May Meat Up

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Thank you for that.
If you’re willing to move to Weatherford Texas you’d be welcome but you’ve got to share in doing the chores around the farm. That includes feeding and knowing your future food. :wink:

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Lamb fajitas today minus the grilled onion and peppers.
Instead of brushing the Egglife wrap with butter and toasting them in the skillet I brushed them with the rendered lamb fat from cooking the skirt steak.


I have no photo but had an early lunch: peasant’s breakfast using up the leftover smoked ham, sausage and lean pork (very lean, I ate all the slightly fatty and nice outside parts yesterday)! I put grated Grana Padano and lots of sour cream on top (it was hot, I was hungry and sour cream is fabulous: I use it to make things less spicy, less hot, creamier and lovelier, sometimes more sour… now I run out). Yum. But not enough, it’s good I had carni biscuits with quark from yesterday. And cream cheese. Right now I refuse to care about fatty stuff, I eat whatever I fancy. I have my fat fast (or close) days so it’s not like I eat a lot every day… I need to exercise more though, last week I was too sedentary. Yesterday I had a 12km walk though, not much but more than usual… I did it in the wrong shoes, ouch. I need to be careful. Those light little things are perfect for the garden or for a small walk but get uncomfortable after an hour.

We still have rainy days. We have lots of sun too but rain as well and we had enough! Rain is especially unlucky just before and in the beginning of cherry season :frowning:
We visit the wolf spider holes every day (well, I do, Alvaro only in the weekends) and sometimes we see some but they don’t like rainy days very much. I get it, I wouldn’t like it either if I lived in a vertical hole… Why do they do that?
Nature is very pretty in late spring (all those flowers and now fruits as well), I should enjoy it more!


Where is everyone?

I extremely rarely have regrets regarding my eating but I have now. I think I underestimated my fat sensitivity, no wonder as I am not really sensitive to fat - but if I have a high fat percentage in weight, I still may have problems. Namely, nausea. Not a big deal but still unpleasant and I hate it. Ouch. I will eat way leaner tomorrow! :smiley: Now that I think about, yesterday was fatty too… Maybe all those ~60% fat days made me more sensitive too? I don’t know, near 90% fat always was quite extraordinary for me… But I usually handle well the occasional day. Not this time.

Today was a cute fat fast-ish day, about 87% fat, it was nice to eat but got nausea later. I ate what I prefer for a fat fast day: pork belly, sausage, a fried yolk (always a joy) and some more fats (but very little pure added fat, it’s not my idea of fun so I stopped that. I gladly eat some lard or butter but not much and I almost run out of the latter anyway. I have lots of whipped cream, my day was quite creamy!). No photo this time.

I plan to eat my tiny leftover lean pork tomorrow, several eggs and a tin of fish. I have lots of quark too… So I doubt I will be starving even if I don’t want the fatty processed meat I still have (or bothering with chicken). I have sponge cakes and 2 cheesy fluffs.
And almost no cream cheese, it was quite popular, Alvaro ate it multiple times. We need to buy more, useful item.

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Nothing special today just four lamb burgers topped with some butter.


Lamb would be pretty special to me… Maybe one day but it’s fine, we pick up our veal tomorrow!!!

(I ended up getting hungry yesterday and ate protein until I reached my usual 130g… Oh well, I will try it again tomorrow. Today I eat my planned pork and fish and eggs. And Thursday will be very pork-y after multiple days with very little pork, I surely will need it. But I cook my chicken liver and heart stew already too, I am afraid my schmalz go bad if I wait even more… Anyway, it’s fun!)

And while it’s a bit far from carnivore, how else could I talk about the first beef I ate in 2024? So consider this a tiny warning, I don’t think it’s a big deal but I am just me.
Our goulash was absolutely amazing. I forgot how wonderful beef can be (especially after several months… things tend to be even more enjoyable after a long break). I really love stews and soups and goulash is both at the same time. I will experiment with carnivore-ish soup stews as it sounds a wonderful combo. I worked on persuading Alvaro (AGAIN… I had notes but he didn’t accept the ratio first. true it was tiny vegs but the meat was tiny too!) to keep it very very meaty and I was successful in the end (and I let him have the big carrot pieces. that always was his thing). Whoever said beef shank is the best cut for stews spoke the truth, most probably. I barely ever tasted a few cuts but I don’t even want something tastier than this. That would cause problems :smiley: It was very, very, very good. But it has those membranes or what so we got only 600g meat in the end. The membrane things were a bit fatty and tasty (I put them into the air fryer) but I couldn’t chew them so the cats ate it. They had ZERO problem. It disappeared almost instantly…
The rest of the meat became tender and super good. Not too fatty (I dislike tallow. well I hate it separated from the meat so I probably wouldn’t like some very fatty beef either), not too lean, just right! It took a long time on open fire but it’s fine.

Vegs can’t be avoided when we have very little beef as Alvaro can’t eat it without any and this time the amount was too tiny for a proper stew. But it wasn’t overly carby for me and it was super tasty. But next time I will make my own stew soup :slight_smile: I wonder if Alvaro will accept it as he is fine with our stews and the stew soup will be the same plus water and maybe dumplings. I even can make carby dumplings for him… Worth to try. The goulash very obviously got its flavor from beef and paprika (maybe onion but I am not sure, I made perfectly stew tasting things without any. okay, once and it was turkey but why wouldn’t it work with even tastier red meats? paprika is for the sauce, they say but that may not matter for soup stews…), the traditional vegs hardly helped much, they seem to be just there to appease normal, veg loving people and add volume, making it cheaper…? It’s not always the case, normal meat soups get better from certain vegs even according to my tastes but goulash? It doesn’t really need them IMO. And that’s great news as I LOVE goulash to bits, even more than normal stew because it has lots of amazing liquid.

I had to google goulash recipes again. Yeah… We made it very differently, without unnecessary extras :smiley: I wonder why all the foreign recipes I ever saw use a ton of paprika. Our paprika is potent, we don’t need as much. Hungarian recipes always use way less. And we do use a lot but not THAT much.
And we use water, not broth. We can’t just go and buy broth in the supermarket, maybe that’s why but it’s totally unnecessary anyway, the result will be super tasty anyway.

This week I may try some fried veal brisket (if that is the right cut but I think so), it sounds nice. Does one fry it? Probably. I fry virtually anything anyway.

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Ho hum YUM

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Ooh what have i eaten and done over last few days?

Saturday i didn’t get to CrossFit as it was booked solid and i didn’t sleep very well friday night so i took my name off the wait list…i was still only 3rd in line !
Had a resting day then went to Moulton in Northamptonshire, took a little over an hour to get there but we had a fabulous night dancing non stop!
Another bad night sleep saturday but up early in prep to to pick up Ben for meeting his nephew. Sian was a little anxious about how he would react but little munchkin slept solid and Ben wasn’t really interested… still time lol. We went to the nature reserve to the cafe so he could enjoy an sweet tea and c**e and then we walked about 2.5 miles to a pub/eatery where we all ate really well. I had …sorry no pic …slow cooked beef rib on the bone and 2 sides of pigs in blankets. I asked for 2 as i thought they would be baby cocktail size sausages but they were larger and there were 6 of them! I managed to eat every scrap, it was so delicious. We all really enjoyed our meals … i was so surprised as i haven’t eaten there since wayyyyy pre covid but the staff were fab and so patient with Ben and they surpassed themselves with the food! It is a sizzliing food chain but we had the best experience ever! Then as we were about to leave the heavens opened so we sat back down for Ben, Sian and Dave to have dessert. After all the food we walked back home where i had parked my car and i took Ben back to his home …one happy chappy!

Bank holiday monday, yesterday. I took Raymond shopping. I had wanted to do Murph at CrossFit but again had slept terrible so rested.i did some stair running with daily db exercises but thats all. Took Raymond shopping and had a small brunch in the cafe … 2 fried eggs on 2 black pudding… would have been satisfied with just 1 egg n black pud so will cut down the meal size next time!

Had a much better sleep last night and got to put it down to not having any cheese and not having coffee after midday. Hope it continues… not buying cheese again until i forget how bad i sleep after including it in my diet! :wink: so i went to CrossFit this morning…yay! I have booked on the next couple of days too. Going to try not to book things in diary too early in the day so i can manage to get there regularly. I thought after i retired i would be going there much more but i am so busy! I have since rested by sitting and getting my books in order and doing some sewing so have been in a seated position lol

Probably going to feel todays workout tomorrow… jerks, deadlifts and weighted box step ups…lots!

Foodie pics


It’s extremely hard for me to get satiated without a proper amount of proper meat :frowning: I had little leftover pork, sausage, tinned fish, cheese and eggs galore… (I forgot about the existence of quark but I can’t eat it every day anyway. And we have Masdaam cheese now. Oh my, 10*/10! Pure bliss and explosion of flavors! There is a reason it’s my fav cheese :smiley: ) Nope, it’s just isn’t the same. I hope I can buy some pork tomorrow (most probably, the local supermarket get new pork on Tuesday) but the veal is a sure thing! :smiley:
I looked at their FB page, the beef farm has beef once in every few months but for some reason, it’s the second chance in May but who knows when they will have it again? Good thing Alvaro caught it. We ordered very little but we don’t have much freezer space and we just try it out this time…

We still have 100 eggs. Nice. We had 131 eggs twice in the last weeks… That is quite many nowadays that I eat less eggs! Even if I have an egg phase right now :wink: I never go back to my old amounts anymore or just for a day.

Summer is here. Sigh. My room got too hot at night. It’s only May!

I definitely feel yesterday’s workout today :smiley: (Mostly my triceps as usual.) I neglected my workouts for a long time but I resumed and hopefully won’t take a long break in the foreseeable future!
I still don’t do leg exercises but if I did, I would be very careful and it’s super easy to make some massive aches there.

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Take a guess what I ate today. Let’s just say it was an egglisious day. :yum:

So a neighbor and friend was telling me he’s overwhelmed with Guinea eggs so I told him I’d take all he could spare.


Yes, I can find that happens as well. Sometimes our exocrine pancreas can feel a bit overloaded when asked to produce the enzymes needed for food digestion. A bit may spill and cause mild information in that stomach and pancreas area. That translates into nausea messages in the chemoreceptor trigger zone (CrtZ) in the brain. Easing off the apparent macronutrient overload, or fasting usually resolves it quickly.

I am marking end of semester assignments, so am totally locked in at the computer working through hundreds of projects by a deadline, and giving each one the fairness and feedback it deserves. I have found that I am eating more and I will snack on a 2-egg plain omelette with just a bit of salt, cooked in butter, as a good kick along. Otherwise I am staying on plan with ruminant red meat at night (Beef or lamb), and an occasional hot beef bone broth when the wintry weather arrives (it has! Hooray!).

Winter is awesome carnivore time. I’m looking forward to chicken soups and hearty beef, lamb, or venison stews. My German mum used to make an awesome Hungarian Goulash. Maybe I can convince her back to the stove. She’s only in her 80’s. What a great name for a dish, ‘goo-lash’.

Went to get a coffee at the local vendor today and he said, “Cripes mate, you’ve lost weight!” yes, people do say “Cripes” here. I guess that’s what happens when eating is important but it drops into the background as a foundation to life. Kinda like a mortgage? As in a mortgage just seems to disappear in the background of day-to-day life. Maybe I should use a Netflix subscription as a metaphor.

Keep on Carnivoring ON! We’re almost at “Meat Chewin’ June”!

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So i ran to CrossFit yesterday did a horrible workout and ran home after… having talked to some guys at CrossFit this morning it seems everyone felt it…when the coach put the scores up yesterday i just said “God loves a trier!” Which he wrote on the board as GLAT and he said today that he wrote that a few more times after mine lol…not really sure that made me feel any better!
Today was a great workout. I knocked 2 mins off the run there and back and straight into bath and got ready for dancing this afternoon. Had a super time but didn’t eat before going and was a bit hank marvin by the time i got into car to come home. I had taken some plain cooked chicken with me which wasn’t very nice…but i ate it because i was hungry. Just had half a chicken … i thought i had put it in the oven but looking up at least 45mins after prepping it it is still there sitting on the top of the hob … and i am still hungry​:tired_face: fortunately it didn’t take long to be ready for eating :blush:

Dancing again tomorrow but no CrossFit because i wouldn’t have enough time to get ready.

Food pics


I never thought about that :smiley:

I just came to talk about my beef. The (not so) meaty bones weren’t a huge success. No regret, it was cheap, I didn’t expect very much and it did give me soup, cat food and not so great but edible stuff (I managed to put away some proper scraps for Alvaro, I can eat the membranous stuff)… But it wasn’t so great and I had to work to separate things… Nope, nextr time I buy normal meat and make a really good soup! The meat was little because I only could fit 3 bones into my pot (I bought 5), 2 normal meaty bones and the big mostly-bone. It was not enough meat for the water and while it tasted like broth I suppose, definitely not just some slightly flavored water (that was the rabbit soup when we didn’t know better and used too little rabbit for the water :D), it wasn’t really meaty.
No problem, I put some pork into it :upside_down_face: But some proper amount of good beef would have been good. So yep, I use up the bones (I plan to add duck necks next time as I have them in the freezer since many weeks, I should use them up already) and won’t buy it again.

The proper meats are loads better, I only tried the brisket this far.
Yesterday I tried to make a fat fast. I wasn’t even hungry until about 5pm! I had these and some creamy coffees:

The molded gem things are lard pieces, I do love snacking on a little lard but it’s so soft even from the fridge that I just put them into my new “gem” candy mold (that I planned to use for jelly. those gems calls for translucency!).

I ate this all, nice - and a little time later I got hungry. I suppose I should put my fat fast days after properly meaty days. It doesn’t matter I ate enough protein the previous day, it wasn’t from normal meat so it doesn’t count…? It’s just a theory, I don’t know the logic of my body but it does have this obsession with proper amount of meat.
So I quickly fried up the two slices of brisket I already cut off to try. The brisket is leanish except a big fat layer on top, well not big compared to the whole thing… But I made my slices in a way that they got pretty fatty. I prefer marbling but I can appreciate a meat+fat layer duo as well, I just need the fat being well-fried in the outside. I used my pan and the air fryer, 40 minutes in total. It was a bit chewy but not raw at all, nothing I couldn’t chew properly and I do love various textures including chewy. The taste was fine (nothing stellar but good), I was hungry so I enjoyed it quite much and finished the day well satiated and satisfied. I am looking forward to the rest of the brisket but we will cook it longer! :slight_smile:
I only left a tiny leaner bit for Alvaro to try. He found it chewy.

The possible-ribeye looks even much more promising than the brisket but I had enough beef for a while so we don’t have a plan with it yet. We would gladly eat more stew or Goulash but neither cut is good for it, I mean, surely the ribeye makes a great one, it’s just a waste when beef shank works quite well. I suppose a tiny bit more fat makes it even better but really just a bit, I like ours the way we make it. People have quite different tastes there, I saw Goulash recipes with various cuts with various fattiness… I like it with only a moderate amount of fat so shank is totally for me.

Today I made not only soup but fried 2 huge chicken legs (390g with bones), I already ate mine, Alvaro had other ideas for dinner (cheese was seriously involved). It’s so, so amazing that after no success for years, I finally can make chicken thigh/leg with crunchy skin, thanks to the air fryer. That machine really shines when it comes to a final crunch!
I was so elated (and busy with other things) that I totally forgot to add anything but salt to the chicken. I didn’t even notice when I was eating it. So it was nice for a cheap supermarket chicken for hungry me :slight_smile:

We still have rain and sunshine quite often, the plants grow like crazy, I did pretty much garden work today for lazy me (mostly mowing the lawn), thankfully the weather was nice, not too hot (I didn’t do it in the hottest hours but I appreciate it wasn’t too hot outside of those hours. I should enjoy this time because when hot summer hits, it will be bad).

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CrossFit, yummy photos, and dancing. What’s not to love, even if you have a few GLAT DAYS!

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I have lots of GALT days at CrossFit :rofl: but yes, doing a lot more dancing these days and we intend to enjoy them while the health trend continues.

No CrossFit this morning which was just as well i didn’t sleep well last night. The past 2 nights i have been very tired and ready for bed by 9pm! I get maybe 2.5 hours sleep then wide awake so again last night i came back downstairs, watched a 3/4hr of first dates and decided maybe i was just a bit empty and needed more food as i only ate the packet of chicken slices on way home from dancing and half a chicken for dinner plus a packet of shredded poached salmon… and i had done copious amounts of exercise during the day, so i cooked up 2 black puddings and went back to bed and low and behold slept (albeit i still got up a further couple of times for a wee!) This morning i left out stair running but did the db exercises and core work then after my daily reading time went and got ready for dancing in Lichfield this afternoon. Had a super afternoon, we do enjoy our tea dances, and went shopping when i got home. Went to The Company Shop to get some cooked meats and more packets of shredded poached salmon cos it is very tasty and came out with a lot more … of course🙄 i must admit i was wondering how i would fit it all in the freezer but as i checked the use by dates noticed quite a few things still had a few days left so i was able to pop a lot in the fridge for now…phew!
Food so far today has been a rump steak and 5 waitrose tandoori spiced chicken thighs… cold… very nice…should have bought more but i bought one packet spiced and one packet plain so i will re heat the plain ones in a pan with butter :slightly_smiling_face:

Couple of pics from Saturdays great dance (it was a full house with a little under 100 dancers!) And foodies pics.20240531_192433 20240531_192730 were are in both pics lol… i am wearing jumpsuit.

forgot to take a pic of the rump which i ate for brunch…it was just another steak :grin:
Just adding a screenshot of the video my daughter sent me this morning…this little munchkin is 4 weeks old today, where is the time going? Finally learning to smile properly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s June here in the Earth balance hemisphere. I’ll fire up the Meat Chewin’ June Challenge.

@robintemplin or an admin time to close this chat. We have all had our victories for May. Let’s refresh in the June thread.

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