifestyle, it is amazing the changes we can get.

@Shinita, hope ya get your more fatty meat today to eat!!

-------------simple zc food day for me.
1/2 lb shrimp and a Tbone steak first meal.
got roaster chicken going in oven for family dinner tonight, will chow down on some of that. got burger of course if more food required. Easy peasy zc’y :sunny:

In day 2 of a 3 day rain forecast. wow it poured yesterday and today is gray and gloomy. I am now big time missing my hot warm sunshine.

Got normal day. Nothing big so nice to mentally and physically relax more, heck I am in retirement ya know HA

(Judy Thompson) #140

@Shinita yeah, ZC is supposed to lift your spirits too. That makes me wish hubby would do it. He is so doom and gloom sometimes!


I survived the trip. The hotness wasn’t even so bad… The mosquitoes in the forest, on the other hand :frowning: And they weren’t interested in Alvaro this time, just in me. I killed a bunch of them.

I have found no African daisies but there was 2 very decorative different colored something in a single pot for super cheap. There was no name and I know that flower but still don’t know the name…
Photos will come later :slight_smile:

There was 2 tiny slabs of lean green ham, I bought the bigger one. About 2 pounds. Oh well, better than nothing. There were unusually huge slabs of the 70/30 pork I like but I have so much lard and so little inclination to use any (I am on a mission)… So not today.

Fasting goes super well today too. I lost my perfect satiation at 1pm and I was hungry while climbing in the heat at 2:45pm but now I am borderline satiated again (with negative appetite. it’s nice when my eating urges happen to be in harmony). It’s 4:30pm.
Today is my pork chuck day, I expect it to be simple and great.

I still consume coffee and I opened a box of cream but I think I can allow that much now :wink: I always could eat cream and still having great macros and everything, the problem is that I used to eat everything carnivore I had with multiple meals a day, that was too much.

It’s so very convenient and comfortable to eat only once (when I can pull it off)… Even with a break, it seems to work. Nice satiation very nearly all day. With multiple meals I am hungry or unsatiated, unsatisfied a lot (compared to my standards, at least). Not always but typically.
I still am very sure I will need days with more meals sometimes, that’s fine.