May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

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I decided spur of the moment to join a carnivore 75 hard challenge. I think it will help force me out of the funk I’ve been in.
Here’s the summary template for carnivore 75 hard: 1. Nutrition (carnivore):
2. Healing (fasting 16:8 minimum):
3. Movement (30 minutes, 15 outside):
4. Mindset (3 things I’m grateful for):
5. Community (compliment or random act of kindness):
I’ve done most of these today, not quite done.
Food was bone broth jello, raw beef suet, burger patties topped with bacon and camel fat fried eggs. And then I almost forgot that I need to add liver back in for awhile so I had a big chunk of liver.

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I think I could qualify for that most days if walking the puppy counts :slight_smile:

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@robintemplin I keep seeing that! You’re not eating enough! LOL
I’m trying to make a variety of foods to choose from. I think at first, you make dinner, eat the same meat as everybody else while they add sides. You’re basically cutting your food in half. Then I’m reading people saying they’re eating 2 lbs of roast at a sitting and I’m aghast! :rofl:
So the new plan is the variety. I think it was @Azi who once said “I have all the Carnivore food groups at this meal.”
@Fangs you were right when you said I just need support. This forum is a lifeline!

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Sorted the ‘like’ issue thanks , just don’t ask me how I did it🤣



I honestly don’t care about the carnivore lifestyle… I have plans and I make experiments. And I don’t want to waste precious protein in the process. So I won’t. I quit playing and hoping.

Well I had a pretty perfect meal if I look at the numbers. It was too fatty and made me nauseous a bit but maybe it was my awful, stubborn headache that really should ■■■■ off already. Oh I got squares so I don’t need to blur it, perfect. Strong words have their role and I can’t imagine why they are a problem to anyone, seriously… Oh well.

But I just came to report :slight_smile:
30 min long eating window at 5pm, my safe minimum protein intake (accidentally. I tracked after I ate as usual), maybe 70% fat.
I got another 15g lard from frying chuck, I have 40g now, it will take ages to use it up… Sigh. So I better keep my fried meat intake in check. Or figure out what to do with lard. I forgot since I got good at minimizing my added fat usage…
I thought good meat is such a waste on me when I am in PAIN and can’t enjoy it… But it doesn’t work that way, maybe partially… So I had eggs I didn’t want (but it was fine) and meat from my soup. And the good fried stuff too, it was still enjoyable but will be much better tomorrow, I plan a day without headache (but that doesn’t work that way either).
And sausage and quark, that’s for protein.
And I ate my very fatty items too, just not in the beginning. It was a tad too fatty but gave me good macros.
So not my most enjoyable meal but the numbers are okay. Maybe a bit too much fat for today but it would be great for other days. I am so, so inactive. I walked only 3km or something today as my ankle acted up, no workout as I had bad headache, even the lawnmowing is out now and it is something I really should do already so tomorrow that will happen, I. Don’t. Care. What my head does. It can’t be much worse, can it? :smiley: (Of course it can.)
I am sooo ready to do things and such things hinder me. And I am bad with pain. I am almost never in pain, I always was prone to tiny headaches but those aren’t nearly this bad. I am whiny. And I feel entitled to be one - even though I am fully aware many other people has bigger pains all the time. Poor souls.

But something happened. No idea if a big part of it is my eating, it can be, I know other reasons… And now I am full with desire to do things. More than what my body is okay with and it’s upsetting. But if I have enough energy, it seems that works on it instead me being simple a pile of misery. That’s good. I feel I wanna run and fly and everything and as soon as anything gets better, I will make an honest attempt at it. And no way it can’t get better when I want it this much!


Tomorrow I go leaner a bit. I didn’t feel this since the very beginning when I couldn’t handle 70% fat yet. Normally I can, I probably just used the wrong items at the wrong time or IDK. Or it’s my headache.

But it’s so tricky. If I go too lean, I don’t get enough calories and gets hungry and use too much protein. 120g is so perfect for me. I don’t know why my body has this obsession with certain numbers but they are very obvious after tracking for so long.
I accept sometimes I may need more, that’s fine. I like interesting numbers and I can’t go too high anyway, I always stop around 200-220g protein and that’s not so high yet, feels good. Just unneeded and costly. And it’s not like I don’t like fat… So it makes sense to have that instead of unnecessary protein. Anyway, if I eat high protein (let’s not consider 120g high even though it’s over 2g/kg for LBM in my case), I usually overeat as I eat fatty protein.

I could just eat whatever I like, of course… When I like something, of course.
I lean to eating according to plan now (oh don’t worry, it never happens with me… I just plan , I can make a way better plan than what I usually just do… and try to follow it vaguely. Obviously whatever my body really wants, it gets so there’s that. But it’s nice to have some guideline without blindly doing things. I have body signs, sure but they aren’t that great, I can’t just tell what and how much I should eat, I don’t feel that so well. That’s why experiments are nice, I have guidelines. And my body decides the rest for a while… And my mind may take control when my body gets clueless. But I can’t guess my intake so planning can be helpful too. Especially for OMAD. I don’t want to eat at midnight just because I got satiated or kind of, these things aren’t always so clear and foolishly stopped eating so hadn’t enough.)

Not for me, it wouldn’t work. I get super bored of meat (fish and seafood isn’t an option for me, turkey happens but I have little now and can’t go to get more) and that’s bad. I must eat my several eggs and I don’t do that now (it was 3 today? I didn’t want even those), it’s dangerous. Or not, maybe I am fine with meat now, I surely feel so at the moment but I had meaty days before and I got bored and had to do low-meat days again.
And even if choose meat: which one, with how big of a fat content? It’s very important. And other things too. Satiation is odd, chicken and pork shoulders aren’t for me, I easily overeat like crazy there (if I depend on them much. a little is fine). But too lean leaves me hungry even if I eat as much as I can of it.
Oh I will figure it out :slight_smile: I think pork chuck with some fattier stuff will do. On OMAD, to keep things simpler. More meals complicate things so much I can’t make proper decisions and I probably will eat way too much and get bored of carni food and quit. I really don’t want to quit now so I will be careful, won’t eat too much of anything. (I still may eat as much pork thigh as I want when I make my next roast… :smiley: I am curious what will happen. But I probably should eat 5 eggs before, just to stay safe… And some fatty stuff too.)

I am not really set in my ways, I am still unsure and experiment as much as I can. But if you mean, yes, my body has fixed things and they never will change (I have tastes and opinions too, yep, they don’t easily change either). Or some of them may, I saw surprising things on carnivore and even before (never would have thought I can live without vegs even for a little while) but I am not there yet. There are things outside of possibilities. I can’t live on meat. Even with my lots of eggs and dairy, I reached the point where I had to go almost vegetarian for a while, meat was so off-putting. I get this when I overdo things. I changed a lot but I still wouldn’t eat meat only. I don’t even want to, ever. I am super attached to my eggs and I find this perfect :slight_smile: (Until I find myself in a position where I can’t have them. But I will change then and not a day before. I rather would be an ovo-vegetarian than anything else without my eggs. I proved I can live without meat just fine. Not good enough though now I could go lower with carbs so it probably would be okay… Trickier nutrition wise though, possibly… My old vegetarian keto minus most vegs, IDK what that would be like. Surely fine short term but longer term…? Meat makes me lazy and spoiled, it’s too perfect nutritionally, I don’t need to complicate things :D)

I still don’t know what ketovore is but I don’t want that, it’s like keto and low-carb, nice but not enough. I will figure out how to eat in fruit season (if I do OMAD, I am more “free”) but for May, carnivore(-ish. I ate 30g radish today as I overdid the fatty stuff and couldn’t handle it. I had no sponge cakes as I thought it won’t be needed. never should run out of them…) is quite important. But I can’t just do it without thinking about how. I need to make my food decisions well. I still don’t have enough information so I experiment.

I just want to feel good. I never even cared about ketosis. I just want to feel right. And simplicity and chill is nice too.
But some thinking and experimenting and challenge and training is fun :slight_smile: I just need to do too much of these, it seems. As things don’t go into the right direction automatically. Not even with my pretty okay bodily signs.

Oh my I did it again. I should think without writing but writing is a wonderful environment for thinking for me.

I will try to be scarce! But I will report tomorrow evening. Tomorrow will be easier, I have a lot of fried pork, nice stuff. By the way, I ate it cold and it was… Low-key crackling(s?) :smiley: Softer, way meatier, without skin but definitely resembles it when cold.

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Breakfast is the most important meal because it is the breaking of your fast so doesn’t matter time of day you eat it …its the first meal after your fast (break fast).

You say you don’t want to waste protein if your in pain, but protein is the building blocks of your body to heal your ankle protein should be your priority make you heal faster.

The few times I step back to ketovore (high meat plus / tiny vege ) or sweetend treat
Can sends me off track as in a teaspoon more or just another slice…not that I’ve ever eaten a high carb food since going keto but even if I add in like a keto granola or sweetened carnivore desert then it
Can lead to eating more…the only good thing is because it’s always low low carb step backs, getting back to carnivore is easy so I just keep my keto/ketovore treats to birthdays /Christmas and special occassions i try to make it one meal but sometimes that becomes add ons foe two or three meals then back to strict carnivore but that’s what works for me…


Proof that body weight scales are at best unhelpful.


The rib eye had not fully defrosted. The days are cooler. I had left it out on the sink. Mrs. Bear said, defrost it in the microwave. I would not do that to a rib eye.

It’s a thick cut, so I put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

I had rib eyes for Saturday and Sunday night. The medication changes agreed to with the specialist rheumatologist have resulted in painful immobile days at the start. I took some prednisone on the third day and found some relief. I wasted that relief on catching up on work, rather than walking the dog.

These rib eyes I ate were amazing. I put the cast iron camp oven on the top of the wood fire stove. It gets hot enough to sizzle. I cook in some butter. But I put the lid on the oven over the sizzling steak. So it’s bake fried. They are too thick to cook in a frypan. They would burn. The wood fire cooking gets a much better result than the solar powered convection stove top.

Last night I got a home-made beef stew out from the freezer and gently warmed it in a casserole dish over the fire. I make beef stew cooked in bone broth sometimes and have takeaway containers stacked in the fridge freezer and the chest freezer. It was in case we had to isolate with virus issues and didn’t feel like cooking. It is very nutrition dense. When it was warm enough, I stirred in a tablespoon of rubbery beef bone broth concentrate, and that added a saltiness and creaminess to the event. One big bowl and I felt like I would never have to eat again. It was a warm, loving hug from the inside.


Yeah I heard that already, nope, breakfast is the morning meal to me. Especially that it’s like that in Hungarian, breakfast includes “morning” and not much else :slight_smile:
And when people say breakfast is the most important meal, they think about morning meals.

And? I still won’t waste protein. I wrote, I eat more than possibly needed for my body. I always eat high-protein, that won’t change… I already slightly(?) overeat protein. More won’t help me a thing, possibly burden my poor body (but it never complained so I wouldn’t worry about that). If my body wanted 5g/kg protein a day or anything from more meat, it would tell me.
I had way over a pound of meat yesterday too, I can’t imagine it wasn’t enough and my body seemed pleased. And of course it wasn’t my only source of protein.

Protein is the last thing anyone should be worry about regarding my eating :slight_smile: I always have plenty, on every woe (not on my 5 plant-based days but if I did it again now, I surely would go high. It’s super easy to eat 200g protein there, I probably couldn’t do it only adequate protein if I wanted. Once I ate 160g gluten for lunch, that’s very satiating… I just don’t consider doing it often a great idea nutrition wise and who knows, maybe even my body wouldn’t like excessive gluten… Doesn’t really matter, I don’t even plan to stop eating meat let alone eggs and dairy. I just wanted to say I can’t eat not high protein).

But I didn’t want to come here this early. My eating window is so, so, so very far away and I feel super full. No wonder at 9am… After a ton of water. Without coffee I drink so much… I don’t miss coffee but I want to drink something. Hopefully it will pass.

I am only 76kg now, no idea what that means as it’s after drinking very much and in clothes. I gave up on ever knowing my morning weight, I just can’t do that, I drink way before the thought could cross my mind. But I am obviously 75kg as every morning on every diet since 1.5 years. Nearly as a few times I managed to eat so much that it had an impact…

I don’t need to cook today, not for Alvaro, not for me. Just sponge cakes and that’s good as I would miss if I hadn’t even have a tiny thing to do in the kitchen… And egg pudding from the leftover broth.

And I messed up my original plan way befotre I started to eat :slight_smile: I will try with fat first, as much as I can do. Right now too fatty things seem off-putting but let’s see what hungry me will think. And I still can eat protein rich but unusually fatty things :slight_smile: I have a big variety and I will start with that.


fast post
busy busy and one more busy :slight_smile: but with my carnivore lifestyle I know I don’t have to worry about what I eat in a day HA

steak and pork on menu for me.

gotta get stuff handled but nice thing is our weather flipped to alot more sun and heat and should be staying that way. SO SO happy summer time is here and I can truly enjoy my weather I love.

mind on opening pool but not quite just yet :sunny:

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Well - eating more didn’t bode well, yesterday I had the groaning plate of 3 different meats and lastnight, 3 thin (but so tender) slices of tenderloin, plus 3 slices Colby-cheddar cheese. Maybe it was the cheese, but tummy troubles galore this morning.
So if I am to eat more it will mean adding eating events, as a lot at once still taxes the gallbladder way too much.
Could also be partly the cheese, that can go easily.
Still by 10:30, like Pavlov’s carnivorous dog, I’m ready to break my fast. Fixed 3 slices of bacon and 2 eggs, was yummy.

Picking up from the farmer’s drop this morning. One thing is a beef tongue. I’ll slow cook that. Looking forward to it!

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Up at the crackling of dawn and at work by 6am, got home at 3.15pm via the City Hospital where I was just going to drop off the bag of essentials for my friend but hr was dresses and said he was coming with me and going home! Oh right okay!

Had sliced cooked chicken heated in butter at 11.15am and was feeling very hungry by 12.30 when my colleague brought her heated up chilli into the office, the smell got to me and set the hunger pangs off. Fortunately I had a baby tin of tuna in my bags had that.

I was very ready to eat something more substantial by time I got home and cooked a rump steak and followed that with chicken wings. Feel quite full now.

Early night again tonight as I am cream crackered and back at work again tomorrow :roll_eyes:

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bone broth jello, ny strip fried in camel fat, then the eggs fried in the same pan (smoke alarm was very angry. Very, very angry). Side of raw beef suet and liver. Seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever had!


I googled and searched the April topic but didn’t find much info about the “fat first” approach… Only the “fat first in the morning” where it was a tiny butter…
I know some of you tried it as you said so last month, what does it mean? How much fat and only fat?
I merely try to do a fat fast like (how do we write this?) beginning, it’s definitely not just a tiny fat but it includes protein as I can’t eat only fat (just a tiny bit but what could that help? it’s basically not fat first if protein rich stuff follows it in 1 minute).

I baked beautiful sponge cakes again. Yes, they can’t be properly firm in their eggy ways (ooops I forgot salt now. it still works as I don’t eat it alone but as I wrote a few times, I like more salt lately) but they aren’t so hopelessly deflated and wet on the bottom as before (yep, I needed that mixer).

I ate at 17:15, after being hungry for a while but not in an uncomfortable way. It is nice to be hungry sometimes, when the hunger isn’t a bothersome thing.

I tried out “fat first”. It pretty much killed my joy and now I feel so off…
It was just as effective for satiation as on fat fast so it was hard to eat some protein. I especially didn’t want my fried meat as that is fatty too… I still ate some but it wasn’t enjoyable. It’s good I had sponge cakes and quark.

I will try it again but with a TINY fat :smiley: Egg milk with lard was especially not a brilliant idea. Hungry me quite welcomed the slice of pork yowl, a bite of sour cream is always nice and there is absolutely no problem with scrambled eggs with sausage (that was the least fatty part but still fattier than my average food, I think).

So I am super full now. I ate as much as I could. And I felt better. But I am fine, today I have no headache and my mood is loads better. I won the graphic contest and got ad free environment for my friends in our private room (and for me everywhere), it was too easy, I still can’t draw but I have improved, not regarding actual drawing, that goes slowly and I practiced for many years for it but passion and getting ideas.

I mowed the lawn in the worst place, finally…

So I still have plenty of fried pork and I am pretty sure I didn’t show this pic yet…

@Ketodaisy: What is camel fat like?

I tracked. Even with all my borderline forced protein eating, my protein is extremely low (for me. I am sure tons of people eat less every day without problems. It’s probably adequate but I wouldn’t expect muscle gain on that level though I am aware it is possible. For some people, at least). I just can’t eat much after a very fatty start, I experienced that before when I tried fat fast and egg fast was somewhat similar though very different…

But I won’t say I ate anywhere close to too much for sure this time… Guesstimation says around 1200 kcal and I didn’t want the second half of the food just knew and felt I need more food. But I was very satiated with no appetite after the fat.

It isn’t so very informative yet, it was only a single day, after all. I will experiment more but I will be more careful with the fat, my fat part will be subtler. That’s way easier and nicer anyway.

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Yay, you’re back in public mode and visible again.


Fantastic news about the graphic contest.

I’ll try to help, but I have a few caveats with stuff I’m going through at the moment.

I approach eating fat first in two ways:

  • I cook a very fatty piece of meat and then deliberately eat the fat until satiation before eating any of the protein
  • I eat added fat at the start of my meal - e.g. slices of butter or tallow, or a tablespoon of ghee - and I only move onto protein when I am tired of fat

You seem sad about this - but I think it’s the point of eating fat first. You’re meant to be satiated sooner because you’ve given your body the energy it needs from fat, and then you’re eating sufficient protein to give your body the building blocks it needs to regenerate cells and have muscle growth.

A few weeks ago, I ate 70g of added fat before a meal.
Now I eat 25g (max) of added fat before a meal.

My caveat is that I don’t know if the 70g was a falsely inflated appetite through medication, or if 25g is a falsely suppressed appetite through medication - or if having 70g for two meals for a few weeks solved something that was missing, and now I only need 25g.

The recommendation is to eat fat until satiation, then eat protein until satiation. Like most things, I think only you can find the best set up for your body.

I do feel an awful lot better though. I have long been feeling as if my fat/protein ratio was off and couldn’t figure how to solve it. Making my own beef tallow and letting butter back into my way of eating resolved this for me.

Hope that helps.

(Daisy) #38

Fat first is just eating your fat of choice until it no longer appeals to you, then eat your protein. I’m doing a semi fat first approach, but I’m not eating it to satiety, just what I’ve chosen to eat.

I honestly don’t know how to describe the camel fat and I actually tasted a tiny taste off the spoon and it was not appealing :joy: but it makes the food incredible!!


I have been gravitating toward Carnivore over the last few weeks. Probably not ready to call myself completely there yet, but getting close enough to start participating in these threads I think. No pics of the food, but here has been my day today.

Morning: Coffee with a pat of butter and a splash of heavy cream.

Lunch: Fresh grilled chicken breast wrapped in 2 thick slices of bacon

Dinner: 7 oz sirloin and two hamburger patties (put a slice of pepperjack cheese on one of them) on the Blackstone in addition to 3 fried eggs topped with a can of sardines.

I’m officially stuffed…LOL

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@Midnightmoon Welcome! You’ll find this forum to be a great supportive lifeline and a close community.
@Shinita Congrats on winning the graphics contest!
On fat first: I see it. It’s second nature to grab that delicious fat and munch away. SO satisfying, it seems like the first thing I always want to eat. That pork butt doesn’t even make it into the pan before I chew the fat from around the edges.
Protein is great too but it can wait :blush: