(Jane) #121

I am still amazed at the difference being fat adapted makes!

I went from hungry every 2-3 hours per-keto to skipping meals with ease to finally fasting for multiple days. It is such freedom to not be a slave to hunger anymore.

(Jane) #122

38 hours in and feeling good. Was a bit hungry last night at the time I normally eat dinner but it faded.

No hunger yet this morning. Once I get past the first day the hunger still comes in waves but it is so mild it is easy to ignore.

(Mary) #123

I’ve decided to break my fast at 72 hours, which will be just over an hour. Got some nice, fatty pork belly to roast. Then will probably start another fast in the morning. We’ll see if some cyclical feasting/fasting will shake things up in the weight loss department…


Broke at 48 hrs. Still been coughing and dealing with some congestion, so just wanted to get that damn taste out of my thoughts. So had a rare lunch at work today. … Happy Fasting folks :+1:

(Jane) #126

41 hours and no hunger. Going to try for 70-72 hours and break tomorrow at dinner when I will be staying in downtown Chicago with wonderful steak houses (in the 'burbs this week with no good food anyway).

I thought about waiting until Friday morning to break because once I get past day 1 and even day 2 it is easy peasy and I hate to waste the effort… BUT… Friday morning I will be gettinn ont he Blue Line train to O’Hare - one hour with no restrooms on board and then catching a flight to Little Rock with the seat belt sign on most of the time. I’ve had “issues” breaking my fast in the past so I want easy access to my hotel bathroom for at least 8 hours after I break - so Thu night it is.

Survived the lunch they brought in today and I didn’t even leave the conference room. Didn’t bother me a bit to smell the food and watch them eat pasta and salad.

(Jane) #127

I love fasting on maintenance because I don’t care what the scale does or does not do. I want the autophagy and to make up for any over-carb days.

The loose skin on my tummy is slowly firming up so the fasting and collagen powder must be helping because I don’t exercise other than all the walking and gardnening I do (i.e. no sit ups).

I might get another DEXA scan this summer if finances allow to compare to last year.

(Susan) #128

No weighing and measuring today, the pain has elevated to diverticulitis level, but I don’t have a fever.
I am 38 hours fasted, which, if it is itis, will certainly help things a lot. Keeping a close eye on things, Grandson is on standby with his “L” learners permit to drive me to hospital if needed. I took magnesium citrate yesterday and today, just a capsule each time. I am not constipated, i just thought it might help somehow. I may take some sleeping pills and try and sleep through the pain. If it doesn’t work at least i will maybe forget some of it.
I have a morphine pill but don’t want to go to hospital with that in my system, because they will do blood tests.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #129


Take care of yourself please. Don’t risk it.

(Susan) #130

Took an ambulance to the ER this afternoon. I have a bout of diverticulitis. I broke my fast at 49 hours with some chicken bone broth and some jello. . I am on two kinds of antiboiotics and Tyelenol 3"s. They gave me iv antibiotic at the hospital and some Toradol IV. The pain is much less now that i have pain killers. I am off work till Sunday at least. [spoiler]I am craving scrambled egg with rye toast at the moment,[/spoiler|. I suspect there was glucose in the iv bag but i didn’t have the energy to fight.This text will be blurred

(Khara) #131

Take care. I hope you’re feeling well soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Carol) #132

Yes! I think I was several months keto before I could recognize the difference. Sooooo much easier now. Yay!

@xsuebeex Yikes! I hope you feel better very soon.

And my little update is that my unplanned fast lasted for 41 hours. I’m good until Friday now. :slight_smile:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #133

I am starting to slowly feel more energetic in general. this should make future fasts easier again.
I have the feeling i wasn’t properly in ketosis (mood was tempting me to do dirty keto and my stress levels were skyrocketing) and trying to push to longer fasts wasn’t helping. especially with the amount of working out that I am doing.

I am still waiting for my mojo to arrive to support feeling/ numbers.
For now I am Glad that I am able to reduce my coffee intake again.
I am also experimenting with leaving out the herbal tea during fasts. Current Plan is 24h… 3 h in so far.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #134

Hi all,

I hope your fasting is going well. My typical fasting schedule is different this week. Tomorrow I leave for the airport at 4am and will fly to Boston. Will hang out with my youngest till her last class is over. We will then drive home.

We expect to break the trip up overnight and finish Saturday morning.

I’m planning on starting an EF after dinner tonight and will break when we arrive home at about noon on Saturday. That will be about 42 hrs.

So my plan today is carnivore with small amount of dairy. I want my glycogen stores nearly as empty as possible.

My weight is hovering between 198 and 201 so I want to get stable wt below 200 lbs this next week.

I hope everyone has a great and successful fast this week.

(traci simpson) #135

I watched this and it was awesome! I’m going to watch it again at home uninterrupted.

(Helen Taylor) #136

Just starting but happily eat a few good keto nuts in the morning, my main keto meal around lunchtime and nothing else but water or the odd brew of coffee or tea. So I’m eating everything between 7am and 1pm. I still don’t wake hungry, didn’t even when it was steak and chips for lunch with a glass of wine. So, IF will work brilliantly for me.

I’m taking it easy till Saturday when the kids aren’t here, then I go seriously keto to get kicked off.


Sorry to hear this, Susan. But glad you got it checked out though. Hope it’s better soon. :slight_smile:

When I was in the Hospital for 6 days back in January for the Emergency Surgery, they had me on IV’s for most of that time as well, and I did indeed see a weight jump in the following couple weeks. (9 lbs.) after getting home. And it took a few more weeks for it to level out and get back to where I was.

@Helen_Taylor - Sounds like a solid plan. :slight_smile: But please make sure to use the ‘Blur’ function for any mentioning of foods. It’s been requested that some folks don’t like to see/read about food whilst Fasting, so this is requested in any of the Fasting threads. If you’re not familiar with the Blur option, it can be found under the sprocket icon, and simply highlight those words and click on blur. :+1: I took care of it.

(Jane) #138

66 hours in and breaking this evening in 5 hours, so a 72-hr fast for me this week. Been fairly easy this time around. Got hungry evey day around dinner time and a bit hungry now since I know I am going to eat tonight and thinking about food LOL.


Checking in a few hours after I had coffee with cream, so I’m not counting the hours since dinner last night. I intend to go to dinner tomorrow (a 36 hr fast) at which point I will break my fast at the SF Giants game with some peanuts and a ballpark sausage :smile:

That’s awesome!! Congrats!

(Mame) #140

fasting people, happy Thursday.

Sounds like most are doing well and taking care of themselves. @xsuebeex, hope you feel better soon. I ate a keto dinner as planned last night although as it was restaurant food who knows how keto is was, also had a vodka soda at the happy hour with coworkers. Wow it hit my empty stomach hard!

I am in the middle of a 40 or so hour ‘dirty’ fast. Had a bite of bacon/egg – I could not figure out how to avoid today’s lunch with coworkers as I was already checked out of my hotel room and the weather was dreadful. Will try to make a plan for that type of situation in the future. Still I am counting it as a win as it is a big improvement over my last 3 work trips so yay.

I will work out fasted tomorrow morning and break sometime Friday eve.

I hope everyone can finish up the week in a good way

(Ashley) #141

What’s the difference between diverticulitis and diverticulosis? Just curious as I was told I have diverticulosis but I actually am not even sure what that means?