May 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In


Wow, I’m sorry I am just getting around to posting this thread. Time has so little meaning these days for me.

So I have just gone back and checked on when I hit goal weight, it was the first of May '17. So I am now in my 4th year of maintenance. I couldn’t have done it without the support I get from these forums and MFP. I am so thankful for everyone on both sites.

I hope everyone is doing well with their efforts and stay healthy.

April 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Jane) #2

I was at 152.5 this morning so 2.5 lbs above my goal range of 145-150.

My lowest weight was 145 and I settled in comfortably at 147-148 without too much effort. Working from home and isolated from my peers and friends has been tough. I haven’t done any binge eating or crazy carb eating… just eating too often and having carb creep.

(Trudy) #3

Thanks as always for this post.

I have not been at my maintenance weight since the beginning of the year, sitting roughly a kg above and feeling ok. Now I’m 3kg above, still keto, too relaxed, eating more frequently and larger quantities.

My goal is to get back to cleaner eating. Over this weekend I have increased my fat intake and reduced carbs, also less protein. My dismal ketone readings have shot up to 1.9 and my appetite has reduced. Listening to keto dude re runs to remind myself the impact higher insulin/stress has on my body.

Sorry for long post. Hope by July’s maintenance post I can say I’m sitting comfortably at 63kg again.


(Central Florida Bob ) #4

I’m finding I read here less than I used to. There are threads I follow and if I end up with a question over something, this is where I come.

Last week I went over that number that’s my screaming, wire my jaws together, never eat again, mental barrier: 210. A couple of days later it was down to 207.5. Today it was back over 210 again.

My problem is that I since I did a post on being confused over the proper ways to weight train, I changed my workouts now to every 4 days. I upped my protein a bit, closer to .8g/lb of body weight not .8g/lb of lean body mass, which is up by 25% or so. Some days I get very hungry, most days I’m fine. I can tell subtle differences in more muscle and so can my wife. There’s more difference in the weights and time under tension. My body composition scale, though says my muscle mass is going down and I’m gaining fat. A real puzzle.

For a couple of years, now, it seems the only time I’m losing is if I’m doing alternate day fasts and I can’t both fast and keep my protein up to build some muscle, so I really don’t know what to do.

I’ve read many of you saying that if your weight gets up too much, you do day or two fast. I think I’m going to fast on the fourth day (in this case tomorrow) or third. I’m just not sure which/why/what to do.

Well, about to go out for the every other day, 1-hour bike ride. I’ll be bach.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #5

I’m well into month 4 of social isolation. Thongs are beginning to ease up though. I even played badminton with a few friends today! What I’ve learned during this time is that exercise is apparently important after all. I’ve “maintained” at about 8 lbs over my maintenance weight for quite a while now. Not pleased about that.

My lowest weight was after a trip with friends for a week where I was forced to be sane and go to bed by midnight and get up by 7:00 every day. Not good for my poop schedule, but I think this may be the grand secret that of course every one knows. Get to bed! And I’m sure other bodily systems would learn eventually. And semi-quarantine has encouraged the very worst of my night owl tendancies. So what I’m saying is… 'nite all!


I’m maintaining below my goal weight (125 vs. goal of 130), and I’m finding it easier to do with the coronavirus quarantine since I can’t go out and be social! It’s amazing how much social eating affects us. We do take-out sometimes, but I just make sure I stick to my plan. If I do take-out, I MUST TRACK my macros. Otherwise I WILL over do it, and if that happens too often, I WILL gain weight. I know, because I was starting to a while back before I took a handle on it – I believe it was too much fat and not enough protein. Lately I have been tracking those macros because another thing is, I thought I could listen to my body but apparently I can’t. I have no idea if I’m really full or not. If I stick to my plan, I feel satisfied. If I have no idea what my macros are, I think “wait, am I hungry? Do I need another piece of dark chocolate just to be sure?” :flushed:


By the way just turned 40 last week! :cry::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Belated Birthday. 40 is a real milestone. Congrats.


Thank you!! :blush:

Ketone levels change over time?
(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Hey Everyone, How are things doing where you are?

Is anyone finding they do more stress eating or tend to go to some old comfort foods on bad days?
New challenges are a head of us. Opening up has to occur, but it will bring new issues to deal with.on a daily basis.

I did hit my scream weight on one day after some serious extended family issues, but I just did a few OMADs and that got me back in my maintenance range and so far, I am staying there comfortably.

I hope all of you are healthy and safe.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11