(traci simpson) #182

Dr. Berry mentioned try to not eat after 7 and other Dr.'s mentioned at least 3 hours before bedtime. I am usually in bed by 9 and up by 5.

(traci simpson) #183

I can’t sleep on an empty stomach. It doesn’t have to be full but one or two olives but it’s rare that I go to bed hungry. I’m gonna have to play around and see what will work better for me. I think in a perfect world, not eating after 5 would be great but I don’t even get home until around that time or 5:30.

(Allie) #184

Same time I get home, normally I only eat either before work or while I’m at work. Eating in the evenings messes with my structured routine :joy:

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #185


I usually finish dinner at 6:30 but sometimes as late as 8pm. I go to bed 8:30 to 9:00. Up at 4:00 for the gym. It seems not to be a problem for me (n=1 experiment) so you might want to test yourself.

Based on the doctors I have listened too, maybe I would have lost weight faster and/or reversed my insulin resistance faster but the pace I’m on is good for me.

(traci simpson) #186

I’m going to try and be done no later than 6 each night.


That would be nice indeed, but I guess I never actually thought to try it before, mostly because I would actually rather not eat during the day at work, and simply just do so at home. (much preferred)

But I also don’t get home until after 5pm, and back up at 5am, so usually in bed 10pm. … Similar to @Diygurl19 mentioning. … But for some reason, I’ve never liked going to bed within a few hours of eating? Always seems to give me a bloated feeling of sorts? But that’s why I asked about the 3 hours too, never hearing of it anywhere before, and was hoping there might be some data on it to read? - But for years, I’ve always tried to not eat anything past 6pm, or simply forego eating if it gets beyond it.

Wow, that would make Fasting a challenge indeed. A lot of folks mention they actually sleep better whilst Fasting, or unless you get that over-energy feel that can occur at times.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #188

When I fast, I sleep better at the start of the night, then wake up earlier and don’t feel tired during the day.


Yep, I get this as well. And yes, I do get those occasional nights whilst Fasting where I’m just wired and can’t seem to sleep at all. Sometimes just a couple hours, but still not overly tired the next day though.

(Mame) #190

I am loving all the side conversations going on.

I made it 44 hours with my very imperfect fast gki=2.74, it went pretty well. I then had (for me) a meal with quite a bit of breaded stuff.I didn’t know the pork chops would be breaded! but I enjoyed them anyway. Tasty, certainly an outlier, restaurant food strikes again!

I think I will eat tomorrow (omad?) then fast again over Thursday another 40+ hours. This sounds doable. Hopefully the flight back home will be easy and peaceful.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #191

I plan on making it to lunch today 47h total. feeling fine, but we have a course tonight and I was responsible for bringing the snacks. I did grab a few cocktailnuts for me, but I don’t really want to break the fast with those, My body likes me best when I break with meat

(traci simpson) #192

I have found in the past if I go to bed right before bedtime, I get acid reflux.


I believe you meant, if you eat just before bedtime, correct? Because that’s another thing I forgot about too, since this was another thing I found as well. Good point. … I actually forgotten about getting that too, which is something I haven’t seen much of since switching over. :+1:

(traci simpson) #194

lol oops! haven’t consumed enough coffee yet!


No worries. :slight_smile: … But again, a fantastic point made and also one of the reasons I stopped eating later meals too. I had just forgot about it, since I hadn’t experienced it in so long now. But I did indeed have issues with this too. … Funny how we can forget things so easily when it hasn’t happened in so long. I wonder how many other folks might have had this same issue before losing the extra weight too?

(Liz ) #196

I think if I were able to follow my body clock and not be subject to the schedules of others, I’d eat my last meal around 4-4:30 pm every day. As it is, my husband works away from home & we live with my elderly mother. So, being the cook, I aim dinner at 6 pm. It balances out between the time he usually gets home & also, I’m pretty sure if I fed my mom at 4:30 she’d be in bed by 6:30 or 7 and awake at 4 am & while that’s technically fine, it wouldn’t really work out in the long run.

(Tamela Robinette) #197

I have been getting home from work after 7 p.m., having my OMAD and collapsing in bed around 9! I usually aim to eat around 5, but am trying some new hours with my self employment to see if I can make more money, which means working later. So far no issues with the bloated feeling or acid reflux and I lost another pound as of this morning! My lowest weight ever, 136! One more pound to go before I hit my mini goal of 135 before my anniversary on the 22nd. I can do this! I believe the extra cardio I have added is helping. My body is just accustomed to large amounts of cardio. I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Happy fasting!

(Jody) #198

Friday I successfully completed a ~40 hour fast, then Mon rolled around and I was struggling, so broke at 24 hours, then did another 24 on Tues. It’s my week for aunt flow, so I’m thinking I’ll just do 5 days OMAD, the see if I can pick up my 42X3 next week. Just going with what my body is telling me and this week it’s screaming to eat.

(Jennifer) #199

Once I stick with OMAD, I sleep much better. Left to my own devices, I get up a few times a night and EAT in my half asleep state… Sometimes, I remember. Sometimes, I don’t. If I don’t, then I usually find evidence of my middle of the night sins. The worst were the couple times I must’ve eaten Oreos in the middle of the night, and I awoke with nasty brown mess all in my teeth. Somehow, IFing solves that. Weird.

(Jody) #200

I see myself going to OMAD once I hit maintenance, but with my T2D I gotta keep mixing it up. I do love IF.

(Allie) #201

Yes this for me too.