McDonald's Sugar Free Iced Vanilla Coffee

(Anjum) #21

You can ask for a bone dry cappuccino. That should result in foam and espresso only. You could easily add HWC to that. Or you could have an espresso breve macchiato. Same as a dry cappuccino but less quantity of dairy. Breve is steamed half n half.

(Alec) #22

That sounds like a plan! Thanks!

(Anjum) #23

:grinning:my pleasure

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #24

Isn’t foam what you get when you whip cream? (Confused ketonian is confused.)

(Troy) #25

$1 or $2
Depending on the day in the US
And the App Deals and promos for mobile ordering

Like you said, just make sure You order w NO liquid sugar
Great to get during a IF😄
Iced coffee - Black
Plenty of McDonald’s around :joy:

Buy 2…then just make coffee iced cubes for cheap at home…easy
Later just add to ur home Coffees, treats or fat bombs…or just eat. Yummy

(Alec) #26

I think you get whipped cream rather than foam. But maybe that’s not that much different from foam. I am no expert.

(Anjum) #27

Perhaps whipped cream can be considered a foam. But whipped cream has a cold process, the fat is congealed. Foam for espresso beverages is heat processed, the fat melts and prevents the HWC from foaming.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #28

Ah. Thanks, that makes sense.

(Mike W.) #29

I order double/triple tall lattes made with HWC from Starbucks at least twice a week. It’s definitely doable. It definitely foams. It’s definitely delicious. A tall is about 6-8+ oz of heavy cream so there are some carbs.

(Ruthanne Robertson) #30

My at work recipe is 3-4 oz. of HWC, water to make 8oz., a couple big teaspoons of espresso powder, vanilla creme stevia drops to taste, I mix it with my little IKEA milk frother and add ice.

Another fav for a caramel macchiato taste is to mix an 11oz carton of chilled Caramel flavored Premier Protein shake, a couple oz. HWC and Coffee or espresso + ice.

(Cynthia Anderson) #31

Heavy whipping cream has .5g carbs per serving.
Half and half has one.
Personally I can’t see paying twice as much for so little difference