(Mary) #81

Well, you’ve got fantastic arms, if you don’t mind me saying so. I’ve lost over 30 lbs and still have hideous upper arms so if a little IF’ing will help, I’m all over it.


And it shows! You look great.

My stomach has been rumbly and gassy all week and just wasn’t happy with whatever I was doing–eating, not eating, didn’t seem to matter. Yesterday, I was feeling slumpy and cranky because I didn’t get enough sleep. (I got woken up at 6:15am on Saturday by the street construction. Again.) I ended up deciding to break my fast around 48 hours instead of going past dinner into today for about 65 hours. And then I ate everything in sight! I ate an entire 1 lb. ribeye, nuts, cheese, some artichokes, and a whole batch of strawberry fool with 200 ml of cream. And my stomach finally felt better. I feel better in general.

Because bodies are weird, despite eating enough for two people yesterday and not sleeping, etc. My weight held perfectly stable from the previous day–which was a fasting weight.

I’m going to fast today (I really do feel tons better) and then maybe a couple of days next week. I’m going away on the weekend with friends, so I’m not planning to fast at all from Friday to Sunday. I’ll stay keto, of course.

(Liz ) #83

Hey friends! I’m still taking a hiatus from fasting, mostly doing 2MAD, holding steady. But wanted to tell this little story: About a month ago a clerk in a gift shop I frequent & I somehow got on the topic of Keto (how did that happen, I wonder?!?) She got excited and asked for references. I recommended Obesity Code by Fung & her eyes lit up, “My doctor just told me about that book!” (I’ll be getting the name of that dr lol). So today I was in there again and she saw me and said “Oh! It’s you! I’m reading the book and OMG!” She was SO EXCITED especially to have permission to skip breakfast which she never wanted anyway lol (One of us! One of us!) Anyway I’m very excited for her, she’s 40, her dad dropped dead of a heart attack at 39, she’s terrified, her dr told her she’s showing signs of insulin resistance. I told her this was the way to hopefully reverse/prevent all that and also she should research Ivor Cummins. I hope she follows through, she seems serious. I’ll keep you updated!

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #84

I’ve had that happen.

(Carol) #85

NSV! You are a very handsome couple!

Ended my fast this morning at 115 hours and had 3 lettuce-wrapped tacos later. Life is good. :slight_smile:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #86

it really depends. I usually try to do waterfasts. I have coffee and unsweetened teas. salt.

When I feel like I cant do it like that I might make a rocket fuel latte with coconutoil mct and cacaobutter in it (a tbsp of almond butter to emulsify)

I found out I have to stay away from butter most of the time since dairy seems to trigger my hunger signals…

(Tamela Robinette) #87

It’s the start of a new week guys! I hopped on the scale this morning after 2 days of refeeding and gained 2.8 pounds! That puts me right back where I started before my week of OMAD trial. That being said I worked really hard this past week on the weights and I’ve been sore in places I’ve never been sore, mainly my triceps, biceps and back. That tells me I’m building muscle. Also, my smart scale says I gained 3.1 pounds of muscle for the entire week, which I know they’re famously inaccurate. I do like seeing that upward trend though. I’m battling in my head with seeing the weight go down, which I correlate with fat loss, and the muscle number go up. Generally you can’t have both. I do see the body fat percentage trending down, though it can swing wildly from one day to the next based on hydration, which annoys the shit out of me. Normally seeing that weight gain on a Monday morning would freak me out and I would obsess about it but I’m not today. I know it’s mostly muscle and maybe a little water weight. I did not overeat this weekend and was 95% keto (I did have some hashbrowns with my breakfast yesterday morning for the 1st time this year.) So now I have to figure out the plan for the week. Hubby and I are going camping in the foothills of the mountains, leaving today. I think I may stick with OMAD. He bought himself a new Blackstone grill for camping and has been itching to cook on it, so it will be hard to deny him that pleasure. I also won’t have access to my gym equipment and will only be able to do bodyweight exercises. I will probably take a 15 pound set of dumbbells and my yoga mat just to get a little something in each day. So what is everyone else’s plan for the week? I know some of you are traveling and learning to work fasting into that. My hat is off to you! I always want to eat when I travel!

(Paul H) #88

Dang Cinco De Mayo!! I did my 23 hours and broke it with naughty tacos and a burrito… Build the wall after all…


Hello Fasters!
I’ve been absent the last few weeks because I lost my fasting mojo. For 6 weeks now my weight has been stuck at 242, even though I’m eating keto and in a time restricted fashion. So … let’s see if I can find that mojo! I’m 15 hours in and hope to go to 72 to shake things up and see some movement on the scale.

When I feel sore my weight is always up, I think it’s some swelling in your muscles to repair/build tissue. You should see that weight drop off after a few days. Good job with the omad trial and weight lifting!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #90

I feel you. I am nowhere with my fasting stamina lately… I am building up my workout stamina though.
Just started after lunch today (2h) planing on minimum 36h lets see where I can get with this.

(Jennifer) #91

Starting over AGAIN. 14 year old’s birthday was yesterday, and it was a weekend celebration where I thought I was exempt from all restriction, lol. So, I’m at it again.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #92

I take a lot of comfort in being in good company this week. Guys, we can do this…

(Mame) #93

We are all certainly in good company this week.

As i am traveling and i am unclear what my work obligations will be I am trying to plan (which I need) but then trying to not feel crappy when plans fall apart. (work in progress with that )

It looks like I should be able to fast over Monday at least 40 hours and over Thursday over 40 hours. On the days I eat I should be able to get my normal 18 hours fast in overnight.

Currently fasted 13+ hours and GKI = 4.4

I wish all the best fasting mojo! Happy Monday

(Jody) #94

After a handful of days at TMAD so I could get blood testing this morning, I started my fasting again today! Yay! It was weird eating everyday, I haven’t done that since last year. My plan is to continue ~42hr/3x week, M, W, F.


This could be so indeed, because and I think I’ve noticed this as well. Like presently, I’m still a little sore after spending over 8 hours on Saturday, cutting grass, weed-eating and then planting 100 or so plants in the garden. (plus a few hours planting the night before) So leg muscles have been a bit sore the past couple days, and I usually do see better numbers on the following week. :slight_smile: … Actually, just had a mid-day meal, and was thinking of starting another Fast. I’m actually thinking I would really like to just do a full reset on my system with a nice long EF this week or so. … Happy Fasting Folks. :+1:


Do you measure, too? I hop on the scale every day and let it tell me the story it makes up in it’s creative little head about how much I weigh and my BF% for the day and write it down in Excel. But once a week, I also measure. I used to just do bust, waist, belly and hips. Then I added arm and thigh, because I thought it might be interesting to see what was happening there. This week I felt like I was really stagnating and most of my measurements were close to the same. I can go weeks without changes to my thigh measurement. This week: 1/2 inch smaller all at once.

My theory is that the more of this stuff you track, the more opportunities you have for a little win. Because this week that 1/2 inch was all I got, but it was a good one. :grin:

Mine has kind of disappeared in the last few days. Like my body just started doing things that were screaming “Feed me!!” I did of course, and haven’t even re-gained from my last fasted weight, so I definitely heard that message right.

I’d like to do a day or two this week, but I really just want to play it by ear. Maybe I’ll OMAD some instead. I’m not really sure. Then I’m going away for a girls weekend, so no fasting and probably lots of indulging. Next week I’ll try to fast for at least a couple of solid days to “recover” from that.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #97

Wow. That sor/higher weight thing might totally make sense.
I think my struggle was mainly psychological. I had/have a few things to work trough. I am not sure if my mood was influencing my biochemistry negatively or if it was the other way around.
9h in, workouts were great. My mood is lifted. I’ll soon be home, enjoy a ‘good night tea’ and hit the feathers.
I believe tomorrow will be a great day for all of us! :zipper_mouth_face: :muscle:

That’s my new gym shirt :joy::joy::nerd_face::nerd_face::rainbow:

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #98

I’m back from the conference and my fasting, meal timing, and food selections went well overall other than some stomach distress. Today I decided to do IF 22/2 so I could be with my ladies at dinner. I so missed them. I used to travel 46 to 50 weeks a year. I think I was crazy. A few days away is all I want to do now.

At 19.5 hrs fasted, when I got home:

  • 198.2 lbs (I’m a onederlander :rofl:)
  • BG 69 mg/dL
  • BHB 1.3 mmol/dL
  • GKI 2.9
  • BOZ 53

I’m very happy with mid-day BG of 69. I think my insulin resistance is melting. No feelings of weakness or hypoglycemia. But of course, I did not expect any given I am solidly fat adapted.

I could tell that my body was getting better. New trousers are loose already and I’ve lost another belt notch.

I’m not sure if I will fast this week before I go to Boston. (I almost always do IF 18/6 and don’t count that as fasting). Friday I will fly to Boston and drive back with my youngest. I plan on not eating till I get home mid-day Saturday. That will be 40 to 42 hrs.

Seems this thread is a bit slower than last month. I hope everyone is well.

(Tamela Robinette) #99

I only measure my waist, at my belly button. It has been 30 inches for months. I guess the body fat/weightloss I’ve seen has been visceral fat. Who knows. I’m happy where I am for the most part but I would like to see a 28 inch waist.


I ate A LOT (and drank a bunch of tequila) in a 5-hour window yesterday because I was so busy in the morning, and today I ate at 1:30 and don’t think I will be eating again as I am not hungry at all over 6 hours later. It’s not a true OMAD because I am drinking some wine now, but maybe if I can just keep food consumption to OMAD and a glass of wine at night, I might be ok. Any feedback on that?