May zero!

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I have no idea. I’m not a 100% grass finished girl. I prefer it (the cow we buy every year is grass finished), but I eat easily just as much grain finished, either from my local butcher, or just from bargain meat at the grocery store. Everyone raves over wagyu, so I wanted to try it once in my life lol.
@Fangs yeah all our meat prices have gone sky high!

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YES, This ^ was my breakfast this morning. Ready and rare-ing to go ! The steak and me both ! :slight_smile:

Breaking the budget this month with all the rib-eye eating lately. 100 % worth it though, (taste buds talking) as I have to give this carnivore eating an all out fair try. Weight loss todate has been 4 lbs over 3 weeks, and I’m good with that.

Had a few low carb beers yesterday at a friends, first time alcohol in 2 1/2 months, but the weather was gorgeous and I was tired of working and quarantining. Felt a little heart burn after the 3 rd beer which is unusual for me, I’ll have to keep an eye on it. I guess I’m the first one out on strict May zero, but I’m still in the fight, like any carnivore would be. haha.

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You too! :partying_face: Okay I was with you on this one, phew not kicked out of the May zero club !

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They finally arrived EatMeat Meat%20Bar

I ordered these back on May 2nd and they said they would take a while to get here as they were a little behind, but they came earlier than expected.

Quite satisfying, while not as good as all of the reviews indicated, pretty interesting texture of a light crunchy peanut butter. *Does Not Taste Like Peanut Butter so get that out of your head. Taste like meat, some people online compared the texture and taste to pemmican, but I’ve never had that so I can’t comment whether or not that true.

Anyway I just felt I needed to buy these, cause they look cool in the wrapper, and I had been eating too much cheese as a go to snack. As far as taste, it was okay for what they are for, but obviously just eating real meat, which I can, is better tasting.

Oh ya, here is the website if you want take a look


Yea me too Moo…the booze called my name earlier than the usual memorial day drink I might have…but since I already played, I won’t be drinking again for a while. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

and ya know tho….alcohol is allowed on carnivore but me and you choose the forbidden crap…you went beer and I went with a twist of the fake sweetener fruit punch crap mixed in water with my rum LOL
we screwed up kinda HAHA

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Why do I go off beef only? I feel so good on beef. I easily fasted for over 21 hours, without even a thought of food! My sleep is still terrible though and still some slight digestion issues. We worked our tails off outside today tearing off the side of our house and my whole body aches. Plus I got badly burned (so jealous of these carnivores that don’t burn in the sun) so I can imagine my sleep will be crappy again tonight.
2 tiny lean round steaks and 2 super lean slices of beef heart, so I added some suet. Then just some ground beef and frozen liver slices for meal 2. I probably ate just over half of that skillet, which was a 1.33 lb package. Rest is in the fridge for tomorrow. No broth today, as I’m through my jar and will finish the elimination without it. I made it to the farmers market 1 minute before they closed and got to talk to the only meat farmer there. I bought some pig and goat liver! Excited to try those in a couple weeks. He’s supposed to send me a price list.


Yes and I so get that as do many zc people. Beef is key for us. Literally most of us live on beef and more beef cause we feel best on it. Beef has that overall rounded nutritional needs we require and just suits so many of us. We monkey with tons of bacon, eggs, pork, lamb, throw in seafood/fish and more but for tons of us, in the end BEEF rules the kingdom LOL

Very cool pics…that is a lot of work on the side of your house. And I know many zc’ers say the sun thing and burn doesn’t happen etc. but I wonder on that one LOL only cause if fair skin etc. you are gonna tan or burn or whatever, I just don’t see how zc can change that kinda? but now ya know, some sunscreen required :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry on the sleep. Could be many reasons. I am having some sleep troubles but it seems every now and then it goes down like that. Just not tired, but tired, but wired up a bit. I don’t know…haha…I just get thru it best I can when I must.

You are doing fab KD! Rock on!!!



DOWN 1 lb. A whole l lb. off the scale. Now I am 2 lbs. for May.

I didn’t expect another whole lb. gone this morning. I even said thanks for my scale, usually something I want to throw out the window and burn ya know.

2 lbs for the month seems like nothing truly and it kinda is when one is wanting weight loss, but thing is I eat all I want, when I want, never limit, skimp or track or anything and I love living and eating on this lifestyle like that and the body gives up the lbs. when it is ready. That is working fine for me for sure.

yesterday food was

1 lb. ribeye steak. got a great one, so tender and delish. yum
small burger patty
5 slices salami
2 chicken breasts pan fried in butter

I ate darn good yesterday LOL so to see that lb. hit the road when eating big like that in my day, such a thrill for me.

Going to defrost beef tenderloin steak for later.
Might pair with chicken again or seafood? not sure but whatever I do eat will make me very happy whatever I land on in addition to my beef meal.

We are rocking out our May zero. May 24…so close ya know. I kinda have that feeling of where in the heck did May go LOL

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Woot woot!! Congratulations!


thanks KD…all good things come for those who wait…and stay on the darn zc plan as intended LOL

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I never took my 2nd meal picture. We went to five guys and I got 2 burger patties. I was still starving and ate about half of another burger patty from my kids burgers. So it had a little cheese. First meal was leftover ground beef and a burger patty. And yes, I slept horribly last night lol.


KD I haven’t been to a 5 guys burger joint in a long time but I know they got good burgers :slight_smile: The ones around me are kinda far drive, but now you have me wanting some burgers from them LOL

------good morning
doing well and just cruising along with zc
today I have beef tenderloin defrosting for later.
I think shrimp with my alfredo sauce for dipping for second meal, maybe paired up with a burger.

got me a nice chuck roast that I will be putting in the crockpot for tomorrow defrosting also. I am hankering for a big old mess of chuck roast to eat :slight_smile: Love it from the crockpot.

I actually feel sad that May is winding down. I am loving May zero :sunny: I love a focus like this in my life along with some good friends doing the same thing!! A June zero? hmmm…lol

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Today was a Pete and repeat day lol. 2 lbs of the wagyu burgers. 1 lb for meal one and 1 for meal 2.


I think cheese as a part of a carnivore challenge is important. We need to explore that more in this experience.

I haven’t had any milk for many years, even on keto. But heavy cream does appear in the intakes as does quite a lot of butter as my preferred fat. I only seem to take in bovine dairy. Other than that there is cheese. I don’t eat yoghurt except to stir it through as a sauce, but I can’t remember the last time I ate yoghurt. My wife eats tubs of it with fruit each week.

I think the fermented or cultured forms of bovine dairy, being butter and cheese in this context, have their importance for fat delivery and the fat soluble vitamin, vitamin K2. That makes sure calcium goes to the skeleton and teeth and not in to soft tissue. Especially if you are outdoors a lot.

There is also a lot of phosphorus in the skeletal muscle meat in a carnivore diet and that needs balancing by providing other food mineral sources. Butter and cheeses can do that. It’s also why regular doses of yummy, salty bone broth are good, or slow cooked (all day) bone containing stews because the minerals can leach into the food. I wonder if it’s also why some of us get a hankering for surf n turf? Those sea critters are packed with calcium and other minerals.

Tell me more about cheese (and butter) in your carnivore mix?

@Elizedge et al

(Elizabeth ) #160

I don’t eat any I completely cut it out when I went carnivore, I keep trying to reintroduce cheese every 3 months but even an ounce or 2 slows down my digestion and makes my ankles swell. I’m not worried about calcium, I had a bone scan at 2 years carnivore that was actually slightly better than the one 5 years previous. If I think about it I’ll eat some sardines with bones maybe once a month? I also don’t drink bone broth or eat any slow-cooked meats because they make me break out from a histamine reaction, probably the same reason I don’t tolerate eggs.


Yesterday we had that huge hurricane size storm hit. It was a once in a 10 year storm event. Except we had a storm from the southern ocean 2 weeks ago just as severe. The hurricane, or cyclone as we call them, spun down from the tropics outside of the regular tropical storm season. Cows flying past and crushed wicked witches sure can take one’s mind of global virus pandemics, but not May Zero.

Lots of broken trees and power blackouts. These were wind storms mainly, not much rain nor hail. Sunshine is back today but the chooks have gone off the lay. They only had just finished moulting. I’m just happy they are alive.

Yesterday in the storm, I had the wood fire going, our off grid power meant we had power for water pumps and fridge and freezers. We’ll run some cords out to neighbours because the power grid repairs will take a few days, and not all of them have generators. Our place, in an emergency storm or bushfire, becomes the local power plant. (I think all neighbourhoods should be designed like this).

Yesterday I ate some ham and a Swiss cheese, I think it is called Grueyre? for breakfast. First time in May no eggs! Then for 2MAD it was a small bowl slow cooked lamb stew, large mug of hot, salty beef bone broth, then blue mouldy melted cheese on a 300g scotch fillet steak, and 2 fried eggs.


Ah yes, I remember now. I knew you were quite dairy-free. That’s why it’s good to get your input.

Butter or cream? Or is that all dairy foods cut out?

The bone scan is great information. I’d guess you get plenty of vitamin D, and I wonder where the k2 comes from in a stricter carnivore WOE?

In growing mammals the phosphorus to calcium ratio of all meat diet can cause an imbalance problem, but that is usually offset by milk because they/we are mammals. But once our bone growth plates fuse and the extent of skeletal architecture is set for the rest of our lives the imbalance is not as apparent in adulthood because the growth demands are gone. I guess it may be a factor for kids whose parents are rectitudinous carnivores, like the kids in vegan families. But kids tend to feed outside of family control, so in a food abundant world, my imagination is probably just generating fake news.

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your knowledgeable experience.


Did you recover quickly from the sunburn?

I think it is nutritional ketosis that gives the protection against sunburn. It was something to do with intracellular NAD and NADPH in cellular biochemistry.

As zero carb carnivore is not necessarily a ketogenic diet, that would explain reduced sunburn resilience.

I notice I drop out of nutritional ketosis, unless I focus on a PKD regimen, when I do these carnivore challenges.

That’s why I’m starting to think carnivore challenges are best done as a seasonal winter-time thing. With keto in summer.

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I discovered that I had allergic reactions to milk and to some degree other dairy products since about age 35. Previous to that it never bothered me. It was more of a tiredness and a mental slowdown reaction, which I always described as the feeling you had after a couple of drinks, you know, when you just reached the “buzz” stage.

Cheese and butter have a similar effect, but not as much, so I continued with them, and even yogurt, and I started to get used to and even enjoy that light buzzed stage even while at work ;), On keto all of these high fat foods were important, but on carnivore, not so much. Eliminating that buzzed feeling, or now as I know it to be more aptly described as brain fog, is a reason I thought I would try carnivore.

Biting in to a hunk of cheese, for me, is not the same as chomping on a piece of meat, I can feel the tiredness sweeping over me, the calming feeling of the brain fog rolling in, it’s so addictive like alcohol, or maybe weed might be. I’m afraid I’m a cheap drunk on $5 worth of old cheese. haha. Hardly a fuel to get the body going, but I’ll still use it as a filler for my burgers, but a goal of mine is to eliminate it completely from my diet for a while, and introduce it once in a while at a more healthy level.

I’ll continue with butter on my eggs, and as a dip for my shrimp and my meat/steak but for me the goal is to give cheese the heave ho. As long as I still drink coffee, I will use butter and a bit of WC for an occasional mock BP version.

^^^ This does sound yummy!


Dairy thoughts ~ Hopefully it’s not wrong of me to write how it is in my life. I do have my carni days, I just keep falling of the wagon and coming back… But I never give up and every more or less proper day is something I appreciate from the uncontrolled me with non-ideal circumstances.

I eat dairy, it’s pretty much inevitable on a carnivore-ish diet with little meat (still no good news from the usual farm, not even beef now so I eat only smoked pork and fish now and no way I use big amounts. I daydream of wonderful mutton stews sometimes. or pork ribs and sausages from the oven. rabbits and chicken would be great too. and I will have them, eventually). I need my calcium and variety (but I probably don’t get really much calcium from my dairy as I never consume much).
I use close to no butter. It’s very expensive and not as delicious as lard (well, it’s different), I have some and use it sometimes, a few grams per week. My added fat is lard and I use as little as I comfortably can. I never put pure fat into my coffee, I drink most of them black and some with a few drops of HWC and sometimes an egg.
Yogurt never was my thing. I didn’t really understand why I would consume some dense watery stuff that has almost nothing and tastes little? If I eat dairy, that should be high-fat. I still buy kefir sometimes because it’s sour and I love sour, maybe once per year? I did it about 2 weeks ago but it probably was the last time as I can’t stand that amount of sugar in that watery nothing. The sugar suits HWC way better, I always use it for desserts anyway while I never used yogurt and kefir for desserts just alone.
I had almost completely lactose free years but now I need my dairy and I am not lactose intolerant anyway. My body just dislikes sugar. I use HWC and sour cream, as little as possible, they have quite much sugar, after all. From my viewpoint, at least. And my abilities to eat them in big amounts.

I don’t drink milk since ages but it reappeared in my household lately and I tried some in my coffee. Definitely not a great idea. No serious problems but I appreciate the very subtle hints of my body.

Cheese. I almost only eat gouda (no lactose) but some smoked carby cheese goes well with egg whites, that happens too. I keep my cheese intake low. I don’t even desire much and while I never could test it extensively, it seems to me that cheese has a low satiation effect on me. It’s probably still better than added fats, HWC and sour cream, they are just great tools to raise my calories.
Eggs are nicely satiating, I was amazed until i started to eat fatty meat. That’s sooo much better at it. Eggs and fatty meat - a terrific combo. And cheese is my “spice”, just like cream. Tiny extra but I could live without them. I could live without added fat too.

So dairy is a nice extra, helps a lot but not vital as long as I have enough meat with enough variety. Maybe in the future. I surely will stop eating dairy every day then.

I didn’t wonder much about nutrition since I started to flirt with carnivore. I do what I can (I am a bit limited), that should be enough for now. My body responded well so I know my direction must be right.
It helps with my eggs too. I like them better and find them more exciting on carnivore(-ish).