May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(MakinBacon) #81

Some of you are way ahead of me! Only 13 hours fasted at this point, which is just a normal day for me, lol. Initial plan is to end on Sunday, but I kinda want to see if I can get past 5 days. Longest fast so far for me was around 110 hours I believe.

(Adam L) #82

Wow that’s impressive, well done! I tried it last July/August, managed about 3 weeks but was cranky as hell - it did lead me to lchf, keto, fat adaptation & fasting so I’m grateful for it!

(Adam L) #83

I’m in, starting after lunch 19 May, aiming for 72 - 76 hours. Did 67 hours in Jan, 68 hours in April.

(What The Fast?!) #84

Started mine last night at 10pm, my first one! I’m going for 36 hours - a baby fast comparatively but excited! On supplements - I found salt pills that are 1g each. They’re not a capsule, it’s like a mini salt lick, so you can actually suck on them like a salt candy! I did that on my long bike ride this weekend and it was amazing!

Is a fasting day a good day to try charting BG response to sweeteners (adding them into coffee or water)?

(Lauren) #85

Well, I almost feel a bit silly starting tonight, since nearly everyone has already started. Maybe next time lol.


I’m on Day 17 of an extended fast and I plan on continuing my fast, so I will fold it in to the Zorn fast!

(AnnaLeeThal) #87

I broke my fast at 45 hours last night, now I’m feasting for a couple days, and I may jump back in tomorrow. I love fasting!!

(What The Fast?!) #88

Many are starting tonight too!! I had to start early because I have my b/f’s birthday dinner at a steakhouse this weekend. :slight_smile:

(Jodi) #89

Just jump in anyway! I’m sure more will still be starting. I might have waited had I realized there was one this weekend, it’s always more helpful when there’s a group.:blush:

(Jodi) #90

Hour 23 is trying to kick my butt. It won’t…but it’s trying.:grimacing:

(Griffin Mekelburg) #91

Well decided to jump on in and start this morning, so I am right now at hour 15, hunger was strong in the morning but is starting to subside as the day goes on. Im sure tonight will be a struggle but hey thats why we sleep right? lmao

(What The Fast?!) #92

I did a TRX workout last night and totally forgot that I’m always ravenous the day after strength training. My stomach is growling and it’s not even 11AM!

(James storie) #93

My fasting muscle is weak today… I fell off! Oh well, I plan on fasting next week too!

(Steve) #94

Planning on starting tonight as well. A little over 50 hours is the most I have done so far, and only broke that due to social activity. Looking forward to attempting to break that and then some.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #95

Want. Link?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #96

ME too! I’m on hour 61 and feel FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #97

ME too. And I swam laps this morning. First time ever swimming fasted over 48 hours. I am wondering how I’ll do.

(What The Fast?!) #98

You will do amazing because you are my keto-hero. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to my mini salt licks!

(KCKO, KCFO) #99

Those salt licks sound amazing, thanks for that post.

Only 21 hrs. in and feeling fine, no hunger so far, I even had my broth while DH had his lunch. I’ll have more broth for dinner.

Only 86.7 hrs. to go til I plan on breaking my fast. Gotta love countdown apps :slight_smile:

(Sierra) #100

fell off the wagon last night. don’t even know why. I wasn’t hungry, just wanted to eat. anyhow, back at it at hour 18.5.