June 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In


Another month already. At least summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I hope this finds all the Maintenance Crew safe and healthy. As well as all your loved ones. Has anyone in here lost anyone to this horrid virus or is living with it currently?

While there has been mucho stress in my life lately I am hanging around the top couple of lbs. of my goal weight, just went over on one day so far this year. Clothes are still fitting well, so I am content with this.

May 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Trudy) #2

As always, thank you for this posting.

I am fortunate enough to be in Australia where we have been blessed, most likely due to demographic location, with low COVID19 numbers. We are also in the midst of winter. I can only hope that we continue to keep our virus numbers low during our influenza season.

My weight is back down to 63.7kg, maintenance weight 63kg. It went up to almost 68kg in May as I dealt with anxiety and menopause symptoms. I have trialled increasing vegetables and my body seems to be responding positively to this. I hope this continues for June.

Stay well all :heart:


I start to forget about Covid, actually except when I go shopping twice a month. Hungary has pretty good numbers especially far from the much more infected capital and life is pretty normal now as far as I know. Except the masks, others hate it just like me, we can’t breath properly in it but everyone wears them in shops and similar places. My tiny family is healthy, fortunately (well, as healthy as usual).
So life is pretty normal now.

I am at my highest weight since my big fat-loss about 9 years ago right now, nothing unusual after falling off the wagon. It will go back to my lowest normal soon enough as they are very close to each other. I need to lose “a lot” too but I am patient.

June probably will be mixed: carnivore-ish with very little meat and off days with fruits and possibly gluten (and my usual food, of course). As I have no other good or realistic options. But it will be nice :slight_smile: I even managed to order half a young goat, way better than my resources for May already.
My favorite and most massive fruit season just have started in my garden. June is the month when I never even tried to stick to keto. But that was before I tried out carnivore… We will see what will happen :wink:

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

I’m still trying to figure out how to reduce weight while trying to gain muscle. I keep seeing people saying that we shouldn’t combine them, and just try for one or the other.

About the virus, I don’t know anyone who has gotten sick from it. My wife knows someone who thinks they might have had it but never got particularly sick or tested for it. We live in a county with about 600,000 population, and the total number of cases as been around 400. I’ll be generous and call it .07% of the population. Just based on that number, crossing paths with someone who was diagnosed is pretty unlikely.

(Jane) #5

154.8 this morning and doing a quickie 36-hr fast. I am 5 lbs above my upper limit and may take longer fasting to reset my setpoint back to the mid-to-upper 140’s. But that won’t happen until I start traveling again without colleagues that I am obliged to eat with and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

So, I will just do the best I can, do my 36-hr fast every other week and try to keep my weight between 150-155.

As far as the virus - I don’t know anyone who has had it. Nobody in my family and nobody at the 5 or 6 chemical plants I talk to regularly so another 700 people or so spread out all over the country.


We are both high risk for the virus, so it is walks around the neighborhood with our masks and online shopping for a while more. Luckily our part of the county has a very low number of cases and the town we live is has had an extremely low number. Colorado just had day 2 of no new known cases as well. I just hope people getting together to play and socialize doesn’t spur another round of infections.

I did a 40 hr. fast and dropped a few lbs. Now to keep them off. I am staying in my range, but I prefer being more towards the bottom. I’ve done some serious stress eating since March 10th, so staying in my range at either the top or bottom is a win as far as I am concerned.