Mayonnaise options

(Marianne) #1

We eat mayo a lot - it’s in our cole slaw and salad dressings that we have almost every day. Just learned recently that the most popular mayo out there may not be the best for keto because it’s got soybean oil? That is such a bummer.

I see that they also offer olive oil mayo. Is that okay? Have a jar of avacado mayo that I bought last year and never opened. I will try it but I am generally not a fan of avacado.

(John) #2

I have tried two brands of store-bought avocado oil mayo. Primal Kitchen and Chosen Foods.

They have the same basic ingredient list - eggs, avocado oil, vinegar, salt, rosemary. All organic.

Of the two brands, I prefer the taste of the Chosen Foods. It is a bit closer to what you may be used to with other mayo.

They also make one made from coconut oil which they market as “Keto Mayo” which I have not yet tried.

I still think the regular old evil Duke’s mayo tastes better, but that’s got the soybean oil and is pretty high in polyunsaturated fat.

For reference, the only mayo currently in my fridge is some of the Chosen Foods avocado.

(Marianne) #3

Thank you; I’ll look for Chosen Foods brand. For almost a year now, I’ve been eating regular mayo - on a regular basis - and not realizing that it was full of PUFA. :cry:

Well, I guess we’ll be a lot better off after we switch.

(John) #4

For reference, here are the brands. I buy them at my local grocery store (Sprout’s Farmers Market), and depending on what is on sale, they are about the same general price. A bit pricey, but I don’t use it that often, so cost per unit time is not bad:

I have no connection with either of these companies other than as a consumer of their products.

I tried both the Primal Kitchen regular Mayo and the Garlic Aioli. Was not a fan of the Garlic Aioli. The regular was OK, but the Chosen tastes better (to me).

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #5

It’s actually dead easy to make your own mayonnaise.

(Randy) #6

If you use a lot, those brands will be very expensive. I make my own with light olive oil and a stick blender. It takes a couple minutes to gather the ingredients, and blends in about 15 seconds.

I never measure anymore. But here is a basic idea of how I like it.

In a square bottom container I combine:

*1 to 1.5 cups light olive oil (avocado would be good too)

*About a tablespoon of mustard (I use spicy brown. Most recipes use dijon)

*About a tablespoon of lemon juice( I use bottled. Most recipes I see us the juice from half a lemon)

*Salt and pepper to taste

*1 packet of erythritol/stevia sweetener. (Optional, but most mayo has a small amount of sugar, and I think it is better with it)

*1 whole egg

Put the blender head over the yoke, and go to town. After a few seconds, you see the emulsion starting. Slowly start raising the blender, and work it around until fully emulsified. No need to over blend. When you no longer see any oil, you’re done.

(Randy) #7

Here is a video showing the process. I always put the egg in last to prevent the chance of the yoke breaking. But whatever works is cool.

(Bob M) #8

Interesting…I never thought of that. I ate low fat for so many years, though, that I did not warm up to mayo for years after going low carb.

We buy the fancier, way more expensive mayos at times. Most times, we make our own.

I’ve actually been avoiding any mayo, because I’ve been trying to get a higher saturated fat diet. Even olive oil or avocado oil have enough PUFAs that I’m trying other things. For instance, this, which does use some mayo but has high saturated fat ingredients too:

(Jack Bennett) #9

If you have Costco (USA), you might be able to get Sir Kensington avocado mayo in (relative) bulk. I think it’s a 48oz jar for about $8.

It doesn’t have an obviously avocado taste, although if you’re sensitive you might notice something I don’t.

(Windmill Tilter) #10

Most of the olive oil mayo you’ll find on the shelves still has soybean oil as the first ingredient (e.g. Helman’s Olive Oil Mayo). It also tastes lousy to me. The best stuff I’ve found off the shelves is Primal Kitchen Avocado mayo, but it goes for around $8.00/lb, which is cheap for a ribeye, and batshit crazy for mayo. I’ve settled on Better Body Foods Avocado Mayo from Walmart, which is nearly as good, and costs about the same price I can make it for.

Most of the mayo I eat these days is homemade from avocado oil. It’s incredibly easy to do and keeps for about a week in the fridge. It’s 10 times better than the best mayo you can buy off the shelf. I still keep a jar of commercial stuff in the fridge because it has a longer shelf life, and sometimes you just want it for a snack and don’t feel like making a batch of mayo at 10:00 at night. The homemade stuff tastes way better though.

(Randy) #11

That’s cool. I don’t use a lot of mayo on it’s own. I make my own blue cheese dressing with half sour cream. My other main use is for chicken/ham/tuna salads where I also add sour cream because I like it better. It’s got to be better that the standard crap mayo though.


I think the easiest and best to make our own… But maybe I shouldn’t even write here as I pretty much dislike mayonnaise and almost never ate it (my Mom used sour cream with mustard instead, that’s great but I try to keep my lactose consumption very, very low, ideally zero). It doesn’t keep me from being interested and today I made lard-mayo. Or something like that, it’s probably can’t be called mayonnaise as I just can’t add a ton of fat to a single egg yolk. Mine is eggier, creamy and tastes nice but I only made and barely tasted it. Its color is very yellow but every (homemade) mayonnaise I ate was like that. I always use lots of eggs in everything, no wonder my mayo is like that too. I just mixed it with a spoon, it’s just 60g in total, I wasn’t sure I would like it. It seems it worked, probably because it’s lard and already not liquid. Brilliant, I don’t want to make lots of mayo and make my blender all fatty if I can avoid that.
Next will be smoked ham fat mayo!
( I’ve heard about bacon fat mayo in a carnivore topic so I decided it’s not a problem if the fat isn’t liquid in room temperature. I don’t like olive oil except in very few dishes sometimes.)


that looks so easy!


Avocado oil has near no taste, so not liking Avacado’s shouldn’t be a prob. I’ve found the Sir Kensington’s and the Primal Kitchen mayo’s the best for Avacado mayo’s. Don’t think one exists I haven’t tried in the last couple years. Don’t think you’ll “replace” A Hellmans or Dukes with one, different stuff. In small amounts however I wouldn’t worry about it. Cole Slaw is one of the only times where I still use the “bad” stuff.

(Susan) #15

This is what I am using for Mayonnaise now:

I found the 750 mil jars at Costco for $12.99 (Canadian)–they switched from the Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo one to this now, and I like the taste of this one better, the jar is larger, so the value is better as well. When I googled this to take a picture of it, it came up on so if you don’t live near a Costco or don’t have a Costco members, then you can get it there as well =).


I never even saw avocado oil (and only heard about its existence today though it’s logical it exists. even rice oil exists, obviously avocado oil too), you folks have so fancy items there…

(Marianne) #17

I may give it a try - not a good reason, but my primary hesitation is that it won’t taste like the major brand I buy. :roll_eyes:

(Marianne) #18

Looks really easy.

(Marianne) #19


We’ve been having cole slaw generally every night for a year and make blue cheese dressing with it.


Water under the bridge, but I wonder how this may have affected my ketosis (I don’t want to measure), progress and metabolic process. I think apart from the mayo, we are eating all acceptable fats.


Just make sure you’re getting in your Omega 3’s to keep a good ratio with the 6’s that the real mayo will give you and you’ll be fine. Gotta watch stuff but don’t need to be crazy about it either.