May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(Tammy Kidd) #61

@Brenda…I have been trying to lengthen my fasting. I always did 18:6. I started 20:4 then i went to 24 hrs. When i hit around the 22 or 23 hour i start having hot flashes. Can’t figure out why. If i goahead and eat something they go away.Any advice?

(Tammy Kidd) #62

@Brenda forgot to mention i do drink the keto aide recipe i got from you.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #63

Me too. I feel SO much better when I do.

(James) #64

I had originally planned to start Thursday morning but I ended up forgetting to take my lunch to work with me today. I’m tempted to just say I started at 11am today and roll with it. :+1:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #65

Not so unusual to have a shift like that. Your body is firing up on all cylinders to burn fat. I don’t think eating is necessary. If you have 18% or more bodyfat, you can do extended fasting. I’d eat more salt. Watch hydration. Sometimes I need to rest and let my body adjust. I truly think it’ll go away @tammy_steve1219


I’m just past the 24 hour mark now on my fast. This is officially the longest I’ve ever went without eating since I’ve only done IFs so far. I have drank TONS of water. I think I wore a path out between my desk and the bathroom today!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #67

Just started my fast after my dinner today. I was blowing .05 BAC today on my GreenWon, so did the feasting thing today. Did a broiled surf and turf dinner meal. Fillet mignon and cod broiled with butter on top. Asparagus poached in butter water (melt a couple of pats of butter, microwave a cup of water so it is boiling hot when you add to the butter in the pan, then add the item to be cooked) and sugar snap peas and some sugar free jello with whipped cream rounded out the meal.

Have some broth cooked up, and bones for another round when that runs low. So only liquids for the next few days.

As bad weather is expected here for the next couple of days, I plan to do a private mini yoga retreat in the spare bedroom upstairs. Since I can’t just go outside and walk or hike. There will also be a podcast fest going on. I’m in the middle of Gone Girl, so need to finish reading that as well. I’m off to read the Favorite Podcasts topic to get some ideas of what to listen to in the coming days. This is how I intend to think of other things besides food for the first 2 days.

(Tom Seest) #68

49 Hours. Still alive. Mild hunger, but I’m going to bed so that will pass.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #69

I’ll be starting after dinner tomorrow (Wednesday). Hope all goes well.

(Lauren) #70

I did a 32 hour fast earlier in the week however got hit with a bug & needed to take pain killers for sinus pain - didn’t want to risk taking them on an empty stomach so ended the fast even though I could have (wanted to) gone longer…
The issue I’ve had with fasts longer than 48 hours (I’ve only done a couple) is having low blood sugar & feeling a bit meh! Any ideas?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #71

Next person who details their food in this FASTING thread gets their ass kicked.
Shame on you guys.
Tsk tsk.
48 hours and 20 minutes so far for me. I tend to have a much easier time if I don’t look at or read about food. I do not watch TV when I fast for example. Too many food commercials designed to entice us! Sometimes being around food is unavoidable, such as when I need to cook for my senior clients or shop for them. Espresso helps curb any hunger that starts up. It passes quickly. The hardest thing for me is I miss the enjoyment I get from eating. I really begin to miss the relaxed satiated feeling you get after a good meal everyday.

I gotta tell you though, I get a helluva lot done when fasting. This week I’m emptying my office, cleaning the carpet and painting the walls, and I even sorted out my files. Huge black garbage bags full of unwanted items being hauled out daily.
Fasting is extremely productive for me!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #72

Do you test your blood glucose? There could be other issues. Are you supplementing sodium? Is your bodyfat percentage high enough to do extended fasts? It needs to be more than 18%.

(Lauren) #73

Yep, blood glucose dropped to 3.3, trying to take at least 1tsp pink salt everyday & yep enough body fat :thinking:

(Richard Morris) #74

Yeah the only Zorn fasts I missed were when I was doing my low protein experiment.

I’m in. Doing a 4 day fast followed by a 60k bike ride.

(Linda) #75

44 hours in and heading off to a yoga class. Feeling good and not hungry. Just having salt and water so far and haven’t felt the need for anything else.

What does everyone else do in regards to supplements? Still take them as normal? I haven’t so far as I wasn’t sure.


34.5 hours in. Feeling great! No hunger, but like @Brenda said, I’m avoiding all things food related. One thing I noticed last night is the inflammation I’d been feeling in my right knee is pretty much gone. I was in too big of a hurry (overslept) yesterday morning to weigh, but I’m down a good 3 or 4 pounds today! I knew I was building up some extra water weight between the knee and the soreness in my chest from all the coughing.

(Jodi) #77

Just over 19hrs into my fast. Didn’t even realize there was a Zornfast going on!:grin: Last time I made it around 40hrs…I’m hoping to go much longer this time.
Nothing going on socially, so hoping to get many projects done!

(Lauren) #78

I’m in too!! :grimacing:
This is my first Zornfast, am excited to have others to fast with me!!

(Jeff Davis) #79

About 34 hours in. Felt a little light headed so had some salt and felt much better. Will probably break tonight around the 48 hour mark due to schedule issues. Fast on!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #80

I continue to take mine (B complex, calcium citrate, multi vitamin, B1, magnesium chelate)

plus I get extra magnesium citrate, potassium (and sodium!) by drinking minimum two bottles KetoAide daily.