(Carol) #101

I can only say do what works for you. For me, alcohol every day puts the breaks on fat/weight loss. I also worry about getting in some good nutrition. I’m older now and think I have much healing and catching up to do. :slight_smile:

Everyone posting this week seems so positive and that’s very motivating to me. Does anyone else find feasting after fasting somewhat off-putting? After that nice light and energetic feeling, 2 days of eating makes me feel like a slug. (Dear heavens, is that me saying that?!) It’s possibly because the last bit I have to lose is the tummy area. I will probably do a short fast Thursday and Friday just because.


Yeah, it does happen from time to time. I don’t usually break a Fast due to hunger, most times just start missing meals, since I do enjoy a good meal. - But after a couple meals in I do start missing that empty feeling I enjoy so much. :slight_smile: … But also know I can jump back into one after a couple days Feasting.

Presently at 9.5 hrs. since I chose to eat a mid-day meal earlier today and then started a Fast. :+1:

(Mame) #103

love, love, love that empty fasting feeling.
congrats @daddyoh / Eric on your low midday numbers

so weird, I got through TSA at the airport and immediately wanted to eat. no idea why
Anyway, getting ready to go to bed and I hung onto this Monday fast with a grip of steel. It was touch and go there for awhile.

Fasted 26 hours so far, GKI=2.06, will fast until at least 36 hours, and break sometime on Tuesday.
so this first planned fast of the week is a success. whew.

Here wishes for a great Tuesday

(Mary) #104

I’m at 36 hours. I’m kind of hoping for a week (have gone 6 days before) but this one feels different. I’m hyper focused on the fact that I’m not eating and that’s… distracting. As always, I’ll stop if I’m feeling unwell.

Happy Tues, everyone!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #105

20h. Sorta getting hungry… it’s a bit annoying but it will pass… other than that I feel fine. Still waiting for my keto mojo to arrive. Good numbers make me giddy and happy and make things easier for me to move forward :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #106


Super happy for you. You have this one. Keep on, keeping on!


Checking in at 39 hours. I can best describe this fast so far as GRUMPY. I’m proud of myself for sticking through it so far, it was a challenge yesterday because I was just not into it. I felt good though, so there’s that.

I no longer have any interest in eating more than 6 hours a day. I can’t see myself ever becoming a regular breakfast eater again.

Yup. Me too.

I’m looking to fall back in love with this feeling. O where o where did my fasting love go?

Have a great day Fasters!!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #108

26 h of yet. Grumpy as well, so I am sharing the sentiment.
My fingers are cold and my job infuriating and frustrating.
Hope I feel better after tonights workout (though I am super sore already) but I can’t leave my cute instructor hanging if she told me yesterday that she will be counting on me to show up XD

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #109

I will call it quits after workout today 30h… super hungry/Hangry and it’s all I can do to not stuff my face with junk. I rather break my fast carnivore style than to succumb to the gross old office cake


Same here. But hell, most times I’d still rather do OMAD, and simply eat once. Hard to believe that just a few years back I actually tried for a long while to eat 3 meals a day, because I was told then it would help keep the metabolism revved up. (Which it didn’t of course) But I remembered it sucked even back then, usually just leaving me feeling worse if anything. … But even nowadays when I eat two meals, it sometimes feels out of place. Or simply not needed or possibly just ritualistic? Normally I just do OMAD during the weekdays, and eat TMAD on weekends. (but not always, some weekends I still do OMAD)

Presently coming up on 24 hrs.

(Mame) #111

Yes this feeling I know it well, although I would stuff with Keto foods but still… I am not actually hungry for fracks sake!

I am at 41 hours, GKI =1.26, fasted and no one is bothering me about lunching… so why not keep going, right? My brain is just crabbing about it though…

I forgot salt too, that would probably help, sigh

everyone whether easy or hard hang in there!!

(Jane) #112

Started my fast after dinner last night so presently in at 18 hours. I’d like to fast a couple of days this week, so will see how it goes. Have an all-day meeting tomorrow where they will be bringing lunch in so I will likely leave and come back so I don’t have to smell the food or watch people eat, Not gonna break just because they are bringing in some mediocre food.

(Jane) #113

Forgot to being my Keto Mojo with me so no GKI numbers this fast :frowning_face:

(Mame) #114

so true!
I was happily shocked when my conference has a lovely olive assortment as part of the afternoon snack, they were a delightful change.

Well I made it 47+ hours, then broke my fast at an Indian Restaurant. Lovely food , had some chickpea batter knowingly and who knows what in the sauce as well as cheese and choc with allulose (first time ever) 2 hours after dinner: BG=114, BK=1.0, GKI= 6.3, so still in low ketosis. Will do omad tomorrow, should get a 19 hour fast in… Feel like i am doing all right this trip. And feeling super full.

(Carol) #115

Hello May Fasters. I’m sending positive thoughts out into the universe particularly for those having a difficult fast.

I wasn’t hungry this morning so skipped my first meal and then was busy and forgot to eat dinner. So I guess I will just have a surprise 36ish hour fast. I’ve noticed in the last month or so that I’m listening to my body more and planning less. I don’t know how long this will last but it is quite a revelation to me that this is doable.

(Khara) #116

I just restarted intermittent fasting at the start of May. I eat somewhere between noon and 7 and depending on how I feel so either one or two meals a day. Morning coffee with cream has been the hardest to give up. Actually, I wasn’t typically even eating breakfast. But I would have several cups of coffee before lunch and I know that was just adding and spreading out extra calories and glucose/insulin response every day. Today was the first day it wasn’t so bad to go without. I’ve switched to tea in the morning and for the first week I was irritable and grumpy but today was actually ok.

(Susan) #117

27 hours in. I will weigh and measure and test tomorrow, something I haven’t done in a while because I have been on and off the horse so much i feel like an untalented bronc buster. I have 4 1/2 days to fast and refeed an get back on the right page. I ate two pieces of bread on Sunday night and I can still feel it moving through my body two days later. I am in a lot of digestive pain at the moment, I am hoping this is the impetus to change.


Presently at 43 hrs. and feeling fine… Still no set time to break.

@cervynOlives are always a nice addition. :+1: … But don’t forget to blur your food mentions. :slight_smile:


I broke my fast at 48 hours yesterday. I feel pretty good about that. I’m hoping for another 48 hours between tonight and Friday.

For me too. I’ve been having it on weekends, but drinking green tea instead during fast days. The thing is, I just love coffee with cream! So delicious! I like green tea, but it’s just not the same.

(Mame) #120

omg! thanks for the reminder, apparently I was more tired than I realized last night! Very full and bloated from last night!
11 hours into my daily fast, will break it tonight probably.

GKI= 2.5 at 12:30pm, very pleased after having who knows what last night!