May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(What The Fast?!) #101

QUESTION! (I’m screaming that, clearly.)
If I’m doing just a 36 hour fast, do I need to feast tomorrow, or just eat normal?
@carl - would love your thoughts on this since you do the feast/fast thing.
@brenda - since this is Zorn fast after all, would love your thoughts too!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #102

I’m starting tonight after dinner too.


49 hours and going strong! Mental clarity is strong, energy is good, and I’m excited to keep going!


I am about 20 hours in and would have been fine, were it not for having to cook dinner for my family. Just being in the kitchen and seeing the food sparks hunger. Anyone else in this same boat? Any tips for getting through that hour without succumbing?

(Tom Seest) #105

Out at 69 hours. I overworked my heart today, repairing our mower deck, so I’m bailing because I don’t feel well.

Carry on, all of you, and be well.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #106

just hit the 24 hour mark, Ive never done over a 28 hour so I am excited to see how painful tomorrow will be lmao! Only a slight headache earlier so i took some sea salt and that def helped.

(Steve) #107

@Brenda is everyone’s hero. I aspire to have her attitude and outlook…

(What The Fast?!) #108

I aspire to lift as much as she does!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #109

I’m about 10 minutes into my fast. Going great so far. :laughing:

(Steve) #110

‘officially’ on the clock in 20 mins. I plan to Zorn this thing :smile:

(What The Fast?!) #111

I’m 21 hours in and I keep going back and forth between “OMG I want to eat” and…you know, I could probably make it to 48 hours. Hahahaha. :slight_smile:

I have a birthday dinner planned for Saturday night, so I want to be able to feast that night at this super nice steakhouse. Buttered vegetables, fatty steak, etc. I’m going for 36 hours and I was thinking if I could make it 48 hour instead, I could feast Friday and Saturday.

(Becky) #112

I am also calling tonight…9 p.m. My start time.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #113


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #114

Hour 69:32 and all is well on this, my latest fast. Swam 15 laps this morning plus my workday. Autophagy peaks at hour 72.

(Sierra) #115

me toooo! I’m the cook of the family and a stay at home mom. These people need to eat!!! IDK. I cook things I don’t crave/ don’t want to eat. Poor kids.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #116

@A.S.McClain, I do miss eating. Keeping busy helps. I won’t pretend I don’t enjoy eating, I do. And I always realize just how much I miss it when fasting. I keep my focus on my goals. Fasting targets any visceral fat. I want that autophagy too! My skin on my face is absolutely amazing when I’m fasting. And I am continuing my lifting as usual. I lift again Friday. Lifting such tremendous amounts of weight whilst fasted several days is such a mind blower. I love it. I love my strength. HGH release, come to mama. Fasting releases Human Growth Hormone too! Which further builds muscle!!
I appreciate this body, and I gotta say, I am damn glad I know how to take proper care of it now.

Eat some salt, make some ketoaide, drink coffee, water or tea.
I personally won’t recommend broth as it makes me hungry as fuck, but it may work for you.

(Sierra) #117

22hrs and 34 minutes into fast! getting ready to go to bed. I wonder how long this fast will last. I have a hard stop time of 60 hours (lunch with family, out of town).
How is everyone doing? I feel great! Ketones are up, blood sugar is down.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #118

I’m also scheduling a second DEXA before KetoFest, so I’m hoping to knock down the bodyfat a few more percentage points and raise my LBM(Lean Body Mass) a few pounds! My scan also records the exact amount of visceral fat I have remaining. I’d like to reduce that a bit more too!!




(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #119

Is it like a sine wave and it goes down after that? Or does it plateau?

Whereabouts do you get a Dexascan in Minnesota? What is the approximate cost?


(What The Fast?!) #120

I can’t wait to see your results! Do you mind sharing what BF you started at and where you are now? No worries if it’s TMI!