May Meat Up

(Geoffrey) #1

Since no one has started a carnivore daily food thread then I’ll do it. Where’s @Fangs when we need her? :grin:
If a thread has been started then the mods can can this one.

So I’ll start it off with some chafflewiches. One made with tuna fish, fresh not canned and the other with buttery chicken. Mayonnaise used was homemade butter Mayo. Chaffles were made with egg and pork rind panko with no cheese.
I ended up eating four of them along with some picked quail eggs.

(Geoffrey) #2

Soft boiled eggs on paffles today.
Also ate some tuna fish and some roast chicken drenched in butter.

(Judy Thompson) #3

Late enough here, a sleepy day after a long work weekend. I’ll write tomorrow. Thanks for starting this thread @Geezy56! Love the little quail eggs. Dad raised quail in the 70s but I was vegetarian and didn’t get any!


Thanks for getting the May Meat Up up and on the barbecue @Geezy56!

I am continuing on cleaner carnivore but have been totally swallowed by my full-time job. But another but, with eating cleaner on carnivore I feel much more resilient to the daily challenges and shifting workload. It hasn’t been a smooth ride. There were a few birthdays (and more this week), and a big “Cousins Dinner” - that is like a Viking feast when it gets going. A few more family get togethers with a brother’s 60th and a sister-in-law birthday, and my aunty’s 94th.

Hey, I found this great sleeping tablet. If I have a really good scotch fillet steak (or two - depending on the thickness of the cut) cooked in butter and salted to taste, I sleep so deep and refreshingly that I bounce out of bed pre-dawn (6am).

Looking at working at it better through May. Plain, butter, eggs and salt omelettes for breakfast, beef steak for dinner, and biltong if I get snacky or work triggers a craving.

I was at the local beach last night. It has been a long dry summer here and the local ecologists are predicting an ecosystem collapse of the forests in the area. The first welcome rains for winter came in as we walked along the beach and gave the region a drink (and some flooding).

Vegan climate activists want us to stop eating meat to mitigate Climate Change. I won’t be able to save the world without a good night’s rest. For that I need steak.


That looks absolutely delicious!! Yummmm

I know what a chaffel is, but what are paffles?

(Judy Thompson) #6

I had the same question. Pork?


Those eggs look so good! No yolks wasted that way!

(Karen) #8

Hi there been busy and emotionally exhausted as have SiL’s parents. We are all a bit teary awaiting the little man to be brought home
… should be this afternoon sometime. He was kept in with snuffles and mucus in his throat, popped on antibiotics and hopefully okay now. We are all desperate to welcome him home.

Went dancing yesterday which was a great distraction …2 dances one in the afternoon and another in the evening. We had the best time and danced are feet off. Both dances were very enjoyable and both played, different but lovely music. Both venues had great, good sized danceable floors too oh and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Couldn’t have asked for anything more…

Like old pre covid/stroke times!

Food over the past couple of days…

Just keeping it all simple as usual … no changes except i have re-introduced black coffee and cut out the tea
but still drinking a lot of hot water though that will change to cold this week as it has warmed up considerably today and hopefully in for the week before a week of rain to follow!

(Geoffrey) #9

I’ve gone cleaner myself. I’ve dropped all dairy (except butter, butter is life). It’s a trigger for me and it’s been getting out of hand lately. My homemade yogurt is just too tempting for me so it’s time to kick in some discipline.

You nailed it @JJFiddle. It’s chaffles made with pork rind panco instead of cheese.

@Karen18, beautiful grandchild. As a grandparent myself I share your joy.


Hi folks I am back (but try to behave, I mean the comment size, of course I plan to be super close to carnivore, at least for a while as I can’t seem to stick to it for long).

I had chaotic times, Alvaro was on holiday and cooked and there were fruits… But after our shopping I started to eat a decent amount of pork again (first it was too lean but I started to add the pork chuck trimmings to it, that did good… and once I soaked my leanest slices into milk with some garlic powder… That was nice and juicy. milk with garlic was the trick Mom did to chicken breast and it did the miracle of making it edible, even low-key enjoyable. I always hated chicken breast and almost never touched it in my life but there are a few ways to make them okay. I still eat fattier pork, of course but it’s good to know there is a way) and now I totally came back and hope to do things simpler than ever. So, mostly meat for now. I made it easy with 2kg freshly made pork roast (shoulder and the usual green ham), I cooked it early so I won’t end up waiting for hours for a proper food when hungry… And of course I couldn’t resist when my satiation went away… I only ate the leaner pork and it’s nice! As I eat the fattiest parts as usual :smiley: Alvaro will help me with the rest after he finishes his own dish (it won’t last long) but hunger and adding really fatty sides help too. I just should have some fattier fresh meat too. I have learned my lesson.
So, I love and make roasts again, not the best for summer temps but we don’t have those yet and the house is even cool downstairs. I almost never had roasts lately, I had those in the beginning but then I liked fried meat due to quickness and the huge surface area (I like that roasts have juicy middle parts but I prefer the nice outside. but some pan frying always helped and now I have an air fryer for the fattier meats, I won’t put my lean pork into it)… But now I enjoy my roasts again. It may be fine that I started to eat tiny meals early as I would have a hard time to eat a very substantial almost only meat meal. Even if I like my pork, I get bored of it pretty quickly (I mean the temporal thing when I am fine at the next meal). And I really don’t want to figure out how to eat a bunch of food without using fresh meat, it’s not convenient and almost surely triggers overeating as red meat is the only really satiating item of mine on carnivore. Though I very rarely tried to eat meat and eggs only… As eggs in bigger amounts would be boring without dairy… And anyway, dairy finds its way into my life all the time… I had a cheese whisp and some milky coffees today, I hope I will lose those one day but the amount was super tiny, not a problem this far.

So, I do what I can but I won’t particularly restrict myself :slight_smile: Maybe where I keep myself from getting less joy from eating just because something sounds nice but it doesn’t worth it. That’s a quite normal, hedonistic thing, not a true restriction.

Alvaro used the camera and I forgot to check the settings (I never do as it’s usually me who make photos here and then)… But the light wasn’t great anyway, I forgot to make a photo of my beautiful reddish fatty shiny roast when there was proper sunlight. I will do that tomorrow, I cooked a lot, after all :slight_smile:

I only can show my black tulip, it wilted recently, after being pretty for many days, waiting for me to shot it… I didn’t do it when it was its prime but it just started to wilt here and anyway, pretty flowers and pretty even when a bit wilted, at least tulips, they age remarkably well! (Lilac ages horribly. Or irises, we have them and they wilt almost immediately in the vase.)

I ate 4-5 times today, who cares, my eating window was below 7 hours. I ate pork roast (even a bit shoulder in the end), sponge cake with cured pork belly, a few thin slices of salami (Alvaro loves one kind and it was on a great sale so we bought some. it’s good, even I like it and I usually dislike it. but it’s mostly his), cheese wisps (oh I forgot about the second one, it’s still in the microwave oven…) and milky coffees (should stop already).
Good, very very meaty day but won’t track until tomorrow when I actually know the day is done. But I feel very very satiated now. Wasn’t hungry at dinnertime but still ate to avoid late eating, I guessed I still can use some more fatty protein… We will see.

@Karen18: Oh, baby photo! Newborns are usually not pretty but that mouth and subtle smile(?)! That surely is one of the prettiest I ever saw on a baby. Best wishes for the whole family!

(Judy Thompson) #11

@Karen18 oh he’s beautiful!! You haven’t met him yet have you? Looking forward to hearing about that! As always your food is beautiful too :blush: and what music do they play at dances? I’m shocked at myself for never wondering that before! A live band? What era music?

Ribeye today, crack chicken on chaffles yesterday. Not bad. Lastnight I made more chaffles and put the rest of the bacon from the crack chicken between 2 chaffles as my “snack.” without fb evening snack I wake up starving in the middle of the night… Similar to @FrankoBear, something at night is pretty pivotal to my rest!

I ended up eating a pound of shrimp with the rib eye… We split an 18 oz ribeye as we have found neither of us finishes more than half of it! Surf & turf though. Fills the bill.

(Geoffrey) #12

Did something a little different today. While smoking a couple of lamb shoulder roasts I got hungry so I started scrounging around the fridge. I found some leftover roast chicken and some leftover bone broth from a lamb cook last week. So I combined the two. Not bad. I’d do it again if the circumstances come up again.

I was still a little hungry and there was still a little bone broth left so I heat the last of it up and put pork rinds in it. By golly that was good. I’d definitely do that again. The pork rinds would soak up the broth and get soft and chewy. Some might not care for that but I liked the mouth feel. Some would still have some crunch to them along with the chewy texture and they were even better.

When the roasts were done smoking I wasn’t hungry but my wife was and got to them before I could get a pic but there will be more than enough for me tomorrow.


Sadly that never stops me… When I cook in the morning, I can handle not eating some as it would require force to eat that very much outside of my natural eating window when I am very satiated - but when it’s already noon, I am not hungry but not fully satiated anymore (sometimes I have that at noon, sometimes I am still very much satiated and unable to eat) and I have tempting fresh meat… Mmm.

Even with that, yesterday turned out right. I suppose. I looked at my notes. Not too much meat, barely anything else, little pork shoulder and anyway, it lost so much lard (I have too much lard, again but I will fry liver today, that uses up 20g, it’s only 800g liver and I plan to add butter too as it does good to it but we will see, lard is nice too and it’s pork liver this time…)… I am sure it wasn’t a bad day macro wise (I did have fatty processed meats but little or not so fatty in the case of pork belly. it’s a very meaty pork belly, quite nice) - and it’s great otherwise! I ate mostly pork and it was lovely! And sooo satiating :smiley: I know red meat has this effect on me since long, I just had a very hard time to lose the eggs and dairy. I did have a tiny bit yesterday but that’s fine.

I want similarly nice days for a while :slight_smile: I probably can’t eat much from the leftover, super lean pork (the jelly from below my roast helps though… and some other fatty items… but they ruin the high protein/fat ratio I need when my other main meat is so fatty) but I have liver, let’s hope it turns out nice. It’s always hit and miss for pork liver…

Sigh. It would be nice if I wouldn’t badly need to eat as lean as possible even sacrificing some joy (I can’t sacrifice much, being a hedonist who is into fat but I do what I can)… It’s not just the sacrifice, it’s not too bad after my training but I need to figure out how on earth do I cook lean without boredom on the actual day. And it still didn’t start to work. Oh well, I keep at it while doing the more important part, minimizing dairy and eggs. I can afford eating way fattier, quite great meat if I can stop eating the amount of dairy I tend to.
I do some serious fight to avoid cream right now. I will need to open a bag soon but cream and pork shoulder on the same day, that wouldn’t end well (even if I could keep myself back, that would be stressful, I LOVE them both. and cheese and butter too. and I don’t even think about sour cream, my training was good, I can live without it for days now and when I use some as the dish demands it, I only use a little. still too much if I eat many different kinds of dairy).

Sorry I went into it too deep again. But I am enthusiastic, my meaty day yesterday went so, so well and someone like me should appreciate even a single proper day (but surely some more will follow, I do LOVE roasted soulder and it’s not fully fatty after releasing lard - but it still have some luxurious fat layers, it was so long ago… OH and this is an unusually tasty pork shoulder, it’s usually not this good, just triggering. but this is good and after eating a bunch of other meat, I was content with a little. maybe it was a good idea to taste it when I wasn’t hungry at all).

I will bring photos later! My roast is really pretty but maybe part of it me knowing how enjoyable it is. But it is truly pretty with its reddish colors and fatty shine! :slight_smile:

{Warning, I will talk about my pretty vegs from now on.}
My food hasn’t all the colors, that’s for Alvaro, we have plenty of white, yellow, red and PURPLE (a very vivid one) radishes now. My own, I am proud and happy and amire their prettiness. They are lovely to eat too (ask the wormies inside, thankfully most of them are fine, I mean the radishes, not the worms) but the looks are the main part and I don’t need them so I am glad I can provide some pretty new raw vegs for Alvaro. And maybe I put them on photos for the food pic thread. My basic food is so brown and yellow and repetitive… Sometimes I use some flowers or at least green stuff for the background… Even my fav plate is brown. I love browns and warmer, not too vivid yellows and reds. Tan and off white too. I do love olive greens, maybe I should get such a plate but it’s not a color I often see. That would go well with my meats and eggs.


I put this here too then. I hope the tiny plant decoration isn’t a problem, I planned a separate photo for this thread but I was hungry and already made 5-6 photos to ensure some will be tolerable (and still needed time to realize I need to change the settings…)… So maybe this little bit is fine.

I ate more pork roast, of course but my plate has its limits and anyway, these were the pretty pieces:

The liver wasn’t good. Pork liver so I expected it but hoped it will be one of the hits among the misses… Nope. Oh well I will make pâté tomorrow. I tried to eat a quarter of the liver in the bowl, even used some sour cream but it couldn’t help. For some reason, if my meat is too lean or IDK what is the problem, not juicy or tasty enough, this liver had all these problems… So when it’s like this, adding fat doesn’t help much. It still feels SUPER lean - just coated with fat. I ate some and maybe will continue, we hadn’t dinner yet.

But the pork shoulder was as great as yesterday, I only stopped eating because the middle of the big slab (big… less than 1kg after I cut off a flappy bit.) was too raw to my liking. Probably not truly raw after 2 hours but still, it needed more time so I put it into the air fryer. But when it got done, I already got satiated.

I had dinner and ate the very very very lovely shoulder slices. Fried fat layer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will track later.

(Karen) #15

Finally met this little man this morning and had first grandson snuggles. He is even more beautiful than in his photos! I am so proud of them both and they are going to be amazing parents. My SiL is totally 100% involved… I couldn’t have even wished for a better SiL!

@JJFiddle well the dances were as different music wise as you can get. The afternoon dance music was much more modern music and the evning was more traditional…
. But there is good and bad with both usually, however we couldn’t fault the music choices the dj’s made on Sunday. The afternoon waltz’s were beautiful floaty waltz’s whilst their slow foxtrots were jazzy and upbeat but slow which is just how we like them … think Tuxedo Junction by Manhatten Transfer and you’ll understand the vibe albeit they didn’t play that specific track (one of favourites)… the cha cha’s were modern latino with a good fast beat and rock n rolls jumpy and fast. Great stuff. Anyway we were hardly off the floor all day. The evening rumba’s were full of feeling, sensual and a slow rythm … just how we like them and he played a fab floaty s l o w foxtrot which we loved. Does that answer your question :grin:


This was from Sunday night when i got home from dancing, through yesterday and today.

This afternoon i went go-karting with the U3A group and had a fab time… must admit the competitor in me was in full force :rofl::rofl::rofl: will definitely be going again if they do another trip there! Definitely my cup of tea lol :wink: pedal to the floor stuff hahaha20240507_213941

(KM) #16

I understand if you wish to keep this private, it’s become a very sensitive topic how much to share about children online. But what’s the little guy’s name?

(Karen) #17

Freddie :heart:


Lovely little guy!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tried to make some tolerable pâté this morning, it ISN’T easy. It wouldn’t be even with some nice chicken liver but this disappointing pork one (that Alvaro ate just fine but he loves super lean meats too)? It will be fine in the end but still not great.
I LOVE the supermarket pork liver pâtés (just not their ingredient lists. nothing tooo bad, sometimes my problem is that it’s mostly water but I want something better) and my own is so inferior :sob:
I can’t make it smooth and it feels dry even if it’s just the liver pieces as I added fat and even milk… And lean pork, of course, I prefer meaty pâté.
Hopefully it will get better with time. Or I figure out what else to add. I have some leftover liver (the one I mixed with sour cream yesterday), I tried to drown it in pepper and paprika but added lard too… I will start with that.

Next time I will make chicken liver and heart stew, that is nice stuff :wink: As long as I use more heart but the amount is the same so maybe I simply add some pork too? Sounds like a plan. Chicken with pork works in soups, why wouldn’t it in stew even if it becomes not the traditional dish. I love chicken hearts, they are lovely mildly tasty chewy little bites. Good thing we can buy them alone. I only could eat one per chicken when Grandma butchered one.


I have tracked (okay days but I still eat a bit too much, of course, both fat and protein but just slightly :smiley: so low maintenance level or a tad less? I am not displeased) and looked back to April. It seems my very good days happened with 500+ g meat, even “much” dairy was fine if the eggs were low. Though I never eat so little for long so maybe it’s for short term, I don’t know. But I easily can eat much meat AND too much dairy, no wonder. So I need to be careful but with enough satisfying meat (as lean as possible for me) things seem good.

I break/set records regarding meat eating except my pork shoulder based days. Monday had 700g meat but Tuesday wasn’t far behind. As I ate not very much else, they were okay days macro wise. I got around 130g protein from my meats alone! I rarely did it years ago but it seems nothing very unusual now, I just need some meat I like.

I opened a package of cream (oh yes this is the stuff, pure cream with its loveliness. the one with added stuff is way worse but it wasn’t very apparent right away though the fact I didn’t enjoy it much should have been noticed…) so I should be really careful :slight_smile: I will whip it and toss most of it into the freezer soon! I don’t need a trigger for coffee drinking, it’s hard enough as it is.

My pâté got better with time, even better with a yolk (though it’s not noticeable and I added so much ratio wise) and WAY worse with mustard, that wasn’t one of my finer ideas… But I had so lovely pork roasts in the last days that I can force down the small amount I made and I won’t even feel too miserable (just enough to justify one creamy coffee or two…). I wonder if it’s the liver or I suddenly find my mustard not nice tasting… As I tried it alone, yuck. But it is an unusually bad combo for sure. Oh well, I had to try. I should have used a microscopic amount though, not a very small bowl… The major part in the big bowl is awesome compared to the result and as I wrote, it’s not a good pâté either.

My meat disappears very quickly, I thought the 2kg pork that I have roasted will be fine for 5 days (with liver and processed items) but it doesn’t seem so. Not very surprising though, I definitely go above a pound on my meaty days… A pound is like, a minimum, almost. I am sure I still will have 300-400g meat days when I especially want eggs and dairy galore. But they will be exceptional. I dislike mess with my training and I dropped my eggs and even my dairy quite nicely. I want to stick to it until I really get bored of meat.

I can even eat my very lean pork :slight_smile: As it makes the pâté better… And anyway, roasted green ham is juicy and nice in small amounts. It would be too dry fried.

And we will have rabbit stew in the weekend, again. Alvaro really loves rabbit, he buys 1-2 whenever it’s available (except when little time passes and I still have one in the freezer. it’s enough to store one, 2 won’t happen). It’s not substantial or very tasty (it’s lovely but mild) so I leave most of it for him but still gladly eat the bonier parts he dislikes anyway. Nice variety.

(Edith) #20

Oh my goodness, he is so cute in the little fluffy outfit! Congratulations to all!!!