May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(MakinBacon) #261

120.5 hours in, and I am done! Dinner was glorious. We cooked ribeye steaks, and I had a nice slab of butter on mine. Nothing else, just steak and butter. So good!!! I also lost another 6 lbs on this fast.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #262

Thank you! Richard Morris also reversed his T2DM! Yes. We are very happy with our health now, and all three of us lost 80 pounds each. I lost 100 total.

I agree The Obesity Code is well written. Dr. Fung explains things well, with a lot of passion and a touch of humor.

(MakinBacon) #263

I’m reading The Obesity Code right now and really enjoying it. What’s funny is, I bought the book well over a year ago, long before I ever did keto or was even thinking about it. I knew of it, but thought it was crazy and extreme. I was also being pressured by my doctor at the time to try vegetarianism. He recommended some book by some guy I can’t remember. I read up on this guy and his book, and came to the conclusion that he was crazy. At the same time, The Obesity Code popped up as recommended on Amazon, and I read a few reviews, and bought it on impulse. Then, it sat in my coffee table, unread, this whole time. I discovered 2 Keto Dudes last summer, and that’s what kick started my keto journey. Then I jumped into more podcasts, and started listening to Fasting Talk. That’s when I realized, hey, I recognize this guys name, I think I have his book! And sure enough, there it was, waiting for me the whole time. I wish I had started reading it the day it arrived.

Anyway, sorry to derail the thread. Just through I would share. :sunglasses:

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #264

I made it to the 48 hour point of this fast but ended then due to a busy schedule. I started about lunch on Thursday and ended with lunch on Saturday for my wife’s birthday at her favorite restaurant! I still lost about 4 pounds and my ketones shot up to 3.7 mmol/l on Sunday morning. My glucose has been staying 80’s and low 90’s and my ketones stay between 1 and 2 which makes me happy!

Happy Fasting everyone!

(KCKO, KCFO) #265

There is a concept in child psychology “The time of readiness”. It applies to adults as well or at least it does to me. We don’t “see” what is right under our noises until we have matured enough to “get it” , is what it boils down to, happens to me all the time still and I am a retiree :sunglasses:

I had been doing the Zone diet for years, 40/30/30. I had lost a lot of weight on it, I would backslide and have to go back to it. So last summer I decided to try Atkins, I had his book on my bookshelf, did induction and did well on it. So I have only added a few more carbs, and reached a level where I stalled out. That is when I found the LCHF group on MFP. I found a reference to 2ketodudes podcast, so I download a couple and then I found Dr. Fung, I have his Complete Fasting Guide and am planning on continuing my weight loss on the protocols there. My brain has finally realized all the lies about salt (had cut back on that, but always could eat it right out of my hand, no other food required) carbs (healhy grains, feh) and saturated fats (my tri/HDL ratio is extremely good now, was awful with grains) and there is no going back for me. KCKO, and do some fasting along the way to really rock your world.

(Sierra) #266

They advise against fasting until the child is at least one year old. They have fasted people in their clinic who are breastfeeding older kids.

(Patty W) #267

I used to have a beloved 3# papillon dog named Merlin (may he Rest In Peace); so in my household we measure weight loss in “Merlins” (3 pounds=1 Merlin). Waiting for the International Council on Standard Weights & Measures to catch on…:slight_smile:


Hi All,

I’ve been solidly keto for 3 months after several years of on again off again when I can see now I never did get ket0-adapted. I know this is a very well-educated group so probably everyone knows how much better this fasting business goes if you are first keto-adapted. I think I failed on keto in the past because I started the fasting too soon as I was impatient for quicker results. Now I get it, I think - this time I started fasting when going 24 hrs felt easy without even planning it. Then I did a 3 day fast twice. Now am doing my first 4 day. Today is Day 2, A couple of rough hours here in middle of day so I read thru this thread and it really helps! I do remember somewhere in Day 2 last time things got easy. The fasting muscle is a mental muscle, right? Knowing I made it to 3 twice before means I can feel the hunger but not worry I’ll cave in…when i get into Day 4 I know I’ll feel the excitement of reaching my new personal best.

By the way, did anyone hear on Fasting Talk the Canadian patient-guests - a husband and wife - the husband does 6 days fasting with 1 day eating. Wow, Has anyone else done this?

(Patty W) #269

67 hours in…feeling good. This water fast has surprisingly been easier than other fasts where I did BPC, or added bone broth. Not sure if I’m just more experienced at this now (this is my 4th fast), or this just works better for me. I have been using the Ketoaide (approx. 6 glasses/day), & so far have not had any untoward issues (no cramps, insomnia, GI upset, cold hands, etc.) that I’ve experienced in the past. Minimal hunger, energy good. If I started to feel a little headachey, I added a little salt & it was gone within 30".

Went for a 45" bike ride yesterday & lifted heavy (for me) weights at the gym today; no decrease in strength noted during the fast. Am blood glucoses down from 140s to 80’s (without metformin past 2 days). Back in ketosis this am, blood ketones 1.4.

My 72 hrs is officially up at 1900 this evening, but considering extending it another 12-24 hrs. Once I’ve gotten past the hump, I sorta hate to cut the benefits short if I’m still feeling good.

Went grocery shopping today to prep meals for the work week, but feel like I can do some cooking without it being a trigger (I’ll wait to cook the bacon until tomorrow though :wink:). Still amazes me how much food/eating triggers are in the mind, & not the body.

I’ll send a final report when I’ve crossed the finish line…

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(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #271

Salt salt the magical fruit

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(Patty W) #273

It won’t make me toot will it? :flushed:

(Nathan Hall) #274

Well, you have heard of a saline laxative right? So, i suppose if you took untoward quantities of it…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #275

Nope. Lol

(Patty W) #276

Ok, I’m done. I called it at 75 hrs. My cooking smelled better than I thought :slight_smile:
Ketones up to 2.4 this morning after a light meal last noc. Feel like I’ve got some momentum & can work on keeping my regular keto routine a little cleaner now. This really wasn’t hard, & I can see how I could work this in on a monthly basis. Fasting is awesome!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #277


Hi everyone! I haven’t read this whole thread, but what I have seen looks great :grinning:
I’ve been low-ish carb for years - Paleo/Primal - but stumbled on 2KD podcast and loved it, and now I’m curious about going keto. (Brenda, I loved your times on the podcast - you sound awesome!)
I had a 2 day/week fasting thing going for part of the spring and I enjoyed it and felt great, but somehow once I stopped I found it hard to pick up again.
Will there be a thread for a June ZornFast? I have a 7-day stretch in which I could fast and I’m hoping it lines up with a ZornFast since I’d love the company…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #279

Oh yes. Absolutely. Third week. Thursday through Sunday. I will start a new topic for June.

And thank you. Recording a fourth podcast this weekend about a 30 day steak challenge I participated in in March.


Great. Thank you, Brenda!