May 2017 Zornfast 18-21

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #221

I’m about 10 minutes and 48 hours into my fast. It’s longer than my other fast attempt (I think that lasted about 28 hours, but I didn’t keep close track). Today was easier than yesterday, but still challenging. I was fairly active and had plenty of energy. I’m hoping to make it through Sunday and maybe break the 100 hour mark, but I’ll let my body dictate that. After all this is only my second fast.

The first day I took a few leafy greens with my AM medication, and that triggered hunger. I’ve tried without any food and thus far it hasn’t upset my stomach. I’ve done at least 96 oz of ketoaide every day and lots of additional water, but nothing else. This thread has definitely help with my resolution. Thanks to everyone!!! :slight_smile:

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #222

Congratulations on your new fasting record! Keep it up as long as you feel good; that is the secret.

Fasting does get easier the more days you go as your body fully adapts to burning fat and not desiring any external sources of energy. Now the mind games are another thing as we have all trained ourselves to eat frequently. The mastery of fasting comes when you an repeatedly overcome the challenges your mind throws at you.

Keep on going!

(What The Fast?!) #223

What did you eat? Anything good??

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #224

It’s easier on the people fasting if I don’t talk about food on this thread.
I know. Because talking about food can bother ME on a fast.

I did list my feast in the “keto complaint department”. Put that in the search bar.

(Linda) #225

Oops, sorry guys, newbie here and didn’t realise. Won’t do it again😀

(Jennifer) #226

48 hours are still going… Bloat just melts away during a fast.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #227

Hey, you didn’t do it to intentionally torture us. Lol

(Lee) #228

It’s now officially over for me at 68 hours, broke my fast with some macadamias. I would have liked to reach the 72 hour mark but I’m happy with 68 as it’s the longest fast I’ve done. The hardest part for me was dinner time with the family, as I’m the chef in the house I had to make delicious keto meals and watch everyone enjoy them, it was tough lol. I’ll definitely be taking part in next month’s fast and hopefully get a few more hours

(bikeflea) #229

420 hours? Wow. How long did you go? How was it?

(Sierra) #230

I only lasted 41 hours this time, then started feeling dizzy. Made a HUGE mistake by chugging a 32oz bottle of keto-aid! And I learned (the hard way) it’s only meant to be sipped!
Anyhow, I’m breastfeeding a 27month old baby so if I feel off at all I eat. I used to push myself through feelings of dizziness and with fluid they usually go away after a few hours.

(Adam L) #231

Stopped at 52 hours, Thursday after lunch to Sat 5pm. Not my longest but felt right. I might do the same thing more regularly as it fitted my schedule well on those days.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #232

I’m now at hour 33:34. Woke up with a headache (unusual for me) ate some salt and water and it’s going away. I am certain I’ll be fine through late tomorrow. I have a shit ton of work to get done this weekend in my house. I pulled it completely apart earlier this week, sorted everything, and now I need to label boxes and store them. I have ten boxes that need to go upstairs to the storeroom. I won’t be carrying them all up there in one day. Lol
I am glad it is rainy and cold (44* F) otherwise I’d want to fuck around and ride my bike all day.

(KCKO, KCFO) #233

Unfortunately no. I am on the Front Range of Colorado. I have walked both those tracks several times in the past. Tarongo Zoo has the best views of downtown, I love that place. Maroubra is a gem, when I was there I often had it to myself.

At least there are lots of great hiking places in the Rockies and along the Front Range there are trails that go for miles along the farmer ditches that were dug last century. Lots of wild life and wild flowers. Some townships also plow them when it snows, some are paved others not.

But I could walk and look at the Harbour anyday.

(KCKO, KCFO) #234

“Oops, sorry guys, newbie here and didn’t realise. Won’t do it again​:grinning:”

Read the How to: Swear post. It will teach you how to blur out anything others might not want to see.
Personally I use a lot of fasting time to look up recipes I might want to try after fasting, I am a diehard Foodie. Love the things I have been able to bring back into my life after eating low carb for so long.

(James) #235

Great job everybody! I’ve hit my 72 hour point. I had intended to break my fast here but I may go till tomorrow morning. I’m down just over 6 lbs so far and feel great!

I’m only on my 3rd fast but I’m really starting to learn the difference between real hunger and habit “hunger”.

I hope as I do more fasts I’m able to more easily distinguish the two and get better control over my eating. I have a long past of using food as treatment for boredom that I want to get control of.

(Nathan Hall) #236

I’m a little past 48 hrs now after a long, hot, sweaty day at the rifle range. Keto-aid was a life saver today. Thank you @Brenda for sharing the recipe.
I had two before I left for the range, and managed to sweat it all out. I was completely drained/exhausted when I got back. I had a keto-aid​ and 15 mins later I was swinging again. It’s amazing what some salts can do for how you feel.

(KCKO, KCFO) #237

So I am nearing my 72 hrs. planning on going till tomorrow morning,6:30 am, that will be the 84 hr. mark, but I am now thinking I should push on till 12:30 for 90 hrs.

It seems like once I stop the eating my body loves it. I don’t get hungry at all, this is my second extended fast and I don’t even get that hunger surge others talk about on the 2nd day. In fact that is very easy for me. Anyone else finding you just don’t want to eat again, making sure I am not developing an eating disorder. :innocent:

(Steve) #238

Decided to break at 68 hrs. Was feeling a little weird, so figured it would be a good idea.
Probably could have pushed through, but this beat my previous by 13 hrs,so I count that as a win. Already plan to join again next month.

(MakinBacon) #239

I’m now at 96 hours and I feel great! Still not hungry, and feel like I could go on forever. Originally I planned on going for as long as I felt like it, however my parents invited me over for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll be breaking the fast at 120 hours, my longest ever.

(George Hernandez) #240

Broke fast at 70hrs. Im happy with my 2nd extended fast.
Felt fine the whole time. Had plenty of water, ketoaide, coffee and tried some pickle juice.

Looking forward to the next one. planning on fasting past the 3 day mark soon.

Thank you to this community for the support.