(Paul H) #61

Excallent control!!! Crisis averted… You have the cerebral cortex of…i dunno but, it’s working well.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #62

Thanks Paul. I can overeat keto but I have no desire to eat carbs. This is especially true of processed anything. I feel so much better and I know that a little too much keto will slow down the reversal of insulin resistance but too much carbage will reverse the progress I have made and I will feel like crap for several days. I don’t even want a glass of wine now when these uber stress days hit.

(Mame) #63

Good for you!
yes this, stress = desire to eat for me but it’s all keto foods. For one thing I don’t keep carbage in the house. And the carbage out and about sucks (to me)

Here’s a few questions for you as I am attending 2 conferences in May if you have the time.
I agree conference food is crap but how do you avoid eating if the lunch is part of the conference and you are all eating together? I hate this when they do this!!!
How do you avoid eating dinner with colleagues or partners you are trying to connect with… you may only see them 1-2 a year?
Part of me hates not eating when I know work is paying for it. Do you have this issue? I could eat a steak nightly and it’s free for me… I have such a hard time letting go of that :pensive:

If I have to make a decision on the fly I seem to default to eating, keto but eating…

(Mame) #64

Friday! Busy weekend planned, lots of report/presentation writing needs to be done. I hope others have more fun planned than me. Share the fun so I can live vicariously. :smile:

I am at 15hours of my 3day of ADF in my third week. I feel proud that I managed to string 3 ADF weeks together in a row – a first. I will go to at least 36 hours before eating Saturday.
GKI = 2.3 this morning and that was after eating a smartcake during my meal last night still right back to ketosis. I did lose another half inch off my chest, weight still hanging out in the same range

I feel a bit scared about next week, I will be gone 4 days at a conference, I present there 3x and besides OMAD I am not sure what I will be able to do on the fasting front. Perhaps fasting Monday and Thursday? Maybe…
Part of me wants to ‘give up’ and just omad for those days.
Not sure how I can stretch myself without being too stressed out. So many unknowns.
It’s not helping that I have another conference the following week as well!

Tell me how you fast when traveling for work. (the travel part itself is fine)

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #65

I don’t have great advice. First Marisa Peer says that food will be wasted if you eat it or not. It will go to your waist or will go to waste. I think of free food this way now. I don’t care. Also the cost of my healthcare is/will be lower if I eat less and eat better.

This is my first fasted conference so I have zero experience with this. But I don’t have a large social network here and so there is no pressure. The one person I am traveling with is keto and we talked ahead of time about my fasting schedule. I will only fast to up to 36 hrs because I don’t want to have to break the fast in any complicated way.

I also don’t drink with the conference attendees, and do they drink, because since strict keto I am losing my appetite for alcohol.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Can’t add much either. - But I do know that out of the last four CEAM Conferences I’ve attended, I’ve chosen not to eat at two of them. But yeah, sitting at the round tables with colleagues wasn’t an issue really. When questioned, I simply said I wasn’t eating, and instead just drank some Water, Tea & Coffee. Wasn’t even Keto, but for the last one I think? - Since most wanted to talk shop anyway, and discuss project sites, etc., the conversations just flowed on with no other inquiries. … But for the record, I have no issues telling folks when I’m Fasting. I know some on this site have mentioned that they would rather make up an excuse, tell a little fib, change the subject, etc. but I’m simply straight with folks & honestly don’t really care what folks think about me Fasting. But most honestly don’t seem to care either. :slight_smile:

But I’m with Eric on timeline, I myself wouldn’t breach 48 hrs. at an outing, unless I was planning to just continue Fasting until I got back home, where any issues could be dealt with as needed. Most times I don’t have any issues anyway, until I go past 2 days, then I have to watch what I break with more.


Hi, everyone!
I’d like to join you all. I just started with keto again yesterday and am back to IF. I’m doing the 8-hour window now, though I used to follow OMAD and had great success with combining keto and OMAD. I don’t want to force it, but I hope to get back to OMAD one day. For now, just trying to make sure I stick to my current window!

(Tamela Robinette) #68

You’ll be there in no time. Welcome back.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #69

Okay headed to bed soon fasted at the conference. Today was pretty easy other than for some time that I lost my bag of salt. Oh No Mister Salt!

But it was buried in my belly pack.

In the morning I will do some fasted resistance training and then refeed. Tomorrow night my associate and I are planning on some lamb if we can find some nearbye.

I fly home Monday and will start fasting again after dinner on Sunday. Trying to double up this week and next.

I had to laugh today so I would not cry. The afternoon snack at the conference was all carb crap. No hunger on my part. Water, salt, water and a small amount of coffee and tea. #FTW

(Mame) #70

sigh, snacks at conferences are always carb crap, at least at all the ‘health’ conferences I go to… thanks for the thoughts and good wishes.

On to brighter things. I am at 26 hours fasted. GKI down to 1.3 and I feel fine. Will go to bed soon and be eating my normal 1-2 keto meals per day for the weekend. Looking forward to it.

(Herb Martin) #71

Welcome – happy to have you with us.

Many of us are new to this too and all of us “do it our own way” though there is probably someone here who is doing something fairly close to whatever you chose on any particular day.

My update

Finished day #5 of this new fast and I am feeling so much better.

The last of last weeks return to inflammation appears to have dissipated.

It could just be that it went away on its own, or it could have been my diet choices (olive oil packing in my sardines and salmon), the heavy exercise I was doing, or something else.

Strongest suspicion is on the olive oil since that was the only real addition when I left the fast.

It could have been a combination of removing the euphoric and perhaps analgesic effects of the fast, then having the exercise catch-up with me.

(But the heavy exercise had been working for 3 weeks and I hadn’t had any significant inflammation in 8+ months since starting carnivore.)

Ketones running 6.0-6.9, and weight dropping away which likely means little since I’ve been through this weight range several times in the last few months.

For those doing this to lose weight:

Do NOT live by the scale – what counts is your fat level, either by measuring your fat percentage (e.g., calipers, fat monitor scale) or simply noticing if you clothes keep getting bigger.

I weigh regularly (more than regularly :slight_smile: ), but it’s a game for me – a way to keep my head in the game and pay attention. It works for ME .

Some people shouldn’t even look at the scale more than once per week.

The biggest advantage for my method is that if anything goes wonky I have all of my vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, glucose, ketones, GKI, Weight, Fat%) and know what the trends were so it’s likely that the problem can be fixed readily.

Looking for information on low glucose (> 50-ish) when one is highly fat adapted and ketones are high.

Happy Fasting Everyone.

(Tamela Robinette) #72

After my 1st week of OMAD (except Thursday because I was day drinking at the beach) I’m at my lowest weight since going keto on January 1! Looking at my weight log I’ve been hovering between 137 and 139 since March 31st, today I’m 136.8! Wooooo hoodoo! My muscle is trending up as well since I started tracking it on Monday. I upped the amount of weights this week and added some new exercises. I’m feeling strong! Today and tomorrow will be normal keto 2MAD which I am also looking forward to. Happy fasting all!

(Mame) #73

that is so great - what a great feeling. and the day at beach also sounds awesome.

I am the same way, for me I need to step on the scale in order to keep aware and awake - but then I am a data geek that loves numbers. Glad to hear inflammation dropped again

It’s Saturday morning and I am fasted 40 hours. GKI=1.02 I have met my goal of 3 weeks in a row of MWF ADF. Very happy I did it. Weight close to my adult low, not a lot changing there, a good 44# still to lose.

Now for a productive weekend on my master’s paper, Himalayan food with friends tonight and enjoying the sunshine.

Thanks to this group I feel more excited to meet the challenge of the next two weeks of conferences and fasting instead of terrified.:grimacing: It will be interesting to see how my body handles the plane rides inflammation-wise I will try to get a brisk walk in as soon as I get off of it.

Huh, even though I get frequent GKI >1, it’s rare for me to go >60 with my BG, I have never gone under 50 since starting to measure in Dec2018. Even when fasting 9 days my BG hung out in the 60s. Of course I usually measure in the morning so I get the dawn effect. (I never had high BG, never had even pre-diabetic numbers) When I am under 60 I feel odd, not bad or worrisome but different but then even after 8 months I feel like my body is still becoming fully-fat-adapted. I remember last time it took a year for it to really kick in for me and I was younger then. LOL I am no help to you I am thinking.


Thank you (and you, too, @Herb_Martin)!

My check-in:
I experienced a bit of hunger at the end of my window yesterday, but I had already eaten my carb allotment and didn’t have any non-dairy pure fat sources around that would be good to eat without mixing them in tea or coffee, and that would’ve been problematic at nearly 9 PM (I’ve never been able to eat coconut oil by itself without gagging, and I can’t rely on cheese cubes or pats of butter like I did in the past since dairy makes me feel terrible now). I was able to distract myself by going for a drive to visit my partner, but I can’t wait for next month when I will have a full kitchen again and can make up all kinds of fat bombs and not have to rely on meals that are pre-made and carbier than I’d like. I think that plus being farther along in keto will help with that hunger.

(Carol) #75

I’m impressed. I found the ADF so difficult when I tried it for a week I haven’t attempted it again.

Or once a month for me. I put my faith in the process and let go of my stress watching the scale. That has been so freeing. :slight_smile:

I’m currently at 107 hours fasted and feeling fine but, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and it is tradition that I have at least one taco. Still, a good start for the month.

(Mame) #76

Fasters - keep on keeping on! you can do it. (meant sincerely)

Non-fasting update from me. I am feeding this weekend.

Last night it was out to dinner so unknowns in the sauces, perhaps 40g carbs? plus the incidental carbs I ate earlier in the day from keto food. Maybe 50g for the day?

So in the spirit of science and judging my metabolic health levels here are my numbers:

5/4 morning, at 39 hours fasted BG=66, BK=3.9, GKI=.939 (dawn effect)
5/4 evening 90 minutes after dinner-- BG=88, BK=1.0, GKI=.4.88 (happy with this)
5/5 morning 12 hours since last measure – BG=88, BK=0.9, GKI=.5.48 (dawn effect)

Still in moderate ketosis GKI <6, so I am happy with this from a metabolic health view. Will I lose weight or burn body fat -nope. You might but I won’t

I should probably start an accountability thread for this stuff shouldn’t I?

thank you Carol, it seems like many find doing 3 days in a row easier than 3 ADF especially for weeks in a row. For myself all fasting >24h is a PIA right now. Oh well. Still having that small goal gave me something to work toward. I am pretty sure the only reason I made it through week 3 was sheer stubbornness. I don’t feel like the payoff was great, all 3 weeks were kind of equivalent to one 72h fast for me. But I heard it works fab for some so at least I have now tested it on myself.

(Tamela Robinette) #77

Not fasting related but thought you guys would get a kick out of this. Hubby and I went to “Second Chance Prom” last night, prom for adults. We won prom king/queen! It was a lot of fun!

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #78

What a great looking couple. Sounds like fun.

(Mary) #79

Holy cow! You look fabulous! Perhaps there’s something to this EF…

(Tamela Robinette) #80

I mostly do IF. The longest fast I ever did was 72 hours. I just don’t have the fortitude to go much longer lol. However, I can tell you fasting has helped me build a tremendous amount of muscle! I’ve never had muscles no matter how hard I worked!