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Hi all
Which mayonnaise can i use ?
Can i use rape seed oil

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In my opinion, I think you’d be better off with either olive or avocado oil. Olive oil has a rather strong flavour that you may or may not like as mayo, but you can use so-called ‘light’ to get better results. They have a slightly better fat comp than rape/canola. Still not great, but better. You can buy both in any health food store, or make your own. It’s not difficult to make mayo. Or forget mayo and make hollandaise with butter, or even lard or tallow. I intend to try coconut/mct some time, but havn’t gotten around to it yet.

You may find this of interest.

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You can use any mayonnaise you want, but you might wish to avoid one made with vegetable oil, since most vegetable oils (they are actually seed oils) contain far too much polyunsaturated fat, which causes inflammation when over-consumed. A fruit oil, such as olive oil, has a better fat profile, and you can also make mayonnaise from avocado and coconut oil (home-made is really far tastier, anyway). You might like to try out a few of the mayonnaise recipes in our Recipes forum; some of them are particularly tasty.


Arguably one of the worst oils you can consume. If you’re going to use it, use it sparingly. Yes, it tastes the best. The Avacado mayo’s are the next best for me. I’ve found the Primal Kitchen and Sir Kensington to be the ones I like the most. Many of them aren’t really that good. I really like those two though. Olive oil mayo just tastes too far off for me.

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We love Chosen Foods (Avocado-based) “traditional” mayo. Use it all the time.

Tastes great. Less Filling. :wink:

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Aarrghh! Help! I love mayonnaise and use Hellmans (in UK) real mayo. It’s my go to lunch with chicken, bacon and emmenthal.
I was sticking with the “low carb” starter advice and this has >1g (less than others i looked at) and is high in fat. But is there an issue with the oils used in it that can inhibit weight loss? I don’t understand the oils bit and difference? should i quit it?

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If you find yourself not losing weight, you can consider dropping it. It’s going to be made of oils that probably aren’t good to eat.

For me, I ate a very low fat diet for so long, that I never got a taste for mayo.

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Good tasting Keto mayonnaise does not exist. IMHO it is just better to give up mayonnaise or take the hit and use the non-keto stuff, if it that important to you.

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Or make your own. Plenty of recipes in the Recipes forum.

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See my post above, if you haven’t already:

I think hollandaise is a better keto option.

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I used to eat a lot of mayo because I thought it was keto friendly. Since discovering it isn’t beause of the oil, I have stopped using it. I’ve never tried making it - one of these days. My friend said it isn’t difficult, but it doesn’t taste like Hellmanns.

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Making mayo is super easy:

I personally use good olive oil, but I guess it doesn’t taste the same as Hellman’s (which I’ve never had). When I was eating mayo, I thought it was fine. (Trying to avoid all oils now, and don’t really have the occasion to eat mayo anyway.)

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The mayonnaise I’ve made has all been better than any commercial brand. And to think my mother used to use a product called Miracle Whip because Hellman’s wasn’t bland enough! :rofl:


Hellmans is the best! I still use it, 9/10 times you’re not using enough to matter. There’s some others that I like as far as Avacado mayo’s like Primal’s and Sir Kensington but only on certain things. Some things need REAL mayo! I’m not screwing up my food with a weirdo mayo because of an insignificant amount of some crap oil. I’m already eating pretty damn anti inflammatory as it is, I take a lot of good quality Omega 3’s, I can take a hit here and there.

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We also buy mayo that uses coconut oil. Not sure how they do that, as most coconut oil is fairly hard. It’s in a small bottle, and expensive. But we don’t use it that often, save in recipes or for our kids in “roll ups”. A small bottle lasts a while for us.

One good recipe that uses mayo:

(Though I usually replace the Greek yogurt with sour cream, only because we don’t often have Greek yogurt.)

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Mayo is incredibly easy to make and super cheap. If you tried to buy it in a store it would cost about $7 a jar if it’s made with these ingredients. To answer your question there’s a brand called Chosen Foods that has mayo with good ingredients.



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I used to think it was okay on low carb diets. Then I learned how to read labels and discovered how serving size can make the carb count appear low. Most of the mayos in stores have starch.

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This is why I’d like to see the US use 100 grams instead of basically whatever the companies want to use. Sure, you can use 1 tablespoon of whatever, but with rounding down, it skews the information.


I use Hunter and Gather Avocado Mayo. Simply delicious. Four Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Egg Yolk, Himalayan Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar

They have a garlic version that includes…well, garlic :yum:


This is the answer I wanted! Thanks.