McDonald's Sugar Free Iced Vanilla Coffee


Is Gross. Ugggh. What a waste of $3. I don’t like the taste of the sugar free vanilla syrup. I should have just got a reg non sweetened iced coffee. Oh well saved some carbs. I made sure they used cream, but I’m sure it wasn’t HWC.


Agreed, it’s gross.

I go to Starbucks and ask them to specifically add heavy cream in my iced coffee and it’s a wonderful treat!


Yes. I did that yesterday. It was a good one. I thought McD might be a bit cheaper. But no.

(Ilana Rose) #4

Just so you know, you can order McDonalds iced coffee without any liquid sugar. I do it that way, I also ask them to double the cream. Here in Canada at least, it’s currently Dollar Drinks Days during the summer and ice coffee is only a dollar.


I’ve found that a lot of places when they say “cream” they are referring to half and half, which has carbs, not HWC, but I could be wrong.


I think you are right. I was assuming 18%. Not the best, but I counted the extra. Luckily it was gross and I didn’t drink it anyway.


I’m going to try that. I’m in Canada and $1 iced coffee would be awesome right now.

(Ilana Rose) #8

The small and medium are both $1, if you order the large they’ll charge you full price so if you want more get two mediums! What I do though is order it with no ice, no liquid sugar, and double the cream, and then ask for a cup of ice on the side. You get twice as much that way too and all for the $1. Also, McDonald’s cream is 18%.


Awesome! Super helpful.

(Alec) #10

Does anyone know if it is possible to do a cappuccino with cream (not milk)? Is my local barista going to think I have gone doolally?

(Karen) #11

Don’t mind it and won’t payout for starbucks. But too many carbs. Plain home brew is very good. I also recently ordered a small (16oz). And a large cup of ice. Combined in the large cup and enjoyed.


(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #12

Don’t know, but it certainly sounds feasible. And do you really care what some barista thinks? And besides, I’ll bet that if you tip well, it won’t be a problem.


Unless they’ve changed it McDonalds uses light cream.


I’ve done it, even thought it’s strong as hell with not a lot of coffee the heavy cream (to me) drown out the coffee flavor. A double would probably solve that but I never re-attempted it.


Huge fan of my own iced coffee but wonder if Starbucks has different prices (drastically) in different parts of the country. I only pay probably $0.30 more for a Starbucks iced coffee than I would Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds.

(Ashley) #16

I just do coffee, hwc, and unflavored almond milk and it’s good for me! I’ll even let it chill or have it hot!

(Ilana Rose) #17

Probably. I’m pretty sure cream doesn’t foam which is why it’s always milk. If you ask for an Americano you’ll get an espresso with hot water added so that it’s basically a coffee made from espresso beans, That is served black and you add cream in just the same way you would a regular coffee (but it’s waaaay better).

(Alec) #18

I don’t know about asking for an Americano (:sweat_smile:), but that is my usual coffee. I used to love a cappuccino and hence the question on whether it makes any sense to ask for a cap made with cream.

I might try it and see what I get.

(Anjum) #19

Can’t do a cappuccino or a flat white with HWC. The fat content doesn’t allow for the foam to build. The HWC doesn’t get foamy no matter how much you steam it. A barista would know, bcz that’s literally all they do all day.

(Alec) #20

Maybe I do some negotiations… make a double strength cap with a small amount of milk to get the froth, then fill the cup with cream… I wonder…