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Well I feasted well yesterday and after last week’s camping trip and eating 2MAD with lots of pinot noir I’m up 3 pounds. Not really a big deal but I’m thinking I need to do a 24 hour fast to get back that lovely empty stomach feeling and energy kick. I feel fluffy after all the goodies yesterday. I have 3 adult children from a previous marriage but my husband never had children, however he makes sure I feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day (mostly with food ha ha.) So it’s back to work today and back focusing on exercise and reaching my health goals. Hoping to reach some strength training goals this week as well as getting in a little more cardio. I know cardio is controversial for some, but I’ve been a runner for years and since developing this foot issue and it flaring up again I have been unable to run since mid April and it’s affecting my mental health. I truly enjoy lifting but need the feel good hormones my brain enjoys when pounding the pavement. So my goal this week, time permitting, is to walk on my treadmill at an incline at least 2 miles on lifting days and 3 to 4 miles on non lifting days. It’s really boring but what’s a girl to do? Anywho, I’m at 12 hours fasted right now and planning on not eating until after my workout tomorrow morning. Today will be a long workday so hopefully it will distract me from wanting to eat. If I’m home I tend to be tempted more. Time to refocus! What’s everyone else’s plan for the day/week? Have a great week everyone!

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Happy new week all!

I am traveling for work again this week. Looking forward to fasting over today (monday) and Thursday. Brunch yesterday with my inlaws did not sit well on my tummy so I can’t wait to feel really empty! my own mum past away in 2018, I support and empathize with all who have needed to cut family members out of their life. My brother is sure I am hell-bound, I don’t plan on ever hearing from him again.

Currently at 13 hours, going for 46 or so. Not sure of exact timing of second fast, sometime on Wednesday until Friday dinner? Something like that… Depending on the weather I may go to the cabin over the weekend, but I won’t worry about figuring that bit out right now.

Wishing all a good week.

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@monsterjuice Sorry, late to respond…

My eating plan right now is to fast 40 to 42 hours on M, W, F. I feast on T, Th, Sat, Sun with two meals, lunch and dinner. I do not track macros and I eat to satiety. I still struggle sometimes with not eating enough at my first meal on feasting days, so I do try to eat a little past satiety on that first meal to prevent snacking later.

What I eat… mostly just meat and then veggies cooked in oil. I get creative sometimes and make a cream sauce for the meat. But the veggies, I’m always in a hurry, so I fry them in oil, I keep lots of frozen veggies to make it quick. I also eat a lot of eggs because again, fry some veggies in a pan, then scramble some eggs and done. Snacks for me are macadamias, olives, pork rinds, dark chocolate.

On fasting days, I drink black coffee 8 to 16oz. Then salty water. I try to get at least 2 tsp of salt on my fasting days, probably 1 to 1 1/2 tsp on feast days. I’ll have plain sparkling water, or peppermint tea. If I’m struggling from PMS, I will add salty bone broth (I use Kettle & Fire brand) or some coffee w/heavy whipping cream.

I am having really good results w/combining the fasting & LCHF diet.

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I think I will begin doing something similar! Thank you for the response! It gives me some ideas!!!

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So I managed to fast from Friday at 5:30pm until 6pm Saturday evening! what a great day! My sister and I took dance lessons from 11-3:30 and it was so much fun I didn’t even think about food until around 4 and so once I got home I made a … which took another hour so it was right about 6 or 6:15!!! I showed my Uncle and my sister a video from Dr. Berry about IF’ing and surprisingly, my Uncle already has a fasting window but my sister is trying to arrange her schedule to do the same!!!

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Way to go Traci!!!
I made it a little past 25 hours today. Really felt good to make it that far. I know this is controversial for anyone with T2D or who struggles with sugar/sugar substitutes, but I did something today to get through my workday that helped me tremendously. I had a couple of diet sodas! I gave up soda years ago but was surprised how much it helped my tummy growls. I won’t make a daily habit of it but it is a tool I will use again. Happy fasting all!

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Thank you for the encouragement.

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18h in. I brought my mojo testkit with me to work, I plan on testing at midday before my lunchwalk. (knowing I won’t get away with grabbing even something tiny from the office kitchen will hopefully keep me motivated to stay away)
also I can rule out the dawn effect or effect of workouts in the evening.


I actually gave up Soda the day I started Keto, May 26th 2018. And until recently, I had not touched, nor even wanted any. - But when I was sick for those few weeks here recently, I did have my Wife pick me up a Sprite Zero, and it did indeed help with calming my stomach. So I think I ended up drinking 5? over the proceeding 8-10 days? (I actually wanted Ginger Ale) but we couldn’t find any in low carb, or even diet at the time? - But Sprite Zero worked just fine. … I do know that there are some folks who indeed still incorporate Diet Soda’s along with being Keto, and from what I’ve read, I believe they still do quite well with this? … For me, I was glad to get away from Soda’s in general and don’t really miss them TBH, but also don’t see them as being Taboo or something that couldn’t be incorporated from time to time.

I think the bigger issue for some might be that the occasional one here and there, ‘could’ possibly cause a Domino effect and possibly lead to either over-consumption itself or possibly even lead to other things being reintroduced in as well? I think it would all depend on the person themselves, but for anyone who say wouldn’t have this problem, I personally don’t see this being an issue at all.

Full Disclosure: I personally like it when I hear when someone says that they had something that’s not necessarily Keto-Friendly on the rare occasion, because I do believe some folks think that once they go Keto, that we are somehow locked into never eating certain foods ever again. And to me, this simply is not the case. So yes, one should avoid certain things, especially for maximum weight loss. (if that’s the main goal) but that some things can indeed be enjoyed, as long as it doesn’t cause them issues.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #172

On that note: I love the distinction Gretchen Rubin makes between being an abstainer or a moderator (I am an abstainer all the way)

For anyone interested:

Blur spoiler because the preview of the article is rather unfortunate for this fasting thread XD

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Thank you for that Dave! I am one of those people that can take it or leave it. I don’t necessarily crave soda, as a matter of fact, it tastes really sweet and gross to me but if it will occasionally get me through a longer fast, so be it.

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Working my way back down to OMAD. I was doing really well with a 1 hour window, but I’be been struggling more, as of late, so I’m cutting myself a little slack, and work up to that, and eventually work up to doing OMAD most days with one long fast a week.

Also, I’m late to the Mother’s Day party, but I feel you. My mom wasn’t bad (I mean, she loved me, but there were issues, too), but she died by suicide almost 15 years ago, and the whole thing about celebrating Mom still stings (though it doesn’t really get at me most days). I did a good job of trying to have a good day of celebrating ME as a mom, and the hubby did a fantastic job, as did the 5 year old and the adult kid. The two teens were well… Teens. :laughing: I think they’re all a little self centered during that time, and that’s alright. It’s part of growing up.


Yes Ma’am, whatever it takes. :+1: And yes, those Spite Zero’s were indeed sweet, but they did help with the way I was feeling at the time. Probably more the carbonation than anything else. … Hell, I’ve been trying to get V to get one of her favorites when we go to Texas Roadhouse, but she hasn’t yet.

Um, damn, can’t think of it now? Mixed drink, has Chocolate something or other in it? … Mudslide or something like? But she only has a drink a couple times a year, if that but know she does like those. :slight_smile:

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I get this. So many people say “but she’s mother, don’t you miss her?” Well no, not for a second of the twenty ish years since I cut her out of my life. I miss what she should have been, but not what she actually was.

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I’m trying to get back into the IF thing and was determined to make today OMAD which I have struggled with in recent months. This time I really am determined though and have resisted the desire to eat. I pushed through a gym session even though I wasn’t feeling it and am now winding down ready for bed knowing that I’ll be asleep in about an hour (depending what time my chickens go to bed as I have to wait for them :joy:) and when I wake up it’ll be time to eat.

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I finished lunch today at 2:30 ending a 20 hour fast and I think my biggest fear is wanting or trying to do OMAD but getting hungry around 7 which would be way to late in the evening. What do you do at that point? I know it should be 3 hours in between your last meal and bedtime, but what if I have just a handful of olives or pork rinds? would I still have to wait 3 hours before going to bed?


If I may, where did you get the 3 hour time-frame from? (Just curious) … Because I know some actually eat real close to bed-time, sometimes eating within an hour of going to bed. But honestly, it’s not for me. I like to have some time between a meal and bed myself, but simply is because I find laying down with a fresh meal in me usually doesn’t go over well and don’t sleep as well. But am actually about to try something new too. Going to continue OMAD, but eating that one meal around mid-day, which I usually just eat when I get home, around 5 to 6pm. I want to see if this makes any differences? :slight_smile:

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That’s when I ended up in my gym training chest as I needed the focus :joy: A big helper for me with the evening hunger is that I know if I eat too close to bed then my sleep is nowhere near as good as it is when I go to bed hungry. Ideally I prefer not to eat after 1pm but some days I will give in and have an evening meal and it’s those nights when my sleep suffers.

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I can only go by my own experience, but would be surprised if that doesn’t make a difference to you.